What did McCulloch know and when did he know it

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good morning:

What did Robert McCulloch know and when did he know it?

Monica Davey of the New York Times reports that McCulloch admitted during a radio interview yesterday,

Mr. McCulloch said the grand jury was able to sort out whose testimony to believe, and acknowledged that witnesses he did not believe to be truthful had come before the jurors. Mr. McCulloch said that one female witness, who provided testimony that appeared to bolster Officer Wilson’s account of events, “clearly wasn’t present” when the shooting occurred.

In her testimony, the woman whom Mr. McCullough appeared to cite, acknowledged a history of feelings that “others consider to be racist,” gave various reasons for being near the shooting, and described extensive memory problems from a head injury in a car crash. Asked whether he believed the grand jury had given credence to the woman’s testimony, Mr. McCulloch said, “none whatsoever,” and added that the grand jury also heard from other witnesses whose testimony was also in doubt. “It went both directions,” he said.

There is a huge difference between knowing Sandra McElroy committed perjury when she testified before the grand jury and doubting the credibility of other witnesses who also testified.

I am going to be very specific. No ethical prosecutor would ever consider putting a witness before the grand jury if they knew the witness was going to lie. Furthermore, an ethical prosecutor, who found out that a major witness had committed perjury, would inform the grand jury that the witness had lied and instruct them to disregard her testimony. If the ethical prosecutor discovered that the witness had lied after the grand jury decided not to indict, he would summon a new grand jury and present the case to them without the lying witness.

McCulloch’s excuse that falsehoods went both ways basically cancelling each other out, therefore, no harm no foul is unacceptable. McElroy is the only witness who backed up every material claim Darren Wilson made. Her influence is baked into the grand jury’s decision not to charge Wilson and cannot be carved out by claiming other witnesses lied. He does not know that. He believes it because he wants to believe it and he wants to believe it because Darren Wilson is a member of his tribe. They are on the same team. Wilson is a white cop and he’s a white prosecutor who works with white cops disproportionally prosecuting black defendants.

The foul stink of racist driven corruption is suffocating.

Governor Nixon needs to appoint a special prosecutor immediately.

29 Responses to What did McCulloch know and when did he know it

  1. bettykath says:

    The DOJ recently released a report on the problems with the Cleveland PD, almost coincidentally with the killing of Tamir Rice. It notes a number of problems happening at the beat cop level but point the finger repeatedly at the poor supervision and training. An article on the report.


    • Bill Taylor says:

      you nailed it the “training” is the problem, clearly in st louis their training is you can use deadly force any time you feel a threat…..which means if an officer makes some comment to some guys wife and the husband gets mad that officer has been trained that he CAN KILL that husband on the spot legally…..their training is in direct conflict with the ACTUAL LAW, that the threat has to be REASONABLE.

  2. Sleuth says:

    Two police officers shot and killed in Brooklyn, New York. It is alleged that the shooter said he did it for Eric Garner and Michael Brown.


    I do hope everyone, especially our young people, realize that this is not the answer for settling injustices. Shooting innocent people, regardless of who they are, is just so, so, so wrong.

    • Yes, this is not the answer.

    • bettykath says:

      Yes, it is wrong. Maybe the good cops will realize that there are consequences for allowing the bad cops to be bad and not held to account.

      • a2nite says:

        There are no good cops, just cops who cover for each other.

      • Sleuth says:


        [” Maybe the good cops will realize that there are consequences for allowing the bad cops to be bad and not held to account.”]

        Sadly, you are so right.

        I posted this up thread earlier in response to TSTAS’s message.

        I strongly believe the time is NOW for the “good cops” to come forward and take a stand.

        I don’t think they realize the full gravity of this current movement taking place across the nation as a result of the horrific injustices being extracted upon people of color, and other Americans families, by their fellow officers who have sworn to protect, serve, and uphold the laws fairly, and equally.

        Nor do I believe they fully understand the domino effect of what has been happening across the country.

        One wrong action, by a misguided cop, can bring tragic consequences for the upstanding cops who are truly protecting and serving their respective communities.

        May God help us all.

