But for a failed legal system the two ambushed NYPD cops would be alive today

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good afternoon:

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, ambushed and killed two NYPD officers yesterday as they were sitting in their parked patrol car in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. He fired two shots through the passenger side window hitting both of them in the head. Then he ran into a nearby subway station and committed suicide, shooting himself in the head.

Brinsley apparently did not know the officers. The Washington Post reports,

Before he made his way to Brooklyn on Saturday morning, police said, Brinsley shot his girlfriend about 5:45 a.m. in Owings Mills, Md., about 15 miles outside Baltimore. The shooting occurred at a gated apartment complex called Greenwich Place Town Center, adjacent to a parking lot for a movie theater at Owings Mills Mall.

Late Saturday night, Baltimore County police confirmed that Brinsley was the gunman in the earlier shooting that wounded the 29-year-old Owings Mills woman. Police said the victim, whose name has not been released, was shot in the abdomen.

Police said Brinsley fled the scene of the shooting before they arrived. By 1:30 p.m., police said they became aware of Instagram posts by the suspect that included “threats against police officers.” Authorities said they quickly traced the posts and the phone Brinsley was using to a location in Brooklyn.

About 2:10 p.m., Baltimore County police called New York’s 70th Precinct to discuss the threatening Instagram posts and informed officers that Brinsley’s phone was “pinging” at a location in their precinct. At the same time, Baltimore County authorities said they faxed a “wanted” poster to the NYPD with information about Brinsley. Around 2:50 p.m., they sent a teletype with the same information in the flier to NYPD’s “real-time crime center.”

They were about five minutes too late.

The murders by ambush will freak out many cops who, if not already, will become paranoid hyper vigilant drones with automatic trigger responses.

Hate to say it, but the ambush yesterday was a predictable and inevitable push-back to the epidemic of murders committed by our militarized police who will increasingly react like a besieged occupation army. The only certainty is an escalating death rate for citizens and police.

I blame out-of-control cops like Wilson and Pantaleo and the corrupt prosecutors who protected them like Robert McCulloch in St.Louis and Dan Donovan in Staten Island.

The tragedy yesterday happened because the legal system failed.

NYPD cops are blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio because he dared to express concern about the safety of his biracial son after a grand jury declined to indict Daniel Pantaleo for killing Eric Garner with a choke hold.

They could not possibly be more mistaken.

We have reached a fork in the road. Do we demilitarize our out-of-control police, return to community policing and fix our broken legal system or do we descend into chaos?

I fear we have already made the wrong choice

If I were a police officer today, I would turn-in my badge and gun and resign.

46 Responses to But for a failed legal system the two ambushed NYPD cops would be alive today

  1. Kate88 says:

    They are saying the cops that were shot was a hoax to gain sympathy for the NYPD. Take a look at this site before and after pictures. They are saying the man was already dead when the post to his facebook page occurred. There was blood on his pants and the shoes as they are wheeling this man away on a stretcher are different than the post.

    Something isn’t right with this picture. If the police purposely killed their own to try and detract from what is really going on then this is more sinister than I thought.

  2. Sleuth says:

    ROLL CALL……………………………………………………

    Sandra Antor**
    Bernard Bailey*
    Carolyn Sue Boetticher*
    Rekia Boyd*
    Michael Brown*
    John Crawford*
    Jordan Davis*
    Amadou Diallo*
    Oscar Grant*
    Israel “Reefa” Hernandez*
    Neville Johnson*
    Rodney King**
    Lennon Lacy
    Deosaran Maharaj*
    Trayvon Martin*
    Renisha McBride*
    Arthur McDuffie*
    Vonderrit Myers Jr.*
    Ersula Ore**
    Marlene Pinnock**
    Kajieme Powell*
    Kathryn Johnston, 92 year old great-grandmother
    Tamir Rice*

    And the many unnamed citizens of police brutality and gun violence.


