Theodore Wafer pretrial motions hearing continues tomorrow

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good evening:

Many thanks to all for your birthday wishes.

Here’s hoping all of our lives improve and we start to see some justice coming out of our courts.

The pretrial motions hearing continues tomorrow in the Theodore Wafer case. The judge will be taking up the defense motions to slime Renisha McBride and introduce evidence about the alleged changing character of the neighborhood.

I have written recently about these motions and the Wafer case in general in the following articles:

Theodore Wafer did not fear death or serious injury when he killed Renisha McBride

Defense seeks permission to slime dead victim in Theodore Wafer case

The evidence the defense seeks to introduce is not admissible. Let’s see if the judge agrees with me.

I hope the hearing will be televised and live streamed, but it wasn’t last week.

I believe it will start at 9 am EDT.

Unfortunately, Crane and I have doctor’s appointments that will cause us to miss the hearing. After we return home and figure out what happened, I will put up a post discussing it.

Don’t forget that Oscar Pistorius will be back in court in Pretoria, South Africa on Monday morning, June 30th.

Pretoria is 6 hours ahead of New York, so the hearing will start at 3:30 am EDT, assuming a 9:30 am start in Pretoria.

I will put up a post this weekend updating everyone.

Until tomorrow then.


13 Responses to Theodore Wafer pretrial motions hearing continues tomorrow

  1. michelleo says:


    Greetings. I’m writing this note with 23 days left before the start of Ted Wafer’s trial for the murder of Renisha McBride. I’m writing because i think that with approximately 3 weeks left, we should probably talk about what to do if i do not reach my fundraising goal.

    I thought this was a good – an important – project to undertake: traveling to Detroit to provide daily coverage of the trial, the inside happenings. This is still an important project but i do not think i may be able to reach my goal in time.

    If i am unable to make this trip i feel that there are two options available: 1) i can return your donation to you, or 2) i can use it toward expenses of a local trial that i am also interested in.

    1) i truly, truly appreciate your support and your confidence in me to do this project, but if i am unable to carry it out, do you want your donation returned to you? In the interests of honesty, transparency and accountability, I have to ask you this, and I have to honor your request, so please, holler at me and let me know.

    2) If i can’t make it to Detroit, there is a trial scheduled for later this summer/year here in Los Angeles that i want to cover: the case of Aleasia Thomas.

    Aleasia Thomas left her children at a police station because she said she couldn’t care for them anymore. The police were able to identify the mother and her location. They went to the address to question her; the police subsequently decided to arrest Thomas. Thomas was reportedly uncooperative and resisted arrest, even resisting being placed into the back of a police car. A female police officer was quoted as “threatening” Thomas that if she did not cooperate she would be kicked in her genital area, “and the officer made good on her threat.” Thomas complained about trouble breathing and eventually died in the back of that police car. According to the autopsy report Thomas was bi-polar and had cocaine in her system. According to the LAPD’s internal investigation Aleasia Thomas was kicked 7 times in her genital area.


    Would you be comfortable allowing me to keep your donation and put it towards costs associated with covering this trial which is here in Los Angeles, should I be unable to travel to Detroit? Please holler and let me know

    Either way please holler at me.

    Thank you again for your support.

    Thandisizwe Chimurenga (

  2. LessonLearned says:

    You all are very welcome.

  3. crazy1946 says:

    Has anyone found a link to today’s hearing? I can’t seem to be able to find one…

  4. HamRadioElijah says:

    Back to Pretoria!

  5. crazy1946 says:

    Hopefully we will find out if the judge will allow the allegations against Mz. McBride, ie the prior history of drug use etc., to be introduced in the trial. IMO that evidence is irrelevant to TW’s murdering her in cold blooded rage, he did not know her, he did not know her history, and he had the opportunity to call 911 before he looked her in the eye and executed her… While I do not believe in the state sanctioned death penalty, it is obvious that TW did when it came to his actions toward Mz. McBride, I wonder if he would support the same if it was applied toward him?

  6. MKX says:

    Changing nature of the neighborhood is code speak for the presence of residents with a skin color that is not white.

    There is an all too large segment of the population in Metro Detroit who have what we, who lived in Detroit, called “blackophobia”. For example, over in Macomb county, they deem anything south of Hall Road dangerous.

    My cousin lives by 15 Mile and Mound Road. Yes, there are some African Americans who live there. And they say “howdy neighbor” when we walk by.

    What is very sad about my cousin is that her father was a racist back when Sterling Heights was still “Sterling Whites”. At his funeral, she told me that he was one of the people who engaged in ethnic intimidation back in those great 1950s and 1960s. They would do things like throw trash on the lawn of families who were not of the correct stock.

    And Rouge Park has that legacy. Back in the 1960s it was for whites only.

