The curfew in #Ferguson will be in effect again tonight from midnight to 5 am

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good afternoon:

The demonstration was peaceful.

Police arrested seven people in Ferguson after midnight last night for violating the curfew.

One person was hospitalized in critical condition with a gunshot wound. Police are investigating the shooting but have not identified the shooter or arrested anyone in connection with the shooting.

The curfew will be in place again tonight from midnight to 5 am tomorrow morning.

The St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office has completed the autopsy of Mike Brown but have not released the report or disclosed any details about his injuries.

USA Today is reporting that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the feds will conduct a second autopsy of Mike Brown, “due to the extraordinary circumstances involved in this case and at the request of the Brown family.”

That announcement sounds like Eric Holder has no confidence in the competency of the medical examiner who performed the autopsy and the accuracy of the results.

The Ferguson Police Department and the St.Louis County Sheriff’s Office appear to be infected with racism and poor judgment. As such, I believe they constitute a clear and present danger to the cause of justice in this case.

They need to shut-up, get out of the way and stay out of the way. Then they need to be investigated thoroughly and transparently. The racists need to be weeded out and fired.

I am impressed by Captain Ron Johnson who is emerging as a genuine American hero.

95 Responses to The curfew in #Ferguson will be in effect again tonight from midnight to 5 am

  1. bettykath says:

    Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

    One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said.

    Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.

    • Malisha says:

      He wasn’t charging toward the police; he was falling toward them. He had been shot and he was falling forward; the last shot entered the top of his head. Do the math.

  2. JJ says:

    Apparently the Ferguson police do not want any reporters reporting. Leonard Pitts wrote an article about two reporters who were arrested : from the Huffington Post and the Washington Post titled: “Ferguson police arrest reporters for reporting.”
    Link below for the google search results – just in case there are other reports of reporters being arrested in Ferguson.

  3. Malisha says:

    I don’t like saying this but I was not particularly impressed by Ron Johnson’s speech. Moving? Sure. Stirring? Right. Substantive? Hardly. Is he being used as a tool by the big white Copdom or is he independently trying to calm down the crowd by any means necessary (even God) so there is not a bloodbath, since he realizes his Copdom is ready to perpetrate a massacre? Here’s my problem with his speech:

    “I will protect your right to protest” — but I won’t do a thing about the curfew or the police conduct when you do protest.

    “I wear the uniform; I must apologize” — but I’m not insisting that the others wearing the uniform disclose everything about what happened and what is being planned now.

    “You need to stand tall and you need to get on your knees and pray” — yeah where’s that in the Constitution? How come we get to PRAY when we’re not armed and the police are armed but they’re not being given religious guidance about their conduct?

    “I’m with you” — this translates to “I am your leader” which can very well be the same as “You now take your marching orders from me” which is a very convenient way to say, in effect, “the cops are in charge of this whole thing but you can have a Black cop to look like you’re being represented.”


    What I would like to know from Johnson is this: Why have you not gotten rid of that curfew? Why have you not insisted upon a transparent report of activities of the police before, during and after the killing of Michael Brown? We don’t care if you’re tired and you’re sad; WE WANT ACTION. Empathy was for BEFORE Michael Brown was dead on the street. Prayer is fine but it is not what you hire police for. Prayer can be taken care of in church. Now where is the REAL DATA about Michael Brown’s death and WHAT are the OTHER cops going to do about it?

    • Malisha says:

      Oh, and another thing. You’ve got a kid who wears baggy pants and his hat on a slant? “But” he’s still your baby? So what? How is Michael Brown’s death going to make HIM a better Black man? Is he in the crowd protesting the police brutality towards young Black men? What will be “better” about him after this murderous charade is over? Will he be more ready to wear the uniform and put his hat on straight? I don’t get it. I know it sounds all emotionally lovely and all but really, I don’t get it. I didn’t think shooting a young Black man dead in the street was a good way to make better young Black men; what am I missing?

  4. bettykath says:

    A friend of my nephew has been through a horror, and he’s white. Pretty soon, even the white folks might get off their axxes in protest.

    • Malisha says:

      This retired PA police officer nailed what is wrong with the police all over this country: NOT that the majority of police officers are not “caring compassionate professionals, because they ARE” — but he goes on to say that the DIFFERENCE is how we handle those who are NOT, those who are thugs. Third-World countries, he says, cover up the anti-citizen behavior of thug-cops. Pennsylvania, he concludes, is operating like a third-world country in this regard.

