Featuring: LLMPapa with Four Witness Verification Audios in #MichaelBrown Shooting

Good morning.

LLMPapa has posted four witness verification audios to YouTube. The audios contain a recording of the shots fired, along with four witness statements to press. The witnesses describe what they heard, and the audios afford an opportunity to listen to recorded shots at the same time. Many thanks to LLMPapa for turning our attention to the recorded shots and their correlation to witness statements.

Witness Verification Audio #1:

Witness Verification Audio #2:

Witness Verification Audio #3:

Witness Verification Audio #4:

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  1. Trisha0620 says:

    How Many Witnesses Will It Take?
    The Construction workers on the scene

  2. Greg Beasley says:

    The mass media is refusing to air any coverage about Mya Aaten-White, a young black woman shot in the head during the protests. Thankfully she survived but she claims that the police came and took the bullet as evidence. Now the police claim that bullet doesn’t exist. I’m willing to bet that was a department issued round that the doctors pulled out of her and the police have now tampered with evidence to prevent a multi-million dollar lawsuit and of course to protect one of their own.

  3. girlp says:

    More from stateoftheinternet…good information.

  4. Motor City Lady says:

    The allegation that the officer had either a serious eye injury or, less specific and less dramatic, “facial swelling”, makes me wonder which side of his face was allegedly injured in the scuffle at the car window. I haven’t been able to find any information on that. Has anyone else?

    If the swelling was on the right side of his face, on that point alone I seriously doubt the “beaten badly by Mike Brown” narrative. Has anyone considered the possibility it was a result of his firearm’s recoil when he discharged it from a seated position, facing more or less forward being pulled to his left, and aiming through the open window, across his body?

    That makes sense to me. Try it. Sit in a position you imagine Wilson was in, left arm extended out a “window” with the gun in your right hand but still within the car, as described by Darien Johnson. Your right arm is bent and you would have very little control of the weapon as it was being fired. Now imagine you’re also “tussling” at the moment you fire. Your right hand is going to jerk when the gun recoils.

    Wilson bashed himself right in the face with his own fist, maybe? Could be. It makes much more sense than “beat nearly unconscious” by Mike Brown.

    • JJ says:

      The professor says above: “Most cops carry semiautomatic handguns with clips.” In this morning’s news, a 9-year old girl accidentally shot and killed her firearm instructor.
      The video showed the instructor making sure the girl was in correct stance and proper firing position. When the girl fired the [semi-automatic] gun, the recoil was so strong that she couldn’t control it – and the instructor was shot. [They only showed part of the video.]
      So Motor City Lady, your theory is very plausible.

    • bettykath says:

      Just like fogen’s bloody nose.

    • Nef05 says:

      Yep, that’s what I said. Also, if it was the right side, MB would have had to lead with his left, presumably his non-dominant hand – in an enclosed area. IF he had done it (am I’m still going with the recoil theory), how much damage could he have really done?

  5. aussie says:

    Hang on. Do guns still take 6 bullets?

    Does that mean he RELOADED???? after missing with the fist 6? isn’t that Murder 1?

    • No. Most cops carry semiautomatic handguns with clips.

      I’ve been thinking along the same line wondering if he emptied his clip.

    • Greg Beasley says:

      It depends on the pistol and the caliber. I’m pretty sure even a large caliber gun like a Colt 1911 could hold at least 8. Most police officers I’ve seen carry a Glocks or Beretta. I’m not sure if they specified what pistol the Ferguson police use. Regardless of what model he uses, he emptied somewhere between a full and half of a clip depending on the gun. I don’t recall reading if there were more shots that didn’t even hit Brown. It is possible he shot more than 7-8 but we’ll need to see the evidence of how many rounds were left in the magazine and number of shell casings recovered at the scene.

  6. LessonLearned says:

    Kuala C. Chambers ‏@kcarr78 16m
    @Lawrence JUST reported local St. Louis news is reporting there were 12 bullet casings recovered at crime scene. @NatJackEsq @SunnyHostin

  7. I imagine if they have his clothes, they may be able to tell which shot likely struck him from the back if there’s blood spatter or evidence of him jolting on his clothes, if eye witnesses are accurate(yeah, I know the witnesses are accurate but I gotta play fair according to Fox News rules)

    I also believe the cop shot center mass and Mike Brown was almost all the way turned around when shot and that’s the reason the bullets are on his right side.

    I also wonder what the angle of direction was the bullets that missed. I’m wondering if they indicate that the officer was shooting at a moving target and what direction that target was going in.

