Corey Jones should be alive today

Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja shot and killed Corey Jones, 31, on an interstate exit ramp to Palm Beach Gardens on Sunday morning at approximately 3:30 am. The shooting never should have happened.

Jones was a professional musician who played in a church band that had been touring the country recently. His car had broken down as he was driving home after playing a gig. He stopped along an exit ramp off I-95 to Palm Beach Gardens and he was waiting for a tow truck when Officer Raja arrived. Raja was on-duty dressed in plain clothes and driving an unmarked vehicle.

CBS News, Channel 12 reported,

A spokeswoman for the Palm Beach Gardens Police, Ellen Lovejoy, said Raja claimed he came upon what he believed to be an abandoned vehicle on the southbound exit ramp of Interstate 95 at PGA Boulevard.  Lovejoy said Raja claimed he was confronted by an armed subject.

Police say, as a result of the confrontation, Raja fired his weapon, killing Corey Jones at the scene.

Difficult to imagine why Jones would have ‘confronted’ Raja, since he was patiently waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

Indeed, Jones’s friend and fellow band member, Boris Simoneov told CBS News, Channel 12,

Everything seemed normal. Corey was completely himself.  We shook hands gave each other a high-five and he left and I finished putting away some of the gear and equipment.

I don’t understand how anyone could ever perceive Corey is a threat he’s the most level-headed, calm kind-hearted person.

Simoneov also told Channel 12 that another band member met up with Jones, just before the police arrived, to help him after his car broke down. He declined the offer since the tow truck was on the way, so the friend left.

Channel 12 CBS News, interviewed Corey’s uncle, Kenneth Banks,

Banks spoke publicly at the church Corey played drums for and was a well known community figure for volunteering and helping with children, he said.

Jones was known for working hard and being the church drummer.

He called his nephew ‘a servant for the community.’

Channel 12 CBS News recently reported that police said,

Raja has been with Palm Beach Gardens Police since April 2015.  He was working as part of a burglary detail at the time of the shooting.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Stephen Stepp said deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office found a gun on the ground outside Jones’ car after the shooting.  Stepp also said officers found the box it came in, and said the serial number on the box matched the number on the gun.

Stepp said authorities confirmed Jones bought the gun three days prior to the police shooting, according to paperwork obtained by detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Like I said, Corey Jones should be alive today.

Benjamin Crump is representing his family.



16 Responses to Corey Jones should be alive today

  1. YQ says:

    I heard about this but have not gathered the time to look at it in depth. Something sounds shady about it. Did the PO call in the plates of the vehicle? And why did the PO leave his post without permission? Why didn’t the PO request for backup?

    • According to a Shaun King tweet, the cop was driving a 15 passenger unmarked van without a radio.

      Raja wasn’t in uniform and didn’t have his badge or service weapon on him. Instead, he was carrying his personal Glock.

      • Malisha says:

        If he was not in uniform, not in a police car, armed, and in a large vehicle, it seems to me that a decision to flee was certainly a rational one.

  2. Depressing. Another case of protecting and serving citizens to death.

  3. Thank you for this and other recent posts I haven’t had time to respond to. I was just looking at the vehicles involved in this killing. From the video in the link below showing the position of the vehicles (presuming they had not been moved since the killing), I don’t see how the scenario played out the way the officer said it did (he said he was confronted by a man with a gun). It also does not bolster his claim that he stopped because he thought it was an abandoned vehicle. Something is very wrong here.

    Police are combing this man’s past with a fine-tooth comb. So far, they have discovered a traffic stop for tinted windows in 2007. He was cited for having an illegal gun in the car; the charges were dropped with no explanation (could it have been an illegal search or that he actually had the proper license?).

    I have a theory of how this played out, but I’m very curious what others think may have happened.


    • I can’t help but wonder if the cop failed to identify himself as a cop and Jones was alarmed by his behavior. (I’m assuming that Jones had a gun and it wasn’t planted at the scene) The cop may have seen it or thought he saw it and fired his own gun killing him.

      I don’t believe Jones fired a shot and I doubt the cop said anything. He just shot him dead.


    • For some unknown reason, I can’t get the site to display the video.

      • So sorry you can’t view the video. I just checked the site using the link I embedded here and I had no problem accessing the story or the video. ‘Tis a puzzlement. You may want to try going to WPBF’s site and locating the story titled “Source details officer’s account of fatal shooting” By Terri Parker.

        • I used a different browser and got a written story to appear, which sounds like Raja shot him as Corey Jones was running away. Raja fired 5 shots. Jones fired 0 shots.

          That doesn’t sound like self-defense.

          • Yes, he ran for his life but it did him no good. I’m very curious to hear what the autopsy reveals about the entry wounds to know whether he shot him in the back or waited for him to turn around. I sincerely doubt that he was running and shooting behind him as there has been no mention of shell casings from any gun other than the police officer’s. I believe I read that the gun the officer claimed to have found that belonged to the victim had not been fired.

          • Another factor to consider is that Florida is an open carry state and would have been well within his rights to have a gun at the ready when Raja rolled up. The NYTimes is reporting that CJ’s gun was not fired.

            I doubt CJ knew he was a cop.

            Raja’s story that he thought he saw the silver glint of a laser sounds like bullshit. Aren’t lasers red?

          • The legal test is whether Raja reasonably believed that Corey Jones was a fleeing armed felon who represented a danger to the community. Given his own conduct, I don’t think Raja acted reasonably. He precipitated the whole incident.

            Looks to me like Jones’s decision to flee was reasonable under the circumstances as he perceived them. He had no reason to believe Raja was a cop, even if Raja identified himself as a cop.

          • Malisha says:

            Given recent history, Jones had more reason to flee if he DID KNOW that Raja was a cop.

          • Yes, that’s a distressing truth.

          • NBC News is reporting,

            The armed musician killed by a plainclothes cop on the side of a South Florida highway never fired his weapon before the officer fatally struck him three times, lawyers for his family said Thursday.

            In addition, the officer never displayed his badge to drummer Corey Jones during the fatal Oct. 18 encounter, and fired at Jones a total of six times, lawyers said they were told by Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg.


            “The only thing that remains unanswered is why this plainclothes cop in an unmarked van would have this encounter with Corey, who was waiting on the tow truck, and he ends up dead with three bullets in his body,” [Benjamin] Crump told reporters at a family news conference.

            The state attorney told the family that Jones, at some point, tried to run away, and that one of the three bullets hit him in his arm and his side, according to Crump.

            The “most fatal” bullet hit Jones on his side, pierced his aorta and lodged in his upper body, Parks added. A final autopsy report has not been released.

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