#GeorgeZimmerman vs NBC Hearing

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good morning:

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  1. MKX says:


    You know what I find very troubling?

    George asked for help restraining this guy. That, based on Trayvon having only Skittles, an ice tea, and being in a place he had every right to be, is unlawful detention of a minor. That statement is also clear evidence that he intended to detain the “asshole who always gets away”, “f’in C,,n”, or “the suspect”.

    But some so-called Progressive defenders of the turd, did not see any crime in Zimmerman’s acts that led up to the shooting. They really believe his lame lie that he got out of that car to just observe and was jumped by a boy who had run away.

    In the world that I grew up in, restraining a minor without just cause got you in jail or beat up by the family.

    Instead, George is deemed either a hero or a victim.

    Makes me want to vomit.

  2. crazy1946 says:

    Has anyone else considered that no matter what the outcome of this hearing is, that it is a win/win situation either way? If the action is dismissed then Zimmerman remains poor and miserable, if his lawyers prevail, then the action goes to court, where the NBC legal team has the opportunity to expose to the world the true actions of Zimmerman when he murdered a child… any money he is awarded will ultimately end up in the hands of the law firm, MOM and the parents of Trayvon, leaving Zimmerman just as poor as he is now… So IMO positive thinking on this case is called for, what do we have to lose?

    • Malisha says:

      You’re absolutely right. In fact, I’d love to see the deposition of the asshole answering questions about that night, and I’d love to see his cell phone records, which never were revealed. And now, Taaffe wants to testify AGAINST him so we should get an earful of that bum’s hatefulness, this time turned against Fogen!

      • MKX says:

        Would the trial allow NBC to introduce testimony by other law abiding, hard working, on time rent or mortgage paying African Americans who this shit harassed in that community?

        And I would like to see that guy who George called Achmed the terrorist get to tell his story.

        • Malisha says:

          I think if it went through discovery NBC would have a right to get anything that might tend to prove:

          1. That Fogen had a history of racism and hatefulness;
          2. That Fogen was known in the community itself to be a habitual harasser of Black youth;
          3. That Fogen wanted all Black youth arrested on his say-so alone and that he tried repeatedly to get that to happen;
          4. That the call he made that night was made to profile Trayvon;
          5. That HIS VOICE can be heard saying plenty of things that support the theory that he murdered Trayvon Martin; (remember, a voice expert can testify in the civil trial)
          6. That he is a racist murderer who was acquitted.

          ALL OF THAT will be pure gold to the real efforts being made to stop criminals like Fogen from thinking (right now, accurately) that they can get away with murder.

          • MKX says:

            And NBC has the money to do a thorough job; and an added benefit is everything they discover becomes “news” that will generate ratings.

            IMO, the right wing would want Zimmerman deep sixed so that the false meme they got away with can live on. All he does for them is make them look like stupid patsies for supporting him – which is what they are, of course.

            I did a bit of signal analysis during my time in target detection systems and read an article in the Washington Post about a firm that felt they could ID Trayvon as the screamer.

            A Fourier Transform of a waveform will ID harmonics that are unique to the generator of the sound. For example, a sine wave at one frequency in a plot in the time domain will be a spike at a single wavelength in the frequency domain. They were able to state with, IMO, a high degree of certainty that there were two unique voices on the tape. And the second voice was the screamer. And that scream as the only instance of the second voice. Well didn’t pig say he called out to a neighbor for help well before the scream. And didn’t that neighbor verify this?

            And that is the same impression I got when I read the testimony of all the ear witnesses objectively.

            Getting a positive match of voice 1 and voice 2 is less certain.

            However, when the voice tape is correlated to ear witness testimony, it strongly indicates that Pig was not squealing.

            And the evidence standard in a civil trial is preponderance of the evidence.

        • roderick2012 says:

          I remember a couple of black residents told Sanford Watch that once they were sitting outside their house and Piglet pulled up and stopped and when they spoke to him he basically snarled in response.

