Pope Francis is a man for our times

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Good morning:

I am a spiritual person committed to following the Golden Rule but I do not belong to any religion and I never go to church unless I enter a sanctuary to admire the architecture and sit quietly by myself in peaceful meditation absorbing the feel of the place.

I wasn’t raised in a church, so organized religion has never appealed to me, and I never have felt guilty about not going to church.

The Jesus I know through independent study and life experience would regard present day fundamentalist Christians as an abomination preaching and practicing a twisted and evil perversion of his teachings. And it’s not just the fundies. Mainstream Christians appear to have lost their way or this nation’s values and conduct would be different. Only a blessed few are walking the talk.

I have to say that I am becoming a huge fan of Pope Francis. He took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, the 13th century patron saint of animals and the environment. He has declared that exploitation of animals and the environment is a sin and he is writing an encyclical on man’s relationship with nature.

Reuters is reporting today,

In an address at the university of Molise, an agricultural and industrial region in southern Italy, Francis said the Earth should be allowed to give her fruits without being exploited.

“This is one of the greatest challenges of our time: to convert ourselves to a type of development that knows how to respect creation,” he told students, struggling farmers, and laid-off workers in a university hall.

“When I look at America, also my own homeland (South America), so many forests, all cut, that have become land … that can longer give life. This is our sin, exploiting the Earth and not allowing her to her give us what she has within her,” the Argentine pope said in unprepared remarks.

He also excommunicated the mafia last week.

He is a man for our times.

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7 Responses to Pope Francis is a man for our times

  1. Barbara says:

    Pope Frances is the greatest representative of god and all the greatness that exists and surrounds us.
    I fought away the evil that also exists in our world. I was blinded by innocence and believing that all people were good.
    My love of my children,nature, and for my private faith in god gets me through it all. Thank you pope Frances

  2. ed nelson says:

    I agree with your posting completely, and share the same religeous experience myself.

    I have been surprised at how likable the new Pope has been. It’s about time they had somebody that stands up for right vs wrong, and that goes alot further than some guy that looks like he might all of a sudden… ”Flash” the kiddies. haha.

    That is an extremely powerful position, maybe the most.

    There was some speculation about the popes recent illness. Well let’s pray for him too, he deserves it, for showing some good intentions, alone!

    • Barbara says:

      Word of caution for our wonderful Pope Frances.
      A quote from my late husband.” They hate the good for being good”.
      Dangerous world.
      Trust no-one.
      Keep up the great work, you have my thoughts and prayers.
      Bless you.

  3. He’s done great PR for the Vatican – but not one policy change as regards clergy abuse or LGBT stances.

    So in that sense, the PR management sense without substantive change, he is indeed a man for our times.

  4. The Church has caused so much harm throughout the centuries. Wouldn’t it be amazing if under the leadership of Pope Francis that it finally became a saving grace?

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