Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing Live

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good morning:

Watch the Oscar Pistorius sentencing hearing live and join us in the comments below.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

39 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing Live

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Another narcissist who needs his firearms taken away for life.

  2. girlp says:

    This is giving me a stomach ache, he is going to kill someone else

  3. That was a short session. Court is in recess until tomorrow morning to give Gerrie Nel a chance to review documents submitted this morning by the defense.

  4. Ivano Herceg
    gammacurve @Sexy – exactly. african kids, kids with cancer, kids with no legs, he’s helped them all. so blowing someone’s brain’s out is okay then

  5. After a break, the LiveStream will resume with session 3:

  6. I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

    The recommendation is offensive.

  7. This recommendation would allow OP to continue training and competing. He recommends 3 years of correctional supervision.

    Nel calls it “shockingly inappropriate.”

  8. He does not know the circumstances of the crime. Doesn’t believe it’s relevant, as if every case of culpable homicide is the same.

    Mind boggling.

  9. I can’t believe I am hearing this stuff. He fucking killed somebody, and they are suggesting a “program” on firearms control?

  10. I think he said 15 hours of community service. Maybe it was 50.


  11. This recommendation is absurd.

  12. Marenga is saying OP can be managed in the community and benefit from being able to continue to compete and inspire others.

    • bettykath says:

      What an inspiration he would be. A killer showing how to get away with it. There are others who can provide the inspiration. They have probably been doing it all along without the publicity.

  13. Next witness: Joe Marenga.

    He works for the Department of Corrections. Defense called him to testify about house arrest as a condition of confinement.

  14. She admits that she cried once in court when OP was asked to demonstrate how he put on his prosthesis.

    Looks like she is emotionally involved with OP and lost her objectivity.

    Her specialty is educational psychology, not trauma counseling, although she got some training in trauma counseling.

  15. She admits that she does not go beyond what he brings up during a session and he did not mention it, so she did not ask.

    However, she admits that a new relationship with a woman probably would affect him and be important.

  16. Nel asks Dr. Hartzenberg if she is aware that OP has another relationship. She read about it in a newspaper, but did not discuss it with him and he did not bring it up with her.

  17. Why can’t the guy man up and do some time….He effing killed her. For once, can’t he take responsibility? If he feels this terrible, maybe he shouldn’t have shot her in the head in the first place.

  18. Samantha Taylor has been in the courtroom watching Dr. Hartzenberg’s testimony.

    Taylor’s mother wrote a book about their relationship and there is a possibility that Samantha will testify.

    • ay2z says:

      That would be great, backed up by ‘Babyshoes’ as Samantha T will be painted as a woman scorned so two past girlfriends would be better than one.

  19. Apparently, he didn’t talk much about Reeva and her interests.

    Nel asks for a 1 hour recess to review her report before deciding whether to question the witness further.

    Granted. Court is in recess.

    • bettykath says:

      ‘Course he didn’t talk about Reeva and her interests. It’s all about him don’cha know. He probably didn’t know much about her interests b/c he dismissed them.

  20. She is trying to make us feel sorry for him. I am nearly in tears!

    • bettykath says:

      Have a hankie. Buck up. It will only get sadder for the poor guy who has had his great life shattered by a stupid woman getting in the way of his bullets.

      • …in the way of his 9mm Black Talon bullets…

        Plus, as I watch Ferguson October, I find it hard to believe that it is already October, and that cop has not been indicted. One hundred plus feet away, killed somebody, and for what?

  21. She says he suffers from PTSD and never even discussed resuming his athletic career with her.

  22. In response to Nel’s questions on cross, she says she mainly dealt with his sense of guilt and did not delve into his relationships with other women.

    She did not know that Samantha Taylor’s mother told him to get professional help after they broke up.

  23. Defense psychologist details why she believes he is a broken man. Although she did not actually say it, she basically said he has suffered enough.

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