      • Excellent point! I would love to see him get deposed! Think I’ll write a blog post about it. He alleges NBC made him appear to be a racist, thus the circumstances of the killing will be open for questions, since if NBC can show, by a preponderance of the evidence, that he is a racist…truth is an absolute defense to libel. So, he’ll have to explain unpleasant little facts, why he was calling police all the time on AA’s which state prosecutors didn’t use. They can go into “racial profiling” and maybe even introduce evidence regarding the screams and why Martin’s body is so far from sidewalk despite the fact that GZ supposedly shot him to stop him from slamming his head on it anymore! That will be some deposition!

        • MKX says:

          I went to your website that you posted a link to – bravo. I am glad that there are people with rational brain cells in this world.

          Some points with respect to the “broken” nose cell phone photo:

          Those cameras use very crappy optics that cause image distortion when push to close to an item being the subject of focus.

          They are also not very good at recreating color when used in environment that have poor lighting.

          George’s lip blood from that huge {sarcasm} pin prick wound on the tip of his nose is dried in the photo. And he is in a wet environment. That said, what appears to be swelling in the left side of his nose could easily be dried blood diluted by water that was easily wiped away wen the med techs tended to his boo boos.

          Also, an objective determination of wound severity requires cleaning away blood that can mask the true nature its source along with documenting photos in proper light with a camera that can properly focus at the range in question.

          IMO, the wound near the bridge of George’s nose was caused by something hard that raked across it.

          I see no evidence of punches.

          Punches tend to leave contusions that bruise and swell for days after they have been delivered.

          One theory is that those wounds were caused by his gun kicking back into his face.

          Although that can not be proved to a certainty, it is a far more plausible explanation than a sucker punch followed by an MMA style beat down.

          IOW, possible is infinitely more likely than impossible.

          And the Hannity interview was entered to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman is either a liar or completely unreliable reporter of facts because it contradicts other things he said that were introduced as evidence.

          For example, on Hannity, I believe he stated he did not know stand your ground laws and the prosecution put his criminal law professor on the stand. They presented many other points that should have impeached his credibility. Yet the jury chose to believe him because. IMO, they wanted to.

          And his self defense claim was based on the reliability or truth of the story he told.

          To me, finding him guilty of at least manslaughter was easy.

          His stories, due to all their contradictions, have zero validity. And the 100% reliable evidence shows that there was a altercation that we have no idea who started that produced laughably minor injuries on George. And that George ended the struggle by shooting Trayvon.

          • Malisha says:

            I believe Fogen had his gun out before he confronted Trayvon Martin. I believe the chasing around and flailing and falling were the result of Trayvon trying to get away while Fogen tried to restrain him. Remember, “I said to him, help me restrain this guy, because he was still struggling”?

          • towerflower says:

            I think his nose injury was caused by the recoil of the gun. Also if you look closely at the tip of his nose, you’ll see little pinpick marks…..these could also be gunpowder burns caused by him having the gun so close. We know that his arm was not outstretched.

        • Because of the acquittal, he no longer has a right to remain silent. If the case survives NBC’s motion to dismiss, he will have to submit to a deposition, and if the case goes to trial and he does not testify on his own behalf, they can call him as their witness and eviscerate him.

      • Malisha says:

        I was thinking more about Taaffe, who is, in my opinion, a low-class self-important drunken abuser, and here’s a weird thing about his “confession” that now, from what he knows of Fogen’s “tendencies,” he thinks that Fogen profiled Trayvon Martin. He says that Fogen wouldn’t have “stayed on him the way he did” if Trayvon were white. So Taaffe is stopping short of saying he does not believe Fogen’s story of the way the killing occurred — only that he believes Fogen would not have “stayed on him” if he were not Black. So Taaffe can still get away with saying that first Fogen “stayed on” Trayvon and then Trayvon Martin viciously assaulted his white stay-oner and got himself killed.

        Taaffe is angling for some kind of benefit. My guess is that he wants attention and he wants to play the star role in the NBC case and then he wants to get some ghost writer to write his book and then he wants to profit.

