The confederate flag will no longer fly over the South Carolina Capitol

Behold the power of speech!

The hour was late, long after midnight in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Looked like the defenders of the confederate flag were going to win another battle to keep it flying at the State Capitol. In just four minutes, Representative Jenny Horne, a descendant of Jefferson Davis, changed the outcome.

12 Responses to The confederate flag will no longer fly over the South Carolina Capitol

  1. Malisha says:

    OK, so this white boy who should have already been considered a “thug” and certainly denied access to firearms (reminds me of Fogen) gets armed and heads out to kill people HE wants to kill because HE wants to kill them. In this case, the thing results in the take-down-that-flag people getting the traitor rag pulled down and it will now result in the get-rid-of-those-guns people getting a bit of headway about the guns. But what it’s really about: white privilege, white immunity to criminal justice, and white entitlement to racist behavior, is getting lost in the babble.

  2. fauxmccoy says:

    all good news. well, except the part where afterwards those spewing the ‘heritage not hate’ drivel dropped all pretenses and let loose on their Governor, Nikki Haley. If you have not seen this article in Salon yet, check it out.

    • Malisha says:

      HEH HEH HEH.

      “The REAL people of South Carolina” [read “white supremacists of South Carolina”] do not want to do as they are TOLD.

      Of course, having an entire class of people subjected for all their lives to doing as they were told was OK with these “REAL people.” Hmmmm…

  3. Malisha says:

    I found the ones who voted NAY to approving the bill to take the flag down today, and there are not 20, there appear to be 29:

    Eric M. Bedingfield
    James Mikell “Mike” Burns
    William M. “Bill” Chumley
    Christopher A. Corley
    F. Gregory “Greg” Delleney, Jr.
    Kevin Hardee
    Jonathon D. Hill
    David R. Hiott
    William M. “Bill” Hixon
    Jeffrey E. “Jeff” Johnson
    Ralph Shealy Kennedy, Jr.
    Dwight A. Loftis
    Deborah A. Long
    Dennis C. Moss
    V. Stephen “Steve” Moss
    Wendy K. Nanney
    Michael A. Pitts
    Joshua A. Putnam
    Mike Ryhal
    William E. “Bill” Sandifer, III
    J. Gary Simrill
    Edward L. Southard
    L. Kit Spires
    Tommy M. Stringer
    Bill Taylor
    Anne J. Thayer
    McLain R. “Mac” Toole
    W. Brian White
    William R. “Bill” Whitmire

    And shame on every single one of them. AND the horses’ asses’ their ancestors rode in on.

    • Interesting – only two women – I don’t know how many other women voted, but I do notice that white men cling tightly to their privilege and find it hard to understand that this state really does exist! Women have had their own battles to fight and mostly see white privilege for what it is.

  4. Malisha says:

    Who are the 20 who still voted to amend?

  5. Malisha says:

    Now let’s see them take down all that the flat STOOD FOR. That’s what I want to see. It’s gonna be another knock-down-drag-out.

  6. LLMPapa says:

    As an American who is Southern by the grace of our Almighty God, my soul was stirred by this speech.

  7. racerrodig says:

    Thank God……that flag belongs in history books and museums.

    Now outlaw it like the Swastika and make it a crime to fly it, use it as a symbol and the like. It’s a symbol of slavery and racism. Not to mention a battle flag used against the Union by said racists and slave owners.

    Not to hard to understand…………

  8. CarolMaeWY says:

    Thank goodness and thanks for posting.

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