Carly Fiorina is morally and ethically unfit for public office

Carly Fiorina is morally and ethically unfit to serve as President of the United States. At the Wednesday night debate between the candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination for president, she said,

As regards Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.

In her article titled, Debunking Five Absurd Comments About Planned Parenthood From the GOP Debate, Emily Crockett, the Federal Policy Reporter for RH Reality Check said,

This is also simply not true. The only thing that comes close to what Fiorina describes is in this video, but it’s not at all what she says it is.

There is talk about heart-beating and brain-harvesting in a first-person recollection by a disgruntled former tissue procurement technician—but there is no video and no other witness confirming her story. The technician also acknowledges that the “heartbeat” was just a response to a technician’s instrument, and nobody ever says anything about keeping a fetus alive in order to harvest the brain.

The “fully formed fetus” that illustrates the technician’s story is just a couple of edited-in stock images, not anything from the Planned Parenthood undercover footage. One video clip is labeled as coming from a group specializing in anti-choice shock imagery, and the other was a photo of a stllbirth taken from the Internet that the family did not consent to be shown in the video.

It seems that either Fiorina didn’t watch the tapes and had somebody describe them to her, she has false memories of what she saw, or she is lying.

Carly Fiorina wasn’t just another loudmouth drunk yammering from her perch on a barstool in a crowded whiskey bar at the last call. She was a candidate for President of the United States participating in a nationally televised debate watched by millions of people. She was sober and calculating. Her remarks were premeditated. She was not speaking informally with a confidant within range of a live mike that she believed to be muted. Under such circumstances, otherwise reasonable people have occasionally uttered some grossly inappropriate statements out of anger or frustration that they subsequently had reason to regret. Instead, she publicly dared Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on national television to watch a nightmare-inducing video with off-the-charts shock value.

Who would issue such a challenge without first verifying the truth of the statement? More important, who would issue that challenge knowing the statement was false and why would they do so?

I believe the answers are clear. She wants to be the first woman elected President of the United States. She was so far behind in the polls that she concluded she had to do something terribly dramatic to get attention. She must have assessed the risk that her statement would be exposed as false and decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Has not Donald Trump blazed that trail unscathed and surged ahead of the other GOP candidates for the Republican nomination? Why are Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee talking about a government war against Christianity?

Their crass use of dramatic false statements to appeal to fear, prejudice, hatred and religious belief detached from a duty or responsibility to speak the truth distinguishes this group of charlatans and convinces me beyond all doubt that they are unfit for public office.  They are not the only ones.

Despite the total debunking of the claim that Planned Parenthood sells aborted fetuses for profit, the Republicans in the House voted to cut-off all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Senate Republicans are unlikely to overcome a Democratic filibuster against the bill (they need 60 votes), but if they do, President Obama is expected to veto it and they cannot muster enough votes to overcome it (they need 70 votes).

Led by Senator Ted Cruz, many Republicans are threatening a government shutdown by the end of this month, if the Senate does not pass the bill or the President vetoes it.

16 Responses to Carly Fiorina is morally and ethically unfit for public office

  1. a2nite says:

    Every Republikkkan is unqualified either by temperament or experience. They are dedicated to our destruction by destroying our government, one piece at a time, one state at a time, one agency at a time.

  2. Malisha says:

    More and more, candidates will “just say anything” they think will make a good sound-byte because THAT is how to win; THAT WORKS. When they’re proven wrong, there is no scandal. When they are shown to be lying, no repercussions. Sound-bytes take on their own lives and nothing — not truth, not evidence, not opposition — nothing disturbs their flight plans. Lies fly twice as fast as truth anyway. And when you show that there is evidence that they were lies, you are labeled “detractors” and your evidence is ignored.

  3. ed nelson says:

    I don’t think Republicans have been keen on infighting or competition in the nomination process historicly, but that is a feature more of Democrats, in the phrase: Big Tent, all inclusiveness, and ”special interests”, or coalitions, where there are a wide number vying to be at the top.

    Republicans represent established, organized interests, and are not keen to rocking any boats.

    So this cherade of a debate, is most likely a well funded clever device, to make it a done deal that Bush is ”delivered up”, as the front runner. And cousin Walker, (remember GHWBush, as in Walker?)

    His terrible policies are perfect for what purpose he serves, which I predict will be more of a hammer over the populace, when he becomes VP!