  3. Malisha says:

    OK here’s a little snippet of some music I heard last night:


    GO SEE “Holler if ya hear me” if you can… I mean … WOW.

    • MKX says:

      Love the tune and the explosion of color in the outfits.

      Have you ever noticed that the right wingers tend to have a fixation {one amongst many} on what I like to call “fashionable uniformitarianism”.

      I mean in the few social events that I have attended wherein they are present in large numbers, they often talk about inane shit like why do those people wear an ear ring, tats, braids, a funny looking hat etc…? A party with them is a repugnant hate fest wherein humor is making fun of anyone who is different or does something out of accepted norms.

      They remind me of the line from Easy Rider:

      “They’ll talk to you and talk to you about freedom… But when they see a free person, it scares them”

      Or from Tommy, by the Who:

      “Hey hung up old Mr. Normal, don’t try to gain my trust…”

      • Malisha says:

        The show is getting “mixed to negative” reviews. DAMN! What are the complaints against it?

        1. “Heavy handed.” Wow, is that a fact? Heavy handed about the fact that young black men are getting killed in approximately the same numbers as other young people get acne?

        2. “Twice-told tale.” Huh? Doeszn’t it need to be told a few more thousand times until it is changed?

        3. “Cliche” oh pardon me. Like love stories, murder mysteries, hero saves all stories, family dysfunction stories, coming of age stories and cops and robbers aren’t cliche?

        4. Somebody dies but since we don’t know him nobody cares. Here’s the big one. “Somebody dies” is actually a kid who gets shot to death in the ghetto. “We don’t know him” — we NEVER do, you know. “so nobody cares” is the point. We don’t know ANY of the anonymous sacrificial Black kids who get killed becuase our country has been unable to free itself from slavery.

        This play is extremely important.

        Holler if ya hear me.

        • MKX says:

          Very few people in the “white” USA have any idea about what the War on Drugs causes. In Detroit, we sarcastically termed it the War on Blacks. And I lost a lot of white suburban friends in arguments about it. I think they expected, because I am white, to give them the true view. True being the racist BS they believe. So when I told them that the “black” view. such as that voice by Tupac, was correct, they got mad and I was accused of being to soft to stand up to “them”. I find that very ironic from a group who would piss their pants if they had to drive south of 8 Mile in a car on a surface street. Right is right and that is what I stand up for.

  4. MKX says:

    I am just throwing this tune in because it has such a great groove:

    • Malisha says:

      Everybody should just agree to the principle that if you’re an ugly and unlovable tubby unemployed fraud from Florida and one night in a fit of pique because your wife left you, you stalk out with a loaded gun and kill some Black kid you don’t know because you want to, and you get away with it, a little bit of bad press might come your way. GET. OVER. IT.

  5. Hey. Where’s colin?

    Where’s Ed?

    Where’s Rachael?

    Where’s fauxmccoy?

    Where are you guys, missing you!! I am sure I have missed some!

  6. MKX says:

    His later work makes it hard to watch Forbidden Planet without laughing.

  7. MKX says:

    That is a very good argument to establish that there were no monetary damages due to what NBC did.

    What he is trying to argue is that the NBC slip up led to him being unfairly charged with a crime. Never mind that it was concerned people raising a fuss about how the Sanford PD did not charge or arrests this guy – the fuss making Zimmerman a local public figure BEFORE NBC picked up on the story. Strike 1

    And then he is before a judge who ruled that there was sufficient evidence to go forth with the criminal trial when she refused the defense motion to drop the charges based on the prosecution not presenting a reasonable case. Strike 2


    He was a loser before the trial and is a loser after it. Arguably, if he had a rational, albeit evil, sound brain, he could, as you have argued, cashed in big time on his fame by conning the saps who believe in him. No, not George. He has to hit an old man. Be Macho Libre with his stiff weiner confronting women to the point where the right wing wants him to go away. He should look up the term “useful idiot” because it fits him to a T. Strike 3.