      This is where we are: it is the prosecutorial misconduct, the court corruption, and the cover-ups that allow thug cops to succeed at their criminal behavior and escape punishment. Our courts are not to be trusted; our judges are not to be trusted; our prosecutors and public defenders are not to be trusted; our “internal affairs” divisions are not to be trusted; our public agencies are not to be trusted. And all this empowers thugs and criminals with badges and guns and “carte blanche” to kill and maim at will. Nobody is safe.

  5. elizbowe says:

    Thanks Sophia33!

  6. elizbowe says:

    I heard Gov Nixon just signed an order for the National Guard to come in. It is only 10:50pm in my time zone so I am listening to reports.

  7. Sophia33 says:

    Nixon just deployed the National Guard.

  8. Sophia33 says:

    The media is amazing. I’m watching CNN now and they are SHOWING video of a man kneeling down with his hands up and a tear gas being thrown by the police directly at him. He got up, walked away from the tear gas but appeared to succumbed to it. He fell and then was handcuffed?! But that is not how it is being reported.

  9. elizbowe says:

    Yes, and one shot to the head was on the top of his head so his head must have been bowed down and Dr. Baden says the shots to Michael’s head were probably the last shots and the ones that killed him. Jesse Jackson has already commented on the report and feels that these results will also cause more distress in people and ongoing demonstrations.

    • Sophia33 says:

      Exactly, the top of the head, from the front and the the last shots fired. Not appearing to be from close range because there was no gun powered on the body.

  10. Sophia33 says:

    CNN is saying that that the report from Baden says that the shots to the head where the last shots fired.

  11. Deborah says:

    Yes there are reports of agitators in the crowd — out of towners looting and throwing Molotov cocktails. Also some neo Nazis.

    • Sophia33 says:

      Think about it. Do you think that Chief Gillespie like the fact that Chief Johnson was brought in to bring order? I’m just asking a question…who would benefit if there were unrest at these protests? Just asking!

  12. Sophia33 says:

    It is not beneath our government to place agitators in crowds to make protestors look bad. Just something to remember. Remember Nixon had COINTELPRO. Miss you all much!

  13. Sophia33 says:

    Here we go again! I have thought of your guys often. School demands right now. I will be coming around more often. We need each other at this time.

  14. elizbowe says:

    On the CNN website there is a preliminary report from the autopsy requested by the family and the family attorney Gray reported that Michael Brown was shot six times, twice in the head and four times in the arm, all at a long distance because there was no powder stippling on him. All were from the front according to this preliminary report. The autopsy was performed Sunday.

  15. MichelleO says:

    Shots fired

  16. MichelleO says:

    They just told media to go back to the staging area as the clock ticks closer to the 12 am curfew.

    • MichelleO says:

      There is still a standoff and the media has been told by police to pull back. They will not allow what is going to happen next to be televised. Crowds are still forming. Be safe Ferguson. God bless.

  17. MichelleO says:

    My, oh, my. Walking down the street holding your thing. The bravado of some of these young people. They only have 46 minutes left, and are facing down SWAT. I am praying.

  18. MichelleO says:

    Damn, these people are brave. I wouldn’t be out on this street for nothing. I’d be hiding inside of my basement.

  19. Bill Taylor says:

    “encroachment” usually merits a 5 yard penalty…..NOT GASSING citizens of the USA that have broken no law.

  20. Bill Taylor says:

    just heard the claim by the authorities that the people were “encroaching” on the command center.

  21. Bill Taylor says:

    i cant find out what happened i have seen a few reports from folks there that the police just started firing gas all over the place for no reason…….

  22. MichelleO says:

    What happened to the 12 am curfew? It’s only 9:40 pm there.

    • Michelleo says:

      As a believer in the Almighty, let the church say amen!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Wow. I don’t think Captain Johnson would stick his neck out like this if there wasn’t something very wrong about how Officer Wilson handled Michael Brown.

      • Bill Taylor says:

        i do believe Johnson knows the facts and knows a coverup is being attempted.

        • MichelleO says:

          They are also telling him one thing, and then doing the direct opposite. Excellent way of illustrating just how disrespectful they are of minorities no matter who they are. They are not about to be forthcoming or respectful, whether you are in a chain of command or are in a superior position. They are disrespecting his authority before the entire world, which drives the citizens of Ferguson MO. point home. No justice, no peace.