    And this is a repeat of Daddy Bush 41’s, picking of another stunning Dodo for VP, (the scoin of a publishing empire,) but spelling
    Be dropout: (“A brain is a terrible to waste… Especially if you never had one….’Potato’ ”…. threat and insurance policy for the Pres: DQ., at least that one had… bright eyes… and bushy tale, (a pun?).

  4. Trained Observer says:

    After scoring with her comment on Trump’s
    s previous tasteless remark about her face, Carly blew her advantage permanently with her outragious lie about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in harvesting newborn/fetal body parts.

    With or without help from The Donald, Carly’s persona now seems to be lying weasal face. Enough of all these clowns, please.

    • Here’s Paul Krugman:

      Mr. Christie’s mendacity pales, however, in comparison to that of Carly Fiorina, who was widely hailed as the “winner” of the debate. Some of Mrs. Fiorina’s fibs involved repeating thoroughly debunked claims about her business record.

      But the truly awesome moment came when she asserted that the videos being used to attack Planned Parenthood show “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” No, they don’t. Anti-abortion activists have claimed that such things happen, but have produced no evidence, just assertions.

      Exploiting emotional reactions to graphic images of dying children in order to further a selfish desire for personal gain is taboo. Such misconduct should evoke revulsion and condemnation when the graphic images are false and the speaker made them up to win an election.

  5. Malisha says:

    Even if you HAD evidence of wrongdoing on the part of some doctors in Planned Parenthood you couldn’t de-fund it. Look, for instance, at any other health care operation in the United States of America. Oh, I know, let’s look at Johns Hopkins Hospital, CLEARLY a hospital you would want to be in if you were sick, and CLEARLY a hospital whose funding should never be taken away even if there were some wrongdoing on the part of some doctor or doctors in that hospital — oh wait a minute, there actually WAS! So, some physician was essentially committing sexual offenses against his patients who were there for gynecological exams. They had video tapes. People were horrified. No senators or congresspersons jumped in saying we should defund the hospital. Interesting. Just investiate the doctor, and if you prove he committed a crime, charge him, give him due process and etc. He will probably also lose his hospital privileges. But defund Johns Hopkins?

    How did this arise?

    By the billionnaires deciding that they needed more poor to exploit more viciously and by the women-controllers (read “any man who has no self-confidence and can’t f**k properly”) who need to keep women in the place they have been violently kept in for a few millennia. Other than that, … well there IS nothing other than that.

    • girlp says:

      Do these RepubliKKKan supporters really think these candidates or any of the other upper middle class to one percenters are going to allow thier 15 year old to have a baby, or their wife or daughter to die attempting to carry a child they cannot carry. At the end of the day when the OB-GYN’s office closes they will sneek in the patient and their will no longer be a pregnacy, if an adult daughter or a wife…well they had a miscarriage. When I finished school and was no longer on my mother’s insurance at age 23 I went to planned parenthood for my female healthcare and yes birth control pills so by RepubliKKKan standards I’m a whore however I could care less what they think.

  6. gblock says:

    The rabid anti-abortion crown feels justified in spreading outrageous lies because “the ends justify the means”.

  7. It doesn’t surprise me when Joe and Jane Sixpack watch this stuff in the comfort of their trailer and come to the same conclusion (I only say this because I lived in trailers out in the sticks for twenty years and feel qualified, LOL), but it’s mighty frightening when people in position of power either don’t search for the truth or blatantly lie.

    Actually, Trump is right about Fiorina’s face – er – persona, though he’s hugely rude to point it out. Even when she smiles she looks like a flaming B.

    And why does Scott Walker have such dead eyes? Another chronic narcissistic lying power monger . . .

    • gblock says:

      Given Trump’s own appearance, he has no call to insult someone else’s face. That’s at least the second time that he had to say “but I really meant something else!” after saying something hugely insulting and inappropriate. If he really meant something else, maybe he should be more careful to say that other thing in the first place.

    • girlp says:

      Scott Walker…a sociopath, Carly Fiorina….a sociopath…Donald Trump….a meglamanic or malignant narcissist. Trump is an outright crimminal who is not respected by his peers, they boo’d him at a tennis match in NY.

  8. What has Fiorina done since she ruined Hewlett-Packard (except lose a Senate race to Barbara Boxer)?

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