Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 14 October 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good morning:

Welcome to the second day of arguments in the Oscar Pistorius sentencing.

Follow along with the live stream and comment below.

Session 1

I hope everyone stops non-essential activities and watches the afternoon session because it’s likely to be something that will be watched and commented about for many years.

The Issue: Whether we as a society should make an exception to how we treat convicted killers who are rich and privileged versus how we treat everyone else?

Nel appears tired and scattered. He needs to get his shit together and go for it during the afternoon session. If he rises to the occasion, this afternoon session will be memorable.

Session 2

41 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: 14 October 2014

  1. Malisha says:

    So let’s say a south African man whose real job is to mop floors FIVE DAYS A WEEK and who has never committed a crime — and who has never killed anybody — should one day accidentally shoot a white woman attorney/model to death. Would his sentence be to cut his hours to only 40% of what they previously were and let him live in Oscar’s uncle’s house the rest of the time?

  2. bettykath says:


    An article on the day’s proceedings.

    Paragraph 1:
    Oscar Pistorius should mop floors two days a month for the next three years to pay for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a state official testifying for the defense recommended Monday

    • colin black says:

      He could get special mop head prohstetics to help him.,,
      Think about it he could shimmy shimmy two step up an down the floor mopping the floor .

      It would double as great exercise as well.

      My Mother tied rags to our feet or old socks to polish floors when we small.
      First apply on the polish wax an then change to fresh rags to polish It was great fun.
      Especlialy when you got the polish up to mirror standards you flew across the surface as if it were ice.

  3. colin black says:

    /////////……She’s recommending against incarceration because “it would break him…..”??????…….

    If O,P. Had One iota off genuine emotion for Reeva let alone the love he claims.
    He would all ready be broken for stealing someones life.
    EVEN If it was a genuine accident then guilt an shock would still overwhelm him.

    Killing a stranger by accident is enough to cause most people to be broken remoursefull shocked In some fashion.

    Reeva his VICTIM was not BROKEN Reeva was murdered .

    Broken can be mended

    Death cannot.


  4. Michelleo says:

    I know this is off topic, but Oscar Pistorius has always looked like a mixed-race person to me.

    • MDX says:

      Odd are good, that you are correct. Apparently, the “whites” carry about 8% African DNA.

      An article about Sandra Laing:


      Scroll down to the middle and look at the photo of Sandra with her brother. I would say the brother and St. Oscar share common traits.

      The entire story is well worth reading. For it exposes “race” for the stupidity and tragedy it really is.

    • colin black says:

      Every Human Being walking the face of the planet TODAY are off mixed race.
      And just as well or we would all be inbred an of a weak degenerate gene pool.
      Luckily for Us Homus erectus applies not to our stature but also to the males penis.
      And its protensity to become erect if the wind blows apon it.

      Our ancestors the entire Human race evolved from one bottle neck off as few as 12 to 25 thousand people whom found an crossed a land bridge Into Europe..We all evolved from this small gene pool.
      They spread an Increased In population an the further Humans spread.
      The larger the gene pool came the better it was for us.
      Eventuly people could travel an encounter other humans with a totally divers gene pool mate an further mix an strengthen the human gene pool.

      If the original 25thsand had nor spread out an had they remained all kissing cousins so to speak then the entire human race would have had degenerative condition s visable In many Royal familes due to Inbreeding.

      So Im of mixed race your of mixed Race an I thank God that’s the case .
      God knew Inbreeding was bad that why he cursed us but in reality helped us with BABYLON .
      Driving us apart with words we could not understand from our brothers tounge

      Driving us apart to spread an diverse the gene pool.

      Now if you mean by the observation that O.P . Looks mixed race as In mixed colour then that Is an entirely different thing.

  5. Malisha says:

    It’s amazing, what I’m flashing back to, listening to the sentencing hearings in Pistorius: Jonathan Turley’s and Dershowitz’s passionate pro-Fogen posturing during the whole Fogen charade.

    It is cut from the same cloth, using the same pattern: This superior person simply killed one of the inferiors; don’t apply actual condemnation of the society OR punishment of the criminal justice system against such a person. He should be treated respectfully, gently, compassionately. His victim was not WORTH the protection of our exalted society of immune superiors.

    WE are better than those we kill. So we are perpetually entitled.

    This is the original sin of a society like ours. It cannot be forgiven.

