Ferguson is every city USA and Wilson is a psychopath with a badge

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good morning:

Ferguson is every city USA because racism and white privilege are everywhere and our mostly white militarized police departments behave like an occupation army itching to kill anyone who steps out of line, especially if they have dark skin.

Darren Wilson lost his temper because Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown did not immediately obey his command to get on the sidewalk. He put his vehicle in reverse and cut them off, nearly running them over, and then he swung his door open hitting them.

Michael Brown shoved the door back, just as I might have done in a flash of anger, if I had been in his situation.

Wilson could not handle such disrespect, so he grabbed Michael’s shirt with his left hand and reached for his gun with his right hand.

With good reason considering the epidemic of police harassment and killings of people of color, Michael attempted to prevent Wilson from shooting him.

But Wilson was determined to kill him and nothing was going to stop him.

The demon he described was his own racist self that he projected onto Michael Brown, demonizing him to justify taking a life.

And he has no regrets, none whatsoever, because no black kid is going to get away with challenging his authority.

Darren Wilson is a racist psychopath with a badge.

Ferguson happened a week ago in a park in Cleveland when a rookie cop murdered a black 12-year-old kid.

Ferguson happened on Staten Island when a cop psychopath murdered Eric Garner by choking him to death as other cops restrained him.

The real terrorists in this country are the militarized police departments and the psychopaths with badges.

No place is safe. No place at all.

And if you think you are safe because you are white, think again.

Two words.

Kelly Thomas.

Think twice before you call 911.

It could be the last call you ever make.

17 Responses to Ferguson is every city USA and Wilson is a psychopath with a badge

  1. owl says:

    profiling, anger, violence and death….after a 60 second assessment…and not just against people of color. Kelly Thomas’ crying out for “Dad” is heartbreaking. every mother, every child, every adult child begs for and demands justice against police brutality.
    you have it right, Fred.

  2. J4TMinATL says:

    Reading more lies over the gun. Told GJ 2-3 times that MB took complete control of it. “He didn’t pull it from my holster, but whenever it was visible to him, he then took complete control of it.” Prosecutor had to correct that by reminding him that he never lost control of his gun, and DW’s finger was on the trigger.

    Gun wasn’t tested for prints but was only tested for DNA because it was decided it wasn’t necessary because DW never lost control of his gun.

    Asked why was there no report. Because the protocol according to DW is to “contact your FOP representative and he will advise you of what to do step by step.” And he’s kindly asked, “So no one has asked you to write out a statement?” DW, “No, they haven’t.”

    Oh and he called and discussed/asked detective how he did with his GJ testimony claiming he just wanted to make sure that what he told the detective after the killing was the same.

    Don’t know why I keep reading these transcripts.

  3. Malisha says:

    Killson is a wus. Was Mike Brown a drug lord? Was he even a drug distributor? Was he a murderer, a rapist, an armed robber even? Noooooo…see, Killson didn’t go after bad guys. He went after unarmed teen-agers. He would be TERRIFIED to go after a real bad guy. The bad guy might shoot back.

    • bettykath says:

      6’4″ plus badge, baton, gun vs 6’4″ and he’s a five year old vs Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t use his baton b/c he was sitting on it. He couldn’t use the pepper spray b/c it would have overcome him as well. Now how do those excuses work once he got out of the car? Oh, that’s right, Brown was no longer near him. Yep, wuss is the descriptor.

      • bettykath says:

        with a bit of editting:

        6’4″ plus badge, baton, gun vs 6’4″ unarmed Black teen and Wilson’s a five year old vs Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t use his baton b/c he was sitting on it. He couldn’t use the pepper spray b/c it would have overcome him as well. He can’t use a taser because, oh, right, it’s too cumbersome to carry in his car. So he manages to unholster his gun (how does that happen in the close quarters of his SUV?) so the Hulk could grab it. Now how do those excuses, oops, reasons, work once he got out of the car? Oh, that’s right, Brown was no longer near him and bullets were the only thing that would reach Brown who was threatening his life as he ran away. Yep, a wuss.

