Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photographs posted by internet troll UPDATED

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good morning:

Autopsy photographs of Kendrick Johnson were posted on a website named renewsit-dot-com, which is owned and operated by an internet troll named Vicki Pate. She is a malevolent right wing racist who believes the First Amendment gives her a license to lie, harass and stalk people.

Here is an example of how classy she is:

KJ’s mother, Jackie Johnson, who had already blocked her on twitter for harassment, told WCTV News,

“My sister was going online to look for the shoe; what KJ was alledgedly looking for, and she scrolled over and there was a picture of Kendrick’s autopsy on the page”, says Jackie Johnson, Kendrick’s Mother.

Johnson says she blocked the website’s host on Twitter after constant harassment, and doesn’t know why the webmaster is attacking her family. She adds, “It’s hurtful, because that’s still my child at the end of the day, and who that has a heart could do something like that?”

Pate and the person who gave her the photograph(s) could be in legal trouble because autopsy photographs are exempt from disclosure under Georgia’s open records act pursuant to Ga.Stat. 45-16-27(d) and she and the person who leaked them to her can be sued for the tort of Outrage or intentional infliction of emotional distress and potentially obtain up to $250,000 in punitive damages pursuant to Ga.Stat. 51-12-5.1(g).

I hope KJ’s family sues Pate because a substantial punitive damages award is probably the only way to silence her.


I updated this post at 12:51 pm on 10/30/2014 to add the two statutory references in the next to the last paragraph and deleted references to the state and federal investigations. These sentences appeared in the original draft:

However, the Georgia authorities seem about as interested in pursuing the matter as they were in investigating his death and God only knows what the FBI is doing. The US Attorney’s investigation appears to have stalled out, so I do not have much hope that they will interrupt their busy schedule trimming their nails and keeping us safe from terrorists.


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72 Responses to Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photographs posted by internet troll UPDATED

  1. bettykath says:

    News on the Kendrick Johnson case: the feds executed a 3-4 am search warrant for all kinds of electronics on the Bell family, including the one in college and his girlfriend. Let’s hope they find something!

  2. Jorge P says:

    Viki is a con artist her dreamcatchers is a scam notice all the donation pins on her blog she fleeces off people from the internet. I would not put it past her to be accepting donations using Natashas case to scam the public.
    here is a look at her brother Adam Ray

  3. MDX says:

    A question.

    If the Feds are trying to build a case against Zimmerman that he confronted Trayvon Martin based on his race, do they get to introduce evidence of his behavior before the incident?

    • Yes, because the issue is why did he do what he did? To prove a hate crime, the feds have to prove-up a racial motive. If probative of a racial motive, GZ’s behavior would be relevant and admissible.

      GZ’s statements would also be admissible. Taaffe might know, for example, of any number of racist statements that GZ made prior to and after he killed Trayvon.

      Incidentally, the Double Jeopardy Clause does not prevent a subsequent federal prosecution of GZ for a racially motivated murder because the clause only prohibits a subsequent prosecution by the same sovereign, which is the State of Florida.

      • Malisha says:

        I will bet the N-word figures prominently in his texts on his phone that the SPD hid.

      • MDX says:

        HOAs, the local police, and cop wannabes were used, in combination with racist real estate lending and renting practices to deny black people their right to purchase or live in any area of the USA they, as individuals, had a right to. I am reading Origin of the Urban Crisis by Thomas Sugrue.

        A conspiracy to do the above is a crime, today.

        So let us look at the facts we know:

        Zimmerpoop was a cop wannabe who was targeting and falsely accusing black people who lived in that community of crimes to the point therein there were complaints to the HOA

        The HOA ignored the complaints

        And. although he made many a false crime report, the PD seemed to not see him as a problem. In fact, in the words of Serino – he was one of the “good guys”.

        • PhillyBoyRoy says:

          “One of the non-balack guys”

          To cops, that’s all that matters

        • bettykath says:

          I think that Serino was on to him and was trying to disprove his lies. The mother of the boy whose dog got away from him said that Serino didn’t believe the self-defense story and was trying to prove that it was lie.