    It is time to bury this pinhead.

    Hopefully his suit will go down like this:

    • roderick2012 says:

      MKX: And then he is before a judge who ruled that there was sufficient evidence to go forth with the criminal trial when she refused the defense motion to drop the charges based on the prosecution not presenting a reasonable case. Strike 2

      Actually it was Judge Lester who stated who allowed the case to go forward because there was sufficient evidence which Lester referred to as ‘strong’ and that proves to me that the State threw the case.

      He was forced to recuse himself after O’Mara won an appeal to have him kicked off the case.

      How can a judge make such a definitive statement about the evidence, yet the State do such a piss-poor job in execution unless they purposely failed.

      • I agree that they botched the trial, but there’s an enormous increase in the quantum of proof necessary to go from probable cause to beyond a reasonable doubt.

        Therefore, the finding of P/C doesn’t prove they threw the case.

        They lost due to errors of omission and commission.

        • The errors and omission were arguably so large that one wonders if they didn’t throw the case, i.e., playing all of GZ’s statements to police and Hannity which allowed him to escape testifying and cross examination, not pointed out that Martin’s body was a substantial distance from the sidewalk when he was shot so he couldn’t have been pounding Zimmerman head on concrete, not offering an alternative narrative, etc.

        • roderick2012 says:

          I agree that they botched the trial, but there’s an enormous increase in the quantum of proof necessary to go from probable cause to beyond a reasonable doubt.

          1) The State allowed an all-female jury to be seated knowing that women are less likely to convict than men

          2)The State allowed the defense witness to testify first at the Frye hearing and define the terms of the hearing and turned it into whether the State’s expert witness could actually hear what he said he heard rather than the actual subject of the Frye hearing which was the credentials of the State’s expert witness.

          3)The State didn’t prepare their witnesses

          4)The State acquiesced to the assumption that there was a physical altercation initiated by Trayvon

          They lost due to errors of omission and commission.

          None of them should have been made by the experienced lawyers who were supposed to have represented the people of FL in this case

          • The fact that neither the detectives or the state attorneys brought up the location of Martin’s body is particularly disturbing to me and goes beyond shoddy. That fact would have shown Zimmerman to have lied about the very essence of his SD claim! http://wp.me/p3C42P-d1

          • MKX says:


            Yes, that one is most egregious.

            If I am straddled over you pounding your head on concrete and get shot, it logically follows that I would die with my head on or abutting the concrete.

            And George’s flimsy story was that, after having his heart and pericardium shredded along with collapsed lungs, Trayvon stated “you got me” stood up { an act that requires significant blood pressure}, stepped a few paces back to fall with his head away from the concrete.

            And this is part of what Bao was waiting on the prosecution to ask about.


          • I don’t remember Zimmerman saying that Martin actually stood up and walked. I recall he stating Martin forward on top of him and he had to move Martin’s body off of him. He did say Martin said “You got me.” Where do you see differently?

          • Trayvon’s body was more than 20 feet south of the T-intersection where GZ said the fight took place.

            GZ said he never followed Trayvon into the area between the two rows of townhouses south of the intersection. He said he was headed back to his truck when Trayvon jumped him at the intersection. If that were true, Trayvon’s body would have been at the intersection.

            During the walk-through the next day when he realized his mistake, he changed his story to add a stumbling swatting encounter drifting south from the T but he still failed to get far enough.

          • This must have been in his police interrogation because I did not see it in the SeahH interview. The problem is still he states in the SeahH interview that Trayvon fell forward after he shot him, on top of him. He had to slide out from Martin;s body.\. So for Martin to have been hitting GZ;s head on the concrete when Zimmerman shot him, Martin;s head would have had to be near the concrete after he was killed. It wasn;t even close. http://wp.me/p3C42P-d1

          • That’s also true.

            BTW, I was referring to GZ’s videotaped walk-through recorded by police the day after the murder.

          • MKX says:


            Therein lies the problem that indicts the liar.