    *Denotes the names of African American citizens who were killed by police officers

    **Denotes victim of police brutality

  3. racerrodig says:

    If we believe his crap……well……I saw something there that day and I need to tell what I saw.

    It seems Fogen and McKlansman cut classes together…..seriously.

    • Malisha says:

      I saw something too, Racerrodig. I was making my random trip to Missouri to try to learn not to call them folks “white trash” but to call the “people” instead. After all, you can’t just keep hating people forever just because they’re obnoxious, murderous and stupid.

      So I stopped and asked a fat white woman with a yellow umbrella how she liked being who she was. She was real nice and told me her favorite kind of pie was something called “chess pie.” I said I never knew they made pie out of chess pieces and she responded, “They do if them monkeys don’t up and steal it all.”

      You can never be too careful.

      Then someone shouted, “Get your ass DOWN, fool!” and dang if this drunken white cop didn’t leap outa his car and smash into yellow-umbrella. He got him a big bruise on his face and she said, “Don’t you never pinch my ass again, floodgate.” He got real mad at her for calling him a floodgate because he can’t spell. So he killed this big Black criminal-looking thug who dropped to the ground just like a football player. OMG the blood!

      I never will tell nobody about all that because they wouldn’t believe me anyway. 👿

      Which reminds me: I wish some linguist would go over the “diary” and McElroy’s statements and testimony, and come up with the answers to these questions:

      1. Does it appear that the author of the “diary” was the same person who spoke as Sandra McElroy did and wrote the comments she posted on-line?

      2. If not, does the diary writing more closely resemble that of Bob McCullogh or Kathi Lynn Alizadeh?

      3. With intensive tutoring, can any of these three individuals eventually learn to speak or write proper English?

      4. What would Mullah Nasrudin do?

      • racerrodig says:

        Actually, I was on my way from NJ to the STL area because I heard that the Christmas deals were unreal. I’m sure, in fact positive I saw that incident.

        Yeah, I know I saw what you saw. In fact I was so stunned, I forgot all bout my shopping and came home empty handed.

        As far as McElroy’s lingo, this isn’t the 1st time something like this has piqued interest. I love it when some redneck shit kicker talks like a redneck shit kicker live and in person and then seems to write in language like say…….The King James Bible, or Shakespeare.

        I’m pretty sure her house has a flat tire, a burned out tail light and rust on the the hitch…………..and that sums it all up.

  4. Malisha says:

    McCullogh defending his decision to suborn perjury:

    “I thought it was much more important to present the entire picture and say listen, this is what this witness says he saw — even though there was a building between where the witness says he was and where the events occurred, so they couldn’t have seen that,” McColloch told a local radio station. “I thought it was much more important that the grand jury hear everything, what people have to say — and they’re in a perfect position to assess the credibility, which is what juries do.”

    Just a damn minute here, Mr. Expert Prosecutor. It is NOT what “juries do” when they’re GRAND juries. It is what petit juries do. Grand juries do NOT assess credibility because there is no adversary in the proceeding, cross-examining or bringing up problems with the prosecution’s witnesses. Juries that assess credibility are those that hear TRIALS and they assess credibility, within our adversary system, by hearing not only both sides but by hearing vigorous cross-examination of both sides. GRAND juries do not assess credibility; they investigate whether there is probable CAUSE. THEN if there IS probable cause, the case goes to trial and the trial jury “is in a perfect position to assess the credibility.”

    Uh … did you cut class that day at “law” school?

  5. Malisha says:

    NEWSFLASH: Sandra McElroy, the non-witness 40 at the Ferguson grand jury, who takes “random drives” to cure her habit of calling African Americans “N—ers,” now says that she stands by her story and adds, “If I ever witness anything again I’ll never come forward.”

    Hey: Is that a threat or a promise?

    I mean, do us a favor, OK? Stay home and STFU.

    • Disappointed says:

      I’m glad she is standing by her story. If I witnessed a murder I would stand behind my TESTIMONY. Not my story. She’s probably afraid of losing custody of her children. Lying sack of shit should not be raising a mouse let alone children.