    I also wonder if Mike Brown was hit in the hand while scuffling to get away from the police officer and the blood that Dorian Johnson saw that hit his chest was the blood from Mike’s hand hitting his chest. It seems like a natural inclination to put your hand in front of a gun when someone’s going to shoot you.

    If the officer did hit Mike Brown before he ran away, what idiot would believe that Mike Brown would charge the officer with his gun out after being shot and thinking he wont shoot him again?

  8. Bill Taylor says:

    seriously judge alex just said if the officer had an eye injury he can shoot brown………amazing how people are being paid to proclaim total BS on tv……..judge alex a punch in the eye does NOT merit lethal force……….no wonder juries cant get cases right, the judges and lawyers LIE to them about the law…….

    • Nef05 says:

      I’m not surprised. Some of the stuff he said during the fogen trial made me just shake my head and say, “I’m not a lawyer, let alone a judge, and even I know that’s not right.” I seriously wonder about the integrity of the trials over which he’s presided.

    • Malisha says:

      If cop was badly injured, his motive was revenge and it was MURDER-ONE.

    • MKX says:

      I thought a “judge” makes determinations based on incontrovertible “facts”?

      The officer is reported to have had facial swelling. That could have been caused by many things during whatever struggle occurred.

      And it does not take much of a blow to cause some facial swelling.

      Big surprise. Alex the former cop is taking the position that the officer, as all do in his mind, is telling the truth.

      Gee Alex, maybe you can explain the drug bust in my old neighborhood wherein the $750,000 in drugs and money “got lost”.

      Or why the 30 people arrested were let go because paper work was “late”.

      Or why the murder of the dead guy found in the basement was not “solved”

      Or maybe you could explain why the liquor store I worked for that got busted for selling to minors – the owner was doing it on purpose – got religion for one month after getting “caught”, only to resume selling to minors after the month and sending me to deliver booze and beer to police parties.

      • MKX says:

        Or Alex might want to do some research and explain to us why Ferguson has a rate of giving tickets for minor traffic violations that is orders of magnitude higher than the national average?

        I could help him.

        Just look up the word shakedown.

  9. Ty Flair says:

    Hello Professor its been awhile,hello everyone. I’m watching this case close also,wishing I could have come back to speak with you guys on a happy note. Sad what happen to Mike Brown. When they release the first autopsy will we be able to tell while Mike was running was he shot in the back of his arm clearer than the second autospy the family had done. I hope you understand what I’m saying.

  10. Bill Taylor says:

    omara is rather dumb folks…….he is now claiming that even if the first 6 shots were illegal that the last 4 would still be legal because brown “confronted” the officer by turning around………

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      Yeah man. The next mass shooter should go to a theater and yell “hey everybody look at me”, then when everyone turns to him, he can shoot them and say, “they were confronting in me!”

      I’m sure O’Mara would defend.

    • OMG, I can’ t stand him with his meely mouth. If, when this cop is indicted, he will be on the next thing smoking to offer his services, ( pro bono :-/). Gag me.

    • That’s a ridiculous comment by O’Mara.

    • MKX says:

      Is he an ethical lawyer or what we call a non-ethical one – a liar?

      He admits that the shooter committed the felonious act of illegally shooting at the victim and should know that such an act nullifies a claim of self defense.

      A has an axe and takes some swipes at B. B, to defend against the swipes punches A in the face. No person in their right mind would claim that the fact that B punched A, now gives A the legal right to kill B with another axe blow in self defense.

      I get this impression that some gun activists think that brandishing or missing with shots is not a lethal threat that allows the person on the other side to legitimately defend themselves.

  11. Malisha says:

    I was listening to radio and heard one of these call-in shows. Someone who called in was (ad nauseam, again) concerned that “white-on-black” killings get so much attention when most of the murders in Chicago are “black-on-black crimes.” It led to experts actually agreeing that that was a problem and calling for “candid conversations” about that and “addressing problems and causes” and etc. etc. blah blah blah.

    Now HOW in the &*@^)# do you get a crime statistic about “black on black murders” if there has not been a killer who has been identified, arrested, tried for murder, and convicted of murder? You do NOT. You don’t know WHAT a crime statistic is if you don’t arrest anybody for the crime! You don’t know the identity or race of the killer unless somebody is charged with murder! So you would have these kinds of statistics:

    Dead Black persons who have become dead due to the agency of others whose race and/or identity is unknown; [no crime indicated because obviously the unknown person could have been killing in self-defense] and

    Dead non-Black persons who have becoe dead due to the agency of others whose race and/or identity is unknown; [again, no crime]

    CRIMES of Black perpetrators killing Black victims;
    CRIMES of white perpetrators killing Black victims;
    CRIMES of Black perpetrators killing white victims;
    CRIMES of white perpetrators killing white victims.