  6. bettykath says:

    I’ve been listening to the private practice probation officer. I think she is going to cry. Her voice keeps getting higher and higher. She gets her information about SA prisons from the internet, not personal experience or government reports.

  7. Malisha says:

    So the probation/social worker says that she has a problem with the toilets in the prisons. So I say, well Hell, at least in the toilets in the prisons you don’t get shot four times with a high-powered gun!

  8. ay2z says:

    Nel’s last question of the afternoon.

    “What bothers you about him seeing his [own] psychologist in prison?”

    Probation officer
    “Nothing, M’Lady”

  9. That’s it for today.

    Court is in recess until tomorrow morning at 3 am EDT.

    We’ll see if Roux attempts to rehabilitate her tomorrow morning or moves on.

    • bettykath says:

      wellll, the rich aren’t like the rest of us. He’s special [snark]

      Was there testimony as to exactly when OP discovered that he shot Reeva? He must have known it was Reeva else why would he break down the door with the cricket bat? That must have taken a great deal of energy, not what one would do for an intruder. If it were an intruder, you hold the bat as a defensive weapon, but why not just hold the gun? Why not just call the cops? No! He knew it was Reeva in there.

  10. Apparently, she fell in love with St. Oscar.

    • Malisha says:

      You know, people fall in thrall to psychopaths. Remember all the women (witnesses, neighbors, jurors, Jeralyn Merritt, etc.) who fell in “love” with Fogen. WTF?

  11. This woman is a liar.

    Next . . .

    Too bad the judge doesn’t have a button to push that would open a trapdoor in the floor beneath the witness’s feet.

  12. She admits that he could be kept in a single cell with its own toilet and she is only familiar with one prison and relied on anecdotal evidence regarding other prisons.

    Her credibility is falling apart.

  13. Turns out that this witness’s claim that the prisons cannot accommodate prisoners with disabilities is false. When confronted by Nel with a contrary example, she said she was speaking “generally.”

    He’s not going to let her get away with it.

  14. Back in Session

    Pistorius offered 375,000 R to the Steenkamps, but they rejected it as “blood money.”

  15. Examples of tweets to #OscarTrial

    Wendy Mapule Matjila ‏@WenSta 2h2 hours ago
    So now he can’t go to prison because it will impact him negatively and it doesn’t accommodate his disability #oscartrial ..I give up

    Ranjeni Munusamy ‏@RanjeniM 2h2 hours ago
    It’s almost as if killing someone is an opportunity for character building through the correctional system. #OscarTrial

    Sympathy Mpofu ‏@sympthesaint 2h2 hours ago
    Instead of punishing him they are discussing on finding him a suitable job ….@OscarTrial199 #oscartrial

    XXY UK ‏@kate1875 52m52 minutes ago
    @marichensteyn wtf? has world gone mad, HE KILLED A WOMAN, her life has GONE, not “broken” — GONE…. am I missing something?

    Niki Bjorn Reschke ‏@NikiBjorn 49m49 minutes ago
    He fought to race abled bodied athletes, now he fights against being in prison with them #oscar you hypocrite #oscartrial

    Lesego Les G ‏@Lesego_Deejay 46m46 minutes ago
    mxm bruuh RT@B_Indiie: There are people in prison dying of cancer and HIV and their “hygiene” is not considered! #oscartrial

    Jeremy Balkin ‏@jbapex 17m17 minutes ago
    World has gone mad “@kellydwebb: The way this trial is going Reeva’s parents will be ordered to buy him a new toilet door #OscarTrial”

    Megan ♥ ‏@MeGz_Beee 3h3 hours ago
    I’ve lost all trust in the South African justice system. Only in our country do we practically condone murder. #disgusted #oscartrial

  16. I hope everyone stops non-essential activities and watches the afternoon session because it’s likely to be something that will be watched and commented about for many years.

    The Issue: Whether we as a society should make an exception to how we treat convicted killers who are rich and privileged versus how we treat everyone else?

    Nel appears tired and scattered. He needs to get his shit together and go for it during the afternoon session. If he rises to the occasion, this afternoon session will be memorable.

    • ay2z says:

      Nel lacked his left hand, Ms. Johnson, for this morning as she wasn’t feeling well, but she appeared later on.

      Ms. Johnson reads his mind, or seems to, as Nels thoughts run ahead, she knows exactly what missing word or thought or detail or fact or reference to insert. I think Nels felt her loss.