  23. bettykath says:

    Did I post that the officer left town days ago? (Interesting tidbit, I can’t seem to remember his name. Not a big deal, I don’t really want to remember it)

    • Disappointed says:

      I do not believe anyone on here as said all police officers are bad. What we are saying is if Michael brown had shot the officer you can bet by now we would all know how many times the location of the bullets and Michael would already be locked up. Michael’s parents are tax payers. They are paying for this officer to get paid time off while they decide what to do next. It’s beyond common sense as to why some do not get this basic concept.

      • Michelleo says:

        Many in the community do not look at it that way: The taxes that the poor and minority pay for public services is not the same as that paid by the well-heeled or non-minorities. Those monies are viewed as only being deserved to serve and maintain and protect everybody but them.

  24. Deborah says:

    Can anyone comment on this article? Does anyone know what they are talking about? Nice to see all the familiar names here

    • Disappointed says:

      I have not heard anything about the video or audio that they are claiming is part of investigation. I will say a lot if this could be put to rest if they could just answer the questions. How many shots and where on his body did he get shot. If it came from conservative tree house I would take it with a grain of salt. God knows conservatives think the only people who work are CEOs. Jmo

      • Disappointed says:

        Ok I listened to audio. The guys were not very clear on some if it. As in “he kept coming toward him” he as in Michael kept coming toward officer or officer kept coming toward Michael? Again I think someone maybe assuming something without knowing who he or him is.

    • Michelleo says:

      I’m going to wait for the Justice Department to chime in. All in all, we see how the powers-that-be in that jurisdiction think of its poor and its minorities. The sheet has been pulled off of their faces, and their unlawful and inhumane tactics revealed, from the top down.

  25. maria lia calvo ‏@MariaLiaCalvo 25m
    Dont think it’s a coincidence that, only picture that has emerged of cop who shot #MichaelBrown is of him receiving commendation. #Ferguson

  26. Newsweek ‏@Newsweek 5m
    Al Sharpton, Ron Johnson and others gave moving speeches at a #Ferguson unity rally honoring Michael Brown

  27. ‏@Salon 24m
    Captain Johnson to #Ferguson community: “I will stand and protect you, and your right to protest.”

  28. Malisha says:

    I just don’t see a real difference in the two narratives. Some witnesses claim that Brown turned toward the police in a posture of surrender with his hands in the air; others say he “advanced” after running away. Naturally, the interpretation of his going first (before being shot even once) away from the cops, whom he KNEW to be armed, and then towards the cops, whom he STILL KNEW to be armed, would be interpreted two ways: By those who do not wish to exonerate the cops for shooting him dead, it will be called an attempted escape and then, after a shot, a turn and surrender; by those who wish to exonerate the cop for shooting him dead, it will be called a flight and then a turn-around and an aggressive advance.

    Think about this: Wasn’t that what Fogen said happened? First, “shit, he’s running,” and “he ran” and then, “He came up on me from nowhere and said, ‘what’s your fucking problem man?'”

    Old story.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Yup same B.S. story. But this bull crap is just crap.

      Darren gets pic of an award released like he’s a saint and Mike gets irrelevant video released to blame victim. Unbelievable.

    • crustyolemothman says:

      Did I hear a different story from Michael Browns friend? My ears (or at least my mind thinks that they heard) heard him say that the officer got out of the car and started to chase them as they ran. How far was the officer from Michael Brown when he shot him? If he was shot 35 feet from the car and the officer was chasing him, how did he shoot him from 35 feet away? What was the actual distance 35 feet? 25 feet? 10 feet? or? Again, another small detail that is ignored by too many people in the quest to seek the answers that fit their agenda? What actually happened that day, which one of you actually knows? Or do you only think you know?

  29. J4TMinATL says:

    Fred posted the 10 min video in previous thread and here the tree nuts go again. SMH.

  30. ericadec3 says:

    This case is GZimmerman all over again.. characters such as Frank Taafe, replaced by the officers friend know as Jay, Chief Lee is being played by Chief Jackson. The orginal prosecuter in GZ case is now DA McCollough. The jury tainting has begin when the only photo of the officer is him receiving an award. The weed will be found in his system..give the right more ways to justify what he did….. so on and so on.

