Robert McCulloch should be held responsible for using the grand jury to whitewash Darren Wilson

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good afternoon:

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s use of the grand jury to whitewash Officer Daren Wilson’s execution of Michael Brown behind a veil of secrecy is failing miserably and he deserves to bear the consequences for his perversion of justice.

One of the fundamental principles of our system of justice is the right to confront our accusers in a public trial by cross examining them vigorously.

Effective cross examination exposes biases, prejudices and the liars.

Witnesses who testify before a grand jury are rarely cross examined.

Prosecutors and grand juries go together like peanut butter and jelly. Prosecutors point and grand juries accuse.

Here is an example of the tough questions the assistant prosecutor asked Officer Darren Wilson.

Q: Okay, and you say something to them, did they say something to you first?

A: No. You want me to just go with the whole thing?

Q: Sure, go ahead. Let’s start there.

[GJ, Vol.V p. 207]

Go ahead and tell your story, what happened next, and then what did you do? are not are not cross examination.

Here is an example of cross examination.

You just told the members of the grand jury a few minutes ago at Volume V, page 202:

Q: Okay. Did you get any other calls between the time of the sick baby call and your interaction with Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson?

A: While on the sick case call, a call came out for a stealing in progress from the local market on West Florissant, that the suspects traveling toward QT. I didn’t hear the entire call, I was on my portable radio, which isn’t exactly the best. I did hear that a suspect was wearing a black shirt and that a box of Cigarillos was stolen.

Q: And this was your call or you just heard the call?

A: It was not my call. I heard the call.

A: Yes, that is what I said.

Q: And you were under oath when you said that, right?

A: Yes.

Q: And you are as certain about that as you are the rest of your testimony today, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: But you told your Sergeant, your direct supervisor, just a few minutes after the shooting that you were not aware of that call and you repeated that to him several times after that during the days after the shooting, didn’t you?

If he admits making the statement, you stare him down until he looks away and then cross your arms and turn your back to the witness for at least 2 minutes until the silence is screaming.

Then you commence the death by a thousand cuts that is the hallmark of every great cross examiner.

If he denies making the statement multiple times to his Sergeant, you put the sergeant on the stand to impeach him.

None of this happened.

And now everyone knows that Robert McCulloch used the grand jury to protect Darren Wilson.

They are marked men. Don’t ever let them forget it.

71 Responses to Robert McCulloch should be held responsible for using the grand jury to whitewash Darren Wilson

  1. Trisha says:


  2. Trisha says:

    Wilson had two small blood stops from Brown one near the pocket of his shirt and one on the hip of his pants, small amounts on the end of the door window and a little on the outside of the door, Brown had none of Wilson ‘s DNA on him, none,

    • roderick2012 says:

      Which means that Brown was never inside the car.

      The blood came from the wound on his thumb and the blood on Wilson’s pocket and hip probably came from splash back when Brown attempted to cover the barrel of the gun with his thumb and the blood on the door window and door dripped down from his thumb wound.

  3. peni4yothot says:

    For those interested in contacting DOJ to demand an indictment
     Justin Hansford retweeted
    National Bar Assoc. @nationalbar
    · Nov 26
    *** MEDIA ADVISORY *** National Bar Association Call to Action: “War on Police Brutality” –

  4. Trisha says:

    Wilson cleaned his gun, no DNA at all, the Doc says the gun was cleaned

  5. Trisha says:

    on page 115 Doran says Wilson didnt say anything at all about the store he was just aggressive, he also stated Mike hands were not inside the car they were outside placed under the mirror and on the door, Wilson has Browns shirt near the neck and shoulder pulling on him and Mike was pulling away and then Wilson grabbed Mike’s right arm, and started pulling it, Doran said Wilson shot from in side the car and it traveled outside and hit Brown, ( note Wilson ‘s gun had been cleaned when they received it and no DNA on the gun,)
    at page 150 the DA is then trying to say Ill shoot you means stop or halt, which Wilson didnt say,
    then she goes into what is said at the academy, then on page 153 she gets on to him for getting a lawyer,

  6. Malisha says:

    HEY wait a minute! This suddenly “reminded itself” to me. Wilson did not file a police report of the shooting because he would not say anything about it, because he was exercising his right to remain silent, under the 5th amendment.

    But now he has given up that right by testifying in front of the grand jury. So now: Where is the police report?

