Mainstream Media is failing to expose Republican Party’s detachment from reality and extreme views of its candidates,

The dismal performance of the Republican candidates for president during the third debate on Wednesday evening demonstrates that they continue to ignore the issues that matter to most voters, which are the stalled economy, poverty, homelessness, untreated mental illness, the broken criminal justice system, unregulated predatory capitalism, bloated military and intelligence budgets, an overwhelming need to repeal Citizens United, gun control, lack of jobs that pay a living wage, overwhelming student debt, out-of-control police, prison overcrowding, human caused climate change, and crumbling infrastructure. In other words they are so out of touch and weird that it’s a waste of time to listen to them.

The punditocracy’s discussion about the debate also seemed to be detached from reality. I could not decide if they were pretending that the candidates said important things or they actually believed that they did. Their tendency to present both sides of every issue as if they are equally valid when anyone with a functioning brain cell knows otherwise is frustrating. Their decision that Marco Rubio won the debate seemed beside the point since no one said anything important or memorable and nothing was resolved.

Many media pundits agree that Marco Rubio would be a centrist voice of reason who would match up well against Hillary Clinton in the election next fall. However, they did not say that Rubio is a climate change denier and his solution to the energy crisis is to drill, baby, drill. Because of these extreme views, he is not qualified to serve as president. Every credible climate scientist agrees that human caused climate change is underway and accelerating. We humans are running out of time and options. Therefore, all nations of the world need to be developing short term and long term strategies to avoid the catastrophic consequences of global warning. Anything less is grossly irresponsible. Unfortunately, all Republican candidates except Senator Lindsey Graham and former Governor George Pataki are climate change deniers.

Similarly, most media pundits are fawning over Representative Paul Ryan, who has been elected as the new Speaker of the House. They call him a centrist policy wonk who is extremely well qualified to determine what we need to do to jump-start our economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. He believes in tax cuts for the rich, elimination of all welfare and entitlement programs, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He is a devotee of Ayn Rand, free markets and elimination of regulations and regulatory oversight. These policies are hallmarks of supply side economics, AKA: Reaganomics. Despite 35 years of tax cuts for the rich and a reduction of regulatory oversight, the rich are the only whose incomes have increased. Kansas Governor Brownback implemented similar policies in his state that created a $400 M shortfall for the state’s economy during his first term. Instead of changing the disastrous policy, he doubled down and two years later, the state is on the verge of bankruptcy. Paul Ryan’s ideas can only damage our economy. Instead of gushing over the selection of Paul Ryan as Speaker, the mainstream media should be reporting that his ideas not only don’t work, they may cause irreparable harm.

Lat night, I read an article by award winning journalist and scholar  Dr. Nafeez Ahmed in which “he exposed startling information about U.S. complicity in the creation and rise of ISIS, as contained in a recently declassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report. Possibly more terrifying than the report itself may be the fact that this information has been virtually blacked out across global mainstream media.” In other words, the mainstream media refused to report this declassified information because it decided that it was potentially inflammatory and might damage the credibility and reputation of the United States.

The mainstream media has a duty to cut through the BS whenever it can and report the truth. By failing to report the Republican Party’s detachment from reality and the extreme views of its candidates, the MM is causing voter confusion.

20 Responses to Mainstream Media is failing to expose Republican Party’s detachment from reality and extreme views of its candidates,

  1. James Leone says:

    Arrogant individuals that are confident that they can do no wrong, usually indirectly cause long term catastrophe. That’s what annoys me about most of the tone of the debate.

    Whenever this country has “danced with the devil in the pale moonlight” bad things have happened. The aftermath of the CIA, in its self righteousness, performing drug induced mind control experiments on the unwitting (MKULTRA)… produced the likes of the Unibomber and the Patty Hearst Kidnapping. Fort Detrick, Anthrax. I could go on.

  2. anita says:

    Great & really funny post. Like I said up thread, they are all so sickening. They really aren’t funny, they’re dangerous. I guess all their drama is to get more attn.

