I nominate Oscar Pistorius for a Darwin Award

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good morning:

What the hell was he thinking?

Regardless of who started it, Oscar Pistorius exhibited appalling judgment by getting into a fight in a bar while his legal case is still pending. BTW, this was not a waterfront bar in a pirate infested seaport. It was not just another upscale bar. It was the VIP Room of an upscale bar.

He did this while Judge Masipa is trying to decide whether to give him a pass for shooting Reeva Steenkamp to death by firing four times through the closed door to the toilet cubicle in his bathroom because, despite his remarkable athletic success overcoming his physical disability, he is really an anxious and vulnerable person who is so fearful and obsessed about his safety that he understandably jumped to the erroneous conclusion that she was a dangerous intruder when he heard sounds in the bathroom.

Displaying an absence of anxiety and vulnerability by going to a bar and getting into a confrontation with another patron is not what his lawyers would have recommended. The good news for them is they can now credibly claim that, but for his boorish behavior, they probably would have won the trial.

Breathtakingly stupid behavior that deserves a Darwin nomination.

Do you agree or disagree?

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17 Responses to I nominate Oscar Pistorius for a Darwin Award

  1. Patdeadder says:

    Malisha says One thing is sure the family bought off the caretaker ‘s testimony.
    I didn’t think of that but I so agree.I just thought he was too scared to say anything.

    • I suspect he’s like McCluskey, the Hanford employee Crane wrote about who followed orders because he could not afford to lose his job, even though he knew it would cause an explosion and injure or kill him.

  2. Patdeadder says:

    IMO he murdered Reeva but he will not spend one day in jail.
    He might get a heavy fine for the other offences.
    I also believe he already knows the outcome.
    His family is very rich and powerful apparently.
    Just hope I’m wrong.

    • Malisha says:

      Well one thing is sure: the family bought off the testimony (that is, the man chose not to testify at all) of the caretaker who lived in that house. The testimony of that man would gave supported the idea that there was a home invasion if there was one, or even the possibility of one, at any time. The reason they purchased his loyalty was that he knew perfectly well that Pistorius had a screaming fit with Reeva before she locked herself in the bathroom and got killed.

  3. ay2z says:

    Perhaps some will defend and say he was approached by the other athelete who was agitating for a confrontation. Perhaps. But we have seen and heard his repeated examples of the same confrontative manner and the repeated \*yawn*/ not my fault excuses. We know how familiar a pattern this is, even if he is right this time, how would we ever know. Pistorius cries wolf one too many times.

    This isn’t a lesson for Pistorius’s ethical and moral delemna’s. T’would be wasted on him. Likely.

    But, for those who can and do think… a little diversion from thinking about what he was thinking, not! A short animated film.

  4. roderick2012 says:

    A guilty conscience has made many a man do strange, reckless things.

  5. aussie says:

    Wasn’t much of a “brawl” from what I’ve seen of it. All the same, enough maybe for the “adoring public” to accept his eventual guilty verdict a bit more easily. Half a lifetime in jail will take care of the Darwin aspect; he doesn’t strike me as great father material anyway. .

  6. bettykath says:

    Considering that his case is very high profile and people feel strongly that he is either guilty or not, he showed poor judgement in going out in the first place. Now is the time to lay low. With this incident and the release of the video, does the defense think that the case ended when the defense rested its case? Surely the lawyers know better. Is OP getting bad advice from elsewhere? Or maybe he thinks he knows better?

    • Malisha says:

      First he tweets “god god god god” and then he betakes himself to the VIP room of the most Las-Vegassy made-for-TV-nightclub in Jo’burg, whereupon he gets into a public brawl.

      This is a man so arrogant no advice would help him. He really still thinks he calls the shots.

      I shouldn’t speak so soon. Maybe he does.

  7. Morning. One can only imagine the construct of a reality he has created with all the lies, lies, lies…

    On another note. Made some good tape of the RatDog show here at the Greek a couple of weeks ago. How do I embed a youtube video here for our musical share night?!?

    • Go to the youtube video and click on “like.” That will open a box labeled “Share Video” containing the address that will embed the video. Copy and paste it into your comment.

      Am jealous. Love RatDog. Would have loved to have been there.

  8. mimi712 says:

    Do you think that this incident could be used by the state yet and influence the verdict?

    • Since Judge Masipa’s verdict must be based on the evidence admitted in court, she should not consider the incident and the lawyers should and likely will avoid mentioning it.

      Nevertheless, it’s an unringing-the-bell problem that might subtly influence her perception, though she would attempt to ignore it.

  9. Certainly looks like he has issues with alcohol.

    • ay2z says:

      Bail conditions were changed to allow him to drink. But assume the condition of no guns, still holds. He didn’t act too fearful, sans his firearm, can’t be that anxious without his extra measures in a dark VIP room. (no one told him VIP stands for Very Insecure Place).

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