Florida circuit judge invalidates legislative redistricting by Republicans

Friday, July 11, 2014

Good morning:

We start today with an interesting story out of Tallahassee, Florida where a state circuit court judge has issued a 41-page decision invalidating legislative redistricting to favor Republican candidates for political office (i.e., gerrymandering) by the Republican controlled legislature.

Judge Terry Lewis ruled that Republican political operatives engaged in a conspiracy to secretly influence others to gerrymander the legislative map in violation of state law. He specifically found that two districts violated the law, including one that manages to somehow include both Jacksonville and Orlando, even though they are 141 miles apart.

His ruling is not expected to affect the national election in November because the legislature is expected to appeal his decision.

This kind of intentional subversion of democracy to control the outcome of elections is standard operating procedure for Republicans who would not stand a chance to win if they do not cheat.

Persistent allegations of voter fraud, despite little or no supporting evidence, and laws requiring photo identification in order to vote is another Republican tactic to deny the right to vote to millions of poor and minority voters who traditionally vote Democratic.

I am sick and tired of this crap.

For more on this story, go here.

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7 Responses to Florida circuit judge invalidates legislative redistricting by Republicans

  1. aussie says:

    Democracy NEVER included everybody.

    In Ancient Greece it didn’t include the slaves.

    In later times it included only the nobility (as it was introduced just to reduce the autocratic powers of kings). Then it was extended to include landowners. Then in colonies it was again extended to include landowners (as defined by the colonisers’ rules, not the natives’ own definition, even if they had not yet been dispossessed physically).

    Women of course were excluded in all of these until very recent times (in some countries, still not all).

    However, the trouble in America is too much voting, not not enough. Fair enough to elect law MAKERS. Asking for corruption and oppression to elect the law ENFORCERS.

    When the elected sheriff and elected prosecutor and elected judge corruptly wreck your life, they themselves are the only ones you can report them to??? what can possibly go wrong with that????

  2. crazy1946 says:

    While on the surface this a great stride forward, it will never stand… Our entire governmental process is broken and this decision will be over turned, especially if it makes it to the SCOTUS… Too bad we as voters and citizens have very little ability to control our own government, from the local area all the way to the national arena…

    • Given the manner in which our elections are managed, I don’t think we can legitimately claim to be a democracy any more.

      • crazy1946 says:

        I can’t pretend to believe that we ever were in a democracy… Unless “ALL” members of the society have access to our system of government, we are not and will not be a democracy… give each person (and I don’t consider business as persons) a say so in our election process (and make it mandatory that they participate) they we might achieve democracy…

        • You’re right, of course, and I realized it as soon as i read your comment and reread my own.

          I didn’t say what I meant to say.

          We’ve never been a true democracy and never could have legitimately claimed to have been one.

          I feel like things are coming to a head.

      • bettykath says:

        Jimmy Carter agrees.

        crazy’s right, we never were a democracy, nor were we intended to be a democracy. It’s always been set up such that those “with” would rule those “without”.

        We really don’t have much control over who we vote for. The “ins” of the parties pick the candidates. The obstacles for others are quite high. One excellent candidate for Congress from NYS was “discouraged” from running by Chuck Shumer who had someone else picked out. Some of the county party chairs endorsed the handpicked anoited one, but the other already had a small but growing pile of money from voters who donated small amounts. Apparently he couldn’t see that each one of those contributions was a vote in spite of what “their” county chair said.

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