  3. Malisha says:

    OT, but I just feel the urge to comment on the “21 top comments” to come out of the recent Repugican debates:

    1. “If you want someone to grab a beer with, I may not be that guy. But if you want someone to drive you home, I’ll get the job done.” – Ted Cruz

    Only if your car has a bumper sticker that says “ignorant immature belligerent a$$hole on board.”

    2. “What is this, a French work week?” – Jeb Bush, attacking Marco Rubio about missing Senate votes

    No, it’s not, because a senator putting in 35 hours a week can vote on everything!

    3. “I’ll buy you a tequila. Or even some famous Colorado brownies.” – Ted Cruz to moderator Carl Quintanilla

    That was an empty promise.

    4. “Boy, am I good at solving debt problems. No one can solve them like me.” – Donald Trump on filing for bankruptcy

    Great, you’ll be the perfect president to take this country bankrupt.

    5. “Find me a Democrat that is for cutting spending $10, I’ll give them a warm kiss.” – Jeb Bush

    Dear Mr. Bush: GRAMMAR POLICE!! WOO WOO!! Not “a Democrat that is for cutting spending,” but “a Democrat WHO is for cutting spending.” And BTW if you tried to give him or her a warm kiss, you’d be charged with attempted sexual assault and eee-ewww!

    6. “I used it to pay off my student loans — and it’s available on paperback if you’re interested in buying it.” – Marco Rubio on his $1 million book deal

    No thanks, I don’t need to pay off your student loans.

    7. “They shouldn’t automatically assume that because you believe marriage is between one man and one woman, you’re a homophobe.” – Ben Carson

    No, but they CAN assume that you’re against the Bible — in which marriage was often between one man and several women. Your being pro “one-man-one-woman” marriage is anti-Christian and you are a hypocrite.

    8. “I don’t know. You people write this stuff.” – Donald Trump, feigning ignorance about where moderator Becky Quick found his quote calling Marco Rubio “Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator.” (It’s on his campaign website.)

    “Your people” write this stuff, Donald.

    9. “The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC — it’s called the mainstream media.” – Marco Rubio

    No, Marco, the ultimate super PAC is the People. It’s just a shame that they have never yet had effective leadership.

    10. “Drugs is one of the greatest scourges in this country.” – John Kasich

    And tobacco is two of them.

    11. “I like to be unpredictable.” – Donald Trump on carrying a gun, sometimes

    But apparently you also like to be unproduce-able.

    12. “I love Donald Trump. He’s a good man. I’m wearing a Trump tie tonight.” – Mike Huckabee

    Just because you want to wear him like a noose around your neck, doesn’t mean the rest of the country feels the same.

    13. “We have $19 trillion in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and Al Qaeda…And we’re talking about fantasy football? Let people play. Who cares?” – Chris Christie

    You forgot, “We have Camden and Newark…”

    14. “Even in New Jersey, what you’re doing is rude.” – Chris Christie to moderator John Harwood

    Then please, go back to New Jersey. And I am saying that even though I am FROM New Jersey. Puh-leez!

    15. “It’s your grandparents’ fault for having too many damn kids.” – Rand Paul on paying for Medicare

    And it’s the kids’ fault for living too long; and it’s the doctors’ faults for treating their illnesses well enough to keep them living long enough to be a drain on “our” economy; and it’s…

    16. “I’m against anything that’s bad for my mother.” – Marco Rubio on entitlement reform

    So withDRAW, like your father should have!

    17. “I want a government so small I can barely see it.” – Rand Paul

    Don’t worry; you’re not looking past the tip of your nose anyway.

    18. “When millions of Americans rose up against Obamacare, I was proud to lead that fight. When millions of Americans rose up against amnesty, I was proud to lead that fight. When millions of Americans rose up against Planned Parenthood, I was proud to lead that fight.” – Ted Cruz

    Now that we are assured that you’re the right leader for stupid, selfish, prejudiced misogynists, we have clarity: you’re interested in fighting against our citizens, our neighbors and our women. If we are looking for anybody who is interested in fighting against real enemies who are really dangerous to our society, we’d better look elsewhere.

    19. “I can assure you I am Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.” – Carly Fiorina

    Actually, you’re everybody’s worst nightmare; Hillary Clinton is just one of us who would prefer to sleep undisturbed.

