Two new eyewitnesses to Michael Brown shooting refute bull-rush scenario

LLMPapa video

Tuesday, September, 9, 2014

Good morning:

The New York Daily News is reporting that two new eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown shooting have confirmed what other eyewitnesses have said.

The two eyewitnesses are important because they did not know Brown, reside in Ferguson or have family there.

They witnessed the shooting while working outside on a construction project at one of the apartment buildings that line the street where Michael was killed. They heard a single shot, looked up and saw Michael Brown running.

The first eyewitness said,

As the teen ran another shot was fired, according to the witness who spoke to the Post-Dispatch. The teen then stumbled and stopped, as if wounded, and put his hands in the air.

” ‘OK, OK, OK, OK, OK,’ ” the man recounted Brown’s words while turning to face Wilson, whose weapon was drawn.

Brown allegedly then moved while keeping his hands in the air.

“He’s kind of walking back toward the cop,” the witness told the paper.

Like Wilson, Brown moved too, he said. The officer took several steps back and opened fire.

The witness said Brown was shot three times before he began to drop his arms and move toward Wilson. He said the teen managed to get about 25 feet toward the officer.

“I don’t know if he was going after him or if he was falling down to die,” he told the paper. “It wasn’t a bull-rush.”

The second eyewitness said the officer never said anything to Michael Brown before he ran after him and unleashed a barrage of shots.

“At first his gun was down and then he … got about 8 to 10 feet away from him … I heard six, seven shots … it seemed like seven. Then he put his gun down. That’s when Michael stumbled forward. I’d say about 25 feet or so and then fell right on his face,” the co-worker told the station.

Although these statements describe movement by the officer and Brown, they are consistent with the results of Dr. Baden’s autopsy and do not support the bull-rush scenario provided on Facebook by a female friend of the officer who presumably repeated what he told her.

No eyewitness saw Michael Brown rush the officer. Every eyewitness describes an execution.

We are witnessing a continuing disgrace that the officer has not been arrested and charged with murder.

49 Responses to Two new eyewitnesses to Michael Brown shooting refute bull-rush scenario

  1. smokeegyrl says:

    I just read all of the posts on here, and I can’t get out of my mind about the Grand Jury. I know there is two different types of Grand jury’s one being regular and the other special. Regular is to charge and special is for organize crime. I think there is a State and Federal level Grand jury. My thinking if Darren Wilson is not indicted can another Grand jury be selected if the limitations haven’t run out? Or can they move it to the Federal Level? So confused right now.

  2. dianetrotter says:

    It sounded so brutal “his brain was coming out of his head.” These two white guys may get an inkling of how it feels to be black. I read that the two witnesses did not appear until they had been coached.

  3. SearchingMind says:

    This might explain the reason why Darren Wilson has not been- and may not arrested and charged, yet:

    Chapter 545 (Criminal Procedure), Section 545.010 of the Missouri Revised Statutes states the following:

    1. All Felonies and misdemeanors may be prosecuted by indictment OR information. The exceptions mentioned therein do not apply in this case.

    2. These two modes (Indictment and Information) of prosecution may NOT run concurrently/parallel to each other.

    3. If – as in the instant case – the Grand Jury procedure was instituted first, it may not be terminated (unless the Grand Jurors are disqualified), but must be exhausted/allowed to run its course BEFORE any other prosecution mode may be resorted to.

    I think that Darren Wilson – regardless of the strength of the evidence mounting against him – will not be arrested until after the Grand Jury returns a “true bill”..

    The added advantages to all of this, though, are: (a) the prosecution takes its time to meticulously gather evidence and build its case against Darren Wilson and (b) shield both from him (there will be no preliminary hearing in case of a Grand Jury indictment. Wilson thus will not hear the testimony of the witnesses and cross-examine them and cannot learn the prosecution’s theory of the case and the evidence it would use to prove it).

  4. bettykath says:

    I read a comment from someone who is “in the know” that Wilson has left, not just the state, but the country. It would explain the long delay in releasing his name. At this point, this fits the rumor category b/c I can’t find substantiation.