        • Malisha says:

          Unfortunately, I see the killing of two innocent cops by someone who claims to be doing it as revenge as exactly the opposite of what will “work” in bringing cops around, in general, to the conclusion that they have to stop supporting racist murderers. I think this will cause all LEs all over the country to circle the wagons and to have a new refrain for their old (it’s us against them”) song: “See what we mean? The whole world’s a crime scene! The thugs want to kill us all… we’re always at risk, we don’t need to ask, we must shoot them on sight or we fall!”

          At some point in future history, it may be said that the American Second Civil War started with a Crazed (by massive unrelenting but unwarranted riots) Criminal Black man ambushing and killing two innocent white cops in New York. The terrible part is that these two cops were actually innocent. Had Killson been killed, had Fogen been killed, had Pantaleo been killed, this would have a different look. As it is, it is just an invitation to more, and more vigorously defended, paranoid police violence against innocent citizens in the name of “protection” and “self-defense.”

  3. Sleuth says:

    I have a couple of questions that I am hoping can be answered.

    When McColored stated that several witnesses lied, was he also including Officer Killson?

    Because according to Professor’s November 25, 2014 post (YOU GO PROFESSOR WITH YOUR BAD SELF!), and the evidence, Officer Killson lied, big time, and his testimony was debunked by his own supervisor. I guess some people aren’t willing to lie, or put their careers, family, or lives on the line for such a scumbag child killer.


    Who are these other witnesses who allegedly lied?

    Witness #40’s statement troubled all of us before this recent revelation. I suspected she was “Josie”, or she used “Josie’s” radio interview as part of her testimony.

    Another witness whose statement concerned me was that of the male witness (don’t remember his witness number) who repeatedly asserted Michael Brown kept pointing something in the direction of the witness and his wife/girlfriend that looked like a gun. In fact, I think he said he was certain it was a gun.

    He told the detectives/investigators, amongst other things, he had a criminal record, and did not particularly like law enforcement officers. This is the witness who stated he nor his wife/girlfriend lived at Canfield but were there to pick up a friend. When the detective/investigator asked where the friend lived, the witness said he did not know which building. I thought his whole story was highly suspect.

    • Who are these other witnesses who allegedly lied?

      I think McCulloch was referring to the 16 eyewitnesses who said MB had his hands up.

      • Sleuth says:


        I figured as much. Sixteen witnesses, who for the most part, did not know one another, told very similar stories, but somehow all turned out to be liars. How convenient.

        Of course McColored doesn’t plan to file perjury charges against any of the witnesses because to do that he would have to also include Officer Killson, and the crime scene photographer who conveniently did not have any batteries for her camera at the crime scene, but somehow located some for the non-injury photos at the hospital.

        I noticed on the medical report, the attending physician notated, “alleged assault”. I interpret that to mean, “There wasn’t a darn thing wrong with Officer Killson”, just another lie.

        • Sleuth says:

          And regarding the male witness with the arrest and criminal record that didn’t like law enforcement officers, for some reason I think he is the one the feds kept asking a witness about. I don’t think the witness with the rap sheet testified before the grand jury, not sure though.

          This particular federal witness expressed concerns for their safety after seeing their name all over the internet, and as a result became very physically ill several weeks. This witness also told the feds that they were shown another witness’s sworn statement.

          The witness also told the feds they were not in fear of any retaliation from people who lived at Canfield, but was in fear of those who lived outside the area.

          The feds seemed to think this witness may have been intimidated by a man who was sitting on a burgundy colored car with a woman at the crime scene.

          I think this man got off the car and approached the federal witness, and said or told the witness something, what, I don’t know because the witness wouldn’t tell the feds.

          The federal witness told the feds he never saw the man in the neighborhood before the day of Michael Brown’s murder, and did not know his name or where he lived.

          I think the man and woman sitting on the burgundy colored car may be the same man who admitted he had a criminal record and didn’t like law enforcement officers.

          From what I gathered was that feds seemed to be very interested in this man, whoever he is. Perhaps time will soon tell why the feds were so interested in finding this man.

  4. MDX says:

    “Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”
    ―Bertolt Brecht

    I believe Brecht made that statement during WW2.

    I would say that the new child has grown up to become quite an evil creature.

    • Malisha says:

      As are many, many of his siblings.

      • MDX says:

        I have been of the opinion that the fall of the Soviet Union marked the true end of the conflicts spawned by WW1.

        Sadly, I was wrong.

