Theodore Wafer porch-shooting trial starts today

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good morning:

The Theodore Wafer porch-shooting trial starts this morning with jury selection. Unfortunately, there is no live coverage, so I will be covering the trial on twitter.

Wafer is represented by a father-daughter legal team, Matt and Cheryl Carpenter. He is claiming self-defense, which is problematic because he shot Renisha McBride, 19, through a screen door after opening the locked front door of his house.

She was unarmed and he has compromised his claim of self-defense by admitting that she was asking for help and he accidentally fired his shotgun.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway is presiding over the trial and she will be conducting the voir dire of prospective jurors.

She has advised the panel that the trial will last approximately 10 days.

25 Responses to Theodore Wafer porch-shooting trial starts today

  1. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 4m
    Jury selection has ended for the day. Will reconvene at 9:00am tomorrow

  2. crustyolemothman says:

    By the questions being asked, I think the judge is setting the trial up to be appealed if he is convicted… IMO, this is going to be a token trial done only to appease the minorities in the area… I can only hang my head in disbelief at what we are hearing (well reading)…

    • Malisha says:

      I would agree.
      We have moved, as a country, from

      It is legal to kill Black men and white women (to whom you have been married)

      – to –

      It is not strictly legal to kill Black men and white women (to whom you have been married)

      – to –

      It is very irritating but certainly possible to be exonerated when you choose to kill Black men and white (or any) women to whom you have been married (as long as they are not pregnant) but you have to spend some change on a good lawyer and there will be a hullaballoo if anybody (and I mean ANYBODY) cares and finds out about it.

  3. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 1h
    Instructions for potential jurors not to discuss or read about the case..two more jurors are excused #RenishaMcBride #TheodoreWafer

  4. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 1h
    Judge also has asked if jurors feel outcome would have been diff. if #TheodoreWafer were black and #RenishaMcBride white.

    • Malisha says:

      “if outcome would have been different”? Outcome of WHAT? What the Hell kind of insane question is that? “Do you think a Black man would have shot a white woman?” Is that the question? Huh?

  5. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 3m
    Interesting! Judge in #TheodoreWafer asked black jurors if they would feel disloyalty to their race if they deliver not guilty verdict

  6. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 6m
    Another question is:

    “Do you believe the prosecution has the burden of proof”

    • Homicides are by definition unlawful killings.

      Self-defense is by definition a lawful use of force.

      The prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Wafer’s use of deadly force was unlawful, it must necessarily prove that he did not act in self-defense.

      • MKX says:

        Geeze, one would think it is a 100% slam dunk.

        Was Wafer injured?


        Was McBride in a position wherein she could easily deliver lethal or life threatening force?

        No, she would have to have opened the inner door and had some sort of weapon.

        Was Wafer in a safe position wherein he could deliver lethal force, if he chose to do so?

        Yes, most people with more than one brain cell would feel that having a loaded shot gun and being behind a door meets that criteria?

        Did Wafer have any reason to open the inner door, if he felt in fear for his life?


        When Wafer opened the door, did McBride do any act that would make a guy with loaded shot gun fear for his life such as:

        A) Attack with deadly concrete?

        B) Strike him with 20 to 30 MMA style blows?

        C) Possess that African DNA that, when combined with a blood alcohol lever more than twice the legal limit, causes a petite female to become a raging monster who could easily lift a house off of its foundation and drop it on poor Mr. Wafer – assault by deadly foundation.

        Mark my words, “C” or a variant thereof will lead to a hung jury. I know my former home town, sadly, too well.

  7. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 3m
    Judge continuing questioning of jurors

    ex: “Any one of you think #TheodoreWafer is on trial because he must have done something wrong”

  8. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 3m
    Judge and defense atty say this is NOT a #StandYourGround case. #RenishaMcBride #TheodoreWafer #Michigan

    • This is not a SYG case because he had a right to be where he was when he unlocked and opened the inner door and fired through his screen door at McBride, who was unarmed and standing on his porch facing him and asking for help.

      He claims he feared for his life and the issue is whether his fear was objectively reasonable.

  9. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 5m
    #TheodoreWafer atty complains to judge that jury selection is being rushed. #RenishaMcBride

  10. The Trial File ‏@TheTrialFile 4m
    #TheodoreWafer Defense atty wants potential juror who goes to #RenishaMcBride dad’s church booted. Judge says “no cause to”

  11. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 29m
    First 14 jurors questioned, 9 dismissed for cause. #TheodoreWafer #RenishaMcBride

  12. marie osborne ‏@marieosbornewwj 44m
    Jury selection underway in the Theodore Wafer trial. 62 people being questioned about what they know about this case. @WWJ950 @CBSDetroit

    • Malisha says:

      “What they know about this case” should not be all they are questioned about. Their beliefs about being scared of dangerous Blacks, their beliefs about having the right to shoot people whom they fear, their beliefs about gun use and home protection, about membership in Merkinism, and so forth, are all important in this trial. After all, ALL OF THEM will say they haven’t heard much except that someone got shot.

  13. Elisha Anderson ‏@elishaanderson 24m
    Jury selection in Theodore Wafer case may take 2-4 days and trial could be about 10 days, Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway said.

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