    “The third incident happened in River Rouge Park. In 1967, the neighborhoods surrounding were home to almost exclusively white residents. Apparently, the Jim Crow norms of that era defined River Rouge Park as a white park, and blacks who visited it could expect to be harassed by white youth. On June 23, 1967, a black Vietnam veteran, his wife and another black couple went to the park to enjoy themselves. Not surprisingly, they were harassed, were accused of playing music too loudly and then a white bystander suggested that the white youths should “kill all niggers.” The Thomases and the other black couple left the park, but for some reason, the Thomases returned after midnight. A group of whites recognized them and began harassing them, including a threat to rape Mrs. Thomas. At this point, the Thomases decided to leave River Rouge Park but they could not start their car since someone had disconnected the battery. The Thomases then sought refugee in the park’s recreation building, but the caretaker working that night—a black man—refused to open the door for them, claiming that it was against regulations. Mrs. Thomas apparently begged on her knees, but the attendant enforced the rules. White youth then began throwing missiles at Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. At one point, Mr. Thomas approached the whites to plead for mercy but he was jumped. He eventually broke free and ran away, but three shots rang out and he was killed instantly. The events led Mrs. Thomas to miscarry. The police arrested Michael W. Palchlopek for the murder. Five of his compatriots were also arrested, but were released almost immediately, apparently because Mrs. Thomas could not identify them in a line-up.

    Many in the black community assumed that the killing of Mr. Thomas was another example of racism in Detroit and the lax way prosecutors sought to punish whites who killed blacks. They predicted that Michael Palchlopek would not serve time for the River Rouge Park murder of Mr. Thomas. They were correct. Seventeen months later a jury found him not guilty…”

    BTW, if you read the entire article, my father’s family was one of the six that sold the land for this park.

  7. Malisha says:

    Changing nature of the neighborhood. Hmmm. WOuld that mean that if your neighborhood was becoming dangerous, you’d be allowed to shoot folks to death? Wouldn’t it seem a little easier and cheaper to take some valium or get religion?

    • crazy1946 says:

      Malisha, I have an x-mother in law who is a real estate broker for a very large agency in Texas. At one point I asked her what caused the drop of prices of homes in mixed neighborhoods, her reply was that people (white) did not like to live near people that were not similar to themselves. My response to her was simple, if you don’t take the time to meet and greet those new neighbors how do you know that they are not like you in most ways? Her response was, how could they be similar, their skin color was not the same? After that comment, I questioned her if she told the non white customers that she sold homes to that they were not equal to some of their prospective neighbors because of their skin color? At that point see ended the conversation with the statement, “you just do not understand the real estate market”, perhaps she is right on that, but I do understand the effects that racism has upon our society, and to me that is much more important than the “value” of a house…
      OK, probably not much of value in my words, and is just a little reflection of true racism in action that I have seen thru the years…

      • MKX says:

        I would have looked in the eye and said you could not pay me to live amongst assholes who actually think that skin color makes one “different”.

        At the gym, there is this white guy – Bobby – who through hard work and diligence has become quite muscled and buff. However, one day, he was going on and on about how well built RG3 was and kept using the word black. So I looked at him and said “your buff and white – so why do you bring up RG3’s color?”

        And what about Neil Degrasse Tyson?

        I would pay a premium to live on a street next to that guy.

        • crazy1946 says:

          MKX, actually my final words in that discussion (confrontation?) were actually pretty close to those, and I was never forgiven for not buying a home from her, but I did not wish to give her one red cent of my money because of her racist attitude. Of course it does not matter now, my ex has the house and I really don’t miss her (or her family) or the house. What will be amusing is when she goes to sell the house she finds out about the lien that is on the house that will prevent her from making any profit on the sale.. The judge ordered me to give her possession of the house, but he did not order me to give it free and clear of all liens and judgments.. 😉

          • MKX says:

            She did not discover a lien?

            And I thought the “good people” were so much smarter than the rest of us?

            And if your settlement was that they get the house. Then they get all that is “attached” to the house.

            With regard to real estate, I factor in utility value.

            For example, if I get to buy cheaply into a diverse community wherein paranoid shits like Zimmerman are few and far between and I can get some kabob from a Middle Eastern family rather then making some stupid joke about Achmed the terrorist: then how is that not a bargain?

            Besides, the lower mortgage payment means I can invest in things that see no race such as stocks and bonds.

            My father was mocked for not leaving Detroit and “losing” money on his home.


            He had lots of happy stories about a rather diverse group of people who really were his friends. I contrast that with the stories told by the “good people” which seem to be sick humor at the denigration of those who they deem “lesser”.

            And, because he was able to pay off his note and not get another, he put a substantial amount of money into investments.

            So did he “lose”?

            And, at the end of the day, does it matter?

            I will quote Bob Marley’s last words to his son

            “money can’t buy life”

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