      I am so tired of people defending the bad cops. Why not just own some are crap with badges? Malisha I wish I said it as well as you.

    • racerrodig says:

      Maybe we should all drive into her neighborhood and try to get out of the habit of calling race baiting hate mongers, race baiting hate mongers.

      Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!~

      Her story about driving into whatever so she can get out of the habit of using the n word is so preposterous and insults the intelligence of everyone with a double digit or higher IQ, hence the true reason those race baiting hate mongers buy shit like that.

      Picture her driving around in an African American neighborhood and looking at the people and thinking “I, I, I, I, have to stop calling these people n……..s”

      Let me tell you all I’m the best basketball player that ever lived….

      all 5′ 9″ of me.

      Maybe we’ll hear about her again…….being indicted !!!

      • Sleuth says:

        [“Maybe we’ll hear about her again…….being indicted !!!”]

        I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!………don’t hold your breathe!

        • racerrodig says:

          I’m not, that’s why I very sarcastically said I’m the best basketball player in the world……it’s an inside joke so to speak.

  6. Malisha says:

    I know this is OT but I just thought of it and wanted to mention it; I keep thinking about it over and over again and never get around to blogging it.

    The “strong-arm robbery” video does not look to me like a shoplifting incident. It looks to me like a customer dispute, settled in the way of the non-litigating folks (both storekeeper and customer, in this case). If you want to shop lift something, you distract the shopkeeper and stealthily grab something, concealing it while appearing to be interested in something else; all store security people know this. Mike Brown was there with a friend. Had he wanted to shoplift something, it would not have gone down as we see the activities in the video.

    My guess is that Mike Brown had been to that store many times and that a minor dispute arose, before that day, about how many cigarillos he had, had paid for, or had received. Perhaps he complained about the quality of some that he had purchased on a prior day. It looks to me like he had a minor altercation with the shopkeeper and was dissatisfied, then grabbed the cigarillos that were in dispute, and huffed out of the store, at which point the shopkeeper, irate, came after him to continue his side of the argument. A shopper there characterized it as theft; the owner did not.

    • Eric says:

      It’s never been established what exactly happened in the convenience store. And, I’ll defer to the professor on this point, it’s probably an open question as to whether that video would have even been allowed into evidence at trial (given what we’ve read about radio communications, what his bosses have said on the record and in statements, etc.). I get your point. But, the problem Malisha is that the racists don’t give a damn about the facts. As far as they are concerned, the black “thug” got we deserved.

      • Whether Wilson was justified in using deadly force depends on whether he reasonably believed he was in imminent danger of death or serious injury. That depends on the objective facts and circumstances that he perceived when he used deadly force.

        What happened in the store isn’t relevant because he knew nothing about it. Even if he had heard the call from dispatch, the information broadcast was “stolen cigars.” That is a description of a shoplift, which is not a felony.

    • MDX says:

      I worked in a party store.

      That video bothers me for the following:

      Brown has to wait for quite a while before the clerk emerges from the back. If he and Johnson had wanted to boost shit, he would have reached, grabbed the box and went out the door.

      Brown gets a first box of cigars that he hands to Johnson wherein it appears Johnson says something that makes Brown angry so that he turns to the clerk and points at another box.

      Were they getting goods that were beyond sale date such that Brown pointed to a fresh box?

      After the clerk balks, Brown reaches and grabs the second box wherein he proceeds to open it and remove some of the product.

      This leads me to believe that the second box was fresh stock.

      And, if he was intending to steal, why would he not just leave with the entire box?

      IMO, the store may have been selling state product and Brown, albeit wrongly, decided to take what he felt was fair for his money.

      Party stores in predominantly African American neighborhoods often cheat customers.

      And that shove?

      Come on now, the guy did not even knock one product off of the chip rack as he went back.

      Put it this way, in my seven years, we had a lot more violence.