        FWIW, I don’t believe Brown attacked Wilson beyond pushing back on the door that Wilson hit him with when Wilson opened it. I believe that the red spot on Wilson’s face, on the right side, was caused by his face hitting the door jamb when the door was pushed back. I believe the Sgt. who said that Wilson didn’t know anything about the theft. I also believe that Wilson went after Brown b/c hitting one’s face against a car door jamb hurts like blazes and Wilson was angrrrrry. So glad that pos is no longer a cop.

    • racerrodig says:

      Lets face reality………..the streets are safer already now that he’s gone. Maybe he’ll partner up with Fogen and start a security patrol co. Ya know, they can watch closed gun shops, patrol crime ridden neighborhoods, assault women, call the cops on “suspicious” kids, break furniture, assault women, lie about shit, follow people for no reason……well, other than being trouble makers, do stupid non – nonsensical interviews ……………did I mention assault women ???

      Since he’s empowered now, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him…………isn’t it about time for Fogen to flare back up again ??
      …………or sell another fake / copied “painting ??

    • girlp says:

      Yea he did resign after making hundred of thousands of dollars for killing a black kid. I hope karma visits him soon.

      • racerrodig says:

        Like I said before, my son’s godfather is a retired IRS criminal investigator and he’s said this about Fogen as well. Since this was panhandled, he owes taxes on it and there are laws regarding how the money is to be used. Some administrators are required to return the money since he didn’t go to trial. What time limits there are I don’t know.

        Karma………..it’s coming and it probably won’t be pretty either.

    • Malisha says:

      He did that for his own safety. If he had stayed on the streets in St. Louis, a bullet might have met him that did NOT come out of his own gun.

      • concernedczen says:

        That and so he could keep the money. I don’t think he would legally be able to keep donations if he were employed as a PO.

  4. Disappointed says:

    My local news is reporting Kilson resigned today. Hopefully it’s true.

  5. Greg Beasley says:

    They said the rookie cop shot the 12 year old boy within 2-3 seconds of pulling up at the scene. The 911 caller even said that it might be a fake gun. There is absolutely no reason for the cops to have been so close and put themselves in the line of fire. The officer is also lying and trying to claim the boy appeared to be around 20 years old or so. That rookie cop in Brooklyn that killed the innocent man is claiming his gun accidentally discharged. Glocks have a safety on the trigger and internal safeties. He pulled the trigger, plain and simple.

  6. This is a perfect summary. Contrary to many, it is not complicated; it’s this simple truth of an angry man with a gun and the willingness to use it.

    • Malisha says:

      And I believe all those self-aggrandizing cop shows on TV serve to make the police even more self-important, pompous, entitled, angry, and unreliable. They do NOT see themselves as “public servants” but as beleaguered rulers whose authority is constantly being questioned unreasonably.

  7. Malisha says:

    I remember one lawyer telling me:

    “Who do you think that judge is? He’s just some guy they grabbed and put a robe on. He’s no different from or better than you or me but he’s in a position to tell us both what to do. He’s just a nobody with immense power.”

    And I think it’s still true of the cop. He’s just some guy they grabbed and put a uniform and badge on and handed a gun. He’s no better than or different from you or me but he’s in a position to kill either one of us. He’s just some nobody with immense power.”

    And considering that cops self-select much more easily than judges (who have to at least go to law school and then curry favor with other lawyers for a few years), they’re likely to be an even worse set of people in the end. Racists, would-be murderers, violent angry uncompensated immature despicable people, rapists, pedophiles — these are no less likely to be cops than they are to be middle-class PTA members or accountants or air conditioner repair experts.

    Cops R US. To the extent that we should fear each OTHER if armed and privileged, that is the extent to which we should fear COPS.

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