Saturday Evening Ferguson Watch

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good evening:

The public demonstration continues this evening protesting the killing of an unarmed Mike Brown, 18, by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department a week ago.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a curfew between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

The world is watching.

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43 Responses to Saturday Evening Ferguson Watch

  1. Crane-Station here. Sorry to see first thing this morning, that a person was shot and is in critical condition in Ferguson. Did this happen at the same convenience store where the tear gas and smoke was deployed? Did see Captain Ron Johnson describing the incident on a clip on USA Today.

    • Disappointed says:

      I’m encouraged by the News that Eric Holder has requested Federal Autopsy. Hopefully this is sign of thorough investigation.

      • Malisha says:

        I wouldn’t bet on it. It does show, however, that somebody is beginning to realize a BIG response is needed. Unfortunately, my bet for the BIG response will be:


        Come up with a blandishment as soon as the scene has quieted down and some of the major players have been arrested for “other crimes unrelated to the event.”

  2. Thank goodness, it looks like it is over, after a lot of smoke bombs. An hour and a half past the curfew. There was a lot of rain. They should have honored the curfew. People are tired, and it was really inconsiderate to Ron Johnson, and Michael’s family to cause that ruckus. Tomorrow is another day. Two people were arrested, and one person became ill, and was taken to a hospital. If it had not rained hard, like it did, it probably would have been worse. Thanks, rain. They have got to calm down, in Ferguson, we get it. Aka Japanese Girlsan.

  3. Police several blocks away, not a big police force. Also, a thunderstorm seems to be brewing.

  4. If the police chief had not released that unrelated video, which he knew was unrelated to the shooting this curfew may not have even happened. You don’t win when play dirty. # Ferguson # Justice for Michael Brown # Hands up, Don’t Shoot.

  5. Malisha says:

    This murder is the fault of Police Chief Bill Lee of Sanford, FL;
    This murder is the fault of Norman Wolfinger of Sanford FL;
    This murder is the fault of Corey, BDLR, Serino, Singleton, et al.
    This murder is the fault of the police and prosecutors who are still sitting in Georgia with their thumbs up their asses;
    This murder is the fault of DOJ that has consistently failed to prosecute for hate crimes when they are committed by police, people related to police, or people pretending to be police.

    Shame shame shame shame shame. They are all guilty.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Amen to that. And what is “normal” for the system makes it even more likely that even more people accept it as normal rather than a violation of civil rights.

      Since police brutality has become part of a militarized system, this is basically war on the American people.

      • bronxlady1 says:

        Why is there is no prosecution? Why indeed. There are people who have decided that certain people, our people, do not ” belong”. We are being pushed out of our jobs, our homes, our communities and ultimately our country by those who think we don’t belong here. Look at the comments on the Eric Garner killing, the Trayvon Martin killing, the Polanco killing, the Sean Bell killing, the Amadou Dialo killing and so on. The comments are very revealing as to who is behind our grief. We are not paranoid. These events speak for themselves. “They” ridicule my people by jeering at our pain saying “where are the men, your men, where are the father’s” not wanting to see that our men are being marginalized, being thrown into prisons or graveyards for petty “crimes”. For shoplifting, for walking on the wrong side of the street, for walking at night, for going to a bachelor party, for being outside their own homes at night, for being outside in the rain, for not wearing the “right” clothes. For being. They tell you to go home. What do they mean? You are already home. Why is there no prosecution you wonder but the answer is clearly there.

        • Malisha says:

          I had a fantasy last night at 11:30 pm but for some reason I couldn’t get onto the blog to write it:

          At 11:55 pm ALL the residents of Ferguson leave home and go outside and slowly walk downtown on public streets (on the sidewalks thereof) chanting: We are where we belong; we are where we belong; we are where we belong; we are where we belong.

  6. Charles Ramsey says:

    CNN got played you can be sure Fox news was informed about the shoplifting video 3 days ago.

    • Michelleo says:

      I have completely dropped them, after discovering the above link to live coverage in Ferguson, MO—-and there was no similar coverage anywhere else in “mainstream” news. Shame!

      • I dropped cnn too, and yahoo, the racists comments are way too much, with 0 moderation.MSNBC is the place to be. Lean Forward. And of course right here. Aka Japanese Girlsan.# Justice for Big Mike.

  7. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Antonio French ‏@AntonioFrench 18m
    Peaceful protest right now in #Ferguson.

  8. Frederick Leatherman says:

    ActivistWorldNewsNow ‏@AWNNLIVE 14m
    #Ferguson crowd getting heavy as night falls. 50 MO PD arrive by bus #LIVESTREAM … #OpFerguson #MikeBrown #MikeMike

  9. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Eram ‏@eramff 8m
    There is no legal justification in shooting someone who is outside arm’s length and unarmed. Zero. #Ferguson

  10. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Lisa Campbell ‏@LisaJac21671472 5m
    This woman interrupted: “Excuse me Governor, why has this police officer not been charged with murder?” #Ferguson”

  11. Frederick Leatherman says:

    scott vener ‏@brokemogul 4m
    Captain Johnson better hire a campaign manager quick. #Ferguson

  12. Frederick Leatherman says:

    D. Eemunchagote-Long ‏@Eemunchagote 2m
    RT @kharyp: Dumbest Police Chief in America … #Ferguson #MikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot

  13. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Freida People ‏@debragood 1m
    #Distraction is a tactic for the bad guys. Is Police Militarization A Distraction From Understanding #Ferguson? #Anon

  14. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Watch the protest livestream.

  15. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Salon Politics ‏@Salon_Politics 8h
    The KKK is raising money for the #Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown

  16. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Steve Walker ‏@stevenlwalker 19m
    This sums the anger in #Ferguson: In America people aren’t executed by the police, even for stealing cigars. #JusticeForMikeBrown

  17. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Fred Zeleny ‏@fizzbang 3m
    Aw hell, I’m worried how tonight’s going to go in #Ferguson. Stay strong, stay peaceful, stay safe, everyone.

  18. Frederick Leatherman says:

    fluxcapacitor ‏@galileo54fd 4m
    If only discussion to come out of #Ferguson is stop minority deaths from cop shootings, this will become a bigger tragedy than it already is

    • Disappointed says:

      IMO the looters are destroying any chance of a conviction in this case. Jurors for Trayvon Martin called the protest riots. Future jurors will connect the looting to Michael Brown even though he had no part. I am angry that an officer shot a kid running away and angrier that the officer shot him while hands up. Hopefully I am wrong but the jurors in Florida have left me with little hope that this young mans life is going to be worth a conviction. I also don’t believe the looters live in the area.

      • Michelleo says:

        So, the fix is in. You can’t fix crooked people or a crooked system.

        • Disappointed says:

          Michello I agree. It is just heart breaking as a parent to think another parent may not get Justice for their baby because of others bad choices. I pray I am wrong.

          • roderick2012 says:

            “It is just heart breaking as a parent to think another parent may not get Justice for their baby because of others bad choices.”

            But collective punishment of minorities in the U.S.has always been the norm not the exception.

  19. Frederick Leatherman says:

    Chef Datyah Zerach ‏@DZerach 3m
    Respect existence. Or expect the resistance. #Ferguson #MikeBrown PRT @sanacardi

  20. Frederick Leatherman says:

    C0Y0 ‏@C_Zero8 13s
    How do you give taxpayers curfews for demonstrating peaceful protest. They really try to treat us like delinquents. #ferguson #MikeBrown

  21. Frederick Leatherman says:

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    You can copy and paste tweets in your comments.

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