      And keep in mind that the second clerk broke a rule known in Southern Culture {my store served black and white customers largely from the south} – he put his hands on Brown,

      I remember the time a customer – a guy we nick named the California Burnout – put his hands on one of our stock boys. The stock boy, who was a QB on the football team, shoved the California Burnout so hard he flew back into the chip rack and knocked it over.

      We called this guy the California Burnout because he was always high on weed and talking about ditching Detroit City and going to California. And he wore a open vest that showed his chest along with a long blonde mane – kind of like Robert Plant back in the day.

      In short, I feel there was an argument over product and the second clerk broke the touch rule.

      In seven years behind a counter, I never once touched a customer. And I had some wild ones.

      One guy, a true racist, was going on about how he scared some black men and, when he raised his arms in gesture, I spotted a gun in his waist band. This guy was a certifiable nut, but not a coward. Like many of our regulars, he had done time in Jackson Prison.

      There is a reason the customer is always right 🙂

      We were robbed four times.

      The worst was the addict holding a pointed gun with a very shaky hand to my co-workers head.

      The professionals would show you the guns and tell you to just go along.

      I know this is a rant, but I get pissed at self-appointed “experts” who claim Brown was a thug. I saw the real deal.

    • Sleuth says:


      [“My guess is that Mike Brown had been to that store many times…..”]

      My guess is that you are probably right.

      According to Dorian Johnson’s testimony to the grand jury, they both knew the store keeper, and had been there many times. Dorian also said he thought he was being “pranked” (punked ?) by Michael Brown and the store keeper during their brief encounter.

      What I don’t understand about part of Dorian’s testimony, is that he told the assistant prosecutor that HE was going to pick up breakfast for HIS girlfriend, and going to a building in Canfield to buy cigarillos from a neighbor who sold them. After running into Michael Brown downstairs, he asked Michael to go see if the guy was at home. Michael came back and told Dorian the neighbor was still asleep.

      I don’t recall any part of Dorian’s testimony indicating Michael Brown had plans to go to Ferguson Market that morning. However, what I did gather from his testimony was the decision to go to Ferguson’s Market was Dorian’s idea, and not Michael’s.

      I believe the reason the store keeper didn’t call the police is because he was most likely making illegal transactions, i. e. EBT exchanges, under age sales of tobacco and alcohol, etc., and not due to any perceived fears he might have had of people in the community retaliating against him as the cop apologists and racists insist.

      The owners and store keeper of Ferguson Market are probably glad as hell the store burned down, that way any evidence of anything illegal going on in the store would be gone, and perhaps a nice hefty insurance check to boot!

      Ferguson Market had been shut down a few years earlier due to illegal sales of tobacco, and yet, the store keeper(s) re-opened the store in the very same neighborhood where they supposedly “feared” the people who lived in the community.


      • Malisha says:

        Racism and classism give rise to so many distortions of everything that ultimately nothing can be seen clearly. Imagine a radio call on the squad cars because somebody claimed a cigar was stolen! Which reminds me: The “sick baby” call. Anybody ever hear more on that one? For a “sick baby” wouldn’t you call the ambulance, and not Darren Killson?

        • Eric says:

          Sleuth, Malisha, here again, you are both squarely on point!

          This is very clearly a massive cover up and obstruction of justice. Even with a less-than-vigorous prosecution at a trial, my guess is that we would have emerged with a hung jury (I do not believe, in a grotesquely divided region, you could have gotten a unanimous guilty verdict with a majority of whites on a trial jury). If we had emerged with a hung jury, think about the position that McCulloch would have been placed in…. Would he have been able to wash his hands of this? It would have been much harder to do so.

          Looking at it from McCulloch’s stand point, it’s easier for him to short circuit the process and not take any chances. Besides, Ferguson protesters are not his base. “Jim Roorda”-types are his election base.