    Obviously when a white police-person or a white person who believes he SHOULD be police kills a black person, it falls into the non-crime category, and THAT is the problem.

    • bettykath says:

      good point, as usual, Melisha

    • MKX says:

      Exactly equal rights and justice means that killers of blacks get convicted, regardless of the color of the killer.

      Bones: “Well, damn it, what about blacks killing blacks?”

      Spock: “That is a non sequitur, Doctor”

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      Also it’s beside the point to bring up “black-on-black” crime.

      When white cops regularly kill innocent and unarmed black teenagers out of fear it is extremely troubling.

      Because cops aren’t supposed to do that, see.

      When these idiots start comparing murderous cops to convicted murderers, they automatically lose.

      “Well so what if a cop murdered a kid for no reason – a criminal shot someone, too – in CHICAGO. So therefore, murderin’ cops are just like Obama.”

      • Disappointed says:

        Black on black crime. Let’s look at most mass shooters in the US. Let’s look at molesters. See how that works. I’m tired of hearing from republicans about the broken families and how it goes hand in hand with crime. My first husband died. I raised my kids by myself and all turned out just fine. I remarried eventually but the kids were off to college by then. My kids had options in school. They could do shop class wood working class classes to work in a business setting and many businesses partnered with the schools to allow kids to work part time to learn a trade. Now they offer none of the above because our school systems have gone to hell. I think we need to invest a little more into our future and spend less on politicians salaries. Jmo. It would be nice if people treated all children the same. I can’t remember one time when I felt scared of a person because the color of their skin. I’m old. My parents are deceased but they raised us to love thy neighbor no matter what they looked like. Give respect get it. Simple. I would feel safer around a group of Michael Brown’s than I would Zimmerman or his lastest clone.

      • Malisha says:

        I have had a horrible day but reading your post has made me weak with laughter, PBR, thank you!! ❗

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Um, didn’t I read somewhere that 83% of white crime victims have white perps? *snark*

  12. Motor City Lady says:

    I would like to comment on and have others put in their thoughts on the fact that no one is pointing out that the original police dispatch call was for a “stealing in progress” at the Ferguson Market.

    It was not until *after* Michael Brown was shot that the blanks were – quite *literally* – filled in on the original incident report and the case was “exceptionally cleared.” But the first responding officer’s narrative makes it clear that the officer who filed the report wasn’t responding to a “strong arm robbery.” He was responding to a “stealing in progress.”

    Legally, “stealing” is larceny, in this case petty larceny of some cigars. It is not “robbery”, which is theft by the use of force.

    We have to bear in mind that once Brown was dead in the street and the police started comparing notes, it was only *then* that they went back to the Ferguson Market to interview the owner and appropriate the video(s) of the “stealing.”

    It was only after they had a dead suspect and a video that they started referring to the theft as a “strong arm robbery” and completed the incident report (chapter and verse) and identified Brown by name.

    Read pages four and five of the report! The narrative from the first responding officer is all they had to go on at the time Michael Brown was killed.

  13. Sophia33 says:

    What about the shots found in the apartment buildings? Is there some kind of charge for an officer shooting recklessly?

    • Bill Taylor says:

      from what i have seen chiefs of police say, an officer can approach you any time they desire, punch you in the face and if you complain you are guilty of assault and battery because you bruised his fist with your face and then tried to argue with him, at that time DEADLY force may be used and no charges will ever be filed against the officer.

      • Sophia33 says:

        But this fool is a HORRIBLE shot. I am saying this as someone who was raised with guns. I have been shooting since I was 5 years old (my grandparents didnt know any better). This “cop” could have killed so many people other than Mike Brown, which is horrible in and of itself. So essentially, if I am minding my own business or sleeping in my bed an an officer, who can’t shoot, gets gun happy and starts busting caps, nothing will happen to him for shooting in my apartment and killing me, even if I have nothing to do with the incident? My life would be lost to just collateral damage? The reason that I bring this up is this is something we need to get those who are “confused” to understand. They need to understand that it goes WAY beyond Mike Brown but to every bystander to these gun happy cops.

        • Sophia33 says:

          Wait, I just thought of something, the reason Wilson was such a bad shot was because he was shooting at a moving target. So this further corroborates the witness testimony. Also, when I say “bad shot” I want everyone to know that I am not by ANY means supporting him shooting MB. I am just using language of people who shoot guns. It shows why there were bullets in the near by buildings.

          • Bill Taylor says:

            clearly he was firing wildly = reckless endangerment of every person within range.