    • SearchingMind says:

      Betty, you formulate your sentence in an intriguing manner, i.e. according to “someone in the know”, and now you have me really hooked (I addicted to secrets :)). Anyway, this – if true – could be very interesting for several reasons:

      a. Wilson (if he has not yet done so) will not be testifying before the Grand Jury – thereby sealing his own indictment;

      b. If Wilson did not notify the police of his whereabouts and/or “left” for a country that has no extradition Treaty with the US, the words “Wilson has left ….” Will turn into “Wilson has already fled….” (after he is indicted). This may used as an evidence of guilt against him.

      c. (Possible) extradition procedure might very well turn into big International legal drama (If the country Wilson fled to refuses to extradite and/or Wilson fights the extradition).

      Do you have additional info as to approximately when Wilson fled …ehh… “left”? (Rumor will do at this stage. Oh, how I like this story).

    • Malisha says:

      If Wilson did leave the country, he should be charged with the federal crime of Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.

  5. PhilyBoyRoy says:

    Ferguson PD: Arresting peaceful protestors, executing jaywalkers… allowing admitted killers to remain at large.

    • Disappointed says:

      The comments from the video (out of the mouths of Babes) are horrible. Not all but some people’s ignorance is out of control. The video is of children!! Disgusting people in the world.

    • girlp says:

      Wouldn’t it be better to protest at the State House or the Capital? A peaceful protest no throwing rocks or bricks.

  6. JJ says:

    Airman denied re-enlistment for refusing to say “so help me God.”
    “Reciting ‘So help me God’ in the reenlistment and commissioning oaths is a statutory requirement under Title 10 USC 502,” Air Force spokeswoman Rose Richeson said Thursday. AFI 36-2606 “is consistent with the language mandated in 10 USC 502. Paragraph 5.6 [and] was changed in October 2013 to reflect the aforementioned statutory requirement and airmen are no longer authorized to omit the words ‘So help me God.’ ”

  7. Splendid essay about the source of the rotten stench emanating from the criminal justice system.

  8. colin black says:

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  9. PhillyBoyRoy says:

    The right wing believes that due to all the negative publicity (brought on by black race-baiters, certainly not by a man of the law shooting a kid in the street) Wilson will not receive a fair trial, so it’s not fair to arrest him.

    A) Michael Brown got no trial (not that two wrongs make a right, but you get what I mean)
    B) That’s not how it works

    It’s bizarre logic, similar to how they went from authoritarian-loving law enforcement bootlickers to anarchists when Geore Zimmerman was – gasp! – finally arrested for shooting someone.

    I never knew that such ardent supporters of “the law” would be so supportive of shooting people in the street.

    Of course, to them loving “the law” merely means “cops can do no wrong ever”.

    • racerrodig says:

      “Of course, to them loving “the law” merely means “cops can do no wrong ever”.

      My dad was a cop for almost 30 years…..You have this nailed as sad as it is to say.

  10. ay2z says:

    Snippet from The Washington Post article titled:

    “What to expect at Ferguson’s first council meeting since the Michael Brown shooting”

    “Here’s what’s on the Ferguson, Mo., council’s agenda for Tuesday night:

    • A citizen review board: The city on Monday night announced that a group of residents who are not currently part of local government will review Ferguson’s police department, which was heavily criticized in the weeks that followed the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson. The council is expected to discuss that board Tuesday evening.

    The citizen review board will work with city officials and local law enforcement “in advising and reviewing operations and actions of the police department,” according to a news release distributed Monday by a public relations firm representing the city of Ferguson.”

    (FWIW, only time will tell)

  11. Trisha0620 says:

    that is one of the witness who said Brown was talking to him about God before all this took happened

    • Bill Taylor says:

      somehow, some way Brown knew something was about to happen to him……..i cant explain this on any level, but feel Brown knew his time here was short.

      • A substantial body of evidence derived from scientific experiments supports the existence of presentiment by which humans accurately sense future events. The process by which we do this is unknown and we cannot do it all the time or even most of the time. Also, each of us has this ability.

        My theory is that we are connected to each other through our subconscious which transcends the physical dimension of time and space. Where time and space do not exist there is only now.

        Assuming sufficient interest, I’ll eventually devote a blog to this fascinating subject.

