#OscarPistorius: Barry Roux deserves credit for a job well done

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good morning:

Welcome to another issue of Game within the Game.

Speaking as a former criminal defense attorney who knows his way around the block, I credit Barry Roux for doing a great job defending a difficult hot-head and privileged client used to having the world revolve around him.

He was also dealing with a tough set of facts and Gerrie Nel, a brilliant and experienced prosecutor.

I was very impressed by Roux’s graceful switch from innocent mistake in self-defense, after Nel tore Pistorius apart, to a complicated hybrid of self-defense and anxiety-made-me-do-it defense.

Never seeming to sweat, he managed that switch with aplomb, as though it were the most natural thing to do in the world.

It wasn’t.

On September 11 when Judge Masipa issues her decision, we will find out if he succeeded in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Win or lose, he distinguished himself as a gentleman and an advocate for the accused. He brought honor to our profession.

For that, I tip my hat and thank him.

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9 Responses to #OscarPistorius: Barry Roux deserves credit for a job well done

  1. bettykath says:

    I’m pleased to this post. I’m impressed with the whole tenor of this trial.

  2. ay2z says:

    Chris N Greenland @Chrisng53 · Aug 8
    #OscarTrial #oscartrail199 #OscarPistorius — full marks to Roux SC for his valiant /thorough argument for “sympathetic jurisprudence”

    Fred, Judge Greenland agrees and credits Roux as well. Seems it would be very difficult for OP now to claim blame against his advocate for anything.

  3. ay2z says:

    Roux neatly packaged the concept of ‘the reasonable person-reasonable disabled person’ in a unique, interesting and memorable way: (though I don’t have a clue who Joe Soap is)

    The Judge is asked to include special personal attributes to the definition of ‘reasonable person’.

    Twitter from Bongani Bingwa during Roux’s argument yesterday.

    bongani bingwa @bonglez · Aug 8

    “The reasonable from 1960 in his grey suit… Joe Soap himself is no longer the same. Look at this accused, no one else. Roux @OscarTrial199”

  4. For awhile I have been troubled by the direction of the 4 shots because I think they could have hit Reeva, if they had passed through the wall and she were in bed as OP claimed he believed she was.

    The bullets didn’t pass through the wall, of course, but would he have risked potentially endangering the love of his life by shooting at and missing a possible intruder?

    Probably not, I think, which is yet another reason to believe he knew she was in the bathroom and he intended to kill her when he pulled the trigger 4 times.

    The alignment may be off. In any event, Mangena did not testify about this possibility and Nel never made this argument.

    • ay2z says:

      Interesting, I had mistaken the orientation of the bathroom backwards, the toilet room/shower at the opposite end. He may not have thought (as he wants us to believe) but….

      What OP did talk about on the stand, indicated that he WAS thinking of consequences of his shooting beforehand. On purpose, he said he avoided shooting into the shower area because a ricochet could come back and hit himself. (sure I heard that)

      He was worried about the consequences for himself though, aforethought.

  5. Cece Day says:

    You’re right! He is a hot head and roux did everything he could with this narcissistic so and so

  6. Malisha says:

    Oh Roux was great but with Oscar Pistorius sticking to that non-credible idiotic story what could a lawyer do? If he had told the truth about even a LITTLE bit of it there could at least be some lenity at sentencing. But he’s so full of himself he thinks the world is obliged to see things HIS WAY.

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