Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton according to on-line polls

Despite various media pundits who have claimed that Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic Party debate convincingly, the results of the following on-line polls show that Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate by wide margins.

Note that the on-line polls included conservative viewers (Drudge Report) as well as liberal/progressive viewers (Daily Kos) and the results were similar.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) reported the following results:

Who Won the October 13 Democratic Debate?


8 Responses to Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton according to on-line polls

  1. Annie Cabani says:

    This is why I slog through listening to things like Congressional hearings, debates, and such. I’ve learned that when I make the effort to watch them first-hand, I almost always find myself asking, “What they heck were THEY watching?” when I hear or read what other people conclude or take away from the event. So I know I can’t trust any news or other media to inform me to my satisfaction.

    Personally, I thought Bernie did great but Hillary really knocked it out of the park. I was proud of both of them – and was pleased with O’Malley’s performance, as well. What a cut (way) above the GOP circus!

  2. Trained Observer says:

    Just watched a tape of the Dem debate. All five vigorously discussing the issues without dissing each other like those in the GOP clown car are so fond of doing.

    Bravo for Bernie citing the absolute truth: Americans are sidk and tired of hearing about Hillary’s damned e-mails.

    IMO, Webb was weakest of the lot, especially with that smirk when he suggested his “worst enemy” wasn’t around to discuss it. Chaffee was close, trying to excuse his first Senate vote with “I was new and my father had just died.”

    I anticipate Hillary will be the nominee (with perhaps Julian Castro as as a VP pick). The way Jeb is blundering along, she may well end up running against Trump.

    As for Jeb saying “W” “kept us safe” — what a croc. Tell that to the 3,000 who died on 9/11 after Condi, Rummy, Cheney and W blew off Clinton administration warnings about Bin Laden.

  3. Malisha says:

    As our “far right” extends past the point of not only no return but no post-medieval recognition, our “left” gets pulled by the crazy-gravity of our argument culture (a la Deborah Tannen) into a no-man’s-land of pretend democracy. Someone like Bernie Sanders comes along and has the shocking, refreshing nerve to say things the rest of the politicians were too superstitious to utter. I really don’t know what a society like ours will do with something like this. The Public Education system has been so screwed for so long that I don’t know if we have the collective thinking power to understand realities any more; we’re so overburdened with quasi-political-religious claptrap.

    Kids study “brief constructed responses” rather than writing.

    Testing is everything.

    “Can you win?” is the issue on every issue!

    I am reminded of “Minister Z” in Greece — Gregory Lambrakis, MD, a physician, a pacifist and an athlete, who had been a resistance fighter against the Nazis during WWII. He said [paraphrase]: “Sometimes you must return words to their real meaning.” He was doing that before he was assassinated by far-right-wing thugs in 1964, during a public gathering in full view of maybe 1,000 people.

    What I think Bernie Sanders does so well is use words with their actual meanings, not with magical meanings like “American greatness” and “free stuff” and “law and order.”

  4. gblock says:

    How were these polls run? Polls which depend on the people being polled to take the initiative (in which people choose to call in or respond online to “vote”) are known to not be particularly accurate compared to polls in which the pollsters choose who to talk to. The reason is that when people get to choose whether they want to be polled, some groups will be more motivated than others, and that slants the results.

    I also think that if you ask a simple-minded question like who “won” the debate, Sanders gets points for telling the questioner to stop harping on Hillary’s emails. While he deserves some admiration for doing that, I’m not sure that this will translate into electoral support.

    • I realize the on-line polls were not scientific. What struck me was the level of agreement from across the political spectrum.

      BTW, these results were from people watching the debates. The phone surveys happened later after the media declared Hillary to be the winner by a landslide. We don’t even know if the responders watched the debate. Therefore, I’m not as impressed with those results.

  5. Malisha says:

    A friend of mine said Hillary won the debate, and he added that the New York Times agreed with him on that. I asked if he had just read the Times and agreed or if he had decided on his own, and he said he decided on his own. When I asked why he thought that, he responded: “For the same reason YOU think that: because although we all like Bernie, he can’t win; HILLARY CAN WIN.”

    So I see that he didn’t mean Hillary won the debate; he meant that it didn’t matter who won the debate. Well I’m glad we got that one straightened out. The conclusion doesn’t follow from the facts; the conclusion dictates how we state the facts.

    • Otherwise intelligent people seem to forget that Bernie’s running as a Democrat and not an Independent. Big difference. There’s no obstacle in his way – all he needs is more votes and more electoral votes than Hillary.

      And of course the corporate media is promoting the corporate choice – Hillary. I’m sure they’re trembling in their greedy little boots at the thought of real reform coming down the pike via politicians like Bernie Sanders.

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