  7. a2nite says:

    I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Trisha says:

    you also learn that this Asst DA Ms Alizadeh out right sets the tone that Mike Brown was Big Bold and threatening and aggressive, she calls him all that and indigent, and more or less out right says that Brown must of said something because the Wilson heard is and that is why he threw the SUV in reverse, and Doran Johnson tells her that she is wrong, he is the one who spoke to Wilson

    • Malisha says:

      Alizadeh perpetrated a fraud on the grand jury. She handed them a statute that the US Supreme Court declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 1985, and she claimed THAT was the statute that applied to a police officer’s use of deadly force. Our highest court overruled it in 1985 and she knew that. WITH her boss’s encouragement and permission, she perpetrated a fraud on the grand jury and on the people of the State of Missouri.

      SHE needs to be prosecuted. She is an accessory after the fact to MURDER.

  9. Trisha says:

    if you read what happened the day the GJ heard from Doran Johnson you discover the DA first shows the DA all the video’s of what all Doran said to the media and I mean all of them, then the female DA shows the GJ the video of what happened in the store, this is done right off and she focused on this, Mike didn’t take a box of cigars those were placed on the counter he took a handful of them, they are about 30 to 60 cents a piece, he said the clerk runs around to grab Brown and Brown grabs the clerk and pushes him back and says get back,

  10. Disappointed says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my family. I am also thankful for everyone here. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one who feels the injustice and wants change. 😉

  11. mgs710 says:

    It’s hard to believe that McCullough office can get away such an egregious mistake or perhaps stunt as the one that Lawrence O’Donnell describes in this video.

    • Trisha says:

      it was not a mistake they knew what they were doing, they brought in Wilson first and built everything around what he had to say

    • Malisha says:

      That, actually, DOES invalidate the grand jury. DOJ has no choice now but to choose to do one of two things:

      (1) Prosecute McCullogh and the two asst. DA’s who ran the grand jury; or

      (2) By the sin of omission, delegitimize ITSELF (Yes, the DOJ will itself be a corrupt organization conducting itself in violation of the federal RICO laws) and prove once and for all that it is a corrupt organization sucking up American tax dollars to operate a tyranny.

      Gee, I wonder which one it will choose…

    • Trisha says:

      The lead detective in the case saying he walked “50 times” back and forth from the SUV to Mike Brown’s body,stated to the grand jury that he measured from Darren Wilson’s SUV window to Mike Brown’s feet and that it was actually 160 feet, 4 inches.

      • YQ says:

        They are saying that Wilson backpedaled, 25 ft during the second volley of shots. It must be true that he moved, as evidenced by the change of timbre in the sound of the sounds. I had a feeling that Wilson shot at him while running, while giving chase to Brown to get some good shots. He couldn’t hit the moving target (although he wanted to) but when Brown stopped moving, that’s pretty much when he was able to get the fatal shots off. Time and distance to his advantage, and nothing else that he could have done except shoot and kill Brown. That would have been the ideal time to use the mase that he admitted he had.

  12. colin black says:

    Statement D Wilson gave to L E..

    Gun chambered 12 bullets plus one in the pipe 13 .
    Only one left when he returns to station.

    Only someone with a death wish would not only charge towards an armed person.An armed officer of the law whom has already shot you at least once.
    Rush towards him whilst pretending to go for an non exsistant consealed weapon?

    He also says he was aware of the stealing gigarrellos call as he refers to it..

  13. J4TMinATL says:


    Brown’s companion that day, Dorian Johnson, told the grand jury he was stunned when Brown stole cigarillos from the convenience store, and expected to be arrested while they were walking home.

  14. YQ says:

    I’m also hearing that they allowed No-Bill Wilson to put his own gun into evidence. Jeez, the more I hear about the procedures, the more ridiculous it sounds! Is there not an end to this parade of red flags?

    • Sophia33 says:

      They never fingerprinted the gun either to see if MB fingerprints were on it. They also allowed Killson to wash some of the blood off of himself before he went to the hospital. Hey has anyone found proof that McCulloch was VP of an organization called that helped raise money for Killson. Why is the media not looking into this? (rhetorical question)

      • Lynn Brown says:

        According to the website he is President. Does anyone have proof that money was donated to Killson from this organization?

        • Backstoppers, Inc is claiming that an anonymous third party without their knowledge designed and sold the T-shirts and they have no way of determining whether any proceeds from the sales were contributed to Backstoppers.

          That sounds like a lie to me, but an investigation, including a review of the books, would have to determine if that statement is false.