        The end of this sorry ass chapter of history will be the defeat of Authoritarian-Fascism in the USA.

        WW1, with it Palmer Raids and imprisonment of Wobblies, marks a starting point for the spread of KKK inspired Fascism throughout the nation.

        Didn’t Woodrow Wilson claim “Birth of a Nation” was a great film?

        And how many at Faux would agree with him?

    • MichelleO says:

      Damn! Bertoit Brecht could make some money today off his rap-like lyrics.

  5. Malisha says:

    It occurs to me that there should be no more pretending, among US (the larger “US” being those on this blog and those who, although not on this blog, care about our government not becoming any more fascist/racist than it already is) that McCullogh displayed ANY innocence whatsoever or that Nixon was not totally complicit. These people were part of the essential defense team of a racist murderer and their subtle apologetics (“there were lies on both sides”) (etc. etc. ad nauseam) count for nothing.

    Let’s at least say it as it is because we have a right to do so:

    Wilson murdered an innocent citizen because he wanted to;

    McCullogh put together, at state expense, a theatrical production to make an appearance of doing his job when what he was really doing was master-minding a cover-up of racist murder;

    Nixon enabled McCullogh and now protects him in spite of the fact that he has been found out.

    AND they are all doing it for criminal, racist reasons.

    And I am quite suspicious about the story of the Black criminal who killed McCullogh’s father, now. Now I am wondering what that cop (McCullogh’s father) had done, was doing, or was trying to do, when he got killed. I wish I knew more about that.

  6. Two sides to a story says:

    Former Federal Prosecutor Jonathan Shapiro discussed the possible sanctions St. Louis Country Prosecutor Bob McCulloch could be facing for putting witness 40 on the stand in the Ferguson case.


  7. Two sides to a story says:

    McFogen behaves like a man who’s used to doing anything he wants to. Wonder if he’s running scared yet?

    • Malisha says:

      I don’t believe he’s running scared yet. And I actually believe that Billy Lee, the cop who “fell” during the “Fogen Times” in Sanford, FL, is probably back on top of the mountain either there in Sanford or somewhere else. What happens is that AT MOST, if a corrupt public official or a cop has to quit or step aside for a minute, they get restored to full power (and blessed) after the furor abates. In the most extreme cases, they will be given some sinecure and make more money than they did when they were in the public eye, or they will “retire” to running government contracts so only the company name, not their own role, is evident. The only way to punish these people is to prosecute them and throw them in prison. Oh well, there are other ways, but I would never advocate them.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        They come face to face with karma at some point. Perhaps they don’t exhaust their merit now, but they must as long as they play games.

        • Sleuth says:

          Hi TSTAS,

          [“They come face to face with karma at some point. Perhaps they don’t exhaust their merit now, but they must as long as they play games”.]

          Seems as though it’s already starting to happen to some. On this evening’s news it was reported that two New York police officers in Brooklyn were killed. The alleged suspect killed himself shortly thereafter.

          It is alleged that he did it for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. This is not what the Garner or Brown families would want from any of us. So sad.

          I truly understand peoples frustrations regarding these injustices, but murdering innocent people is not the answer. The actions of the alleged perpetrator were so wrong and misguided. Yet, I pray for both families; the police officers, and the alleged gunman.

          I strongly believe that the time is NOW for the good cops to come forward and take a stand. I don’t think they realize the domino effect of what has been happening across the country.

          One wrong action, by a misguided cop, can bring tragic consequences for the upstanding cops who are truly protecting and serving their respective communities.

          May God help us all.

          • bronxlady1 says:

            Racism is wrong. It is as simple as that. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it whether black, white, brown, green. The proof is the fact that they lie to cover their sin. They can lie to you, they can lie to me. They can lie to themselves, they can lie to each other. But they’re lying, and to lie means that they KNOW that what they did is wrong.

  8. Eric says:

    I’m expecting nothing from Nixon. He’s the kid in the corner with a “dunce” cap on his head. But, if there is a question of whether McCulloch suborned perjury, would this rise to the level of a public corruption case that should be investigated by the US Attorney in MO?

  9. Disappointed says:

    So the prosecutor, the guy who is suppose to be the voice of the victim is now the voice of the murderer. It’s not right. Disgusting. Michael deserves Justice.

  10. I have nothing to add to this. Thank you.

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