Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with first degree murder for executing #MikeBrown

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good afternoon:

Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with first degree murder for executing Mike Brown.

We need to focus our attention on what happened before the officer pulled out his gun in order to determine what, if any, crime he committed.

According to Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, the officer suddenly backed up positioning his vehicle so that it was parked perpendicular to the curb and directly in front of them blocking their way.

This was an unexpected and unnecessarily aggressive response by the officer to a jaywalking situation in which the two young men did not respond quickly enough when he ordered them to stop walking in the street. I am not aware of any evidence that there was any vehicular traffic on the street when he ordered them to the sidewalk.

This was the officer’s first mistake.

The vehicle was so close to the two young men that the officer struck both of them with his door when he opened it to get out. This was his second mistake.

Mike Brown reacted by pushing the door back and the upper part of the frame apparently hit the officer in the face as he was attempting to get out of the vehicle.

Brown’s reaction may have been nothing more than an instinctive defensive reaction with his hands to the door hitting his lower body. Doors are curved inward toward the top and the officer’s head would have come in contact with the frame as he turned his body and leaned forward to get out of his vehicle and stand up.

We do not know how much force Brown applied to the door, but I am not aware of any claim by police officials that the officer is claiming that Brown was attempting to prevent the officer from getting out of his vehicle. They do claim that the officer sustained a bump on his face, which is consistent with an instinctive defensive reaction by Brown to being struck by the door.

The officer reacted by pulling out his gun, which was a grossly inappropriate reaction to a situation he created by his sudden and unexpected use of his vehicle to stop the two young men.

If I were a black male in Mike Brown’s situation, given common knowledge in the black community that white cops regularly harass and kill young black males all over this country with little or no justification because they hate blacks and can get away it, I would have assumed the officer intended to kill me and I would have attempted to take the gun away from him.

Brown reached through the open window grabbing the officer’s arm and I believe that he acted reasonably in self-defense. That is, he reasonably believed he was in imminent danger of being killed or seriously injured.

We know that he was in imminent danger of being killed or seriously injured because the officer killed him.

Brown did not get control of the gun.

The gun went off wounding Brown during the struggle precipitated by the officer’s conduct. This shot may or may not have been intentional.

Brown and Dorian Johnson fled. The officer got out of his vehicle and shot at Brown hitting him in the back.

This shot was intentional, unnecessary and unjustifiable.

Brown stopped, raised his hands and surrendered.

The officer fired more shots, hitting Brown and killing him.

These shots were intentional, premeditated, unnecessary and unjustifiable.

The officer, whose unexpected and unreasonable use of his vehicle precipitated the incident, executed Brown and he should be charged with first degree murder.

Finally, as I wrote yesterday, the strong-arm robbery in the convenience store involving the Swisher Sweet cigarillos is not relevant because Wilson contacted the two young men for walking in the street and he did not suspect them of being involved in the robbery.

The racist right-wing-hate-machine fails to comprehend that, even if Wilson had known about the robbery, he would not have been justified in executing Brown.


Because Brown was unarmed and had surrendered.

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34 Responses to Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with first degree murder for executing #MikeBrown

  1. Any person who kills another person should be immediately executed and buried without a tombstone. This pathetic officer shot an unarmed person. Even if Brown was being aggressive and charging at the officer, why couldn’t he shoot his leg? His arm? His foot? So it took 6 shots to stop an unarmed person? 4 in the lower body, then KNOWINGLY two shots in or around the head? Execute wilson through lethal injection or electrocution and get rid of pests like this who sicken the american dream.

    • I too am outraged by what Wilson did, but immediate execution and burial without a tombstone for any person who kills another person without regard for the circumstances doesn’t make any sense.

      For example, what about a rape victim who kills the man who raped her? Do we immediately execute her and bury her without a tombstone?

      The lesson to be learned from the institutional corruption hard at work protecting Wilson by taking advantage of the secrecy of the grand jury is to abolish the grand jury and demand a public trial.

  2. Mike says:

    So if the door hit Wilson in the head that means Brown did NOT punch Wilson in the face. That also accounts how Wilsons face was swollen. Wilson was seen driving away from the seen as well. O oooops leaving the seen of a crime is I legal too. Expecially MURDER. Darren Wilson should be charged with murder. Wittiness say a shot was fired toward his back and he turned around with his hands up as well.

  3. lvw says:

    Darren Wilson should be charged with the first degree murder. I (as a white female)am absolutely appalled how this man has not being arrested yet but instead is on a paid! leave. As for a trained police officer shooting an unarmed person 6 times for self-defence and feeling devastated because of it..OH PLEASE..

  4. TruthSeeker1919 says:

    The officer should be charged with capitol murder.

    • masonblue says:

      I believe the officer premeditated the killing, which makes it a first degree murder, but I do not believe there is an aggravating circumstance that would support seeking the death penalty.

  5. amber ball says:

    GOD bless you. This is the absolute truth. Youre a hero for taking the time out of your day to inform everyone of the truth. I hope justice will be served and darreen wilson gets the punishment he deserves

  6. Charles Ramsey says:

    According to Regan V Price even a Judge can be arrested for assault during the performance of his duties.

  7. Well said Professor Leatherman. I agree. Now the governor has inacted a curfew from 12 midnight until 5 am, after last night. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the innept police chief. He is so used to doing things his way, and his predeccesor, that he cannot and wiil not stop doing anything he can save this cop from prosecution. The DOJ, need to take over and charge this man, right now, because this is not going to get any better until they. I don’t trust the DA, Bob McCullough, he blasted the mayor about taking the “security”, of Ferguson away from the police dept. of Ferguson. He sounds like he is biased.

