Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 16 October 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good morning:

Welcome to the fourth day of the Oscar Pistorius sentencing hearing. Reeva Steenkamp’s cousin, Kim Martin, will be back on the stand resuming her testimony regarding Reeva Steenkamp and the impact of her death on her family.

Watch the livestream and join us in the comments.

Session 1

40 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 16 October 2014

  1. Pdeadder says:

    I’m just reading that the assessor in the pistorius trial is very well connected to the Paralympic community as her husband is a paraplegic.She believes in a holistic approach in this trial and is writing her thesis or whatever the heel on a holistic approach to crime and it seems she can overrule the judge if the other assessor agrees with her.
    Give me a jury any day this is bullshit.

    • Malisha says:

      Juries can be bullshit too; OMG OMG nothing works.

    • bettykath says:

      Apparently Nell can appeal the case if he believes that the judge made an error in her logic. This is quite different from our approach. If the jury comes back with guilty of a lesser charge, the prosecutor can’t appeal. In SA, the judge writes up a full explanation of how she reached her conclusion. If the prosecution thinks there is an error in how she reached her conclusion for a lesser charge, it can be appealed and the appeal court, if it agrees, can find for the greater charge. If the defense thinks the judgement is in error, it, too, can appeal looking for a lesser charge or an acquittal.

      • Pdeadder says:

        Malisha juries can be bullshit too.Enjoy how you put things such as OMG OMG nothing works.
        So bettykath does pistorius stay out of prison if he ever has to go
        If Nell or Roux appeal.
        I believe prisonsers should all be treated humanely and have a chance to rehabilitate.

        • Malisha says:

          All prisoners SHOULD be treated humanely and have a chance to rehabilitate. But you don’t rehabilitate someone by bowing down to their own arrogant assumption that their version of reality should dominate the world. You rehabilitate them to showing them that they are part of an environment that must be rehabilitative for ALL.

  2. Pdeadder says:

    I’ve come to dislike and distrust the stupid judge in the pistorius trial.
    I also think she’s senile she called Mr Nell Roux twice today.
    As far as asshole,arrogant,murderer dunn he should have kept his mouth shut during the trial.It might have helped a little but I’m glad he didn’t.
    He can appeal till the cows come home.Florida finally got one right.

    • racerrodig says:

      “The motion, filed by Dunn’s attorney Waffa Hanania, stated that in Dunn’s most recent trial “the verdict is contrary to the weight of the evidence” and “the verdict is contrary to the law.”

      Earlier this year, he was convicted on three counts of attempted murder and in his second trial, he was found guilty of killing Davis at a Southside gas station in November 2012.”

      The same Judge will deny this latest attempt and thumbing the juries verdict. If this was the case, his best chance was to make a SYG claim and, well…….he didn’t.

      They’re looking at this like “….WTF……Fogen got off and that was just one thug. My client had 4 thugs and a shotgun to scare his whiny ass, er, scare him….that’s what I meant. Not only that Fogen had one thug jump out of the bushes and my client had four hiding behind tinted glass.”

      Let me make a prediction………….

      MOTION : DE – NIED

      • bettykath says:

        It’s at the least a stall tactic. The lawyer gets paid, Dunn stays in county jail instead of prison. A win all around even if the appeal fails.

        • racerrodig says:

          It’s a stall tactic that will end tomorrow at his sentencing. As I recall, the sentencing for the 3 attempted murder and firing into a vehicle convictions will be done no matter what is ruled on this Motion.

          But he has a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
          000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % chance of winning this Motion and I believe I’m being generous.

          Not only that, he could be sentenced, appeal everything, be denied, file again for a new trial so they can make sure a 400 lb. racist gets on the jury and he gets off……I’m sure that’s it……they’re pissed Mr. Stealth ran his big mouth.

          I went back and watched the Judges body language when he was found guilty and I’d say he’s really Duuuuhhhnnnn, if you get my drift.

          Wasn’t he found indigent ? meaning his lawyer gets paid by the taxpayers ?

          No matter, I think they are shell shocked that Fogen got off and he didn’t.

          I also think he’ll be Dahmerized since he seems to have a pretty big racist mouth as well and I’m pretty sure at least one fellow inmate will not take his whiny rantings as someone just blowing off steam, like on social media and such.

          • Trained Observer says:

            I agree on DEEE-NIED. This arrogant murdering fool must be in a panic by now on this, the eve of his sentencing. If he thinks he’s been exposed to thugs from the confines of his private cell at the Duval County jail, just wait until he gets hauled off to the state slammer. .

          • Trained Observer says:

            Am hopeful Judge Healey delivers a scorcher in the sentencing verbiage that blisters the butt of this whining liar.