            He kept changing his story as more “problems” surfaced. Obviously, his story about pushing Trayvon off led to the proximity to concrete problem, so he embellished with the “got up and stepped back” in a later story that I am remembering.

            And the jury was either willfully blind or stupid not to see that pattern.

            I have a hard time keeping track, based on memory.

    • Great clip!

      Love Leslie Nielsen

  8. totalfreedom1 says:

    I am surely thinking he does not have a shot in hell of not getting this dismissed.

    He has gained far more in his life my shooting Trayvon that he ever “lost”. It seems before the shooting there are few people who knew him who actually liked him. Most would not have given him a dime.

    After the shooting, he had money, fanfaire, fame, and the respect of his immediate family, something it seems he had none of before.

    The big losers here are:

    Dear Trayvon who paid for this idiots “rights’ with his life, his beautiful parents, loved ones, the people who thought the justice system protected us all, the moms of every black boy in America, and the new tolerance and apathy that seems to be building in the US to the shooting of black kids.

  9. totalfreedom1 says:

    Wasn’t it before that broadcast, in early March, he, himself, started a public fundraising campaign that gained him 300+K in a week? His dad was on the news as well. His brother took to TV, Twitter, and every other social media and media outlet. He was sending out personal appeal letters, etc. His public fund made him a national figure without doubt and actually gave him scary supporters too boot (his publicity is what supported him, why not use the argument that he financially gained significantly from any PR he got..good or bad). There has got to be a date that the supporter rally’s started over this and I suspect it was well before this airing on NBC.

    People hated him because he shot a black boy in cold blood, people loved him for the same reason.

    His subsequent “outings” have shown no change as well. He has been in several media internviews, signing autographs at gun shows, publically touring gun/ammunition factories, taking PR pics, publically auctioning fake art, tweeting nonstop, setting up public support pages, etc.

    Surely Judge Nelson of all people knows his extreme efforts to “get his story out” and the fact it was a story and people hated him and called him a racist the day Trayvon’s parents went to the media….not 2 or 3 weeks later when this story hit. I never saw this story, and besides, I already despised him by this time. I suspect everyone else [who also depises him] did as well.

    • towerflower says:

      Z started his fundraising website on April 10, 2012 and after the NBC broadcasts which were in March.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Which puts a lie to George was harmed in any way.

        He raised over $300K in blood money and was able to pay off his pre-murder debts and he became the darling of right wing media.

        If this goes to trial I hope that NBC uses his jailhouse tapes against him.

        He was talking crazy about celebrities disrespecting him.

        George needs to be in the nuthouse.

  10. Here’s a WESH-TV report confirming the Huffpo report.

    Adds that Judge Nelson will issue her ruling after she returns from her two-week vacation.

    • I hope the woman figures she’s cut him enough slack. Now he’ll have to get back to work like the rest of us.

    • Weird. If that is the basis of her ruling, that GZ waited too long to request a retraction, what is different about the other 3 instances of defamation. They happened a few days after the one that was dismissed and the request for retraction was sent in December. So why weren’t those dismissed on that basis as well. Is that report correct? I read elsewhere that the 1 was dismissed because the notice was defective, i.e. it did not probably identify the particular broadcast and/or reporters.

  11. The Huffington Post:

    SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A Florida judge has dismissed part of a lawsuit against NBC Universal that claims the television network defamed George Zimmerman’s reputation.

    Thursday’s decision puts the entire lawsuit in jeopardy.

    Seminole County Circuit Judge Debra Nelson ruled that Zimmerman’s attorney waited too long under Florida statute to ask NBC to retract the information from the March 19, 2012 broadcast.

    Lawyers claimed in a letter sent in December that year that NBC edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it sound like the former neighborhood watch volunteer was a racist.

    NBC apologized in April 2012 and fired a reporter and a producer.

  12. Stormwatch says:

    http://www.sun-sentinel.com reporting that the judge has dismissed part of the lawsuit and is leaning toward dismissing the entire case.