          • LLMPapa says:

            Please bear in mind, according to all witness accounts, as well as the cop’s “friend”, the only moving his target was doing was away and straight up the middle of the street. Shouldn’t be a problem for anyone as proficient a shooter as POST certification requires.

            Then by all witness accounts, once again including his “friend”, his target stopped and turned to face him.

            His centerline of fire should’ve had very little deflection of aim at any point due to movement.

          • MKX says:

            It appears that the first six missed, or maybe one grazed. A person chasing while firing will not be that accurate with a hand gun. The last four are more accurate which indicates that the officer had stopped and took a static firing position, or had closed his range.

          • Sophia33 says:

            LLMPapa: It is my understanding that police officers are only POST certified up to 30 feet. I could be wrong, but that is what I was taught in my hometown. SWAT is certified beyond that. So again, this wild shooting also supports Mike Brown being 35 ft away.

        • Nef05 says:

          Nope, nothing would happen to the officer, but the suspect they were shooting at would be charged with your murder. I think it’s some form of reverse “transferred intent”. I sure as heck can’t explain it, except it seems to mean the police have even less accountability.

          Deputies shot Winkler four times and the other man was shot once. Winkler died from his injuries at a hospital. The other man survived.

          Investigators now say Winkler and the man who was bleeding were actually victims of a third man, Alexander McDonald, who lived inside the apartment building, reports the station.
          McDonald is facing charges of murder, torture and attempted murder, McSweeney said.


  14. I banned Stormwatch for being a waiting-for-all-the-evidence-to-come-in troll.

    He’s also a racist because he used the term African-American persuasion.

  15. Danita says:

    Good day everyone. There are a few things I would like to say first this case is IMO based on an officer who happens to only be 28 years young and the badge made him feel…you know that power trip combined with the ego. I believe that Wilson drove upon Mike and his friend told them to get out of the street only to get disrespected by both probably using a verbal middle finger. The officer heard them backed his vehicle up and decided to grab Mike by his shirt only for Mike to feel like you just cant grab me this way and Mike began force fully removing Officer wilsons hands away. This only made officer wilson more and more angry. The officer didnt see the right thing but disrespect. But what really is an issue for me is that the officer after shooting Mike didnt look like he had been hit in the face, no one else noticed he paced back and forth and unless I missed it no one seemed to attend to any concern that maybe he was hurt. Also I keep hearing about credible witnesses, well please tell me how can a woman who provided a taped conversation about a shooting that she was not there the information came as hearsay be more credible then the actual people who were on the scene. This is the same old story hot head with a badge and a gun feeling superior to young black kids that were not much younger then him.This case has already went to the place of discrediting the most important witness who gave a story with a whole lot of emotions grappling around his head.I cant imagine getting up in the morning and not knowing that this day was going to be the last time I seen my friend and witnessed his death.

    • Bill Taylor says:

      you hit on my point about hannity……..he accepts the UNTOLD story of the officer as the gospel truth facts and at the same time is calling the multiple eye witnesses LIARS and saying they would put themselves in jeopardy of going to jail just to LIE about the white shooter???????

      • PhillyBoyRoy says:

        Every time this happens, the accused and their friends/family always reach out to a friendly right-wing “journalist” who surely they are big fans of and happen to share similar anti-black beliefs.

        The other supposedly (SUPPOSEDLY) credible news orgs (Times, CNN, MSNBC) should point this out, but they don’t.

  16. Remember : A ballistic expert for the defense will attempt to
    defend what appear x amount of shots to “Echo Sounds”

    • MKX says:

      There would have to be two patterns of five wherein the spacing amongst each set of five matched that of the other. Note there could be interleaving of individual shots sounds that belong to different sets. However, the six and four pattern I saw makes echoes highly unlikely.

      Echoes would also have a lower amplitude and somewhat more dispersed waveform than the direct signal.

      I worked a lot in target detecting or range finding systems which utilized pulsed optical, radio or acoustic signal – a gun shot is essentially a broad spectrum pulsed acoustic signal and echoes are what we term multipath interference.

      I am getting jaded on our justice system.

      The prosecution will use an expert with the gargantuan intellect of Niel Degrasse to make their case.

      And the defense will use an old white man who physics credentials is that he taught physical science to kids during gym class.

      The white is always more credible than black rule will be applied.

      I mean they did that in the Zimmerman trial.

      Acoustic signal analysis is a very high level skill wherein math such as Fourier transforms is expected to be fully understood and it was determined that experts in this field could not testify.