      Nels was hitting it hard today and no doubt the last minute ‘reports’ and the overstuffed ‘bundle’ of the business manager (who was most annoying at times.

      By contrast, Barry Roux had it relatively easy today, popping up once or twice, while his last minute witness reports and bundles kept Nel busy, probably without time to sleep.

      Ms. Johnson, please be feeling fit and fine tomorrow!

      (anyone notice the Bride of Frankenstein in one of the back defense table chairs today? Her role, maybe a back up in the psych/social worker realm, was to fidgit and fuss, scroll through her smart phone files, and fan herself with books or papers. She looked annoyed and bored and uncomfortable all day as if to pass on bad vibes to Nel, who never once seemed to look her way.)

  17. The point is prison is horrible for everyone. Why should we make an exception for OP that we would not make for anyone else who killed another person?

    Why is he so special?

    And the answer is he isn’t.

    Court is in recess for lunch.

  18. Vergeer said, “He cannot glue legs to his body.”


    He’s an Olympic athlete, for Christ’s sake.

    What about the mentally ill?

    Are they not vulnerable?

    And the people in prison with no legs?

    • MDX says:

      The argument is not logical.

      St. Oscar was out about the town with his trophy women at his arm before he decided to shoot Reeva.

      And it is an insult to those with handicaps that want to be seen as “equal”.

      And, as you say, there are millions with drug habits – arguably a medical condition with a genetic basis – who are looked down on as “losers” by the company that St. Oscar keeps, who are left to rot in prison.

  19. This is the most remarkable recommendation and exchange that I’ve seen in a courtroom.

    This is not a jaywalking case. An innocent person is dead and home confinement in a mansion with a swimming pool is a
    grotesque and offensive response in a society that imprisons people many years for possessing and using marijuana.

    It’s like Reeva Steenkamp’s life and violent premature death is regrettable but unimportant because everyone has to feel sorry for poor little Oscar.


  20. MDX says:

    The arguments against the imprisonment of St. Oscar are a window into how the elite think. For it is only “the others” who deserve “punishment”.

    Rich people, because of their status, must be “rehabilitated”.

    It drives home the view that money = good and, sadly, ignores the fact that evil resides in all men, be they rich, poor, fat, thin, smart, dull, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, or a banker.

    And a just society should demand equal justice.

  21. Odd, but Edkins is both a probation officer and in private practice.

    She was hired and paid by the defense to write this report.

    She did not conceal who is paying for her carrying the freight, but this is an odd conflict of interest, nevertheless.

    For example, does she make recommendations like this one when she is wearing her probation officer’s hat?

  22. “Imprisonment would make him financially dependent on the State,” as a reason against a prison sentence is true but rarely, if ever, used.


    We’re seeing every argument against the evils of imprisonment that is never taken seriously because of the focus on punishment, breaking people and throwing them away.

    Except for St. Oscar.

  23. Here’s an interesting comment,

    this is fucking justice for the rich, fucking disgusting

    People are referring to him as “St. Oscar.”

    I feel like I’m watching an alternate reality where we are being asked to feel sorry for a spoiled rich kid who killed his girlfriend by mistake.

    “The prison environment is not suitable for therapy.”

    No shit, Sherlock.

    But that is true for everyone.

    Shocking insensitivity!

  24. She’s recommending against incarceration because “it would break him.”

    Haven’t seen this argument used or taken seriously for the poor and that pisses me off.

    Behold white and wealthy privilege!

  25. The woman now testifying prepared the presentence report for the court. She is a probation officer. Her name is Vergeer.

    She says his remorse appeared to be genuine. He was crying all the time, realized the seriousness of the offense, and suffered great public humiliation with this trial.

  26. Big time celebrity charity work is usually a mixed bag of giving and taking among photo ops, so I don’t know how effective this evidence is.

    In the comments, a snarkster referred to OP as a gun-toting Mother Teresa.

  27. Court resumes.

    Nel has no more questions.

    Roux attempts to minimize the money-making side of charity work and maximize the good-will side.

  28. At Nel’s request, Judge Masipa recesses the trial for 20 minutes so that he can examine more documents.

    Court will resume at 5 am, EDT.

  29. Gerrie Nel painstakingly attempts to show the money-making side of charity work to take some of the glow off Pistorius’s image.

    The witness is Petrus van Zyl, Pistorius’s former manager.

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