Tired of waiting for the inevitable whitewash in #MichaelBrownShooting

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good afternoon:

I am tired of waiting for the inevitable. No one with a functioning brain cell is fooled by the bullshit going on in St.Louis.

Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown in Ferguson on Saturday, August 9th and the smoke-and-mirrors show going on pretending there is any doubt about the outcome of the secret grand jury ‘investigation’ changes nothing. They are going to decide not to indict Wilson because the outcome has been rigged since the cops started lying claiming Michael Brown’s body was only 35 feet from Wilson’s SUV when they knew it was 108 feet away.

Brown never bull rushed Wilson and they know it.

Enough with the bullshit.

Time to get down to business.

And that business may involve the KKK because Anonymous is claiming that it has discovered a connection between Wilson and the KKK.

Anonymous hacked into the KKK’s Twitter account and hijacked it. Inquitr reports that Anonymous Vows To Release Evidence Linking Darren Wilson To The KKK.

42 Responses to Tired of waiting for the inevitable whitewash in #MichaelBrownShooting

  1. Professor, thank you for the succinct and accurate assessment.

  2. Greg Beasley says:

    Anonymous isn’t releasing the information they have because the information is too specific that it will be traced back to the leaker. It sucks that releasing it will put somebody’s life and their family in danger. It seems they will connect the dots themselves hopefully.

  3. Disappointed says:

    No GJ decision reached Friday. Heard it on local news.

  4. shyloh says:

    I personally believe DW must resign one way or another. How can he even think he’d be safe on the street still acting as a police officer. He’d be the biggest target ever. But then again. What he dealt out. He’ll bet it back.

  5. Sleuth says:

    Ooops! Should say, “What really caught my attention…….”

  6. Sleuth says:

    Yeah, I heard the same. But really caught my attention was when the reporter said the LEO’s that set up the beg site for the murderer, and because he has been in seclusion, have raised over a half a million dollars for the murderer which will be used to pay for, among other things, his MEDICAL bills!

    What frickin medical bills? Did one of his fellow officers, or KKKlansmen bust him upside his head?

  7. Disappointed says:

    Just a fyi. A school district near Ferguson has changed Thanksgiving break. Instead of starting Wednesday it will start Monday.

  8. Disappointed says:

    If the GJ comes back with a no bill he will resign. Guess if they charge him he will stay on for the free legal counsel. He should have been fired along with the rest who have tried to cover for him. Jmo

    • bettykath says:

      Considering where we are now, there are many who need to be charged with obstruction of justice and fired. Is jail a common result of obstruction? Needs to happen. THIS is where the charges need to be made by the feds to send the message that killing unarmed Black men is NOT ok and there are consequences for doing so, and there are consequences for lying about the circumstances and for looking the other way.

      • Malisha says:

        “A common result of obstruction”:

        There are two answers:

        A. If the obstruction is being done by someone on behalf of a person or persons who have been charged with a crime by the federal or state prosecutors, a common result is jail.

        B. If the obstruction is being done by government (prosecutors, police, state agencies, federal agencies, etc.), the common result is success.

    • bettykath says:

      An indictment means a trial by the same prosecutor. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

  9. bettykath says:

    Is it possible that the possible violent involvement of the KKK is the reason for the state of emergency and the use of the National Guard? The Brown family has been very vocal about keeping the demonstrations peaceful so heavy militarization of the cops shouldn’t be necessary but if they know the Klan intends to make it violent and given the connections of the Governor, it would be that they KNOW there will be violence. We know who will be subjected to the violence of the cops.

    • Malisha says:

      KKK does not need to “become violent” because “the police” can do it on their behalf. I believe a few Klansmen will do acts of looting and so forth to “give the signal” that the protesters are becoming violent, and VOILA.

  10. MKX says:


    They went out and used a tape measure.

    IMO, I doubt Brown had any energy left to make a “bum rush” – not that I believe the lie.

    • SearchingMind says:

      Oh, I think the boy was scared to death the moment the first bullet hit him, which is which is why he broke off and ran in the first place. Only in movies would a “deranged” and “violent” White individual bull-rush someone who has just tried to kill him and continues to shoot at him while he fled. But Mike is Black and Blacks are inherently violent, deranged and stupid. Don’t you see? Problem solved. End of story!

  11. Malisha says:

    Next time we will see Darren Wilson will be in his white hood and gown.

  12. roderick2012 says:

    BREAKING: Officer Darren Wilson Reportedly Negotiating Resignation

    CNN is reporting tonight that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in August, is negotiating his resignation from the Ferguson police force:


    • Two sides to a story says:

      Why in the hell did they not fire him? Even though Kelly Thomas;s murderers were not convicted, they were at least fired and will not likely work as cops ever again.

  13. sparger says:

    I bet they will announce Wednesay before Thanksgiving. I keep hearing they are submitting more evidence to the grand jury What is it?
    A pic of Wilson with his new born baby and puppies?

  14. Timothy Whitehead says:

    I have a gut feeling that given these new potentially explosive developments, McCulloch will hurry to end this grand jury sitting, for fear that this info may affect those sitting on it in a way that he does not want…in other words, he does not want anything to change the mind of the jurors( as I think that they are not sequestered ) that we know have already decided NOT to indict.

    • Yep, time is not on his side.

      If there’s anything there, Anonymous will find it and publicize it.

      They just published credit card and pin #s plus names, addresses and phone numbers.

      Supposedly GJ decision will be announced Sunday.

      • so jaded says:

        Do U really think Anon has explosive info linking kkk to police or politicians?

        • I don’t know. They have stated that they do but they are holding back on releasing it because they are concerned about exposing the identity of their confidential source of information. They are attempting to develop other sources of information so that no one in the group can guess how or from whom they obtained the information.

          Time will tell.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Scary stuff and may explain, in addition to corrupt police unions, why the state of MO is so confident about supressing and harassing media and protestors. Perhaps Anon can eventually blow the lid off this case and make a difference.

  15. Two sides to a story says:

    They tried to bury us. They didn;t know we were seeds.
    ~Mexican proverb

  16. Disappointed says:

    That’s why I have a problem with the I feared for my life crap. Fogen was in a vehicle got out chased a kid. Dunn in a vehicle could have moved his car. Police man in a damn car gets out chasing and shooting BUT he feared for his life. WTF was Mike Brown doing? Having a good time. Hell no mike Brown was scared for his life. Smdh. I seriously will lose all hope if this sorry excuse of a cop is not charged.

  17. shyloh says:

    You are so right. We know the verdict already. I am not holding my breath. I did that months ago. No more. Enough of this foul game. Lord help us all.

  18. lyn says:

    Time for the GJ to bite the bullet, no matter what the decision.I thought it would be today.

  19. Timothy Whitehead says:

    professor, is there a possibility that Ben Crump and the justice dept. will look into this , and could it be a game changer if substantiated in your expert opinion?

    • I think McCulloch and the cops are going to spring the grand jury no-indictment decision on the public tomorrow regardless of what Anonymous releases today.

      Depending on whether they have evidence linking people involved in the investigation to the KKK, Benjamin Crump might be able to light a fire under the DOJ to investigate the police departments for engaging in a conspiracy to deprive people of their civil rights.

      I am very interested in finding out what Anonymous has discovered. You’re right. It could change everything.

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