  7. Malisha says:

    I’m thinking that Brinsley probably “went off” after shooting his girlfriend, and that he was on a rampage, and that he was damn well gonna shoot somebody, and get back whatever manhood he believed he had lost in the transaction with the girlfriend (whatever that was). I think there’d have been murders that day by the man. The question is: How in the world would he have chosen to drive all the way to NY and kill two anonymous cops who were minding (to all intents, it seems) their own business and doing their jobs? There were two kinds of things at work, as there often are in murders that are enabled by gun ownership and gun culture: (a) personal psychological pressures on the shooter; and (b) cultural influences. For Brinsley, I believe, it is likely that the personal pressure had to do with the interaction with his girlfriend. But I believe it’s pretty obvious that his choice of victims (the cops) had to do with the social pressure on an angry man presented by the recent spate of murders perpetrated by the cops. I’ll venture a guess that Brinsley went from “She is mistreating me” to “Everybody mistreats me” to “Cops mistreat anybody like me” to “there they are, the two cops who have made my life miserable all these years.”

    The problem with this is very deep. Most of the “I am being mistreated” feelings, on the part of someone who has actually BEEN mistreated, are valid at least in context if not in content. Rage loosens the mind’s grip on logic.

    Advocates of a Draconian culture where any expression of personal pain, personal protest, personal anger, or personal outrage is punishable will always be setting up their own society for random unspeakable and incomprehensible violence, and the murders of these two innocent cops is exactly that.

  8. Sleuth says:

    Now we know THEY lie. Did Ismaaiyl Brinsley really shoot himself?

    I’m just sayin’.

  9. Malisha says:

    I was thinking back again to “What did McKlansman know and when did he know it?” and I realized, there is a simple answer.

    He knew, as soon as he heard about Mike Brown’s death, that Killson had murdered an innocent citizen and that he would have to make sure it got covered up. Everything he learned and/or knew after that date was collateral; that, in itself, however, was axiomatic.

    • Sleuth says:



      Dang Malisha, as always, you hit the nail right on the head!

    • racerrodig says:

      That’s exactly what I believe. I also believe that most of these murders committed by a cop or a Fogen have 90% of the basic info spelled out within the hour. The decision is made and the direction of coverup established.

      McKlansman (great name btw) knew real fast what they had to do. The problem always boils down to what my grandfather always said…
      “….the truth never changes, but the lie always morphs”

      The cops had several pressers and we heard 25 to 30 feet and yet the actual measured distance is 152 feet. How many other bs stories did we hear from day 1 ?? Plenty.

      Most witnesses said Mikes hands were up, Mcklansman did everything in his power to discredit the credible witnesses and give credibility to those who did not see important parts and one who wasn’t even in Ferguson at the time.

  10. Malisha says:

    The funny thing about racists a-holes is their denseness. They carry on and blab like idiots about how bad and wrong and violent and hateful the n-words are, and at the same time don’t think there is any reason such n-words should HATE them. They squawk and whine that the n-words are racist for hating THEM. As if any rational person would NOT be expected to hate someone who spoke of them and treated them as the racists do!

    I remember feminist Andrea Dworkin once at a demonstration in New York. Some guy from the crowd yelled out, “YOU HATE MEN!” She turned and said, in a rational and steady voice, “Why would I endeavor to love anyone who hated me, who degraded me, who spoke of me as if I were a subhuman, who wanted me to have less freedom than he had, who believed I should not have the same rights and opportunities he had? If I hate every single man who feels and acts that way I am certainly hating a lot of men, right?”

    • MDX says:

      It is psychologically-based fear.

      A person who routinely hangs around people who make hate-filled remarks about another group, and who also actively engages in it, will, when in the presence of a person of that other group, become terrified that they “know”. And African American do “know”.

      So there will be a lot of denial and also justification for an authoritarian police state to protect them.

      There is no honor in fear.

  11. PhillyBoyRoy says:

    Looking at it from another angle: this heinous crime occurs against two random cops, simply because they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    What a great opportunity! What a chance for the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth – the murdering pigs of the NYPD, and their judicial enablers – to actually garner some sympathy from all corners, were they to accept it with graciousness.

    Being idiots, they did not.

    Tis a pity.