      However, a medic, who, to me, looked like he would have a hard time balancing a check book was allowed to declare himself and expert – and the jury accepted him as one.

      • Bill Taylor says:

        baden claimed marijuana makes folks go crazy and get violent and he is considered one of the top folks in his field when reality is he is nothing but a PAID opinion saying whatever he thinks will get him another pay check……….NO scientist could make the claim he did…..and his claim about all shots being fired from the front was total BS.

        • MKX says:

          I have a bit of a violent temper. What gets me on edge is hunger, a lack of coffee, or guys who spend a half hour in the squat rack doing curls :).

          Ganja??? One has to be either an idiot or liar to say that.

          Back in the 1970s, those of us who resided in Detroit called a pipe the “peace” pipe because it had a way of mellowing out the fear diverse groups of people had with respect to each other.

          One tin foil hat theory I have is that the War on Drugs got ramped up because the freedom I had as a teen was causing blacks and white to smoke and chill together, thus forming bonds that did not fit into a divide and conquer strategy.

          I feel the world might be a better place if we could just give an officer a big dube and have him listen to this:

          • Bill Taylor says:

            i dont advocate the use of any drug, but do recognize their use is part of our natural rights and having read the constitution it clearly says no role for government when it comes to drugs……..the founders grew and used marijuana and distilled whiskey simple reality so they clearly understood and recognized using any drug is OK for free people the only “limit” is never harm others, their property or put either at direct risk of harm.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            Heck, the early US Army were give daily whiskey rations. A daily marijuana ration for cops would probably cool things off.

        • MKX says:

          I don’t use any drugs, these days, with the exception of one large coffee to get me going in the morning. However, I have spent a lot of time amongst weed smokers, even when I gave up all drugs.

          So one could say I had a lot of clear eyed rational observations as to what it does – a contact high being a possible exception in some cases.

          And our store served the both the booze and cigarettes crown and the ganja and Doritos dudes. The boozers were markedly more likely to be violent. Of course, their sorry state made them easy to control, if they chose to look for trouble. Ganja people did sill stuff that made a person laugh. And laughter is one of the great free things that life provides.

          I mean is must be miserable to stew in hate about “others” one really knows nothing about.

    • Malisha says:

      echoing off imaginary cliffs made of towering thugs–

  17. Bill Taylor says:

    i counted 10 only 4 in the last volley but i cant say that for sure…..there are echos involved…….bottom line for me if an civilian fired off those shots in the middle of the day in such a crowded area he would be subject to reckless endangerment charges?

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      Yeah like Marissa Alexander.

      Haha, you almost have to laugh at this hogwash. Otherwise I don’t think I would ever get out of bed.

    • Disappointed says:

      I thought it was 1 6 and 5 but in all fairness my ears are not what they were 60 plus years ago. 🙂 I do want to clarify I believe everyone here respects the police. We don’t respect the officers who abuse their powers. IMO whether it is 9,10,11 or 12 shots that is to many on a unarmed teenager. Or any other unarmed person. Whatever happened to meet force with force? If Mike used his hands pos officer should use his hands. When did we train police to just shoot? Why even bother having Judges/courtrooms?

    • No, the police would have killed him.

  18. Motor City Lady says:

    The whole, “He went for my gun!” narrative is at odds with logic unless Wilson had already unholstered his weapon and was pointing it at Brown and Johnson (as Johnson’s account claims.)

    If the gun was still holstered, it would have been almost impossible for Mike Brown to reach through the window and across Wilson’s body from outside the vehicle, in an effort to “go for” the gun. Moreover, why would Wilson try to pull Mike Brown *toward* him so the gun in the holster on his hip was more easily accessible? Logic says he wouldn’t.

    On the other hand, if Wilson had drawn his weapon while still seated in his SUV, he was making a deadly force threat toward two unarmed citizens. If that is the case, it’s possible Mike Brown *did* “go for” the gun out of self-protection, particularly if Wilson was restraining him by the front of his shirt as he pointed the gun at him.

    But the Baden autopsy indicated no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown’s body, so its not likely the shot was fired while Brown was “going for” the weapon, even if in self-defense.

    Which always brings me back to, “Why would a police officer point his gun at point-blank range from the safety of his vehicle at two young men he stopped for strolling down the middle of the street?”

    Even if he’d heard the police call regarding two robbery suspects, why wouldn’t he call for back-up, stay in his vehicle and follow behind them to see where they went?

    What I also find interesting is that no one, not even the Wilson supporters, has indicated that he told Brown and Johnson that they were under arrest on suspicion of robbery.

    • girlp says:

      Agreed Motor City, no one say’s they were under arrest for anything.