  3. Apparently, there has been another delay in the proceedings until tomorrow morning.

  4. Roux settles for an assurance that Pistorius would go to the hospital unit because of his disability, which is a major concession.

    Roux overreached when he attempted to get him agree that the hospital is a dangerous place because of the exposure to diseases there. There is no way that the witness was going to go that far.

    Example of an effort to have his cake and eat it too.

    Witness is excused.

    Court is in recess until 2 pm (8 am EDT). At that time, Nel will present his last witness.

    Looks like the lawyers will be making their final arguments tomorrow.

  5. Roux is now venturing into dangerous territory by bringing up the subject of disease (Tb) because exposure to diseases is a fact of life in any institutional setting. OP or anyone else is not entitled to special consideration or entitlement.

  6. I can tell you right now this Olympic athlete would not qualify for a prison hospital in any way, shape of form, because he is not an invalid. He is not on dialysis, and he is not on a ventilator, and he is not terminally ill, or on chemo, or on a transplant list. This man is not suffering. He is not schizophrenic, nor is he mentally ill.

  7. Annnnnd…how many undiagnosed TB cases are there in the passing public, that he could possibly be exposed to? Shall we consider constructing a Biosphere for the unbelievably delicate and special Saint Oscar?

  8. There are 7 inmates in the single cells unit that contains 12 cells.

  9. So, is he asking for both a live-in doctor as well as a full-time live-in psychologist as well? Anything else? A butler? A maid? Seriously. How many full. Time. Live-in. Doctors. Would he have, on home detention?

  10. 1 doctor and 5 psychologists available for 7,000 inmates.

  11. Court is recess for tea and to provide the witness with an opportunity to check on some facts.

  12. Is this the sort of accommodation that would be suitable for Saint Mother Teresa Oscar Pistorius? Would something like this be acceptable for him? Special meals? Would there be anything else that he would need, that we could possibly arrange, to meet his special, specialized and delicate needs?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      : ]

    • girlp says:

      Yes, they should put him in a cell and run this video 8 hours a day for 15 years.

    • bettykath says:

      The kind of accommodations and service the .01% expect from the next 9%. The next .09% are the legislators, the lawyers, the lawyers, accountants, high performing athletes. The top of the next 9% provide the services depicted in the video. The bottom of the next 9% mop their floors, do their laundry, their gardening, and, in general, clean up their shxt. The bottom 90%, well, we do the labor that provides their wealth by manning their production lines, digging in their mines, etc. We get along as best we can. The feudal system is on its way back.

      • Malisha says:

        WELL on its way back, thanks to terror (you low-lifes can be killed at any time with impugnity; you could-be-at-any-moment-low-lifes can be exploited and better not open your mouths) and stupidity (“this will make America great”).

  13. Now he is locking the witness into the conclusion that only the hospital section is appropriate for Pistorius.

  14. So, he should be in a five-star hotel for blowing someone’s brains out then? Is that it?

  15. This is an outstanding cross because Roux is doing it respectfully by complimenting him on his efforts at reform and getting him to agree that they are working on correcting the problems. Then he fleshes out the problems with specifics and therein lies the rub.

  16. Roux is cross examining by confronting him with reports that gang activity and inmate assaults have increased substantially in the past few years.

    He denies knowledge that the head of a prison gang called the 26s has threatened Pistorius’s life when he gets to prison.

  17. Offenders have a bill of rights that includes a right to humane incarceration. This includes accommodations for people with disabilities.

    They have showers with rails and bathtubs for people with disabilities, such as people who are blind, paralyzed or who have amputations of limbs, fingers or toes.

    Their physical buildings are old and overcrowded, but they have reduced overcrowding from a population of 160,000 + in 2005 to 130,000 + at present and are working to further reduce overcrowding.

  18. Admits there is gang activity that they attempt to mitigate. Vulnerable inmates are separated from other inmates.

  19. Sounds far more humane and rehabilitation oriented than US prisons. They actually emphasize addressing psychological, educational and life skills training.

    Inmates make furniture and grow and cook their own food.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking – more in line with what prisons should be in the business of doing – rehab and realignment back into society, transformation, not punishment.

  20. The department would do a health assessment within 6 hours after commitment and special needs, vulnerabilities and religious needs within 21 days, including assigning an inmate to a single cell.

    Prosthetic legs would be permitted as a medical device.

    An inmate could even retain his own doctors and counselors so long as he pays for them.

    They have counseling services available.

  21. The next witness is the Correctional Services Commissioner Zach Modise.

    He said they are equipped to deal with prisoners who have disabilities.

  22. She did not believe his apology in court and she believes he should have to pay for the damage he caused to Reeva, her family and his family.

    She believes the defense recommendation would enable him to believe he got away with killing her.

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