    Maybe one day they will finally learn to do the right thing.

  12. Two sides to a story says:

    It feels as if the long shadow of darkness and evil has been cast over the land. PD Unions want to blame protestors and Mayor DiBlasio, who has bent over backward praising NYPD, and who only wants to mend the problems with bad cops. Good people are being raked over the coals by those with a questionable agenda. Why can’t both sides work together to fix the problems. Oh, because one side harbors quite a few sociopaths, I suppose.

    • Bill Taylor says:

      saw this stuff in basic training in the USAF long ago, we had one guy that tried to push us around until some simply slapped his face telling him you are one of us and have no authority(first night he was already in the barracks as we started arriving and he was bossing us around until we found out he was one of us only had arrived a bit before us) he wanted to be a security police and told us all when he got that gun if he ever saw any of us we would answer to him then….of course he never made it through basic training and was discharged as being unfit……i suspect he is chief of police in some small town now.

    • I don’t believe the police are willing to consider the possibility that they are the terrorists.

      • MDX says:

        The NYPD reaction is appalling. Instead of “mouthing off” about God and country, they ought to read a Bible.

        You reap what you sow.

      • racerrodig says:

        True that is……….lets call them thugs. Lets face it, virtually 100% of the time, we have video of what they do……beat people up, shoot people, ambush, then beat them up, throw their weight around, beat people up, extort people, lie like cheap rugs…..did I say beat people up ??????

  13. Bill Taylor says:

    the “elites” want chaos, so they can declare martial law and end the concept of liberty on this planet.

    • They need to learn that parasites cannot survive without a host.

      • Bill Taylor says:

        outstanding point….for indeed the elites are NOT “doers” and when they kill off the doers nobody is left to DO the work…..

        • Yes, indeed.

          Labor creates wealth.

          Trickle down does not work, never has worked and never will work.

          • MDX says:

            Sadly, a lot of people who are “smart” have convinced themselves that the markets are perfect {the faith based mentality in action} and, as such, the amount of money a person “earns” exactly compensates for what they “contribute” to society.

            It is a easily falsified premise.

            A Mexican producing a Ford Fusion makes about $30 per day sans benefits vs. an American in Texas producing a Tundra who gets $25 per hour plus benefits { about another $20 in value }.

            I anyone besides a racist going to claim that a Mexican is about 1/15 as productive as an American?

            And is moving a plant from the USA to Mexico, based on the math above, a decision that indicates a superior intellect to the point that the CEO “earns” millions?

            BTW, if you try the Mexican Paradox argument on a racist and they counter with the lazy or slow argument, point out that the Fusion plant in Hermosillo has the lowest defect rate and has operated over 250,000 units per annum { way above the Wall Street 100% capacity gold standard} for a decade.

            And note, just like racism, the proletarian is impugned with terms.

            He earns???

            Why is it not: he is paid?

            So let us use the proper terms.

            An American is paid $50 in wages and benefits to make a vehicle and a Mexican is paid $5.

            The manager who picks a Mexican is paid tens of millions for his brilliance.

          • So let us use the proper terms.

            An American is paid $50 in wages and benefits to make a vehicle and a Mexican is paid $5.

            The manager who picks a Mexican is paid tens of millions for his brilliance.

            Sums it up perfectly. Behold! Free trade.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      They need to take our guns away first. A video of Eric Holder recorded in the 90s shows him talking about how the American public needs to be “brainwashed” into giving up their guns. The people that want to disarm us are the same people that wanted these officers acquitted to cause more instability & violence.

  14. Disappointed says:

    It’s a sad situation. After Bob MC Idiot went on the radio bragging about using fake witnesses a blind person could have saw this coming. Everyone is responsible for their actions. But actions have consequences. Change needs to happen.

    The police in New York should back off the Mayor. Respect him for being a father.

    • concernedczen says:

      There’s a long history of the NYPD trying to intimidate the mayor of NYC. If you didn’t know about it, look up the police riot of 1992 led by none other than Rudy Guiliani

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