          • bettykath says:

            On the stand when Serino was cross-examined and was asked for his opinion, he said something along the lines of it was self-defense or fogen was a pathological liar. The question was re-asked such that the pathological liar bit wasn’t part of the answer.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            I never got the impression that Serino liked Fogen much but also couldn’t find much to nail him with – probably protecting his own job, etc. considering the climate in Seminole County.

          • MDX says:

            I agree that Serino probably knew that Zimmerman was guilty, thus leading him to not use any kind of zeal to nail an obvious liar, because that would not make him look good in the eyes of Seminole county wherein Zimmerman was seen as a hero, a good guy, or a victim of the “race card”.

            So he went through the motions and still got demoted to a patrol officer.

            So, for the rest of his life, he can think about how a teens life was not worth standing up for.

            Or maybe, given the sleazy behavior of law enforcement in and around Sanford, watching this scene from Cop Land:

    • girlp says:

      I wonder if the African-American men in Fogen’s former neighborhood are testifying.

    • bettykath says:

      Sure hope they return an indictment. The evidence is available. Let’s hope they use it.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Indeed. I don’t think the Feds play around. They usually don’t do this unless they have something.

    • The article suggests that Taaffe may be the critical witness who tips the scale toward indictment with GZ’s admission that the shooting was racially motivated, which is something we know from all of his exaggerated denials, not the least of which were his claims about mentoring black children and his Afro-Peruvian heritage.


    • Two sides to a story says:

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Fred or Crane, there’s a Twitter pic of Francis Taaffe’s DOJ subpoena in moderation above.

        • The subpoena is for 11/5/2014.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            Thx. Astrological, things have been rough and people forced to review their pasts. Energy moving forward about the time they’re having this meeting. Bet Fogen’s been pooping his pants while he reviews his past because they’ve probably notified him of the meeting.

          • The feds do not normally advise a target about a grand jury investigation. The whole idea is to conduct the investigation in secret so that the target is unaware and cannot prevent or influence witnesses not to testify against him at the grand jury.

            He must know about it now, however, since the Orlando Sentinel published the story.

            I imagine he’s freaked out.

          • Malisha says:

            freaked out unless he knows, as he appeared to last time around, that the fix is in.

          • These days, it only makes sense to be continuously aware of the possibility that we are witnessing efforts to provide the appearance of something rather than the thing itself. This is especially true in the area of federal investigations of unlawful activities by banks, corporations, police and the government.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            The Orlando Sentinel article said GZ declined to comment, if I’m not mistaken. I wonder if they really contacted him – I would think he’d make himself hard to find.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            Definitely the Feds have avoided doing anything with criminal banking interests. But I don’t see any huge motive for them to play around with Zimmerman, unless they just want to see ‘splodey wingnut heads for a few days for fun. Doesn’t seem worth their time, though it is sad that they’re only questioning Francis. Should have done something to clean up Sanford and Seminole County. Indeed, pretty much most of Jacksonville too.

    • girlp says:

      I have hope but I’m not ready to believe

  4. So…cops are gunning down kids in the street, and smashing into the wrong houses on SWAT raids where they invariably kill people..running around in grass camo and all manner of military riot gear, and yet…

    Amazing they didn’t kill Eric Frein, in Pennsylvania. Seriously. I was sure that when they caught that guy, they’d simply kill him outright. They don’t kill a cop killer who is armed to the teeth and who is on the FBI Most Wanted list, stalking around the woods for more than a month. Amazing, that.

  5. I keep thinking, with this awful case- At some point, somebody will talk about something. Somebody who knows. It may not be this week or next, but I have a feeling the truth will come out, one way or another. I don’t think he fell into a rolled up mat. He was an athletic healthy teenager.

  6. Two sides to a story says:

    OT – Holy smacks. Mark O’Mara, you are standing on the pinnacle of hypocrisy after your taking the GZ case online and into the media with the full intent of trying the case in the media and tampering with the jury. #Surreal #Downtherabbithole #outrageous

    • roderick2012 says:

      I still can’t believe that CNN hired O’Mara, but then again CNN has been trying to Faux News lite for several years now.

