Michael Dunn to be sentenced today

Friday, October 17, 2014

Good morning again:

Michael Dunn will be sentenced today at 10:30 am EDT.

You can watch the livestream and comment below.

Dunn’s lawyer has filed a motion for a new trial, which is standard operating procedure and should not be a matter to lose sleep over. The arguments are that he should get a new trial because:

1. The retrial should have been moved to another county;

2. The medical examiner should not have been permitted to testify about the trajectory of the shot that killed Jordan Davis; and

3. The juror should not have been dismissed for misconduct during the trial.

I cannot comment on the jury selection issue because it was not televised or livestreamed.

The argument that the medical examiner should not have been permitted to testify is ridiculous because no one is better qualified than a pathologist medical examiner to testify about the trajectory of a bullet through the body and the defense ‘expert,’ Michael Knox is a hack.

The juror was properly dismissed for making inappropriate statements about Angela Corey.

I believe Judge Healey will deny the motion.

Dunn’s lawyer can raise these issues on appeal.

107 Responses to Michael Dunn to be sentenced today

  1. Trained Observer says:

    As we know, Dunnbo didn’t get the death penalty … Nevertheless, here’s a glimpse of life at on death row at Florida State Prison where Dunn is being (or perhaps already has been) transported.

  2. Sophia33 says:

    On another note, Darren Wilson’s “He reached for the gun” defense has come out. Why is it every time I hear this nonsense I hear the them from Chicago, “We both reached for the gun”.


  3. Malisha says:

    Power concedes nothing, and people in power always do what is best for their own interests and to preserve their power. Considering the judge’s speech (“We have the best system in the world”) and Corey’s conduct with Marissa Alexander (in which she proved that a white man could kill any black man in self-defense but no black man was dangerous enough to allow a black WOMAN to defend herself) and Corey’s intentions to refuse to back off Alexander, I believe the poor racist-bastard-idot Dunn actually caught Hell because Corey needed a white man sacrifice to “save her reputation.”

    Not that it is unjust that he should be used this way. In fact, I quite like it. Corey WAS going to find a way to survive her murderous corrupt behavior and stay on top of the mountain so if the way she found deals dirt to a murdering white supremacist, so be it.

    • Diamonique says:

      Malisha, I love your take on Corey, and I totally agree.

      About that so-called apology that Dunn gave in court: Anytime a person apologizes for something and then goes right into giving an excuse for why they did it, they aren’t sorry at all. Paraphrasing: “I’m sorry I did it, but I was afraid for my life.” Apology not accepted.

  4. girlp says:

    Get comfortable Dunn prison is your home and rightfully so. No more rum and coke no more wine I hope you miss all the comforts of home you are reaping the consequences of your actions.

  5. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I think he should teach computers to all his new found friends of other nationalities…. Call his course Reforming A Racist 101.

  6. concernedczen says:

    Being an inmate is a nightmare for everyone.

  7. Sophia33 says:

    If there were any doubts that Dunn is a psychopath, they should have been laid to rest today. Anyone with a conscience could not have sat there stone-faced with those victim impact statements. Anyone with an iota of conscience would not have read that lame apology the way he did. Dunn looks much, much older than his 47 years. Hate ages you, I guess. And I am so glad that Davis’ parents spoke about how Dunn appears to have been raised. When Matthew Shepherd was killed, his murderers parents went to the Shepherds and apologized for their loss. As Jordan’s father pointed out, this kind of compassion an humility was not present in Dunn’s family. It says a lot. Even if they didn’t feel that their apology would have been accepted, they should have tried. IMHO this is a cold, racist man raised by cold, racist people. Glad Florida finally got one right.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Excellently spoken, he does look much older than forty-seven. Can you imagine a white suburban computer scientist transforming into an inmate. What a complete nightmare especially if your associations are probably mostly racist. What a Holy Nightmare…

      • Trained Observer says:

        He’s no scientist. At best, he’s a low-level programmer with no degrees, working mostly at his parents software company. He’s also claimed to be an outside contractor grunt for H-P and Zerox.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Sophia, difficult to tell from the angle, but a couple of times it was like he was smirking. I’m betting his statement of remorse was drafted by his attorneys. … And that was to further his hopefully futile bids for new trials or reversals.

  8. Annie Cabani says:

    Thank you, everybody! Great news!
    I missed it all today, unfortunately.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      When the judge referred to defusing the situation, it simplified everything. We as human beings should have some form of common sense when to walk away. This nation is extremely violent because of individuals being unable to control their temper and emotions.

      Something that bothered me about this situation; why do individuals in jail speak so freely over the jailhouse telephones. Do they understand all conversations are recorded? Imprisoned Michael Dunn is a blatant racist: who will learn that blacks are humans.