    20. “I negotiated it down to two hours so we can get the hell out of here.” – Donald Trump on the debate’s length

    We’d have been grateful if you’d gotten the Hell out of there two hours earlier.

    21. “I do not want to walk my five grandkids through the charred remains of America.” – Mike Huckabee

    We can arrange for your grandchildren to be repatriated to some far-away country long before you or one of your debate-stage-mates gets in place to bring about that scenario.

    • gblock says:

      You’ve got some good ones there, Malisha. A comment on:

      11. “I like to be unpredictable.” – Donald Trump on carrying a gun, sometimes.

      Gee, how reassuring – that someone who likes to be unpredictable carries a gun sometimes.

      I heard on a radio show yesterday that Jeb Bush is putting out an e-book of many of his emails from the time that he was Governor of Florida. Allegedly, these are supposed to highlight some of the problem-solving and getting-things-done skills that he made use of as Governor. Gee, how many ways could something like THAT backfire!

      And Bush’s new campaign slogan also brags of his ability to fix things. As the radio hosts pointed out, “fix” may be an ill-advised word to use if you are trying to appeal to voters who still remember the 2000 Presidential election.

  4. Greg Beasley says:

    Since the 1947 Roswell, NM incident, our government has recovered several alien spacecraft and have kept hidden anti-gravity & free energy technology from the public. Disclosure is coming soon and it will be the end of the Cabal.

  5. gblock says:

    In defense of Paul Ryan, he earned the gratitude of House Republicans by agreeing to run for the position of Speaker when nobody else wanted to, at grave risk to his future political career. And he believes that Congress should actually get their work done, even if it involves some compromise, and not throw tantrums and bring everything to a halt if everything doesn’t go their way. This probably makes him a “dangerous moderate” from the point of view of some extremists, although not from any normal point of view.

    As for the the Republican presidential candidates, the RNC is upset about the way that the debate was run. I didn’t watch the debate, but only heard bits and pieces on the news shows and Stephen Colbert, but it seems to me that their complaints may be justified. Part of the reason that they spent a lot of time talking about stupid, unimportant things was because they were asked a lot of questions about stupid, unimportant things.

    • Malisha says:

      Well I sure hope that’s all the defense he’s going to get.

    • anita says:

      There is no defense of P. Ryan in the face of the earth. I’ ve read other posts by you & agreed with you until now. I m disappointed & mad & I think you are some fake POS.

      • gblock says:

        I’m not sure what you’re mad at me about. Let me assure you, I certainly do NOT agree with Paul Ryan’s politics. However, I do agree with him that it is a good idea for Congress to do their job, and not to bring everything to a halt any time everything doesn’t go the way that a few people with extreme views want it to go. This is what has made it difficult for the Republican Party to find someone who is willing to serve as Speaker as the House. And from what I’ve heard and read, some of the people who hold these extreme views and who want to shut down the government if they don’t get their way have labeled Ryan as a “dangerous moderate” because he doesn’t agree with this MO. And I agree that in most respects, and certainly with respect to the issues listed by the Professor, Ryan is on the far right politically and not by any means a moderate.

        • gblock says:

          We are in a really sad place when someone is considered a moderate and risks his political career just because he doesn’t believe in shutting down the government!

          • gblock says:

            Just to be perfectly clear: the above was intended to bemoan the sad current state of Congress, not as an expression of sympathy for Paul Ryan.

        • anita says:

          I didn’t mean I was mad at you. I posted early a.m. & my head hadn;t cleared from new meds. I’m taking. I am a little embarrassed by it. It’s the 2nd time I’ve done this. No more early internet for me. I agree they do need to get work done, not shut down govt. & throw their little fits when they don’t get their way. These teabaggers will continue their tactics & treat Ryan just like they did Boehner. They promised not to try & unseat him if he never brought up immigration reform, yea, sure. Now he’s going ahead with a special committee against Planned Parenthood. I hope he does a better job than Boehner. I just don’t think it’s possible. For some reason, I think Ryan is more far right than Boehner. The media should be calling the repubs out on all their lies. The media is no way biased for dems. Trump hosting SNL this week just gives him 90 min. of free ads. I’ll watch anyway, but Trump is sick. All the rep. candidates are sick. Maybe SNL will be so disgusting we’ll not be able to stomach it, I tho;t Trump & NBC had a big fall out? I don’t understand him hosting the complete show. Again, my post to you wasn’t very nice & that’s not me.

