A Man Calls the Suicide Hotline and a SWAT Team Shows Up, and Kills Him

posted by Crane-Station


Jay Syrmopoulos, writing for thefreethoughtproject notes:


The first tragic mistake in this case was made when the Weber County Consolidated Dispatch Center sent officers to the residence rather than some type of crisis response team trained to deal with suicidal individuals.

From previous cases, such as that of Jason Turk, who was shot twice in the face after a suicide call to 9-1-1 by his wife, or that of Christian Alberto Sierra, who was suffering from depression and had attempted suicide when police showed up and shot him four times, killing him, most know all too well what happens when you send officers to “assist” people threatening suicide.

Subsequently, a SWAT team came to the residence and “negotiated” with Calzada for more than seven hours before taking his life.

So much for the suicide prevention hotline. You’re apt to get killed.



17 Responses to A Man Calls the Suicide Hotline and a SWAT Team Shows Up, and Kills Him

  1. owl says:

    I believe the unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.

    – Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968, Pastor, Activist, and Humanitarian

  2. What do they say “When you are a hammer, everything is a nail to you.” Police are hammers!

  3. Two sides to a story says:

    America is broken.

  4. racerrodig says:

    They are supposed to get him help, not tell him to get help.
    I’m betting some of the swat guys are patting themselves on the back with that “….good shoot……” shit

  5. owl says:

    failed mental health system
    abuses of authority

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