The insane Christian conservative reaction to Ebola

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good afternoon:

Crane and I went for a hike today.

This is going to be a really short post.

We recommend everyone read Dangerous Rhetoric in Slate Magazine by Joel Baden and Candida Moss. It compares the shameful treatment by the media, politicians, and the public of Ebola patients Thomas Eric Duncan and Dr. Craig Spencer.

Guess which one was treated like a criminal.

While we’re on the subject of Ebola, here’s Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe by Brian Tashman in Right Wing Watch.

If you are wondering why right wing self-described Christian fundies are so freaking crazy, here is an interesting article that offers mental illness as an explanation. The article at Alternet is How Conservative Christianity Can Warp the Mind by Marlene Winell and Valerie Tarico.

Have a pleasant evening and let us know what you think.

8 Responses to The insane Christian conservative reaction to Ebola

  1. Greg Beasley says:

    Let’s see. One guy is a doctor and helps people that are sick and the other guy LIED on his exit documents. Lying on a government document and bringing a deadly disease back to your country isn’t the smartest thing to do and it isn’t surprising that you would be treated like a criminal or animal. The country of Liberia is not laughing at what he did.

    • You need to review your facts. He did not lie.

      He helped a pregnant woman in Liberia who was sick. He did not know she had Ebola or that he was at risk to become infected. Early onset of Ebola produces flu-like symptoms.

      When he came down with a fever, he went to the ER at the hospital in Dallas and was turned away.

  2. bettykath says:

    The NOTAM said NO flying in that area but police helicopters did anyway. Cops requested it b/c supposedly shots were fired at police helicopters so the only aircraft in the NO FLY zone were police helicopters. They’re pathological liars. Since the police pilots violated a no fly zone, they should be facing a serious sitdown with the FAA. I don’t remember the sanctions available but it isn’t a free ride.

  3. racerrodig says:

    Clearly the right wing nutZZ are drinking from a barrel of highly polluted water.

  4. bettykath says:

    I’ll read the articles at the links tomorrow. Tonight……

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