    • Susan says:

      Dorrian says Mike Was shot while the cop was still inside the car. How can there be no gun powder residue on him? Surely his clothes were examined as well as his body. Gunpowder would have to be somewhere if he was shot at such a close range, correct? Also, which shot was the up close shot? What did the autopsy confirm about that?

      • Motor City Lady says:

        I have read that stippling will not appear on bare human tissue shot from more than about three feet away. This is an approximation, of course, and would depend on the specific firearm in question.

        *If* Michael Brown was actually hit by the bullet Wilson fired from inside his vehicle (and I’m not convinced he was), it wasn’t during the close-in scuffle that most witnesses report occurring just prior to Brown’s and Johnson’s running away from Wilson’s car.

        I believe the Baden autopsy put all the shots that hit Brown into the “distant” category, based on there being no stippling on Brown’s body. In other words, none of the wounds was from intermediate range.

        • I believe the Baden autopsy put all the shots that hit Brown into the “distant” category, based on there being no stippling on Brown’s body. In other words, none of the wounds was from intermediate range.

          You are probably correct, but there is a possibility that a shot was fired inside the police vehicle and it missed Michael. If so, there could be gunshot residue on his clothing.

          Dr. Baden did not have his clothing to examine, so he could not definitively rule out such a shot.

          • Motor City Lady says:

            Yes, I agree. It will be of great interest to eventually see all the evidence from the autopsies, including the analysis of Mike Brown’s clothing.

        • Susan says:

          Most of that makes sense to me, but I was going by what Dorrian Johnson had stated in one of his interviews. He clearly states that the gun went off, Mike was hit because he saw blood, and that is when the officer let go of him, and then they started running. So, he had to have been shot pretty close up. Its one of Dorians interviews on YouTube. maybe you can find it and see if you pick up something I missed. I was just curious as to which shot that was on Mike.

          • Motor City Lady says:

            Susan, here’s the interview with Johnson.


            It is curious that if Michael was shot in the right arm during the encounter at the SUV while still being restrained by Wilson that he had no stippling on his skin. It’s one of those questions that can only be answered by the full autopsy reports.

  19. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “Interesting: ”

    Oh, my, Yes 🙂

  20. Bill Taylor says:

    please link to this account you are claiming……i am already sure you cant do it because NOBODY has said they saw brown in the back seat of the police car and common SENSE = the back seat has no door handles for a person to be able to get out……..

  21. Stormwatch says:

    I’m still waiting for more information to come in. But from what I’ve seen and heard so far, I don’t see too many similarities between this case and the Trayvon Martin case.

    Trayvon Martin was walking home from 7-11 with his earplugs in. He had a can of ice tea and a bag of skittles, and he was on the phone with a friend back in Miami when he encountered a psychotic, racist vigilante.

    Mike Brown had just robbed a box of cigars from a convenience store, assaulted another person in the commission of that theft, then attacked a police officer who attempted to detain him after being given a description of him.

    I saw a report on the news last evening where an eye witness of African American persuasion said that he saw the struggle in the back of the police car and that he saw the officer being transported to the hospital, and it appeared that he had a broken eye socket.

    I don’t know if Michael Brown had his hands up, and I don’t know what physical condition the officer was in when he fired the shot. Assuming the officer saw him with his hands up, did he fire anyway on the person who had just brutally attacked him? Did he have reason to believe that anything short of shooting Mr. Brown would suffice? He had already tried to place him in the cruiser once when he was attacked. Did he think Brown’s hands in the air was just a way of playing him?

    I’m waiting for all the evidence to come in.

    • You are a “Wait for Evidence” troll.

      Ridiculous position to take. There was no struggle in the back seat and all of the evidence has established this was an execution.

      Peddle your nonsense elsewhere.

      Consider yourself banned.

    • Stormwatch says”Mike Brown had just robbed a box of cigars”

      Really? The lawyer representing the convenience store disputed all of that! It wasn’t a robbery nor the people
      from the store called the police about such robbery.

      Darrell Wilson never heard anything about robbery
      description because police chief stated the shooting and and the store altercation weren’t related,neither Darrell Wilson reported the homicide failing to write a report after the fact .

      I remember when Martin was executed people like you were
      saying the same thing in the end after all evidence was presented people like you created another narrative.

      Lastly,no one claimed about any struggled in the back
      of the police car and the the eye socket fallacy was
      debunked long ago.

      Again the child killer (GZ)had his vital taken at the
      scene of his murder and were normal.

      The only only who attacked brutally Michael Brown
      was Darrell Wilson.

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      “African American persuasion”.

