Mayor De Blasio should fire the cops who turned their backs

I do not believe there exists more powerful and persuasive evidence of racist policing by white officers than the unpleasant experiences reported by off-duty black police officers at the hands of white officers.

Meanwhile the beat goes on with a Houston grand jury’s refusal to indict an off-duty cop, Juventino Castro, for shooting and killing an unarmed black man named Jordan Baker, 26, who supposedly charged at the cop. Sound familiar? It should. Michael Brown all over again.

The petulant NYPD cops showed how unreasonable and immature they are today by turning their backs on Mayor Bill De Blasio at NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos’s funeral because he dared to express concern about the national epidemic of police killing unarmed black citizens, including Eric Garner. Proving that they lack basic reasoning skills and mature judgment, they blame the mayor and the mostly peaceful nationwide protests against police violence for the decision by a suicidal and mentally ill young man to ambush and kill Ramos and his partner.

The mayor should fire every one of these intellectually and emotionally impaired brats for insubordination. None of them deserve any respect and none of them should be trusted with a gun.

41 Responses to Mayor De Blasio should fire the cops who turned their backs

  1. bettykath says:

    I posted two links about the activist in MO who allegedly set fire to a store. I posted twice and neither have shown up.

  2. Sophia33 says:

    Ezell Ford’s autopsy released. He was shot in the back (with a muzzle imprint remaining), abdomen and arm. The autopsy doesn’t match officer accounts.

  3. Sleuth says:

    A few reasons why the “Peter Pan” miscreants in Fergustan and NYPD’s can’t grow up. They take their ques from other racists and ignorant folks.

    In addition to blaming Mayor de Blasio, Rudy Ghouliani blames African Americans for the bad interactions with police, and says it’s their own collective fault.

    And I guess the same could be said when cops get killed by anybody, IT’S THE COPS OWN COLLECTIVE FAULT.

    Ghouliani is also the Mayor who appointed Bernie Carrot (Kerik) as New York police commissioner. If you recall, this is the same police commissioner who called his own mother a whore. Carrot served four years in prison for tax invasion, lying under oath, in addition to other offenses. Now we know why former President, George W. Bush took him to Iraq with him.

    Ghouliani and Carrot have both been married several times; Ghouliani actually married one of his second cousins. Certainly not the best example of a solid family foundation. And they would be the last two thugs the African American community would call to serve as their spokesmen.

    Ghouliani and Carrot need to take a seat and STFU! And Charles Barffly (Barkley), you might as well join them.

  4. Sleuth says:

    Those “copouts” that turned their backs to Mayor de Blasio are nothing but a bunch of miserable, low-life thugs, cowards, and racists who have no respect for anyone, not even for themselves, and certainly not for the family of the deceased.

    They all have a very serious case of arrested development going on. Definitely head cases for Dr. Phil. They need to be locked up, on the fourth floor of Bellevue Hospital; the whole lot of them.

    It is not enough that they murdered Eric Garner in broad daylight, NOW they’re calling for his daughters blood, but could not, would not, and won’t denounce the criminal actions of the law enforcement peers.

  5. Disappointed says:

    The spokesman for Ferguson police dept is on unpaid leave. He called the Michael Brown memorial trash. Wonder if he feels the same way about the memorial in New York for the police?.

    Seriously when will they learn to just zip it?

  6. Malisha says:

    I found this just hilarious:

  7. owl says:

    clearly, a dead police officer is identified, always, as a “hero”, but i disagree….the two NYPD officers are, more correctly, “victims”.
    their deaths were indirectly, not directly, attributable to the racial tensions originating from Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown.
    the responsibility for these two NYPD deaths is directly attributable to a presumed, mentally ill gunman.
    meanwhile, Wilson’s actions, which rekindled racial unrest, nationwide, go unaccounted for. he is out of the spotlight. how easily the militarized police response to the Ferguson vigils after Michael Brown’s shooting. is forgotten.
    an eye for an eye is never the best response, but, assuredly, provokes more violence. military force escalated peaceful protests —> to Ferguson lootings and destruction. a lack of prosecution for police shootings of unarmed citizens escalated unrest —> and now, tangentially, officer deaths.
    violence begets violence. i thank the NYC mayor for stepping up;
    the reality is there is an unresolved problem that comes from angry, defensive attitudes exhibited by the likes of Darren Wilson. and racists; in or out of uniform. to the extent that police aggression and violence against unarmed citizens goes unanswered and unchecked, without consequences, it will continue. perhaps, as you suggest, someone should lose their job…or be indicted.

