Terror on American Soil: 66 Days and Counting

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good morning:

Welcome to Day 4 of Ferguson October, the weekend we will long remember.

Terror on American soil: 66 days ago Officer Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown at noon Saturday on a quiet street in Ferguson, Missouri in front of many witnesses.

He was not arrested and he has not been indicted.

This is inexcusable and unacceptable.

The real terrorists in this country wear uniforms and carry a badge.

66 days and counting.

17 Responses to Terror on American Soil: 66 Days and Counting

  1. MDX says:

    Wouldn’t a person who was shot at 17 times have some GSR on their hands and clothes that was due to the acts of the shooter?

  2. Bill Taylor says:

    and just now they say they found GSR on the victims clothing and “hand”……..very strange stuff since the ME said he took no swabs.

  3. Bill Taylor says:

    just saw the officers lawyer….he says there was NO pedestrian check, he says the officer was returning fire while UNDER fire, he says the officer had his gun over his head firing wildly without even looking……he says they found ONE fragment of metal that “could” be from the alleged gun, not the 3 the police claimed they found and makes no mention of any trajectory findings, he also claims the GSR test was done but the results havent come back yet…….the lawyer is pretty funny somehow thinking contradicting the police various versions helps his client someway.

  4. Bill Taylor says:

    i watched livestreaming last night as the peaceful group stayed on the side walk and walked towards st louis university, they reached a point where police with NO name tags in riot gear were tapping the ground in a rhythmic beat while others with their jackboots on tapped their boots…….the people calmly pointed out that YOU the police are breaking the law and court orders right now……they told them YOU are not exempt the killers you are protecting will kill YOUR children too…….one tall police was clearly itching to use his stick on somebody and it looked very tense for a good while until the crowd told them lawyers and the DOJ are IN this crowd right NOW watching YOU break laws and court orders after that somebody came out front of the police and told them to pull back, it was hilarious how they backed away from these PEACEFUL people as if they feared for their lives…….a group of criminal COWARDS in uniforms.

    • Excellent breakdown, Bill Taylor. That is exactly as it occurred. So much could have bern avoided, if an arrezt had been made. On the other hand, this may be exactly how this all was supposed to happen. A water shed moment, to put our military police on blast, and put a stop to these murders, once and for all.

  5. Bill Taylor says:

    is it true that they did NOT even check for gunshot residue on the latest victim???? IF so that is all an intelligent person needs to know, the victim did not fire any weapon that night.

    • Last Thursday, Christine Byers of the St. Louis Post-dispatch reported that we would have the autopsy report regarding gunpowder residue “by Friday at the earliest.” It is three days past Friday and so far we have no report. I presume that if it were favorable to the police, we would have had it the day following the shooting.

      • rhonda says:

        “Everything I’ve seen so far comports with what the officer said happened,” Dr. Graham said.

        His department didn’t swab the teen’s hand to test for gunshot residue because that is an often inaccurate test, Dr. Graham said. The final report on the autopsy won’t be released until it can include results from toxicology tests, which can take weeks, he said. http://online.wsj.com/articles/demonstrations-planned-over-police-shootings-in-st-louis-ferguson-1412969680 apparently even the medical examiner is in on the protection of the police officer.

        • Oh Rhonda, this is a fix in the making absolutely. I am so angry. Why would the ME not do his job???? Outrageous and inexcusable. How can he claim this comports, and he was not even there???? Toxicology has,nothing to do with the actual autopsy of Vonderrit’ s body. What are they hiding???? The truth??? Both that PD, and ferguson PD, need to be shut down, and state police take over. They cannot be trusted or believed about either of these shootings. His opinion, is not a part of his job.

        • Malisha says:

          That kid was holding a SANDWICH. For which he had paid. He was murdered in cold blood. He had no weapon and he had no defense and he was gunned down because he was Black.

  6. PhillyBoyRoy says:

    Joe Scarborough wets his pants over the non-threat of ISIS to shift focus away from the real terror being waged by the police.

    Like I said, if this was going on in another country we’d be bombing them for it.

    • Malisha says:

      It always amazes me, that in history, before there is widespread violence, there are always HUNDREDS of opportunities to avert it. HUNDREDS each an every. damn. time.

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