    • McCullough does appear to be extremely biased, according to this article by Charlton S. Stanley, a weekend writer for the Jonathan Turley blog.

      The article has been previously cited by bettykath and michelleo in these comments.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Here’s some background on McCullough from 3chics:

        Attorney Lizz Brown, columnist for the St. Louis American, spoke with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow about applying for a job in the County Attorney’s office. Lizz Brown stated the County Attorney’s office were interested in her and wanted to hire her so they stated “Lizz, if you want this job, you have to understand”, “you may hear people using the n****r word” and are you ok with that?

        Keep in mind this conversation did not take place with the current prosecutor but his boss. Birds of a feather..

        How can a prosecuting Attorney’s office be objective in the Michael Brown case when it’s been admitted people in the office use racial slurs?

        Yes; it appears that Bob McCulloch asked that questions of Lizz Brown as though it was natural, even ACCEPTABLE for the attorney’s office staff to engage in RACIST remarks.

        This here is the makings of a HOSTILE and TOXIC environment. And he felt his only responsibility in such an environment is to make Lizz Brown aware of it.

        Basically, he told her, nobody’s going to change their racist behavior for you, lady, so if you’re gonna work here, take it like a good lil negro.

  8. roderick2012 says:

    Darren Wilson is long gone and will never return to the United States much less Ferguson Missouri to face justice.

  9. bettykath says:

    There’s a thread on the Turley blog that suggests that Darren Wilson was one of the cops involved in beating up an innocent man then arresting him for getting blood on their shirts. A reliable guest blogger made the post but wrote the article in a hurry. I’ll check back later and see if he got the confirmation he was looking for. If you want to look

    • I checked the source article and Darren Wilson was not involved in the Henry Davis case.

      The article said almost 4 years to the day, the “same police agency” was involved, not the same officer.

      Appears that white racists are tolerated, if not actively recruited, by the Ferguson Police Department.

      • bettykath says:

        I thought that Davis identified Wilson as one of the officers.

        • bettykath says:

          This was in the original post. It has since been removed. I’m not sure where he got this from.

          “Davis later identified the officer who kicked him in the head as Darren Wilson. You guessed it. The same Darren Wilson who the police chief identified yesterday as the officer who fired the shot(s) that killed teenager Michael Brown. This is the same “wouldn’t hurt a flea” officer that kicked Henry Davis in the head four years earlier.”

          • Michelleo says:


            Take a look at one of the latest stories to come out of there. It’s sad that we have to look overseas to get reliable and up to date news about what is happening in the good ol’ US of A. Because of the great sucking sound that is the US corporate mainstream media, people who want to get a more balanced read on the news check sites such as Al Jazeera, The Guardian, RT, The Epoch Times, and Der Spiegel.

            This is a brief clip from a story posted yesterday on RT (Russia Today). Emphasis is mine:

            Nearly four years to the day before Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson opened fire and killed Brown, 18, a complaint filed in federal court accused the same law enforcement agency of violating the civil rights of a man who says he was badly beaten after being wrongly arrested, then later charged with “destruction of property” for bleeding on the uniforms of the cops alleged to have injured him.

    • Wow, that is crazy. Another young girl, a citizen of Ferguson, said that she had an encounter with this cop, and it was so negative, that she got his name, and as soon as it was finally given Fri., and she spoke right up. She said she was a bystander when sn altercation occurred at the QuikStop, store, and got sprayed with maze, and he was yelling at her, using the F word, while she was trying to rinse her eyes out with milk from the store, and he slammed her down on the curb. She said that she would never forget him. Hmmmmmm.

      • Wilson’s conduct in that incident appears to be consistent with the way he treated Mike Brown and not at all unusual or exceptional for that police department.

        The Ferguson Police Department is a mess and the chief is part of the problem.

  10. towerflower says:

    It is now being reported that the DOJ, who knew about the video, told the COP not to release the video and the COP ignored the advice.

  11. Malisha says:

    We know that he was in imminent danger of being killed or seriously injured because the officer killed him.

    This seems to me to be the most obvious of logical statements. Yet back when we were blogging about Trayvon Martin, I said this about Trayvon Martin and why he would have been justified in using deadly force himself, under the self-defense laws (although there was no evidence he did) and I was told that my logic was faulty.

    Can somebody explain this to me?

    • bettykath says:

      I thought it was good logic b/c I came to that same conclusion.

    • MKX says:

      Your logic is impeccable.

      A person with a gun is a lethal killing machine with respect to a person who is not armed with any weapon, so, of course, the unarmed person is in imminent danger.

      If one person is beating another to death we logically accept that the “beaten” get a few licks in. What makes having a gun different?

  12. kenteoth says:

    That’s the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!!! and so many racist posters on other sites and threads FAIL to see that making the victim to be nothing more than a n—– and a thug…..and I reminded those ignorant jerks that any person of any shade of any background can be a n—– and a thug….smh…..people need to stop judging and start loving….

  13. Two sides to a story says:

    As long as we allow police officers to execute people in the street, it also allows hate groups more fuel for their unreasonable opinions and expectations.

    We need to put a stop to police brutality in any form and to end any expectation by ultra-conservatives that due process can be subverted for any reason.

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