Tuesday Evening Open Discussion: Comparison of Wafer to Pistorius

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good evening:

Welcome to the Tuesday Evening Open Discussion where off topic is on topic.

A jury of 12 with two alternates has been selected in the #TheodoreWafer porch-shooting case. Two black females, two black males, one Arab male, two minority females, three white females and four white males. Don’t know anything else about them because jury selection was not televised or live streamed.

I am frustrated by the decision not to broadcast jury selection because that is where most trials are won or lost.

Opening statements will commence at 10 9 am EDT tomorrow. They will be livestreamed as will the rest of the trial.

Many people have compared this case to the Zimmerman case, but I believe it more closely resembles the #OscarPistorius case because the defendants in both cases are claiming self-defense after shooting through locked doors at people whom they say they believed to be an intruder (OP) or potential intruder (TW).

What do you think?

Anything else on your mind?

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10 Responses to Tuesday Evening Open Discussion: Comparison of Wafer to Pistorius

  1. MKX says:

    If Wafer is to be compared to Zimmerman, then he should easily be found guilty.

    Zimmerman was able to lie and claim the he did not initiate a conflict. And although there were zero facts to bolster his claim and even lots of facts countering it, the jury, because they are high IQ “good people” , believed him.

    Wafer, on the other hand, is faced with very solid facts that he initiated the conflict by opening and inner door.

    Zimmerman had wounds that he was able to use lie about to make a case that he was being beaten to death and had no choice but to fire his gun. And because the Einstein level IQ “good people” on the jury clearly knew that an abrasion is the result of a 3G force head slam, they found his tale “believable”.

    I assume that the “good people” were think they are well versed in physics because one claimed her hubby was a space lawyer, although my read is that “space” is the vacuum inside her skull wherein a tiny pea for a brain is rumored to exist.

    Wafer has no injuries and there is no evidence that McBride struck him.

    IMO, the case is more like Dunne and there will be a few out of the twelve who will buy his argument that merely being in the presence of a raging black female is sufficient cause to shoot.

    But in no way shape or form will the jurors who will find Wafer guilty be intimidated by such stupidity.

    So a hung jury is likely.

    Maybe there will be a compromise to accidental shooting, if that charge is on the table.

    • crustyolemothman says:

      MKX, actually the real problem that TW has is not just the shooting. He has problems in that he first had to go to get his weapon, he had to get the shells out and load the weapon before he went to the door. The real problem is that (IMO) he did not know who was at the door, and he had to open the door and immediately fire the weapon. I don’t think he knew who it was that was banging on his door, and quite frankly the only hope of conviction that we have is if the prosecutor can convince the jury that it well could have been a police officer or a child at the door, and the weapon was discharged willfully by TW at an unknown victim…

      • MKX says:

        That house has a front window he could easily have peaked out to see who was out there banging. In fact, that generally was standing operating procedure in the Detroit cracker boxes I used to have to knock doors on.

        At night, the light would come on and often there would be a banging on the window wherein the person on the porch would identify themselves. Some would tell you to buzz off, and you did. Some would open their door and talk behind the screen. And a subset who did have a shot gun would just show it. Pointed down, of course.

        One of the last times I had to pick up my father, he had fallen asleep, so I was banging to no avail. A neighbor appeared with a gun down pointed and asked what I was doing. And I explained.

        What I am saying is that those of us who actually lived in “the bad areas”, did not just blithely open doors and shoot people.

        And Wafer did not live in a bad area. The “bad area” is actually on the east side of Rouge Park, north of Warren. And, unlike Detroit, Dearborn Heights police respond quickly. The Heights is not the “wild west” that “faux news” likes to portray.

        IOW, “I didn’t know what is out there” would not cut it with me, if I were on a jury.

        A reasonable person would have called the Dearborn Heights police and waited behind that inner door till they arrived. And McBride would have got help, not massacred.

        A theme I see in all these gun crimes we discuss here – besides the race angle – is an utter lack of common sense with a fire arm.

  2. Malisha says:

    I believe both men had king-of-the-mountain complexes because of their guns. I believe both men considered their victims expendable. I believe both men pretended to be scared to death but each just chose to kill an inferior who did something they disliked. I believe Pistorius also pretended the object he killed was a home invader. Pistorius’s was a crime of passion; Wafer’s was a crime of opportunity.

  3. ay2z says:

    (it’s back– not quite full, but in two parts, JFYI)

    Sun. Nite program from Oz

    Part 1

    Part 2

  4. LessonLearned says:

    thank you

  5. CourtChatter will be livestreaming the trial tomorrow.

  6. LessonLearned says:

    I wish we knew more about the jurors… any from outer drive

  7. LessonLearned says:


  8. LessonLearned says:

    I hope this jury gets it right, shameful if you can shoot someone ..bangin on your doot

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