Republicans disappear down rabbit hole searching for Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Republican members of a house congressional committee supposedly investigating Benghazi disappeared yesterday down a rabbit hole searching for the incredibly evil Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who disguised as a nondescript former journalist and friend of the Clintons named Sidney Blumenthal, was particularly fond of sending unsolicited advice and gossip to Hillary Clinton about Libya while she was Secretary of State.

Assuming without any evidence the existence of an evil plot between the villainous Blofeld and Clinton to sacrifice the lives of Ambassador Chris Summers and three others for her greater glory by abandoning them without security to a bloodthirsty mob in Benghazi, the Republicans hurled false accusations, insults, and stupid questions at her for 11 hours that she backhanded with ease possibly because the premise is so absurd. After emerging from the vewee scawee wabbit caves, the committee chair Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Carolina, summarized what the committee had accomplished:

In terms of her testimony, I don’t know that she testified that much differently than she has the previous times that she’s testified,” he told CBS News’ Cordes. “I would have to go back and look at the transcript.

Wow! Impressive accomplishment.

The Week said it best:

The point is that, from within the Republican bubble, Blumenthal’s connection to Benghazi, even if it consisted only of sending Hillary Clinton emails about Libya in general, proves that something fishy was going on. So naturally they’ll waste an hour or two of her testimony talking about the fact that he sent her lots of emails, which proves that…he sent her lots of emails.

This is what happens when you start an investigation that you’re sure will uncover evidence of nefarious goings-on. When you can’t find any malfeasance, you convince yourself that even mundane things are nefarious, like the fact that Hillary Clinton has a friend you don’t like.

The downside is this waste of time and money cost taxpayers at least $5 million. The upside is voters now have 5 million reasons to reject the Republican Party.

13 Responses to Republicans disappear down rabbit hole searching for Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  1. Malisha says:

    It’s ridiculous what they have made of Benghazi. W should have been grilled like this about 9/11.

    • I do not agree. Speaking as a former criminal defense attorney, who knew how to cross examine witnesses effectively, I can confidently say that the quality of the questioning by the Republicans was dismal. I taught trial advocacy in law school, which included the art and science of cross examination. I would have flunked all of the Republicans. Cutting off a witness’s answer, shouting and hurling accusations are cardinal sins that never work.

      I agree that GWB should be held to answer, but he should be questioned by competent professionals rather than stooge politicians grandstanding like peacocks in heat.

      • Malisha says:

        Oh that’s actually what I meant, and thank you. I meant he should have been subjected to a thorough investigation that should not have let up until every single miserable failure of the administration had been uncovered for all to see and condemn. In fact, he should have been questioned by YOU.

      • Oldgold says:

        Since the Ervin Committee investigation of Watergate, the quality of Congressional questioning has been uniformly rancid. This may have been the worst. Pitiful.

  2. What an epic spectacle! I would think any respectable conservative with half a brain would be as disgusted as progressives by now, but unfortunately, there are far too many who will still believe that there was something nefarious and not simply tragic about Benghazi. I’m no big fan of Hillary, but she came off looking sophisticated, in-the-know, statesman-like, and even presidential!

  3. “In terms of her testimony, I don’t know that she testified that much differently than she has the previous times that she’s testified …” So, I presume that she wasn’t asked any new questions, so there was no reason for any new answers. What a total waste of time, energy and money. As Rep. Elijah Cummings said, “We are better than this!” At least we should be.

    • Benghazi has been the subject of 7 previous investigations. Everything has been covered more than once. The real purpose of this new committee was to cripple Hillary Clinton’s chances to win the election next fall.

      If anything, the Republicans increased her chances of winning.

      Representative Elijah Cummings spoke eloquently and often about the duplicitous Republican agenda. I think the dems may boycott the committee from now on, further diminishing its vanishing legitimacy.

  4. ed nelson says:

    A lot of folks don’t get the fact that the gov is just a bunch a BS anyway. They waste time, that’s sort of what they do!

    Good thing they aren’t really doing anything much, since they are a
    bunch of hair-brains and nogoodniks.

    • I’m not as pessimistic as you are. I think government is uniquely capable of performing important functions. I credit FDR for initiating progressive change that ended the depression and WWII. Lyndon Johnson gets credit for passing the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

      I’m not a big fan of the present band of Democrats, but I prefer them to the Republicans. Unfortunately, Congress is awash in money and our fragile democracy is in mortal peril from the multi-billionaire plutocrats.

      It’s going to take an immense effort to save it.

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