        • Bill Taylor says:

          the countless times i picked up the phone to call my father only to have him already on the line calling me was enough to convince me beyond a doubt that he and I communicated without speaking……..also my wife can be sitting by her computer and i will think i am thirsty and at that very moment she will ask do you want some water or something else from the kitchen?….as to time and space my opinion is ONLY NOW exists, clearly the past is gone and no longer exists and the future has not yet come into existence so that leaves ONLY NOW……..time travel as example on a physical level it CANT be done because the whole earth and universe would have to make PHYSICAL changes to return to the past or to move into the NON existent future……..i think the universe has always been and will always be and we are a small part of this huge never ending equation……..for my father has indeed shown my beyond all doubt that he still exists every bit as much as when he was “alive”…….some of it is what “kreskin” does, a very intelligent person that gathers all the info around him and “predicts” things from what he observes…..but there is an element far beyond anything he does….also i agree we all have abilities, just some of us have learned how to use them more than most.

        • I am very interested, Professor. 🙂

        • Nef05 says:

          I am very interested as well, Prof. In the rare instances my family has lost a family member I have suffered a physical reaction at their moments of their passing,in front of others, even though I was not in the same city (or in one instance not in the same state) as our loved one. It’s very eerie and none of us can explain it.

    • SearchingMind says:

      Trish, the guy who spoke to MB about Gd is a BM. But CNN reported that the two new witnesses are WMs. I am really hoping that CNN is correct, but is CNN wrong in this case?

  12. racerrodig says:

    Sick pups they are. I wonder if These clowns are in touch with that O’ Mara guy…………naaaaaaaaaaa. Concrete isn’t involved.

    Bullrush……Bullshit – Hmmmmmmm each has 8 letters.

    Coincidence, I think not.

    • Please, we do not, I repeat, do not need a replay of MOM, or Skeletor. No way.

      • racerrodig says:

        I fully agree, but that is where it is headed. Wilson already made a self defense claim with the bullrush story even though it was via a 3rd party. Duuhhnnn pulled it and Wafer was close to it. He alluded to it with the “….I’m reasonable ……and I was scared” line. he tried to get the jury to think he could have been in danger.

        What else does Wilson have. I opened fire at a fleeing teenager who was not a suspect in any crime…….?? Not only that, Wilson didn’t even know Mike Browns name.

        He’ll go the self defense route. Sick pup that he is.

        • Yes, you got it, racerrrodig. Self-defense is all that he has. Sickening is right. I just hope that in spite of MCollugh, (sp), the grand jury finds probable cause to indict this cop, who should already have been arrested. Thanks LLMPAPA, how many indeed.

        • Self-defense is the only defense potentially available so we should not be surprised that he would assert it. Right now, however, he has yet to make a statement about it to police. That makes it incomprehensible that he hasn’t been charged because the only witnesses who have made statements all describe an execution. If that isn’t probable cause to believe he committed a murder, I don’t what is.

          Can’t speak for the grand jury because I don’t know who they are or where they are coming from, but I do know the law and this prosecutor appears to be deliberately dragging his feet hoping public attention will evaporate and he can persuade the grand jury not indict the cop and then plausibly deny responsibility for the decision not to indict.

          Meanwhile, Dunn has a motion to change venue pending before Judge Healey in Jacksonville. He probably will announce his decision at a 10 am hearing on Thursday morning.

          Also pending is a defense motion prohibiting use of the word “victim,” when referring to Jordan Davis.

          Thursday also is important because Judge Masipa will issue her decision in the Pistorius case at 3:30 am EDT.

          • PhillyBoyRoy says:

            What is the rationale for not calling the deceased in a crime a “victim”?

            Is that not how it is always done?

          • The rationale is to stop everyone from presuming that Jordan Davis was the victim when, according to Dunn and his lawyer, Davis was the aggressor and Dunn was the victim.

          • tblue says:

            The prosecutor’s foot dragging probably won’t help the attention to fade on the Michael Brown case, since the immediate attempts by the Ferguson PD to protect Wilson and the refusal to charge him for the killing is a significant factor fueling the rage of the protesters, not to mention the horrified fascination the case has provoked across the nation and internationally, as well.

          • Malisha says:

            What word would they like instead of “victim” — perhaps “thug”?

    • a2nite says:

      He has a gig on CNN to lie for “the defense”.

  13. girlp says:

    They won’t be happy until they find someone who say’s he bull-rushed Wilson…the truth does not matter to the Ferguson and St. Louis police departments.

  14. I agree. A total disgrace.

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