Disgusted and Infuriated with MSNBC

I am disgusted and infuriated with MSNBC. Andrew Lack, Chairman of the NBC News Group, has pulled the plug on Reverend Al Sharpton’s daily show as part of his strategy to make the network even more bland and boring than it is reduce MSNBC’s left-leaning programming during the daytime hours in favor of more straight news shows. His last show will be September 4th. He hasn’t been completely cut-off.  Beginning Oct. 4th, his “Politics Nation” will air at 8 a.m. Sundays.

This decision follows the network’s decision to terminate the Ed Schultz Show. His last show was July 31st.

I don’t know what else to say.

17 Responses to Disgusted and Infuriated with MSNBC

  1. ed nelson says:

    Oh well maybe nobody gets my humor… What I meant was: Brian Williams… is a creative person… a crative damned liar,so be it! But he is more better than a gaddamned drone, who is nothing more than a hairdoo, and the ability to READ the Newss… !

    We come from a tradition of Story Tellers, who are of the South, , in my Granny’s quarter, who took me to hand and so on…

  2. bettykath says:

    Sorry to see Sharpton go. I find his voice irritating. He always seems to be shouting. This is great in the streets but not on TV. Even so, his stories are worth watching. Too many people see him as an agitator rather than a seeker of justice. I see him as an agitator seeking justice.

    Morning Joe. I don’t have TV so watch only via internet. I’d miss it altogether but for an occasional pointer to a story that looks interesting. Leave immediately after.

    Ed was blue collar advocate. Can’t have them on. Surprised he lasted as long as he did.

    re: death penalty http://whowhatwhy.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/blank-death-penalty-phase-verdict-form.pdf

    I didn’t realize that all the charges were essentially a pile on. The way it’s worded makes me think that the prosecution couldn’t prove any of them specifically, so they included all possibilities hoping that at least one of them would stick. With such a jumble I’d be tempted to find him not guilty of any. And it leaves me wondering if, in fact, not guilty was the appropriate response.

  3. ed nelson says:

    Brian Williams might increase ratings, he’s got more ”imagination” than the standard ”drone… readers”, and Ed Schulz was a Righty guy before he went with the center left… ”man in the street” ordinary views stuff.

    The purpose of the news is to make opinion!

    so naturely they will add some ”types” in the mix (here and there, Msmbc, or what, to increase the size of the ”tent”.

    Now those guys are a waste of time, everybody is too P O’d and they’re done placating, Things are too distopic already, so time to ratchet up the righty points!

  4. Brian and……Chuck????? Oh lord. Keith Olberman would be the best choice. I heard he left ESPN. We can only hope. Too much of the Donald, all for ratings. Pitiful.

  5. anita says:

    I’m very disappointed about this news. I hear Chuck Todd will have a show in Ed’s old time slot. I cannot stand him. MSNBC is starting to suck. I haven’t heard about a replacement for the Rev’s hour. Did anyone hear about Fogen’s latest sickening twitter rant? He is so racist & full of hate. It is like he’s daring someone to come after him. He’s such a despicable POS.

    • Yeah, I read what he said about President Obama. Remember when he denied he was racist? He makes my skin crawl.

      • anita says:

        I’m so happy to have you back full time Prof. Thank you for the great articles. I also want to add that Morning Joe & “Hillary hater” Mika are absolutely terrible lately. I’m going to have to stop watching them. They piss me off & that’s not a good way to begin the day. I only like when Howard Dean & Sam Stein are on. Oh yeah, lately ole’ James Carville has been on MSNBC 3 or 4 times. I really enjoy him.! Gotta go cook supper, keep up the good work!

        • Thanks. I’m glad to be back. I skip Morning Joe and Mika and start my day with Jose Diaz-Balart. I generally have MSNBC on in the background during the day while I’m home.

          • anita says:

            Please go up thread and see my comment prof. I had to respond to. A2nite, thanks so much .I think I càn turn off añd finally rest
            tonite. I. always fall back asleep to Jose D B. I. have sporadic sleep and I have relied on MSNBC for yrs when I waké up to first look. Next the morn Joe narcissist. & self loving Mika. I used to really like & kiñdà enjoy them , no longer. Gotta gó rest,finally.

          • May you have sweet dreams.

  6. Do we know what Lack’s personal political leanings are?

    • Malisha says:

      Surprise me.

    • I lack sufficient information to answer your question. MSNBC has been lagging behind in the ratings, but probably not in the complaint department. As we know, the right-wing-hate-machine is loud nasty and proud. Lack would likely explain his decision publicly as an effort to make MSNBC more competitive.

      BTW, I think Brian Williams may be replacing the Rev in the 6 pm slot.

      Marvelous, huh.

      Wonder what he’ll lie about next.

  7. Malisha says:

    This is part of a whole national (and international) program to silence all dissent whatsoever to the punitive-wing’s agenda.

  8. a2nite says:

    Too bad, he still has a daily 3 hr radio show.

    Well it’s another reason to not watch.

    • Yes. The Rev’s coverage of the killings and Black Lives Matter was stellar.

    • anita says:

      I notice your comments sometimes on Daily Kos. I always agree with you. I ve been on a so called “roll” for several hours yesterday & today. I’m fine, just watching Bill Maher for the second time tonite. I am absolutely shocked by f****** fogens tirade, even by that POS. MSNBC is basically ruined now . I remembèr when Phil Donahue was the star in the beginning. I loved him. They say hardball Chris Matthews got Phil fired. It was a long time ago. Does anyone remember this? I’m really tired & drinking too much now so gotta go. Oh yea, ex. Gov. Of Penn. Ed Rendell is great on a.m.Joe. I still think I’m leaving someone out that i like & agree with. That fucked up Morning Joe show has been sickening for a long time. Sleep tight all

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