  15. Two sides to a story says:

    Lisa Bloom did a really good legal analysis on NBC after McCulloch’s no bill announcement, the hardest hitting and most honest of all I’ve viewed so far. I saw the video of it on FB just now – it may be available on NBC site or at YouTube.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      Yes. I believe I saw Lisa Bloom’s article on There are several articles on that site that are unbiased and raise serious questions about Wilson’s account and also the prosecutor overseeing the grand jury.

    • Malisha says:

      Rigged. Transparent, wrong, wrongful, dishonest, corrupt, racist, unlawful, tortious, disgraceful. RIGGED. May McCullogh reap what he deserves from this unashamed — SHAMELESS — crime he committed.

  16. Malisha says:

    Let us remember: (1) A no-bill does not grant “double jeopardy” protection; (2) If the pressure stays high, McCullogh can be brought down; (3) There is no statute of limitations for murder.

    Missourians need to get out the vote. Ferguson needs to vote its own interests and replace the thugs in its government and do an “ethic cleansing” of its police force and prosecutor’s office. Killson can be revisited.

    • MDX says:

      And that story he told to the GJ can and would be used against him.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      It needs to be quick though. When a trial happens so many years after the incident, witnesses will forget things. A couple of the Brown eyewitnesses were sketchy. A prosecutor in a real trial never would have put sketchy eyewitnesses on the stand to make the rest of them look bad. You only present the ones that you find credible. The prosecutor in the grand jury did his best to poke holes in the witness accounts and did nothing to poke holes in Wilson’s account.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      He released the transcripts to prevent him from being charged. Not for transparency, but to ensure no charges will ever be filed.

    • Eric says:

      I apologize if I am stepping on toes of anyone here from MO or St Louis, but there are clearly way too many racists there to give me the confidence that McCulloch or Nixon will be recalled or voted out of office. Clearly, they have a loyal enough constituency to have been repeatedly elected to office. Nixon may be term-limited out of office. But, I do believe McCulloch can, yet again, stand for reelection. He seems to be well-regarded by the voters of that county.

      • a2nite says:

        McC was just reelected. He had a primary opponent but ran unopposed in the general.

        Nixon is term limited.

        I think they are both Dixiecrats, benefitting from machine politics.

  17. racerrodig says:

    Is it just me or does Wilson and Fogen have the same demeanor??
    Both of them along with Duuhhnnnn to an extent have that weasel attitude.

    Of course we all know in the real world it’s the cowards who enforce their will on others from behind a gun.

    • Malisha says:

      I didn’t see it as much with Dunn, perhaps because I didn’t watch him very much. Hannity and Stephanopoulos were not giving him TV interviews with his alcoholic demeanor and his pockmarked flabby face. But DEFINITELY Killson and Fogen DO have the bland “I am right” pompous smackable faces, the “who TF cares about the subhuman I dispatched” attitude, the smugness, the “pap smurf” “goodness,” the gloss, the dross, etc. Both evoke the same vague clawing sense of nausea.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      They both have something in common: they both used religion to justify their shooting. I believe Zimmerman said it was God’s Will and Wilson said Brown looked like a demon.

    • Trained Observer says:

      It’s not just you. Among the weasal trio, Dunn gets the prize for arrogance and viciousness. It’s a toss-up on whether Wilson or Fogen are the dumbest.

    • Malisha says:

      So…the guy who “called in to 911” about the dangerous “guy” with the gun, who, he said, was “pulling it in and out of his pants” — I am really wondering about that guy. I am wondering, first of all, because he was sitting IN A PARK. He was just sitting in a park. Number two, I am wondering if perhaps he had already had a few “contacts” with Tamir Rice and perhaps didn’t want Rice to be either telling people about those contacts or if perhaps even Rice had the B B gun there because whenever he went to the park he NEEDED protection. I’m just sayin, … from some guy who would be sitting in the park. I’m just sayin…

      And if perhaps Rice thought he needed a B B gun that looked real to keep handy when he was on the swings in the park — then gee, do you think that maybe getting turned in for having a gun, and getting shot to death 2 seconds after a squad car pulls up have something to do with — say — NOT telling anybody why he would want to bring that B B gun to the park?


      He sounds a bit old for hanging out at the swings. He also sounds old enough to be able to tell a “kid” from a “guy.”

      • towerflower says:

        The man who called in told 911 at least twice he thought the pistol was a fake one, but for whatever reason the 911 dispatcher did not relay that onto the officers.

