Friday Evening Poolside BBQ and Beer Fest

Friday, July 11, 2014

Gather round and welcome to the first Friday Evening Poolside BBQ and Beer fest where off topic is on topic. You will want to save this since it will be famous someday and at least 1 million people will say they attended. Make a comment and you will have proof you were here.

Here are some topics to get the conversation up and running until we get the keg tapped and the brats off the grill.

Let’s begin with health which has been in the news this week:

(1) Bad news about HIV. The Utah People’s Post is reporting:

Three years ago there was a huge breakthrough in the treatment of HIV for children born with the HIV virus. A young girl (18 months) infected with the virus was cured by an aggressive drug treatment and was virus-free. The medical news took the world by storm and the doctors involved with her treatment and therapy had hoped that this would be the beginning of a new treatment for those born with the HIV virus. Unfortunately it has been revealed today that the girl who is now 4 years old is again HIV positive.

The Mississippi girl had stopped taking her medicine after the doctors couldn’t find any trace of the HIV virus in her system. During a routine checkup it was discovered that the HIV was back, or more accurately put it was detectable. Also, she had a decreased white blood cell count and HIV antibodies; both of these are the tell-tale signs that HIV is present and replicating inside the human body.

The good news is that her doctors put her back on antiretroviral therapy which appears to be working without any side effects.

She was got the virus from her mother who did not know she was infected.

The research for a cure continues.

(2) Bad news about Ebola. Al Jazeera is reporting,

Ebola continues to spread in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, with a combined 44 new cases and 21 deaths between July 6 and 8, the World Health Organisation has said.

This brought the total in West Africa’s first outbreak of the deadly disease to 888 cases, including 539 deaths since February. It is the largest and deadliest so far, the UN agency said.

“The epidemic trend in Liberia and Sierra Leone remains precarious with high numbers of new cases and deaths being reported,” the WHO said on Friday.

The good news is that only one new case has been reported in Guinea where the outbreak began.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified how it spreads (via contact with blood and other bodily fluids, including sweat and diarrhoea) and the most common circumstances in which it spreads (traditional burial practices including washing a victim’s corpse, dense populations in and around the capitol cities of Guinea and Liberia, and regional trade across porous borders.

Since an infected person can be symptom free for 2-21 days before flu-like symptoms appear, he or she potentially could travel anywhere in the world before experiencing the onset of symptoms.

(3) In the oops-careful-with-that-box-Eugene category we have this report in USA Today,

Following a string of public-safety scares, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be shutting down two research labs, temporarily stopping all transfers of samples from high-level biosafety labs and strengthening its laboratory safety precautions, the CDC announced in a report Friday.

The new precautions came following an internal review of the CDC after three separate incidents of possible exposure to dangerous diseases at CDC labs and an FDA lab at the National Institutes of Health’s Bethesda, Md., campus, all disclosed in the past three months. The latest, reported for the first time on Friday, involved the cross-contamination of an animal flu strain with a highly dangerous strain of bird flu.

(4) With antibiotic use increasing around the world by 36% this year and antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria evolving faster than scientists can develop new vaccines to eradicate them, medical researchers turn their attention to our vanishing tropical rainforests for new cures. Here’s Crane-Station’s article from Wednesday with a great 21-minute video on why they are searching in the rainforests.

Water is fine. Come on in.


What’s on your mind tonight?

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28 Responses to Friday Evening Poolside BBQ and Beer Fest

  1. Charles Ramsey says:

    I’ve been preaching antibiotic resistants for a long and being censored every where I post. The medical community has a word for diseases caught in the hospital iatrogenics. There are whole journals devoted to reducing this type of transmission which kills 700000 people a year. The best way to reduce this is to keep people out of the hospital who don’t need to be there.There is not even a word for diseases caught in jail. Every reasonable word to describe this has already been used by some idiot as a company name such s policigenics. More people are dying from disease they caught in jail than those who die from disease they caught in the hospital. Of course there is a synergy between the two as the infected go from the hospital to jail and back again. The best way to break this cycle is to prevent those who don’t need to be in jail from going there. The estimates are prosecuters will refuse to prosecute 1/3 of those arrested. Of those who go to court 1/2 will win their case and the ABA estimates of those who lose 1/20 are innocent. Every innocent person in jail kills an innocent person on the outside. You don’t break the laws of nature they break you.

  2. fauxmccoy says:

    george harrison is a demi god!

  3. fauxmccoy says:

    clapton is god

    in other words, i was here, just late to the party

  4. Well, we had hundred’s of visitors, but only a few comments..

    Thanks to all for stopping by and best wishes for a great weekend.

  5. Brandy says:

    Hi All, don’t comment very often but read here all the time, anyway there is an article on Huff Post and they discussed on Outfront, show on CNN today because it is the year anniversary of GZ verdict. They said how broke and homeless GZ is and he is going from house to house and sleeping and people’s couches. According to his brother anyway, How he is over a million dollars in debt ect. Guess he broke up with his latest girlfriend. ( Could not happen to a more deserving and disgusting moron) If true, Thought I would share the latest. We did not get justice for Trayvon but KARMA has a way of working things out! Time for Bill Maher on HBO, love his show. Wishing you all a great weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for the update on GZ and best wishes to you in return.

      Apparently, none of his fanatic supporters were willing to offer him a job.

      Looks like each of them supported him for their own reasons.

      Reasons that had nothing to do with whether he was innocent.

      Now that he has passed into their rear view mirrors, he has ceased to be useful.

      It’s fitting that each of them will have to deal with their individual karma.

    • Malisha says:

      I’m actually interested in where and how Samantha Schiebe is, for one reason: she was induced by that lawyer who represented Fogen on the dv charges to withdraw her charges and to put in an affidavit that was so obviously written for her by Fogen’s lawyer it could not have been more obvious: “Please take the target off George’s back.” Gag Gag Gag.

      Why is that lawyer not being investigated for witness tampering?

      Why is that stupid offensive disgusting racist sycophant not being investigated for perjury?

      Is our legal system now just UNDERSTOOD to be a little theater for bought-and-paid-for soap operas to be enacted for people’s entertainment? Is there actually NO pretense that you have to deal straight with our government?

      I remember a Russian who had gotten his citizenship fraudulently here telling me once: “Americans let you fool the while they smile to you with big mouth full of teeth!”

      • Is our legal system now just UNDERSTOOD to be a little theater for bought-and-paid-for soap operas to be enacted for people’s entertainment? Is there actually NO pretense that you have to deal straight with our government?

        Generally speaking, depending on the judge and who you are, the answer is “Yes.”

    • Malisha says:

      And where is the family whose lives he saved when he single-handedly rescued them from an overturned vehicle?

      And where is his grateful neighborhood whom he saved from persons who were up to no good?

      And where is his protector who taught him how to shrimp?

      And where is his OTHER protector, SERINO?

  6. bettykath says:

    My first thought was not much for a tee-totaling vegetarian, but then here comes Chuck Berry and Chubby Checkers. I’m IN!

    Don’t know quite what to say about the illnesses. The best help is a healthy immune system that can fight off the bugs but the food we eat isn’t as nutritious as we need to maintain that system. If your old fruits and vegetable rot rather than dry out, they are nutritiously deficient.

  7. Malisha says:

    Imagine finding out you’re HIV+ when you’re giving birth! OHNO!!

  8. How ’bout some music to shake that thang

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