Iceland’s Bárðarbunga Volcano Eruption Begins

by Crane-Station

The National Icelandic Broadcasting Service, Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV), is reporting that a small eruption has begun in Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano. The Icelandic Meteorilogic Office (IMO) has raised the civil aviation alert color code from orange to red, and airspace over the volcano is now restricted. IMO defines this alert: “RED: Eruption is imminent or in progress – significant emission of ash into atmosphere likely.”

There is a Live Stream of the volcano on YouTube here.


Seismic Activity in 3-D updated every 60 seconds. Shows location and depth. Super cool site!

Small eruption believed to have started

Iceland’s volcano has started erupting

23 Responses to Iceland’s Bárðarbunga Volcano Eruption Begins

  1. ay2z says:

    Crane, thanks! That bubble image of Bárðarbunga activity would make one hell of a lava lamp!

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Holy smokes. Quake weather. Peru just had a 7.0 about 30 minutes ago.

  3. Nef05 says:

    Fascinating. The only time I’ve seen an eruption was the news footage of Mount St. Helen. All I saw from the one in 2010 was a huge ash cloud. 500 feet of glacial meltoff, that’s a lot of water at one time. Seems like it would send up a lot of steam as well as ash.

    Though… The guy said that any runoff would go through uninhabited land to the ocean. But, cold water sinks and fresh water causes desalination. I wonder if it will have some effect on the “conveyor belt” current, especially combined with the acceleration of the melting polar ice sheets. These are indeed “interesting times”. I may have to go back and take a second look at the Gaia Theory.

  4. Michelleo says:


  5. “Criticism following the strictly enforced shutdown resulted in the CAA relaxing its rules to allow planes to fly in areas with a low density of volcanic ash.”

  6. Two sides to a story says:

    Dang. This should be interesting.

    I’m glad I went to the UK last month to see my youngest offspring graduate from a UK university cuz soon there’ll likely be too much ash in the air across the N. Atlantic for air traffic.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Glad to hear it may be more of a fissure eruption and hopefully not as much ash as the 2010.

    • Crane-Station here, and when I last checked about the air travel, apparently things have changed in the airline industry since 2010, so hopefully, if this volcano turns out to be a big eruption, air travel will not be as impacted as it was last time.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Yes, though I think there’s probably a limit as to what can be done if the ash were to get heavy.

        Ouch, Iceland just had a 5.3 earthquake – just noticed it in my USGS notifications, didn’t take the time to read exactly where but likely in the vicinity of the volcano.

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