Bernie Sanders will benefit from Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change

The Republican Party and its clown car candidates are over the hill and irrelevant to most voters. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party and its candidates are not much better. Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudate Si, has made it so. He reminds us that we are a part of the earth’s biosphere and our survival is inextricably intertwined with its survival. He teaches us that we are its caretaker. We have a moral and ethical duty to respect and preserve it for its own sake because it is inherently worthy and deserves our love, attention and care. As it goes, so too do we.

Climate change and global warming are a reality caused by human activity. No amount of denial and wishing it were not so will change that reality. Pope Francis calls on us to accept it and stop exploiting the earth, its biosystems, the poor, the mentally ill and the marginalized for financial gain. Heather Taylor-Miesle, Director of the NRDC Action Fund writes,

Pope Francis stands above this scrum of climate denial and obstruction. He embodies a spirit of hope, humility and service that many are hungry for. A full 70 percent of all Americans — including 68 percent of the nonreligious — view the pope favorably, and 90 percent of American Catholics do, according to the Pew Research Center.

A person who is this admired, who is calling on our better angels and emphasizing our duty to protect creation and the poor who will be most adversely affected by climate change impacts, has the power to shake things up . . .

She reminds us that “Mitt Romney lost young voters by 26 percentage points in the last race, and in the 2014 midterms, voters under 30 favored Democrats by a 13-point margin. Young Catholics who have rallied around conservative social issues may now be throwing their energy behind climate justice and carbon limits. GOP candidates who refute the very existence of global warming will look like dinosaurs to them.”

Pope Francis is coming to visit us this fall and will be addressing both houses of Congress.

Dare we hope Bernie Sanders emerges as the people’s choice?

The stars appear to be aligning.

Let’s do everything we can to make it so.

No one ever knows what they can accomplish until they try.

4 Responses to Bernie Sanders will benefit from Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change

  1. Malisha says:

    Seems like I’m asking forgiveness for an OT again, but look at this nice article:

    The “fail factor” of Dylann Storm-Drain’s actions is a good subject. I’m still waiting, however, to see the result. Remember, we GOT Fogen charged, but the prosecution threw the conviction.

    I checked out the photographs on the “IMAGES” page of a google search and the more I see of Storm-Drain, the more I see an unremarkable person. I’m reminded of Arendt’s book showing how ordinary and “fyeh” Adolph Eichmann was, how unimpressive, how “nothing special,” how far from the shiny-tailed-flaming-hot-demon we expect our villains to appear.

    A regular, ordinary, uncompensated, dumb, selfish, thoughtless, weak-minded, un-handsome, impotent nobody can become Dylann Storm-Drain, simply by buying and using a gun.

  2. I think Bernie can emerge as the candidate if enough people are tired of posturing and BS. He’s for reals, just like the Pope.

  3. Malisha says:

    As Fats Waller once said, “One never knows, do one?”

    Your footprint’s too big,
    Mad at you ’cause your footprint’s too big,
    Can’t tolerate you, I really hate you
    ’cause your footprint’s too…big.

    We were there in North America,
    everything was so new
    but we heated it all up,
    me, your footprints and you!

    Well your footprints too big,
    can’t stand you ’cause your footprint’s too big,
    Can’t tolerate you, I really hate you
    ’cause your footprint’s too…big.

    Your greenhouse emissions is just colossal,
    You’re burnin’ up the place with all that fossil,
    You got the Pope walkin’-talkin’-and-a-squawkin’
    ’cause your FOOTPRINT’s … TOO … BIG! ❗

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