Carly Fiorina continues to lie about the dying fetus video that does not exist

Carly Fiorina continues to lie about the dying fetus video that does not exist. If she is this willing to lie to be elected president, what would she be wiling to do to remain president?

The Washington Post is reporting today,

Three days after the debate, CARLY for America — the PAC that legally has to keep its distance from Fiorina’s actual campaign — put together a video that spliced the candidate’s answer with different clips. The viewer, hearing about the controversy but unaware of the original videos, might think that Fiorina nailed it.

Today, Planned Parenthood responded to the clip, faxing a takedown request to Fiorina’s campaign office — not the PAC. The confusion was understandable, as CARLY for America skirted the kludgey rules around the naming of super PACs by turning the candidate’s name into an acronym: Conservative, Authentic, Responsive Leadership for You. And the family-planning group’s fact-check stands on its own. Planned Parenthood notes that one photo actually portrays “a Pennsylvania woman’s stillborn son, which was used without her permission and falsely passed off as an aborted fetus in an earlier video” by the Center for Medical Progress; the video of a kicking fetus comes from “the discredited Grantham Collection, an old anti-abortion archive based in Florida”; the audio splices together three different CMP stings.

“This fake video doesn’t show what you have claimed,” Dawn Laguens, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, writes in the letter to Fiorina. “Simply put, the video you described at the debate does not exist, and the video you’re now asking people to watch is not what you claim it is. This fraudulent video is beneath a serious candidate for the presidency, and you should take it down immediately.”

Fiorina refused, proving again that she is unfit to serve as President of the United States.

I have about had it with these disgraceful clowns.

9 Responses to Carly Fiorina continues to lie about the dying fetus video that does not exist

  1. girlp says:

    I’m afraid for my country and my people, these RWNJ are wild….just so extreme i don’t want to live in a facist country.

  2. Malisha says:

    I was thinking about Fiorina lying about the alleged Planned Parenthood “cannibal tape” and it occurred to me: You could get a disgruntled ex-employee of ANY of this country’s hospitals to make a similar tape with similar allegations about ANY health care facility in this country. Then the feds would have to close it down and the next presidential election would be all about it and the government would shut down.

    This sh*t is just about as stupid as anything could ever get. How embarrassing for us to have these people making public comments about the world, and making a record of the extreme ignorance and stupidity of our populace. Lord! SMDH!!

  3. roderick2012 says:

    A lying Republican?

    More like redundant.

  4. Woman has to be a narcissist. Who the heck jumps from CEO to Prez and then lies through their teeth claw their way to the top – well, yeah, Trump, and we know he’s a narcissist too. For shame.

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