Defense seeks permission to slime dead victim in Theodore Wafer case

Friday, June 20, 2014

Good morning:

The defense is asking the court for permission to slime homicide victim, Renisha McBride, 19, in Theodore Wafer case. Armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, he unlocked, opened his front door, and shot her in the face through the locked screen door in response to her knocking on his door early one morning before sunrise. She was unarmed.

He was charged with murder and is claiming self-defense.

Trial is scheduled to start July 21st.

Wafer is scheduled to be in court this morning for a hearing on his motion to introduce bad character evidence about Renisha McBride.

The defense is claiming that her social media, including photos on her cell phone, and school records are admissible to show that she had an aggressive and violent disposition.

They also want to introduce evidence that the character of the neighborhood was changing and McBride may have been knocking on his door by mistake thinking a marijuana dealer lived there.

I wrote about the issues that will be addressed at the hearing: <a href="Theodore Wafer has an important pretrial hearing today“>Theodore Wafer has an important pretrial hearing today

Apparently there will not be any television or live stream coverage.

Am not seeing any tweets either at #TheodoreWafer so apparently no reporters are covering it.

Here’s an article in the Detroit News about the hearing this morning.

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13 Responses to Defense seeks permission to slime dead victim in Theodore Wafer case

  1. crazy1946 says:

    It would seem that the logic of placing blame on the victim is pretty well the defense used to defend those whose action have no true defense… I fail to understand the mindset of an attorney who would chose to victimize a deceased person who died at the hands of a person like this man in an effort to prevent justice from being served. I do understand it is the job of the attorney to defend his/her client, however does that job not come with the need to not farther diminish the memory of the victim by placing upon them the blame for the actions of their client?

    • Malisha says:

      In a society based upon liability rather than upon accountability, victim-blaming IS the method of getting what you want. It is used by the federal government, among others.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Malisha, While I do agree with you on this issue, a question comes to mind. Is our government a reflection of the people or are the people a reflection of the government? It still comes back to the same old thing that has dogged mankind since the cave man days, simply the root of all evil is money (sometimes called power or control)… One glaring example that comes to mind is Zimmerman profiting off the murder of a child! I am still in shock that so many people would send that person (I can’t bring myself to call him a man!) money and offer him other support after the cold blooded murder of a child…

        • I disagree. I don’t believe money is the root of all evil. It’s nothing more or less than a medium of exchange so that people don’t have to pay for a car with chickens.

          It’s value is determined by the strength or weakness of the economy of the country that issues the currency.

          Now, greed is another matter.

      • Isn’t liability a form of accountability that is less severe than incarceration? Doesn’t victim blaming happen in both situations?

        • Malisha says:

          Liability and Accountability are different altogether. Liability is a legislated way for the government to control which of us is answerable to which others of us, and how much, and what is to be done about it. THus, the laws (used together) showed us that Fogen was not accountable for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Accountability is inherent in actions. A society holds people accountable whether or not the law has held them liable. Thus, even though BP has been held liable for the oil spill, our society has not chosen to hold it accountable.

    • I do understand it is the job of the attorney to defend his/her client, however does that job not come with the need to not farther diminish the memory of the victim by placing upon them the blame for the actions of their client?

      Answer: No.

      A lawyer has a duty to represent his client zealously within boundaries set by applicable laws and the Rules of Professional Conduct (ethics). Under limited circumstances, bad acts and/or the bad character of a victim may be admissible. For example, evidence of a victim’s violent disposition is admissible in a self-defense case, but evidence of a a victim’s prior sexual activity is not admissible in a rape case.

  2. MKX says:

    Here are the crime stats for Dearborn Heights:

    In some years of the last decade, there were no murders. So Wafer, by his act, arguably contributed to at least a 30% increase in that rate.

    I certainly see no wave of increasing crime that goes along with the change in “character” , or, if they had the balls to be honest, color.

  3. kllypyn says:

    FURTHER EViDENCE YOU HAVE NO CAse when you want to trash the victim. which should not be allowed.

  4. MKX says:

    When I drove by that block on Outer Drive in 2010, there were a large number of African American families outside either watching kid play or tending their lawns.

    So racists will seize on that as evidence that the neighborhood was “changing” to “crime ridden”.

    It is a bald faced lie.

    In the 1980s. my part of Detroit by Seven Mile and Lahser had a lot of crime and drug dealing going on. This may sound weird, but I felt unsafe jogging there because of stray dogs. The area was also running illegal dog fights.

    So I would go up to the track at Southfield HS to do my running. I continued to do my running and other work out there well in to the 2000s whenever I was visiting my father.

    The point of all this?

    Southfield is about 70% African American and racists will tell you it is violent and crime ridden due to an influx of “Detroiters” – And expect that code word to be flung in this trial. Well, my impression form running on the track was that it was quiet and safe with very nice people who liked to say hello. And the crime stats bear out my impression. Southfield has a murder rate lower than the national average. Other crimes are about average.

    It is also a bald faced lie to say that the presence of African Americans mean ganja is newly being sold.

    Does anyone with a modicum of brain cells believe that neighborhoods that are largely white have no weed sellers or smokers?

    Besides, as I wrote in a post about my old area, we never thought to shoot kids looking to score drugs because they knocked on the wrong door.

    I know Metro D pretty well and, sadly, feel there will be a lot of people who will buy into this BS. And it only takes one or two, as we saw with Dunne.

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