        But this was also an illegal airsoft gun. It’s federally mandated orange tip had been removed. A state legislator has now introduced a bill similar to CA’s that would require these airsoft guns/rifles to be painted in a bright color. This is something I have supported. Let them stay look-a-like but have them all painted totally in a bright neon color so there will be not a misunderstanding.

        While I’m sorry that there was once again a loss of life to these “toys”, I also wonder about why there is no parent responsibility for it. Parents go out and buy these “toys” for their children but are shocked when they don’t control them and something bad happens.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      I’m not going to jump to the defense of the police, but they showed a picture of the airsoft gun and it looks like a full sized 1911 pistol. I will add that police should not be putting themselves in a position to fear for their life. If you think the gun may be real, you should be hiding behind the car door of the cruiser and trying to contact the parents. Police have shotguns that can shoot bean bags and/or rubber bullets.

      • concernedczen says:

        Suppose it was a real gun that the kid found in the park, the accepted procedure shouldn’t be for the police to bum rush a kid and then shoot him dead within 1.5 seconds of encountering him.

        Ohio is an open carry state, BTW. People are allowed to carry real guns and according to the lying murdering cops, this little boy looked 20 years old.

      • Malisha says:

        You can also STAY IN THE SQUAD CAR and use your loudspeaker to broadcast, “PUT THE GUN ON THE GROUND SLOWLY” or something like that.

        Don’t f’n get out of that car!

  18. Eric says:

    According to the chart that PBS constructed, it appears that 13 witnesses (a few witnesses on multiple occasions) said that MB’s hands were up when he was shot. It appears that 13 witnesses said that DW fired upon MB when he was running away.

    Sounds like probable cause to me.

    • MDX says:

      This case needed a trial so that either the prosecution or defense could have presented a map with the locations of all witnesses.

      For example, witness 30 who “confirms” a rush, is two blocks away looking from behind officer Wilson.

      From that distance and angle, it is very hard to assess an amount of directional movement of a remote image.

      I have worked in target detection for over 30 years as a sub-set of my IP docket.

      And a dying or fainting person pitching or stumbling forward can be perceived, at a distance, as a “rush”. Particularly, if the person has been exposed to that idea before they were interviewed by investigators.

      IMO, the best evidence is the excited utterance by the white construction worker caught on video.

      And, although this man said he may have saw Brown move forward, that movement along with his demonstration of hands going down fits well with a person trying to put their hand up while also fighting of fainting or dying due to being shot multiple times.

      I have read that there is a neck wound in Brown. So it is quite plausible that Brown was already “out” with his head body pitching forward as the final shot is delivered to the top of his head.

      It also takes well pressurized circulatory system to hold ones arms up. One of first reactions as a body loses pressure is an arm drop.

      I really find this kind of law distressing. In IP, we must back any technical conclusion with a technical publication and use words in correct context.

      For example, the use of the word “slammed” to describe what happened to Zimmerman’s head would have been dismissed under 35 USC 112 because the evidences – cuts – are known to be the result of a scraping or abrasive action. A slam, which is a violent impact against a hard surface, would need to be backed
      by medical evidence showing a significant contusion.

      So, in IP, Skeletor or Rat face would have had to have said Zimmerman’s head was repeatedly scraped, which, of course, is not life threatening.

      • J4TMinATL says:

        They did do a chart and pointed out to jurors if each witness had made any previous statements (TV, FBI, police, etc) and chart and transcripts were given to jurors of the witnesses every statement.

        During witness questioning, they drew locations (balcony, which complex) on map and after witness testified, prosecutors would bring in detective and question detective on whether he thought a witness could see things from the location.

        The white construction worker / plumber story is supposedly crock. Just like Robert thinks a Black man’s testimony holds more weight because he’s Black and claims to back up Wilson’s story. Kathi tells jurors that, “there’s only been one grand jury investigation on an officer’s use of force in the past 15 years that anybody can remember, so we’re kind of not sure how to proceed.”

        2 witnesses mattered. Dorian and Wilson. Both made multiple statements. Both were there.

        Takes one eyewitness to convict an innocent person. Takes one to acquit a guilty person. The witnesses were played from the beginning. That cycle will continue.

  19. sparger says:

    Below is the shooting of the Tamir Rice shooting. The cops drove up and 2 seconds later he was shot. I don’t think the kid had a chance to react to anything that was happening.