    • Malisha says:

      Shooting once at someone when you are completely alarmed and discombobulated might lead to a manslaughter charge (if the person dies) but shooting 11 times at someone can be nothing but murder. Failing to feel sorry, ashamed or guilty after doing either of the above means you are a sociopath. PERIOD. These are the people we arm and enable to “protect us”? Heaven help us; we have no real defense against this psychotic situation.

  8. roderick2012 says:

    The first thing that popped into my mind when I read the Juventino Castro story was that is where Darren Wilson and his fellow cops enablers got his inspiration for his version of events.

    1) Scuffle between cop and suspect-check
    2) Suspect went for something in waistband-check
    3) Suspect charged officer–check

    Even Piglet used the ‘he went for his waistband’ nonsense but incorporated Trayvon’s circling his truck to add something unique to his story.

    Since Trayvon was wearing a fitting pair of khaki jeans there was no place for him to hide a weapon.

    • MDX says:

      That gym the Piglet went to is in a largely white and Republican area. So I suspect it had a large number of LEO clients who like to share info as to how to beat a rap for beating or killing a F’er, suspect, or f’in coon,

      One of the ugliest gyms I had the misfortune of having a membership – Olympus in Falls Church – had a lot of police and , big surprise, they were the go to guys for PEDs.

      And then we have to keep in mind that any male with a protuberance larger than a pitot tube will be seen as having a large weapon in his pants in the eyes of the piglet.

      This country stinks and it is time that we start to admit it.

      • This country stinks and it is time that we start to admit it.

        You are so right about that!

        People who boast about American exceptionalism don’t realize that most of the rest of the world sees it for what it is: American hypocrisy.

      • roderick2012 says:

        True and I am sure Piglet and Ostermann have had conversations about he lies officers use to get off.

        Your comment about LEOs taking PEDs is very disturbing and probably one of the main causes of the spate of overly aggressive policing.

        Am I the only one who noticed that Darren Wilson’s toxicology results were redacted?

  9. Sophia33 says:

    There Westboro Baptist Church shenanigans today let the whole world see who and what they are. They politicized a funeral. That is disgraceful. In doing so, any empathy that they may have had is dissipating. They showed themselves to be who and what they are. The mayor asked for protests to pause and so the NYPD decided to protest. They are showing themselves to think that they are to be above everyone else. This is what we are marching for. They illustrated who they are today far better than any of us could have. Let them keep talking.

  10. bronxlady1 says:

    Turning their backs on the Mayor. The story went that the officers that turned their backs on the Mayor did so because they felt that the Mayor had turned his back on them. Hmmmm. I can see why they would feel “hurt.” After all they have a dangerous job and definitely deserve respect. I totally have great respect for the work our police officers do. The thing is that the Mayor was not talking to or about the good officers. He was talking about the spoiled apples that hide among them and this needs to be addressed. I hope cooler heads prevail in the coming New Year.

    • Malisha says:

      So in their way of thinking, to not “turn your back on” them, you have to absolutely protect them from any negative consequences of any of their behavior no matter what they do and you have to automatically take it for absolute truth that no matter what they have done, they were right to do it. Hmmmm…who else has that idea? Hmmm…I wonder.

      • bronxlady1 says:

        Correct. That is their way of thinking, those that are the spoiled apples. However, there are those officers that have shown that they are not damaged goods and they are coming forward. It will take great courage to do this, and it may take time because the spoiled apples have this “us against them” attitude and may even be making the good officer’s lives difficult. I think many officers are doing what they are told to do and may fear losing their jobs if they don’t go along.

        Good officers know that they are trusted with the task of protecting ALL the public, not just who they think deserves protection. Somehow it has become twisted and just like in “The Harvard Experiment” and in many poor countries, once they put on a uniform they forget, and become abusive.

        As for those who turn their backs on the Mayor, they are like petulant children having a temper tantrum. Except that they are grown-ups with guns. What they may not realize is that everyone is watching and by turning their backs on the Mayor they are turning their backs on the promise made when they took the job.

      • MDX says:

        Werner von Braun?

        Silence is consent.

        If the boys in blue want to be seen are heroes willing to put their life on the line to protect and serve the public, not themselves, then they need to come forward now, not close ranks and turn their backs.