    • Malisha says:

      Right, only this one is stacked even more in favor of the murderer because he’s a real cop this time.

      • Michelleo says:

        See how cops and those in the “justice” department protect one another? Fogan wasn’t even law enforcement, but he was protected like he was a member anyway, because he had family in law enforcement and in the judiciary.

        • Malisha says:

          AND because the residents had already complained about him to the police >>>> and the police had chosen NOT to protect the residents but to threaten the residents and intimidate them so that Fogen was enabled to kill. At a HOA meeting on March 1, two days after the murder, someone who sounded off about why the police had refused to act when warned that Fogen was running around threatening people with his gun, that person was “escorted out” of the HOA meeting. THAT is why the HOA paid off as much as they had to before a lawsuit was even filed; they were paying to protect the police who had colluded in a murder and then covered it up to protect themSELVES.

  31. Bill Taylor says:

    has anybody seen the claim from the conservative treehouse???? they claim to have background audio of somebody describing brown charging like a raging bull into the face of fire taking the bullets like they were nothing and still charging until finally he was stopped…….BUT their claim says he was 35 feet away from the police car when he started his full speed charge and continued it into the face of being shot….BUT being the superhuman he is he then after getting hit with the final shot politely walked back to where he started his charge before dying.

    • masonblue says:

      Crane-Station here.
      That’s odd, because I saw the same brain matter on the street in the same graphic video that everyone else did. 33 feet from the vehicle. Wonder how he managed that, as well as being shot in the back as he was fleeing, according to CTH. Plus, there’s the eensy teensy problem of- Brown did not have a gun! Are they saying he was actually armed, and “charging?”

      • Bill Taylor says:

        one implied he had to be armed to be charging like that…..of course SENSE says if he was armed he would SHOOT not charge.

      • The right-wing-hate-machine follows the Breitbart Rule. They lie about everything all the time.

      • Michelleo says:

        Historically, racists have always portrayed Black men as supercharged beasts, who cannot be humanly contained as other individuals. The narrative is always of someone with superhuman strength who has to be put down like an animal.

        • verafish says:

          Here is a link to Ijreview, showing a transcript of the background conversation from the video.

          At first I was dismayed, but then read that the “transcript” came from the Treehouse, (and knowing what they are capable of) I read it again, right away spotting the background voice saying that Brown was IN the cop’s truck. IF that’s what the guy said, he’s not credible because no one else has claimed that. OR, more likely, Treehouse Lady got it alllll wrong.

          I apologize for the hit-and-run post but my mind is elsewhere and thought you all would be interested. I’ll leave it for you all to shred.

    • Malisha says:

      Sounds about right. A barrage of bullets usually makes large, threatening young African American males remember their manners.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Yup, posted link below

    • @Bill Taylor, yes I have. I have also viewed and listened to that video over and over, before this bs theory came out. It is really unclear what the conversation is really saying. Ridiculous, and until that person comes forward, whoever it is was, it is just the usual spin by con treehouse cesspool.

  32. crustyolemothman says:

    Perhaps because the Law Enforcement Community is so bad and there are no good police officers in Ferguson, the entire LEC should be removed in totality from the city? That way the citizens of the community can solve their own problems in a way that they will be satisfied with. That should stop all the crime and domestic disputes that occur simply because of the bad police that they have. See there is a simple solution to the Bad Police State that we have, if there are no police you have no “bad” police officers, right? This being a peaceful community there is no real need for police to solve the legal problems….

    • Malisha says:

      Well I guess we have two choices:

      CHOICE ONE: Police who do not get prosecuted even if they murder citizens; or

      CHOICE TWO: No police “protection” at all. That way nobody gets murdered.

      Is that how it is?

      Because if there are only those two choices, it’s really hard to come up with the right answer. We’d have to try one of the choices in City A with the exact population and demographic and socioeconomic make up as City B, and we’d have to run the thing for ten year, and then collate the data.

      OR we could prosecute for murder whether it was committed by a police officer or by a person who wasn’t a police officer (whether or not he thought of himself as a police officer). That might work. And it could be a workable Option THREE. Yeah, I’d say that might really be a good option THREE.