      You weren’t even good at non-racist play-acting.

      Also, I guess you never saw the video… The officer has not a single sign of injury or even struggle. His hair looks freshly combed.

    • MKX says:

      Brutally attacked????

      Damn, you right wingers who like to pound your chest and act macho are the biggest bunch of cup cakes on the planet. Is there some sort of mental disconnect with you people? I have seen more damage in a mild pro hockey tussle than what this cop “suffered”. And, BTW, the broken eye socket has been denied by the PD.

      I bet you thought George Zimmerman was brutally pounded too.

      My friend, a brutal beating is when the person beaten is spitting out teeth or, in a daze, looking for them on the concrete.

      Or any one of the many people of color or mentally challenged who have suffered the so-called justifiable beatings at the hand of the police.

      Or getting stomped so hard there is a bruise that looks like a shoe print on your chest. That happen to a gay man I knew who was attacked by three guys. The list:

      At least 25 defensive wound comprising either bruises or cuts on the victims arms and hands.

      The boot print on his chest.

      A linear bruise/cut on his temple that was from being kicked by the tip of a boot.

      A loose tooth and swollen lip

      About five contusions of the face.

      And guess what?

      He showed up at the gym for his regular work out six hours after all of this trauma.

      Normally, I would let what you said slide. But I am getting very tired of how your side massively embellishes the most minor of wounds. It make you look like sissies. You know, the kind of guy who stubs his toe and demands time off from work so he can go to the hospital.

      • PhillyBoyRoy says:

        It’s so they don’t have to feel bad about being happy that a black is dead.

        They actually do have a conscience, sort of.

        • YQ says:

          So sad. They want this victory worse than we do. But we NEED this one. We can’t afford to let another one of these get away. I know that its not up to us to decide now, but we owe Michael Brown the truth and we must find it.

          The cyber racism has gotten worse since Trayvon. I don’t remember these people invading this site with as much frequency last year. I actually did a min-docu on Cyber racism and it was sadder and more powerful than I thought it would be. Reviewing the hurt on my fellow students faces as they expressed what they felt about some of the comments that are being posted in places like UTube and TreeNuts. America is not in the right place right now.

          It hurts everyday to be an AA male, it hurt me worse to see the effects of racism on others.

          I’m tired, yo. This has to stop.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            think of cyber racism in this fashion — hooded klansmen went out of style a few decades ago so most of us got somewhat of a break from their shit. the anonymity that the WWW offers is just as effective as the hood of old. anyone can spew hatred when their anonymity is ensured. these folks just had to go underground for a few years and it *seemed* as if the situation was improving. then along comes the innerwebz, a black president and well … we see the results. 😦

        • racerrodig says:

          Yep…those race baiting hate mongers are hard at word. Not a one can make a post without giving themselves away……not a one (1)

      • Two sides to a story says:

        If people want to look at a brutal beating victim, look at Kelly Thomas: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002660595

    • Malisha says:

      WRONG. Officer had no knowledge of any alleged misconduct on Mike Brown’s part when he confronted Brown. The police have themselves admitted that. THEY released the “damning video” after the incident but at the time, NO PATROL CAR ANYWHERE had heard about the cigar incident (or non-incident).

      What happened on the street that day was cop car/cop stops two guys who were walking while Black. One of them was in physical tussle AT the car for a brief period, after which he fled. AS he fled the cop exited the patrol car and ran after him firing shots until he died.

    • owl says:

      in either instance, two young men were shot for reasons that do not justify death. their mothers grieve together. the balance of power is off center; lesser means to smartly subdue a suspected perp are not the first option. and the authority figure is placed on leave, with pay. how are officers trained? what are the objective standards by which they decide to use lethal force? are military-trained recruits more inclined to apply said force to civilians by way of their war experiences? i wonder.
      and how does Germany control assure a reasonably law-abiding society without guns, tanks and tactical gear?

  22. PhillyBoyRoy says:

    Is the “struggle for the gun” story 100% verified, as far as via eye-witness accounts?

    I find it hard to believe that Mike Brown went for the gun as if he was Batman.

    I think there was a struggle, most likely an assault by the officer that left both only slightly messed up, which is being spun as a vicious black attack (similar to Trayvon).

    Where does the gun story come from besides from the Wilson camp who is obviously playing CYA?

    • PhillyBoyRoy says:

      What I mean is, I think the officer went after the kid (a la Zimmerman) but now he wants to use the ensuing scuffle as self-defense (a la Zimmerman).

      • Disappointed says:

        Philly I tend to agree. Was there really a shot from the car or is that just to set the scene for the killing.?