    • Thank you Stormwatch. Think I saw that she said she would take a 2-week vacation before issuing a ruling.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Hmmm, one might be left to wonder who is financing this two week vacation? Might be another time that following the money might be appropriate? I’m not accusing, but simply questioning the source of vacation money, especially with Florida corruption (of public officials) being amongst the highest in the nation…

        • Thanks, your comment has provided me with a teaching moment.

          Anything is possible, but only some things are probable.

          I’m not a big fan of Judge Nelson, but judges routinely take a two-week vacation in the summer. They schedule them months in advance to avoid a situation where too many judges are on vacation at the same time.

          Absent compelling evidence that she is vacationing on dirty money, I’m not going to suggest that she is. She did, after all, dismiss Zimmerman’s complaint against the Miami reporter.

          To use law speak, we lack a reasonable suspicion, much less probable cause, to believe that she has been bought off or will be vacationing on dirty money.

          • crazy1946 says:


            ” She did, after all, dismiss Zimmerman’s complaint against the Miami reporter.”

            Could this dismissal been because of the semi-local news media impact on her career? Does the law only apply to local (or semi-local news organization’s?) and not to out of state news reporters and owners as well?

            “To use law speak, we lack a reasonable suspicion, much less probable cause, to believe that she has been bought off or will be vacationing on dirty money”

            While I agree with you to a large degree, with the history of corruption that has been shown to exist in public officials within the state of Florida, I question if they should be shielded from suspicion that we afford other jurisdictions. I realize that by the strict letter of the law that we should, but with knowledge that the state has a history does the standard still require not questioning the possibility of less than honorable acts on the part of the legal system? I realize that short of photo’s of she and Fogen strolling down the beach in bikini’s that we don’t have any proof that suggests positively that malfeasance has occurred. So I suppose we can only wait and see what happens next..

          • I agree that we should be aware of all the possibilities. With Florida being 1 of the 10 most corrupt states in the country, corruption should be regarded as a possibility, if not a reasonable probability.

            When the available evidence, including circumstantial evidence, reasonably supports a suspicion that a particular person is engaged in corrupt activity, it’s time to take a closer look.

            Hence, the importance of investigative journalists, especially in states where public officials, including police, are part of the corruption.

            You know you’re in trouble when there is a war on investigative journalists because that necessarily means that the people in government who conduct and support the war are involved in the corruption and seeking to conceal it.

          • towerflower says:

            I know Florida has had a few black eyes lately but we aren’t considered the most corrupt state. From this most recent article:
            http://dailysignal.com/2014/06/15/mississippi-named-corrupt-state-nation/ we made #10.
            A recent Washington post article has Florida with the most “convicted” public officials but with all other factors added in and considered we hit #19.

        • I admit, the thought crossed my mind. It wasn’t a complete thought or anything, more of a – what an odd time to vacation- that sort of thought.

          Since my obvious focus is on Western Kentucky, where I am trying to figure out the powers-that-be behavior with a ‘maybe it’s Popov vodka underneath the kitchen sink’ theory- I do not know anything about Florida and its workings.

  13. bettykath says:

    From the comments here one would get the idea that you-know-who isn’t held in very high regard.

  14. JJP says:

    The George Zimmerman civil complaint against NBC Universal, LLC should be dismissed. The claims for defamation of character and intentional infliction of emotional distress are not proper. If the motion to dismiss is granted by Judge Nelson, then Zimmerman’s counsel will likely appeal the ruling to the Fifth District Court of Appeal. On February 26th, 2012 Mr. Zimmerman exited his vehicle with a concealed firearm to pursue Trayvon Martin in the Retreat at Twin Lakes. A physical altercation occurred in which Zimmerman discharged his firearm once causing the death of Trayvon Martin. The media was not malicious in reporting this story..

  15. The words, “Doing terribly,” came forth from the lips of a lawyer, working for a law firm, in Philadelphia.

    That really should say it all.

    • Malisha says:

      Well “doing terriBLY” is OK for somebody who has already been “doing terriBLE” over and over and over and over and over and over….