        • bronxlady1 says:

          100% correct MDX. Silence is consent. It will take courage. Something that seems to be wanting. A hero does not sneak up behind a person, or deny a person first aid. There were no heroes present when Mr. Garner died. None.

          • MDX says:

            And, as you point out, coming forward is not easy or safe – Frank Serpico?

            And the fault for that lies with an American society spoon fed a bunch a cop worship TV shows and led by politicians who MUST bow down before the blue altar, or else.

            In the 1970s, there was a movement to reform the police. But then the Democrats got scared of being “soft on crime”. And this points to our collective cowardice.

            It take real guts and real courage to stand up to a bad cop. Cheering on a cop who beats an “other”, “punk”, “loser”, “f’in coon” etc… puts one in very bad company.

            Some of the SS had photo albums with pictures of their victims captioned with remarks “justifying” their fate that would not be that dissimilar to remarks made about Martin, Brown or Garner.

          • Malisha says:

            Except the person recording the event on video.

  11. MDX says:

    The media, if we have any with guts, needs to put things in proper perspective:

    Some quotes from the linked article:

    “The married couple accused of fatally shooting two Las Vegas cops and an innocent bystander before killing themselves left a swastika-stamped manifesto on a slain officer’s body and warned neighbors of their planned attack days before, it was reported Monday…’

    “In addition to openly sharing plans to kill, Jerad Miller allegedly boasted of his gun collection and having recently attended the armed standoff between cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management, which put militia members and federal agents precipitously head to head…”

    Now, if my memory serves me, there were some prominent right wing politicians and media shills who praised Cliven Bundy.

    Did cops “shame” them?

    And I understand that the mayor was invited to the funeral by the family of one of the slain officers. So those who turned their backs put their petty beef before the interests of the aggrieved.

  12. Malisha says:

    What people are not getting is that the murder of these two policemen does not represent an anti-police action by Blacks in a war (as the ambush of two American soldiers in Iraq would, in analogous circumstances, represent anti-American action by Iraqis in a war) but an act of murder. IF the shooter had lived and been apprehended you can BET there would be no hesitation in charging him with 2 counts of first degree murder and he would get the death penalty if at all legally possible. Nobody would try to dig up dirt on the two victims and nobody would defend the killer’s actions; nobody would wear bracelets with his name on them. NOBODY. So this murderous act shows us two things (at least): (1) Our society has managed to reach a horribly dangerous point, where many people actually believe we are in a civil war, although none has been declared and none has been named as such; and (2) If the “score-keeping” of the mindless racists is allowed to affect our governmental entities so that conduct like murder of police officers derails our last chance to legitimately evaluate and correct our problems, there will be more murders of police officers — by people whose goal is exactly that — to cause all efforts to solve our problems to fail miserably.

    New York desperately needs a blue chip panel NOT COMPOSED OF NEW YORKERS to find a way to improve policing, protect citizens, and protect police. They have no time to waste.

  13. ed nelson says:

    What’s wrong with Blazio that he wants to get rid of the horsies in da pahhk?, (wants to ban the horse buggies!).

    An anoda ting… How’s come 35k cops get go to a funeral in the Big Apple? more than some presidents got? These huge funerals… Wonder how many of ’em are during the holiday fly time. Great way to get ticket to home for a bunch a folks.

    Bottom line though… life is too cheap, and violence should be frowned on all around, in these times, in this time of the holidays, all these negative emotions so quick to surface on all sides, that’s wrong!

  14. Two sides to a story says:

    I think the cops turning their back are being over the top ridiculous, but I also think it’s a first amendment right for them to protest as well as anyone else, right or wrong. I do think these guys could be potential problems and you’re right about that.

    • bettykath says:

      The cops were protesting but they object to protestors of cops’ actions. Hypocrisy.

      Their actions were intended to show power and disrespect for the office of the mayor, their boss. Yes, disrespecting of the family of the slain cop. At least as disrespectful as if they never showed up. And, yes, immature and lacking in judgement.

  15. Disappointed says:

    The mayor was invited by the family. The officers IMO disrespected the family. I believe these back turners are the racist police. If they do not understand why the mayor said he needed to go home and have a talk with his son on what to do if stopped by cop. I’m white. I get it. I don’t like “the talk” either. But I don’t like it because no parent should have to warn their children about police. It pisses me off. Every child should be safe regardless of color. I agree. Fire all of them!

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