      Michael Dunn showed “zero” emotion sitting there; maybe he can teach computer science to all of the blacks he hates; that will be a good start in reforming him.

      Is this Michael Dunn resume? If this is his, resume what a waste over loud music.


  9. J4TMinATL says:

    Dunnster’s 5 second fake apology. Sorry I don’t know how to embed videos.


    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      It was a joke. This racist could care less about Jordan Davis. Going to his son’s wedding was the biggest mistake of his life.

      • PhillyBoyRoy says:

        He’s a huge hero to the right. And unlike Zimmerman, Dunn is now kind of a martyr to their cause. I bet the treehouse is angry. Government overreach, hate crime, etc.

        So in short, he might actually be happy being a right-wing race warrior folk hero. He’s like Abe Lincoln to them. Could be he’s loving his legacy right now.

        For that reason, I hope he gets raped a bunch.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          Last I put on my goggles and waders to check a rightwing site, the front pages were all about ebola, enterovirus, and Mike Brown. Nothing today yet about Done at the Treestump. Last encounter I had with anyone right-ish on Twitter, they felt it was a waste of taxpayer money to convict Dunn for Jordan Davis because he was going to prison for life. : / I didn’t see anything from the trolls on Twitter about Dunn today either – all Ferguson and ebola.

      • Sophia33 says:

        Exactly! When I listened to Dunn’s apology today and he said that he wished that he could go back in time and do things differently, the first thought that came to mind was he wished he would have killed all of the teenagers in the car. Think about it. If he had killed all 4 teenagers, he could very well be a free man because he could make up any story he wanted. As it was, it took two trials to prove that he murdered in cold blood Jordan Davis. We still have so very long way to go.

  10. J4TMinATL says:

    Several jurors including two alternates showed up for sentencing, a first for Duval County. 50+ attended, including Davis’ parents, Tommie Stornes, jurors, JSO detectives who worked the case and Dunn’s parents.

    Many observers were overcome during testimony from Jordan’s parents and the family members of of the three surviving teenage victims. Bailiffs, jurors, even the judge choked up as family discussed the loss of Jordan Davis.

    Before the victim impact statements, Healey denied a motion for a new trial for Dunn.

    Dunnster’s  parents didn’t speak on his behalf.

    Dunnster: “I want the Davis family to know I truly regret what happened. I’m sorry for their loss. If I could roll back time and do things differently, I would. I truly regret what happened. I was in fear for my life, and I did what I thought I had to do. Still, I am mortified I took a life whether it was justified or not.”

    Lucia McBath: “I miss his big, wide, toothy smile. For me, there will be no college graduation. There will be no daughter-in-law. For me, there will be no future generation. For years to come I will be forced to celebrate my son’s birthday without his presence. I will be forever reminded of what might have been for my Jordan. I too must be willing to forgive. And so I choose to forgive you Mr. Dunn for taking my son’s life. I pray that God has mercy on your soul.”

    McBath’s husband, Curtis McBath, and Jordan Davis’ stepmother, Carolina Davis, also spoke. 

    Dunn looked down as Jordan’s father, Ron Davis spoke at court. “My life as I had known it was shattered on November 23, 2012. I now call it Black Friday for a completely different reason. After the longest hour of my life, the hospital confirmed that Jordan Russell Davis was deceased in the emergency room. The old Ron Davis died that very night with Jordan Davis.
    I gave him his first kiss when he came into this world, Judge Healey and I could never imagine giving him his last kiss. Our family has lost the biggest and the brightest smile of all of us.”

    Prior to announcing the sentence, Judge Healey offered powerful words. “Mr. Dunn, your life is effectively over. What is sad… is that this case exemplifies that our society seems to have lost its way.”

    “There was a huge misunderstanding about the “stand your ground” law in the case. We hear people debate the right to stand your ground. There is nothing wrong with retreating or de escalating a situation. Mr. Dunn, this tragedy should have and could have been prevented. Our thoughts and discussions should be how to treat one another. This case shows that the justice system does work.”

    After the sentencing, Ron Davis gave his reaction to Dunn’s apology. “I thought it was much too little and much too late. I didn’t think it was sincere.”

    McBath said when she looked over at Dunn to tell him that she forgave him, she didn’t see a reaction. “I didn’t seen any remorse. I didn’t see any humility. And that’s why I feel so saddened for him, because he has emptiness inside of him. And that’s what he will live with for the rest of his life.”

    • Two sides to a story says:

      That was all very moving. Though Dunn remained fairly expressionless, I got the vibes that Mr. Davis’s impact statement shook him up more than any other.

      I’m so glad this issue is over. I doubt the appeal will have any effect.

    • Annie Cabani says:

      Link, please, J4TMinATL?
      Thanks for all your info and links!

