Time to puncture the Republican bubble of lies

The epic temper tantrum by GOP candidates against CNBC debate moderators who challenged their claims is fizzling out because they cannot agree on a solution. Whether they will rescind the RNC refusal to permit NBC to host a debate remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the candidates  are going to proceed with the debate next week that will be hosted by their lapdog FOX News, which will serve up softballs they can hit out of the park with bats woven out of lies and empty talking points.

There is a reason why the Republican candidates do not like to be challenged. They represent the 1% whose best interests are contrary to the best interests of the rest of us. In his New York Times OpEd, Paul Krugman said,

Every candidate with a real chance of getting the G.O.P. nomination is claiming that his tax plan would produce a huge growth surge — a claim that has no basis in historical experience. Why?

Part of the answer is epistemic closure: modern conservatives generally live in a bubble into which inconvenient facts can’t penetrate. One constantly hears assertions that Ronald Reagan achieved economic and job growth never matched before or since, when the reality is that Bill Clinton surpassed him on both measures. Right-wing news media trumpet the economic disappointments of the Obama years, while hardly ever mentioning the good news. So the myth of conservative economic superiority goes unchallenged.

Beyond that, however, Republicans need to promise economic miracles as a way to sell policies that overwhelmingly favor the donor class.

Why doesn’t the mainstream media challenge Republican lies? As reported by Politicususa, Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s Meet The Press, offered this explanation during a roundtable discussion with several comedians.

Lewis Black asked Todd how he put up with guests who babble on with their talking points without barking at them, and Todd’s answer revealed why people don’t trust the media. The Meet The Press host said, “We all sit there, because we all know, the first time we bark is the last time that they do the show. You say something, and sometimes it is last time they will ever come on your show. There is that balance.”

I have been preaching for a long time that anyone outside of the 1% who votes for a Republican candidate is voting against their financial self-interest. By confronting the liars and exposing their lies, the mainstream media could dissipate the fog that promotes voting against self-interest.

Time to stop behaving like a fluffer.

Time to puncture the Republican bubble of lies.

6 Responses to Time to puncture the Republican bubble of lies

  1. bettykath says:

    Folks like Todd really burn me up. So if he challenges their bs they won’t come back? Question: Who needs who the most? Don’t the liars also need a platform in order to reach a bigger audience?

    Trump will appear anywhere in order to pontificate. He will even do SNL (if they don’t rescind their invitation) knowing that he will be lampooned. He doesn’t care. He wants the visibility that the show offers. Thinking people in the media should stop giving them a platform. uh, oh. I used an oxymoron “thinking people in the media”

    • gblock says:

      True. So many in the media nowadays claim that they need to treat every opinion as equally valid. They no longer see a responsibility to investigate and challenge.

  2. MSM works for the 1%, basically, since 5 or 6 big corps own major media outlets, so media shows aren’t likely to pop anybody’s balloons just yet. They might get interested in real journalism again if big money ever gets kicked back out of politics and corporations aren’t classified as people any more, but that’s a long shot too.

  3. Malisha says:

    Just as a good portion of the 99 percent vote against their own best interests, the media constantly preach against THEIRS. They constantly behave as if they have no First Amendment Rights; they constantly behave as if a free democracy does not need a free press; they curry favor with the 1% and they shove shit with shit-smiles on their faces because, hey, who cares as long as they’re getting theirs?

    Who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.
    The media play their own rigged games
    while the fabric of society tears
    because who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.

    The won’t report realities
    they won’t point out the snares,
    because who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.

    They won’t deliver actual facts,
    they pander to billionaires,
    because who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.

    They fill their hours with empty words
    while warming their comfy chairs,
    because who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.

    They shove the mic at idiots
    and sensationalize petty scares
    because who cares, who cares,
    long as they’re getting theirs.

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