Thursday 7/17/2014 Open Thread

posted by Crane-Station

Good morning everyone. We are posting a general open thread this morning, because we are dealing with a terribly frightening situation involving criminal cyber-hacking. This has also involved residential breaking and entering, and identity theft as well as the stalking of my family, in other states.

Without going into a lot of gory details that I am in the process of reporting to the FBI, the criminals stole the entirety of my hand-written notes, for Frog Gravy, and left behind, bizarre re-copied, creepy souvenirs onto lined and unlined paper, as well as other strange items.

They appeared to like my parent’s historical stories as well, so they ripped pages of hand-written notes for those, and stole them as well.

We are very sorry to interrupt our fascinating regularly scheduled programming like this.

Just tragic and breaking, I am seeing this:

Malaysian passenger plane ‘shot down’ in Ukraine near Russian border with 295 people aboard

What is on your mind today?

9 Responses to Thursday 7/17/2014 Open Thread

  1. aussie says:

    Frog Gravy’s been around for a long time. This is not about Frog Gravy. Far more likely about the corruption that got Crane jailed in the first place. All original documents from that should be in very high security, and work only off copies kept in several separate places.

    • bettykath says:

      Good advice. I keep backups of important files on thumb drives. I keep more than one level. This saved a great deal of work when a file was corrupted, as was the most recent backup. The backup previous to that had the good file. I try to keep 3 levels.

      The worst problem is when the motherboard got fried and I had to get a new computer. The new windows made some of my software programs inoperable. One program I used a lot is no longer available and two of them have “upgraded” to the point that I can’t figure out how to use them. For the one that’s no longer available, I’ve learned how to use another program that isn’t as easy to use For one that isn’t recognizable, I’ve learned to use a very limited number of functions. For the other, I’ve just had to give up altogether. I took a community college course in AutoCad and used it a lot. Can’t figure out the new version at all.

      • aussiekay says:

        You can find the older versions of many things on sites like then set them up in Windows in compatibility mode, which lets you specify what version of Windows they need; the current version will try to emulate that. Do not try to get them from torrent type sites, as they’re usually fake and/or have viruses attached.

  2. In addition to Crane’s computer being hacked and her malware and virus programs erased, our ISP service crashed and we were unable to access the internet for about 8 hours.

    We thought the two events were connected, but they weren’t. The internet outage was regional, not just our place.

    We installed a new antivirus program that seems to be working very well and reinstalled and upgraded the malware program. Her computer is running smoothly after we cleaned it thoroughly running scans.

    We also changed our passwords to make them more secure.

    On Monday, someone on twitter threatened to shoot me to death and, yes, our apartment has been burglarized and papers stolen, including all of Crane’s Frog Gravy notes.

    Fortunately, most of her book is on-line and she will be able to reconstruct the important stuff from memory.

    Some person or persons unknown really does not want us to reveal the corruption, but we do not scare easily and we intend to tell that story.

    Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments.

    Fred, Crane and Nikko.

  3. bettykath says:

    I’m so sorry that you have been so abused. Let’s hope your notes can all be recovered and that the cyber hackers pay the price.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear of this horrible crime against you all.

  5. ay2z says:

    Crane, I’m so sorry to hear your news, I hope the FBI gives this their full attention and backing to recover your notes, your original work, in whatever effort to try to silence you. Freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, freedom of expression, sort of sounds like a federal concern, a big federal concern at the core of this invation and attack.

    Please be well and know you have a lot of people who admire your human spirit and are on your side in these terrible personal (and I suspect, constitutional) violations.

    Someone was threatened by a writer enough to do this. Sad, disgusting and needs to be solved and the cowards with no morality, put away for a long time!

    Please take care Crane and Fred and the best with support from your federal officers.

  6. totalfreedom1 says:

    One more comment, I did want to say that I briefly saw that the death penalty was overturned in District Court in CA yesterday.

    I have not read extensively on it, but on the surface, it looked encouraging for those of us that hate the death penalty (as I know Prof. Leatherman does).

  7. totalfreedom1 says:

    I am so sorry. It seems those that reveal truth and challenge bias in the world face terrible persecution.

    Unfortunately, there seems a mark on your family since your exposing of Zimmerman’s obvious lies and court mideeds. I feel sick it has continued for you and Crane. I can only say thank you as I have been a faithful reader and participant for a long time (just under a different ID before last month).

    You are both lovely people with truly courageous hearts. I pray for the best in this situation and those that torment your family will be exposed and stopped.

    Please never stop the good you both do. I for one, read every Frog Gravy story with aniticipation and hope Crane will get that published one day. It is truly worthy of a larger audience.

    I think with the success of series like “Orange is the New Black”, your stories will resonate with thepiublic who need to understand the lives and journeys of women incarcerated in our country. It has always been an eyeopener and a heart string puller for me.

    I pray only the BEST for you both!


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