    • Trained Observer says:

      Thanks, … wasn’t sure whether Dunn’s parents were there, although they had been there daily through both trials.

  11. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    They escorted him out of there fast.

  12. Who was the older man that interrupted the court? I believe he wanted to enter a motion, “it’s the law” he said. His father?

  13. J4TMinATL says:

    Life with no parole, 90 years on three attempted murder and 15 for firing into occupied vehicle. Life + 105 years!

    Damn it I missed live streaming. Wanted to hear their statements. If anyone finds a full recording later please let me know.


    • ay2z says:

      We all missed the live streaming, emphasis on ‘streaming’. On again off again poor audio, tripped over camera cords…. too bad, this is an important day for the likes of the acc…. the convicted/sentenced.

      Judge Healey’s address was important, that will be aired again. Could not hear the family members, very poor audio set up.

    • The audio-video feed from the courthouse was atrocious and finally some stumblebum tripped over the power cord mercifully unplugging the camera.

      I doubt if there is any way to resuscitate the entire hearing, although Judge Healey’s remarks and imposition of sentence are being shown.

  14. What a totally ridiculous reason to confront somebody. These sentences are richly deserved. It’s a ‘country club’ entitlement with a rum chaser that made Dunn feel impenetrable.

    A few years in the real world & he’d learn that Jordan Davis & his friends would have likely helped him change a flat if he asked. That’s the truth here. I know cause it’s happened to me many times & it’s never the dude in the Ferrari that stops.

    I’m turning my music up way loud today, although it’s probably an old Grateful Dead show.

    Question. As a defense attorney, after a full court sentencing like we just saw, what do you tell the convicted? Is he just dropped into the sewer to float away or do you give him an agenda of your next steps or a pep talk? #morbidcuriosity

  15. SearchingMind says:

    This Judge just slammed the deterrent iron-fist of the Law on the table against would-be (racist) killers: you will – if not executed – die in jail!

    (Dunn looked very feeble; like he was going to melt into his shoes. It appeared to me like he was shivering, while frowning like he was tasting the bitter taste of cyanide in his mouth. Oh dear …. and has not even started serving his sentence).

  16. ay2z says:

    The live presser is not working, hope the individual stations have their own outside feeds on record so we can see this later. Davis family speaking.

    • What was that at the end, with some guy yelling?

      • ay2z says:

        Voice said “I want to make (read) a statement” and cameras switched to the gallery to see a white haired elderly man with glasses on holding a sheet of paper that he presumably intended to read to the court.

        Judge quickly said “No Sir you are NOT’ and the man said “I have a right…” as two court guards took him out of the gallery and out of camera view. That was it.

        Some nutcase wanted his 2 seconds on national tv and got it.

        • ay2z says:

          Hope that he doesn’t now go entice some camera person to photograph him and his voice because they recognize him from court.

  17. ay2z says:

    Moral compass lost– ‘not whether we have a right…. ‘ to do something. ‘Right to stand your ground such a huge misunderstanding about that term.’

    “Remember there is nothing wrong with retreating or de-escalating…. Mr. Dunn…. how you went from a joyous time…. to kill someone, is something people will never understand…..’

    The positive…. “our justice system DOES work…. its the greatest and most fair in the world…. every week, every month of every year, here in Jackstonville. Works in every case, not… just ones reported on… as this one was.

    ‘…. jurors, once here, recognize that …. their civic duty….. (this jury) did not allow race to become a factor.”

    Dunn…. Stand.

    Old guy booted out, wanted to stand make a statement, no sir you may not…. and out he goes!

    Mr. Dunn, you have been found gty by j or your peers on……

    Adj each of 4— Tevin— 30 yrs, Brunson…. 30 yrs…. with 20 min, …. Tommy stornes…. 30 yrs 20 min mandatory.

    Count 5 shooting into occ’d vehicle….

    Premeditated min mand’ory without parole, consecutively with counts 2, 3, 4 and 5. And some court costs.

    And will reserve…. (feed cut to Jorday’s family presser outside… now blank again)

  18. Video archive up on on wildabouttrial.com

  19. ay2z says:

    Now Judge Healey’s sentencing statement is on (news4jax).

  20. bettykath says:

    and, of course, there will be an appeal.

  21. bettykath says:

    and the motion for a new trial. Is that being heard today?

  22. ay2z says:

    Looks like they are attempting a presser outside the courtroom, still having issues flipping back and forth from earlier video. Gremlins definitely in the courtroom walls and pool relay room..

  23. For whatever reason, that was the lamest audio-video coverage of a court hearing that I have ever seen.

    Apparently, faulty wiring in the courthouse was the initial problem and the coup de gras was administered by a stumblebum who tripped over the electrical wire and unplugged the camera.