      • MDX says:

        Money. I figure at least 60% of whites in the USA are either overt or internalized racists who loath anyone who empathizes or gives credence to the views of black people.

        Because these whites refuse to listen, they base their facts about black people on lame stereotypical Hollywood garbage.

        Am I wrong?

        B37 ate up that “you got a problem homie” like it was served by Jesus Christ as the word of God the father.

    • MDX says:

      It is easy to figure out. O’Mara is part of a legal system that must be assumed to “work”. If we had let that “perfect” system work, then “good people” like George would never have been brought to trial in the first place.

      So the media needs to stop engaging in critical thinking and just trust the “authoritarians”.

      Note this racist made a remark about blacks being emotional.

      I contrast this ass wipes remarks with those of a man who knows the system all to well – Frank Serpico. From the other thread:

      “Many white Americans, indoctrinated by the ridiculous number of buddy-cop films and police-themed TV shows that Hollywood has cranked out over the decades—almost all of them portraying police as heroes—may be surprised by the continuing outbursts of anger, the protests in the street against the police that they see in inner-city environments like Ferguson. But they often don’t understand that these minority communities, in many cases, view the police as the enemy. We want to believe that cops are good guys, but let’s face it, any kid in the ghetto knows different. The poor and the disenfranchised in society don’t believe those movies; they see themselves as the victims, and they often are.

      Read more:

      I don’t think I could be in a room with a clown like O’Mara because I would quickly ask why, if the system need not be subject to criticism or that blacks are “emotional” then why, pray tell, are they killed by cops or mentally unstable nuts like his client that he got off, at rates 21 times that of whites?

      The truth is that we have a media that goes chicken shit when the Reich Wing says “boo”.

  7. Two sides to a story says:

    A few articles ago, I posted a link to an Anon warning on Twitter posted to Vicki Pate, Annette Elaine Kelly, David Piercy and others. Guess they’re not taking it seriously. I’m all for free speech but that group has harassed and doxed people in serious ways. They claim to have been doxed and harassed as well. Not much good seems to come out of that group and if Anon can find a way to force them offline or into private groups online, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      What I really don’t understand is why Kendrick Johnson of all things has got their knickers in a twist.

      There’s no authoritarian-loving, boot-licking angle like in the Fogen and Darren “Racist Child Killer” Wilson, nor is there much of a “when black Thugz attack” angle.

      Why does it bother them that KJ’s parents want a new investigation?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        You could answer that yourself by following their conversations on various sites. Lots of strange and twisted logic that seems to suggest that black people are always thugs and always lie. *smh*

        Anybody know where VP is? Ohio, a Google search seems to suggest. Someone from a particular smalltown Ohio location has been visiting my blog and website on a very regular basis, and I don’t post much new content, so I assume the visits are for some OCD reason. And someone just tried to access my FB account again in the last few minutes. Dear me. Oh my.

      • Trisha says:

        Philly these pictures are really bad and how they can say nothing to see here is unbelievable to say the least, they didnt want the public to see these at all,

      • Malisha says:

        Because the death of any Black kid is, to them, proof that they are so superior that others don’t matter. They CELEBRATE the death of Black kids because they imagine that it makes them more powerful and more significant, those sniveling pissypants cowards.

  8. Trisha says:

    well Ive seen the pictures and to be honest I started to cry, I mean who the heck would do what they did to him, and its far worse than people even know,

  9. PhillyBoyRoy says:


    Just curious – what caused you to remove the parts about the investigation?

    • Sorry about that. I believe it was a couple of sentences that amounted to a brief comment. I went to the previous drafts, and put the sentences back at the end of the post. (He is not feeling well today, likely due to a flu shot, we think).

  10. Cause of action for a ‘tort of outrage,’ willful and intentional, deliberate intention to cause harm. Sky’s the limit! Especially if the jury allows punitive damages.

    Oh! Yes they do.

  11. sadlyyes says:

    for Crane

    an antidote to the wingnutz cruel despotism

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