    • Disappointed says:

      How did he fear for his life in 2 seconds? I mean one of those I think would be hollering hands up? Something. Isn’t that the standard I feared for my life? How does fear happen that quickly? I mean the officer had to give an order in those 2 seconds. I don’t understand. Smdh

      • Bill Taylor says:

        as i posted in the Martin murder case, the “law” now says a paranoid officer can shoot any citizen whenever they desire and all it takes to walk is to say i felt threatened………that IS the present state of the “law” in the USA………

    • towerflower says:

      After viewing this video the one thing that stood out to me was how the cops drove right up to the “suspect”. You are responding to a call about a person brandishing a handgun and they pulled right up to the person. That didn’t make any sense to me.

  20. Greg Beasley says:

    I had to post this again because this song gave me chills when I listened to it again. Who would have thought a song written in the 90s would still apply around 20 years later? Cops shooting kids with toy guns (Tamir Rice), cops shooting people who try to run (Michael Brown), and the policeman always telling the truth (Darren Wilson to the Grand Jury).

  21. bettykath says:

    The cop told him twice to put down his weapon? Must have happened before they got to the scene.

    • MDX says:

      That violates every form of “tactics” that are standard in the military.

      No recon at a distance to assess the situation.

      No approach of an advance unit or person while the other unit or person provides cover.

      The reasons for the above are rather obvious to any person with a pee brain – a bum rush can cause unwarranted casualties.

      And they killed an innocent boy.

      Now, let us assume their target was a determined foe.

      Cop one would have been shot dead as he got out of the car. The foe could have advanced to cover and had the other cop at a disadvantage.

      Good tactics.

      Park the car at a distance.

      Assess the threat.

      Call back up

      Once back up arrives, have some advance with caution.

      In the case of the boy, the asses step would have most probably ended to situation with no loss of life.


      Sorry, but I am pissed off.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I am extremely angry with how so many Amerucabs think that cops killing people on the job is fine and dandy. It’s frightening and most of the rest of the world finds it repugnant too.

        • MDX says:

          And they have a callous disregard for the lives of any of “animals” they are supposed to protect and serve.

          Back in the early 1980s, we used to observe the narcs, out of our store window, sitting in an unmarked car “thinking” we did not know who they were.

          We just looked at each other and figured either two of our regulars – Tommy or the California Burnout – were going to get the “brave show of force”.

          On a warm day in the spring with all the Holcomb kids running around playing, they fired up the engine, ran right through a stop sign barely missing kids on bikes and did the Kilson thing in front of Tommy. They knocked him face down on the pavement and cuffed him. Tommy was a frail looking white man with a build like Mick Jagger. He was an addict who never had enough drugs to make a pot to piss in.

          Did these tough cops ever make a big bust?

          Hell no.

          They busted a home on my parents street that had $750,000 in drugs, one dead addict in the basement, and 30 other users who were arrested.

          That was on a Friday.

          By Monday, the arrested walked due to non-timely paper work, the drugs and money got lost.

          BTW, Tommy, although he was essentially a street person with a drug problem, was on of the best friends my parent had.

          I fondly remember that Thanksgiving day when we found him asleep on our porch. After feeding him, we had a nice chat about the history of our neighborhood.

          Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.

      • racerrodig says:

        You got it ! Why did the cop pull up 10 feet from him and on the grass ?? Why not 100 feet away and see exactly what was going on ??

    • Malisha says:

      Telepathically. He told him twice, telepathically. You know.

      • racerrodig says:

        I guess this cop saw that Hulk show far to many times and
        well…..overreacted a bit.

        This one is even worse than Mike Browns murder. That cop car wasn’t even at a complete stop yet. In less than 2 seconds from the car getting into the picture, Rice is going down and lets consider the fact it takes a half second or so to start going down.

        Look closely, that cop came out shooting, then takes cover on the other side of the car behind the trunk……W – T – F ??

        I’m also guessing we’ll see pictures of this cops bruises and all the blood on his clothes from the intense struggle.

        No……..wait….I got it……this moron cop was in “reasonable fear of great bodily harm or death” because he might slip on the wet grass…….fuckin’ has to be.

        • MDX says:

          What is sad is that the cops and their boot licks “think” they got them on the run. The Black and Tans or RUC did this with the Irish and, as the proverb goes:

          Be careful what you wish for.

  22. PhillyBoyRoy says:

    Sadly, celebrated “journalist” George Stephanopolous just did the same thing on national tv.

    We live in a bizarre country.

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