    Fortunately, a reporter in the courtroom, Vic Molucci, tweeted what was going on.

  24. ay2z says:

    Vic Micolucci – WJXT@WJXTvic

    Judge – Huge misunderstanding about Stand Your Ground term. Nothing wrong with retreating or de-escalating situation. – #MichaelDunn sent.

  25. racerrodig says:

    And there we have it, I guess Darren Wilson is sweating a little bit just about now. I’m thinking he’s hoping his connections don’t fade.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Ooo, that gives me the vision of him sweating bullets. : /

      • racerrodig says:

        Yep……sweating something, that’s for sure. Yep, I still think the Feds will drill Wilson, or at least get the investigation into another jurisdiction.

        So we all called this one……soooooooo I guess he ordered his last pizza……??

        I can’t wait to read about the 1st time he opens that racist sewer and gets pummeled. Fogen’s sweating as well I’d bet.

        I still say Duuhhnnn and his dream(ing team) are saying “…..WTF went wrong…..??…..we went straight to the Moron O’ Mara playbook and our client was still convicted.”

  26. Trained Observer says:

    Dunn gets life for murder plus 90 years for the other counts. Too bad the feed was so screwed up.

    • ay2z says:

      Thanks, 30 each attempted m. charge.

      • J4TMinATL says:

        Life with no parole on 1st degree murder of Jordan Davis. 90 years for three counts of attempted murder in the second degree (30 each) and 15 years for firing into occupied vehicle.

        Life + 105 years for the Dunnster.

  27. ay2z says:

    They must have new trainees working the video system. Or gremlins in the walls.

  28. Vic Micolucci – WJXT@WJXTvicIT IS FINISHED. Judge sentences #MichaelDunn to life in prison for #JordanDavis murder, plus 90 years consecutive for other charges.

    • ay2z says:

      Thanks. That was pretty much as expected but wow, ‘consecutive’! That’s 90 plus life, or 90 x 3 plus life? Not that it really matters.

      He can’t really think he has a chance at retrial. That read prepared statement of his ‘feelings’ about what happened, fell flat at minimum. He is now horrified that he’s stuck where he is, but that night, his ‘horrification’ (or whatever his word was)was easily quelled with another stiff rum and coke.

  29. Vic Micolucci – WJXT@WJXTvicJudge sentences #MichaelDunn to life in prison without parole for 1st degree murder of #JordanDavis consecutive to other charges.

  30. Malisha says:

    I wonder if Dunn will put Frank Taaffe on his visitor’s list in prison.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      LMAO at that Malisha!

    • racerrodig says:

      But Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe saw God remember ?? He’s a new man and said Fogen’s a killer. Maybe he’s just covering his ass, you know, what with Fogen guarding guns stores and all that road rage ‘n stuff……maybe ??? ya think ??

  31. Vic Micolucci – WJXT@WJXTvicHealey – “Mr. Dunn, your life is effectively over.” – #MichaelDunn sentencing

  32. Trained Observer says:

    Sound an video back. It appears to be Wolfson speaking.

  33. Trained Observer says:

    Can’t hear … and now video has frozen. What a mess. Maybe it will be captured for you-tube for viewing later.

    Dunn’s orange jumpsuit is perfect for this — trick or treat for your murder. Will you get life plus 105 years for your murderous stunt. Or just LWOP plus 65 years?

  34. My video cut out.

    The station carrying this live feed is incredibly incompetent

  35. His former lawyer during the first trial, Strolla, is speaking.

    Sorry, but I forget his name and I cannot hear what he is saying.

  36. The defense attorney is addressing the court.

  37. Ron Davis, Jordan’s dad is next.

  38. Jordan’s stepmother is testifying.

    I didn’t catch her name. The sound is terrible.

  39. Trained Observer says:

    Can get audio but no vid.

  40. Leland Brunson’s father is testifying.

    He followed a woman whose name I missed, but I believe her son is one of three victims who survived the shooting.

  41. Jordan’s stepfather is testifying.

  42. Refresh your page. I have edited the post and replaced the link.

    Jordan’s mother is testifying.

  43. BigBoi ‏@BigBoithedog Protected Tweets 17m17 minutes ago
    Jurors have returned for #Michael Dunn’s sentencing. I’m glad to see this happen because it shows that they cared for #JordanDavis

    Corey B. King ‏@coreybking 16m16 minutes ago
    @BigBoithedog They will forever be the magnificent 12 to me…If I had the money, they would never work another day in their lives!

    • J4TMinATL says:

      I agree Crane! #J4JD

      Life with no parole on 1st degree murder of Jordan Davis. 90 years for three counts of attempted murder in the second degree (30 each) and 15 years for firing into occupied vehicle.

      Life + 105 years for the Dunnster.

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