        • Susan says:

          Dorian Johnson stated in an interview, without his attorney, that MB was shot before the cop even got out of the car. Said he saw blood and that’s when they took off running. Then the cop gets out of his car and starts shooting more. The cop had his injuries and MB was shot. All this was while the cop was in his car. I say that confirms there was a struggle. I personally wish these witnesses would stop giving so many interviews.

        • Motor City Lady says:

          PhillyBoy Roy and Disappointed, Darien Johnson said there was a shot fired while the officer was still in the car. I don’t know how the police think this “helps” Wilson’s case, though. The “pro police” folks claim whenever an officer fires his weapon he/she intends to kill the target. So Wilson, who was safe in his vehicle, grabbed an unarmed suspect, tried to pull him closer, and fired on him.

          Just think of that for a moment.

          • PhillyBoyRoy says:

            They’re probably going to say that Mike Brown pulled trigger during the struggle, or that because he was in imminent danger (a la Zimmerman), Wilson HAD to pull the trigger or risk having the gun be taken by Mike Brown who was a gangbanger.

    • YQ says:

      I was thinking that (if it was true Brown went for the gun) maybe the heated conversation between Brown and Wilson resulted in the revelation that Wilson was going to kill him then. Thus when the gun was unholstered, Brown attempted to prevent himself being shot by stopping the draw, pushing the door closed and fleeing.

      It wasn’t a struggle for the gun, it was a struggle to stop the gun.

      However, if no prints are on the gun this cannot be proven.

      • Disappointed says:

        Ok so Darien said the shot went off in the car, then I believe it happened. I trust the witnesses more than the cops. They have been covering from get go. The reason I had doubts was because I did not hear the first shot. I do not believe the first shot is included in the 6 shots. The 6 shots sounded continuous and I would think you would pause to get out of car or at the very least clear the door depending on which way the boys ran. Hopefully that makes sense.

        • YQ says:

          Yeah, that part is what I can’t put together. Is it a stretch to say that Wilson grabbed Brown by the neck, threatening him with the gun in hand? When Brown pulled away, is this when the first shot is heard? The witnesses are all truthful but when you look at it from different angles, the perception gets in the way of what actually is going on.

          For instance, the witnesses say that they did not see the “struggle for a gun” but perhaps it could have been Brown (being a big guy) blocking the vision of them being able to see that.

          Disclaimer: I don’t believe that Brown went for the gun. Its more like a reflex action. If anyone grabs me by the neck and tells me that they are going to shoot me, then they go for the gun, I might slap their hand away when I see the gun go up to try to stop the inevitable. If that’s the case, judging from the universal force matrix, Brown would not be in the wrong for trying to slap the gun away and buy time to get away from the threat.

          Wilson’s incredible silence is the result of the fear he has of having to explain just this whole thing jumped off. The evidence suggests that he was the aggressor.

      • Michelleo says:

        Well, they took him away in some odd vehicle, after leaving him outside all day dead on the ground. I bet they got all the fingerprints they wanted.

      • Sophia33 says:

        And that is supported by MB’s friend saying that the officer saw him ducked behind the car and passed him up to kill Mike Brown.

    • Nef05 says:

      I don’t believe he went for the gun. Tiffany Mitchell, with direct line of sight to the driver’s side of the SUV, stated positively that MB’s hands were pressed against the outside of the SUV, trying to push away from the cop holding him, when the shot was fired inside the SUV.

      I’ll bet his hand/fingerprints on the outside of the truck mysteriously disappear, though.

  23. From the very beginning, I’ve been struck by how similar almost-immediate witness accounts were. Now we have the gunshots. This police officer should have been arrested immediately.

    • Michelleo says:

      I’ve never listened to Trayvon’s screams and I’m not listening to this either, although LLMPapa has great detective skills.

      • It is amazing to me that voice analysis technology was able to identify the murderer of James Foley, but Judge Debra Nelson disallowed it in fogen’ s sham trial. They all knew that the voice experts could prove that fogen was NOT the one screaming in terror.

        • Annie Cabani says:

          Heck – in a pre-trial proceeding Bernie de-la-Wronga HIMSELF said that two voices were audible in the screaming 911 audio recording. And that is a true statement: If you listen carefully, you can hear both the victim’s voice, screaming for help, AND the deeper, “interrogating” voice of the victim’s killer.

          No “expertise” is required to hear and distinguish the two voices in the background and figure out what was going on.

          Why the F those sorry-excuses-for-prosecutors never even mentioned the fact of those two distinct voices is one of the strongest reasons that I believe they were corrupted before trial and failed to prosecute vigorously.

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