      • crustyolemothman says:

        Well after reading all the responses that claim that all cops are bad, how could we possibly have a number three choice? There have been post after post saying how corrupt police officers and departments are, that obviously there are no good police officers in this nation only bad ones…

        I might ask how many police officers in the last year alone gave their lives in the line of duty protecting the citizens of this nation that we as a group gave recognition to? Yet when one police officer kills a person under questionable conditions, very quickly we turn as a pack of dogs and declare that police officers are bad and so on and on and on… Well, like I said if police officers are so bad in the mind of the people, no problem, just do with out them and solve your legal problems yourself, isn’t that what the NRA and the 2nd amendment folks want? The other option is to open your eyes and realize that police officers are human also and make mistakes just like any other human will, the main difference is that their mistake sometime result in tragic errors in judgment. No, police officers should not be above the law, but they should be afforded the same protections of the law that you folks are demanding, not more nor less. Do you remember the simple theory “innocent until proven guilty”…

        Personally unlike many, who have automatically decided all the facts in this case, I am still going to wait until we have some facts that are not tainted by bias from either side. The only true fact that we have at this point is that a young black man is dead, and a lot of allegations that are at this time not backed by fact. Now before you take what I am saying and twist it to be a claim that the PO did not commit a crime, that is not what my point is at all… My point is simple, we don’t know the facts of the shooting yet, all we have are assumptions based on emotion and allegations and not on hard facts.

        Now after I have said all this you want to throw rocks at me, so be it! I will continue to demand equal rights and treatment for “all” people of this nation, not just a select few or only a selected group!

        • bettykath says:

          You make some valid points but it isn’t just one young Black man who has been killed by a cop. It’s many and nearly all of them get away with it. It’s also the overt disrespect and abuse that so many in the Black community have had to endure for decades that’s at the heart of the extreme, yet peaceful, reaction.

          Yes, there are some good cops but why aren’t they arresting the bad ones? Silence from the “good” cops is a crime of its own. Of course when the prosecutor is as racist as the bad cops, the “good” cops know that arresting the bad ones is a useless exercise that take them down the same path as Daniel Faulkner who tried to be the truly good cop in Philadelphia.

          • Michelleo says:

            I tell all of my relatives that this is a new day, and all of them must have dashcams and some sort of video devices on in their cars and on their person. Something that uploads directly to social media. This is a new day, and racial discrimination and police brutality must be fought in a different way.

          • crustyolemothman says:

            Michelleo, Great idea, with the exception of putting it directly on social media, the bad guys would really appreciate live knowledge of where the police were… I do have one small question, will you be as quick to praise an officer that does a good deed as you will be to condemn one who does what you consider wrong? The problem is that we as humans can almost always find ways to criticize, but struggle to praise…

          • Not many, bettykath, all of them have skirted true justice. This is why we are in this boat.

    • Michelleo says:

      The problem is the militarization of local police. When you militarize police their motto is no longer protect and serve. For many police, this has historically always been so in exactly who they “police and serve.” Add racism to the mix and you have police legally performing lynchings on a daily basis.

    • tblue says:

      crustyolemothman, you have just committed the *elementary* logical fallacy called the exclusion of the middle or false dilemma. We were in just seventh grade when we learned how ridiculous such an argument is. Apparently you did not.

  33. J4TMinATL says:

    3 words: Fupp the curfew.

    • Malisha says:

      Again, I have a fantasy: EVERYONE in Ferguson leaves home five minutes before midnight and calmly and quietly (with their hands up if they are physically fit enough) walks downtown chanting, “WE ARE WHERE WE BELONG, WE ARE WHERE WE BELONG.”

  34. colin black says:

    Indeed it was .

    It did not go well LE car allegedlly shot up by random youth fireing gun in the middle off the road.
    Random youth allegedlly shot random victim.

    There weree a zillion L E There armed an ready to rummble.

    W T F…Did not one of them shoot radom youth?

    Was it because we was not an unarmed random youth not surrendering?

    • colin black says:

      Or more like Its impossable to shoot a ficticous random youth.
      Would be intresting to see the type an calibre of any shell caseings found.
      Or bullets recovered from victim an le vechicle.

      Just on the off chance its simmilar ammo to le issue.
      And id it where you could check every gun le had on the streets that night an find out.
      The officer/officers that brandished and fired those weapons.
      If the police had the desire or motivation to police themselfs that is

    • Bill Taylor says:

      the police claim their car was fired upon, did they SEE the bullet?

      my point is they in reality HEARD a shot and now can claim they are shooting at us…….but common sense says who exactly was armed to the teeth in that area?

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