          • gblock says:

            From the articles that I’ve read in the LA Times, my impression is that the political writers agree with you that Ryan is further to the right politically than Boehner.

            Trump is a publicity hound. If Trump was upset at NBC, maybe his hosting SNL is an attempt by NBC to get back in his good graces? Trump is showing himself to be willing to say anything that pops into his head, no matter how foolish or mean-spirited. That seems to be slowly backfiring and causing his polling numbers to decrease from what they were.

  6. Malisha says:

    What’s scariest to me is the fact that there’s no actual “taking to task” for these weird worldviews of the candidates, such as the “God is really our country” view and the “anybody we don’t find useful is disposable” view and the “we really own the world” view. I find it astonishing! A normal day-care worker would not allow any of her little five-year-olds to base their conduct on such idiotic ideas and yet we have grown-up presidential candidates full-time blathering about this crap without being called to answer for it!

    It reminds me of a time when I was sitting with an attorney and his client (mother of two children) at a custody hearing and there was an “expert” on the stand whose position was that it was not necessary to consider the children’s statements that their father had abused one of them (while the other witnessed it!) routinely on visits. The children were credible (the social worker who interviewed them repeatedly and the physician who examined the abused one both said so, and ultimately the judge agreed tacitly) and the incidents were documented in a timely manner. But the expert insisted the children should not be believed because they lived with their mother who had “undue influence” on them. His “research” consisted of reading Dr. Richard Gardner and Dr. Arthur Green, two psychiatrists who insisted that mothers routinely and criminally force their children to make false allegations against their fathers. I jotted notes to the attorney and he asked:

    “Does the research show that mothers frequently do this to their children to deprive their fathers of custody or visitation?”

    Answer was “YES”

    “Is that what you would call a very bad thing to do?”

    Answer was “YES”

    “Does the research show that fathers frequently do this to their children to deprive their mothers of custody or visitation?”

    Answer was “NO”

    Next question: “Is it your opinion, then, that mothers are in general worse than fathers in general?”

    The expert fell silent. The attorney stayed silent.

    There was a long, uncomfortable silence. The judge did NOT instruct the witness to answer the question. Finally he stammered, “Well with respect to this narrow issue, the research does indeed find that mothers are guilty and fathers less so, but I wouldn’t reach the conclusion that all mothers are bad.”

    The attorney stopped questioning the witness at that point.

    THIS KIND OF QUESTIONING could really bring out what the Republicans and the media are doing. They are supporting these insane world views that, if treated logically and drawn to their “reductio ad absurdum” or “reductio ad malicendum” results will show that their true beliefs are:

    Blacks should still be slaves, although good blacks may be emancipated by their masters on a case-by-case basis;

    Women should be subordinate in all things but especially in terms of sexuality and their positions with respect to the men who have managed to have sex with them, through either marriage, consensual activity, or rape;

    The Poor should be happy to be given the opportunity to keep breathing and should not demand anything else until they are made totally exploitable to the rich for whatever purpose and in whatever manner the rich deem appropriate;

    The Poor and the Brown or Black have no real right to vote;

    The Non-Rich have no real right to an education;

    The Non-Rich have no real right to own property;

    The Non-Rich have no real right to health care unless they are in a plane crash and survive;

    The Rich have a right to be armed and they have a right to maintain at all times an “emotional militia” of lower-middle-class armed angry whites to do their bidding and to terrorize subordinate populations into submission;

    Taxes should and must be used to support these propositions; and

    What we mean by “real Americans” is people who will support the principles set forth above and who can be managed and manipulated by us.

  7. Malisha says:

    And it’s not hard to cause voter confusion!

  8. This is an ongoing problem. It was just as noticeable when media refused to call out Mitt Romney’s lies.

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