Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 17 October 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Good morning:

We have final arguments in the Oscar Pistorius sentencing.

Watch the proceedings and join us in the comments.

Gerrie Nel recommended 10 years in prison.

FYI: Judge Healey will sentence Michael Dunn at 10:30 am EDT

I will put up a new post so that we can watch the livestream and comment.

34 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 17 October 2014

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    So – what was OPs sentence?

    • He has not been sentenced.

      Judge Masipa will impose the sentence on Tuesday at 9:30 am (3:30 am EDT).

    • SearchingMind says:

      We will know on Tuesday – next week.

      I have the gut-feeling that The Ubiquitous Oscar’ will be going to jail. But it’s only a gut-feeling. This Lady Justice Masipa is very, very compassionate, but the fact that she was visibly irritated by some of Mr. Roux’s really very insensitive, misplaced and idiotic submissions indicates a shift to me [at one point the Judge told Nel: “you can take it from me, all those paragraphs (i.e. Roux’s submission re the media “bias”) will be disregarded by this court”]. So I am encouraged that Judge Masipa, while outrageously compassionate, is very meticulous and disciplined.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I’m doubtful he’ll get the length of sentence that he should but I don’t think they’re going to keep him out of jail – that would be too outrageous.

  2. SearchingMind says:

    Nel: “The negligence bothers on intent. (10 years is the minimum)”

    Very subtle. Very powerful. Further than that, Nel may not go – given the court’s verdict. A ‘negligence’ that bothers on ‘intent’ is the highest form/degree of ‘negligence’ that exists. I am astonished that Roux did not even attempt to soften that, because, if the Court accepts Nel’s submission, that will definitely do serious damage to Pistorius. Roux was more concerned with “the (rails in the) shower” – i.e. Oscars personal comfort in the bathroom!

    (Roux is brilliant and very eloquent, but he has also got a stupid way of being detrimentally pretentious, pompous, insensitive, petty and childish and doesn’t seem to realize when he is pushing the line really too far).

  3. SearchingMind says:

    Like the rugged African Lion, Nel fought a good battle for a defenseless girl. Though the court found Oscar guilty of negligent homicide, Nel dealt Oscar some deadly blows and convinced all reasonable people that Oscar is a murderer, an egomaniac, “The Sadist Emir Of The Neverland” who shows wanton disregard for the life of those ‘he The Oscar’ considers lesser human beings and beneath the huge ‘him’. Regardless of the disappointing verdict and the (possibly disappointing) sentence, Nel is among the ultimate prosecutors – with breathtaking oratorical know-how and mastery of case-presentation and court theatrics. The silenced dead are happy to have him on their side and speak for them. Congrats, Nel! I hope Reeva’s parents and siblings find a way to move on and prosper and are able to one day smile again.

  4. MDX says:

    Maybe this has already been discussed, but the appeal for a new trial in regard to Marissa Alexander was granted because the judge in the original trial included instruction that she had to prove her claim of self defense beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Click to access marissa+alexander+DCA+ruling.pdf


    Well now, we had poor instructions by a judge that helped Zimmerman and harmed Alexander.

    Is that surprising?

  5. Pdeadder says:

    One of the most disgusting things Roux said was the story of a man stealing a goat.I swear if I was Reeva’s parents I would have lost it then and there.

    • Malisha says:

      Well let him bring that goat back then. Or else let him replace the goat. Failing his ability to do that, lock up his sorry ass.

  6. Michael Dunn sentencing today 10:30 Eastern. The defense has filed a motion asking for a re-trial based on:

    – trial should have been moved to a different county
    -medical examiner should not have been allowed to testify about the trajectory of the gunshot
    -Juror dismissed without evidence of misconduct

    • MDX says:


      A) The defendant has a right to a venue loaded with paranoid racists who think “the blacks” are out to get them.

      B) It is a well established Faux News fact that any argument based on logic and reason is not faith based and, as such, must not be allowed to taint our perfect system of justice – or as in the immortal words of Frank Burns “It is only by blindly following authority, that we can truly be free”.

      C) There was a conspiracy to remove the one person who knew about the hard core Commie conspiracy to rob us of our precious bodily fluids. I mean it is all quite clear to Dunne and General Ripper. “The blacks” or “liberals”, because they do not deny their “essence” during the act of love, become pawns in the Commie plot to take down our great nation.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Dunn ought to be careful on what he asks for — in court and in prison. Change the trial venue to South Florida — Monroe, Broward, Dade — and Dunnbo likely would find a conviction on all counts including M1 coming in the first time. Med examiner was well within her bounds.

        I read the 60-page transcript of the sidebar where Guy asked to get rid of juror and Carlyle wanted to keep him. Dunn was at the sidebar. The last thing the dismissed Juror #4 said at the sidebar was “Good luck to you, Mr. Dunn.”

        I wonder if he was a ringer for the defense who inadvertently got knocked off via the online Folio piece.

  7. JRB ‏@JRBSays 2h2 hours ago
    And the Oscar for Best Actor with a disability goes to…

  8. MDX says:

    I see that Corey is pushing a 60 year sentence for Marissa Alexander, although witnesses are coming out to verify that Marissa had reason to fear for her life:


    How a politically motivated person such as Corey behaves is a window into how white privilege permeates our society. Just ask these questions:

    Would Corey be pushing real hard for 60 years if Marissa were a white women and her husband was still Ricardo?

    Would Corey and the Sanford PD have made a greater effort at prosecuting George Zimmerman, if Travon was a white teen?

    • Malisha says:

      If Trayvon Martin had been white, there wouldn’t have been a killing that night — unless Fogen found someone else.

      • racerrodig says:

        I firmly believe Fogen would have found someone to kill. He’s already had several incidents where it could have happened and 2 are white people…….actually 4. The road rage incident, Samantha, Shellie and her dad. Not to mention him getting his gun and following the UPS delivery driver because “…he didn’t look right”

        His head is not wired right and if he’s not stopped, we’ll hear from him again.

        • MDX says:

          Road rage is the most likely next trigger for something violent and lethal.

          On the up side, that ugly ass truck is “known”, so there is a chance that his intended target will be ready.

  9. Court will be in recess until Tuesday morning, October 21st at 9:30 am (3:30 am EDT) when Judge Masipa will impose the sentence.

  10. With respect to Roux’s argument that OP needs rails to shower and the prisons don’t have rails in the showers, Nel points out that the prisons have shower rails and, in any event, OP did not have rails in his shower or bathroom.

    Nel recommends a sentence of 10 years.

    • MDX says:

      Oscar competed in the Olympics. What? There were no “hardships” he had to overcome when he did that?

      Oscar liked to go out to clubs where, if his gun was not going off by accident, I would assume needed to take a pee. So how was that problem less insurmountable than rails in a shower?

  11. Killer as victim is a tough sell.

  12. Nel asks for a 15 minute break.


    Court will resume at 5:30 am EDT.

  13. OP’s remorse: If this hadn’t happened, I would have made millions.

  14. Nel argues that the money Pistorius offered was not charity. It was offered to settle a potential lawsuit. Offered between the trial and sentencing to buy his freedom.

    Funds obtained by selling his car.

    Reeva’s life for a car payment.

  15. A watcher, pps1fan, tweeted:

    Gerrie Nel is so right…he’s showing the court who the real victims are in this case and it’s not OP

  16. Roux pursues his strategy presenting Oscar Pistorius as victim but he walks a fine line here between not enough and too much. Frankly, I think he has pushed it too far.

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