  16. Oh my God, I am going to start Screaming! Doing Terribly?? Who in the hell else on the planet gets to pull out a huge ass slick side arm, get away with a freebie murder, choke out women, violate traffic laws in several states, rip the likes of AP photos straight off the internet and claim them as his own, pull down a hundred grand cash off of eBay claiming he is a starving artist now, all the while stuffing his drunken face sick with food and living high on the hog with new vehicles and tinted windows and air conditioning and expensive sunglasses and a pretty blond girlfriend with big tits… while quoting the bible on twitter every other day, and in the likes of a beautiful state in America, stiffing sequential high-powered lawyers and law firms in various states…This man. Is. Suffering???

  17. I’m just sayin’ ‏@benzita04 8m
    #Zimmerman attorney says Zimmerman is doing “terrible.” Excuse me while I shed a tear. 😂👍

    • roderick2012 says:


      Do you mean that Piglet doesn’t have the glow of impending fatherhood surrounding him?

      • LaLaLALALaaa
        I Can’t Hear You….!

      • racerrodig says:

        Maybe not a glow, but he only loves his unborn children. I believe she should have delivered by now, according to the time frame.

        But he does have the agony of impending child support !!!!!!

      • Might be a bit early yet for the delivery. I think the pregnancy actually happened after the big blow-up and not before, according to hints tossed around on Twitter.

        And up until Fogen went silent on Twitter in April, he was always claiming to be doing well – can’t have him saying that on record just before the NBC lawsuit, now can we?

        • racerrodig says:

          So…………his lawyers are lying now ?? I’m shocked !!

          I thought she claimed she was pregnant about by about month in Sept. If so, well……………..I just can’t help but gag thinking some little kid will have to tell his or her little friends that FogenPhoole is their dad………God….is life unfair or what.

          Any takers on Fogen taking video of the delivery if she hasn’t delivered yet so all those Outhouser’s will get to share the big event ??

          I’m thinking Taaffe’s out as godfather. Thoughts ??

    • racerrodig says:

      I’ll state it correctly … “…Zimmerman is doing terribly, well….because he stands to have all of his lawsuits dismissed. Then his mom and dad are upset and doing terrible as well because their suit has no merit either.Then we have that fake e-bay picture sale and his babies mom…….well…….we’ll not go there. Then, on top of all that……..he can’t get a job…..nothing.
      THEN, as if that’s not enough to cause a blood vessel to burst, his boy Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe rolls over on him and his brother Robbie the Racist is nowhere to be found.”

      What did I miss?? Oh, yeah…..he’s hated AND homeless.

      • How the hell you gonna be homeless when you got a hundred thousand dollars eBay cash in your pocket?

        Oh so I get it. It was a scam auction then right?

        • roderick2012 says:

          C-S:How the hell you gonna be homeless when you got a hundred thousand dollars eBay cash in your pocket?

          Piglet has never been good with money.

          Remember how quickly that blood money went through his hands and he had absolutely nothing to show for it.

          • You do have a point. It’s amazing how the people with the most sickest amount of money are the ones always, who are one flat tire on the Mercedes away from complete ruin.

          • I believe the bidding on the “original” was a scam intended to “legitimize” him as an artist, so that subsequent paintings would sell for a lot of money. I don’t believe he got very much money, if any, despite the $100 K bid.

            The second one was an attempted rip-off of an AP photograph of Corey where he did the same thing Shepard Fairey did with an AP photograph of Obama to produce the HOPE poster.

            Fairey got caught and so did Zimmerman.


        • racerrodig says:

          “Oh so I get it. It was a scam auction then right?”

          Yeeeeeeepppppppppp !!

      • Any one of them guns he has would pay the rent, right? Homeless my ass. Isn’t he living with a woman?

  18. Rene Stutzman is reporting,

    SANFORD – A judge this morning threw out part of George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC Universal and held out the prospect that she may throw out the whole thing.

    Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson tossed the allegations related to one of four broadcast and said she needs to do more homework before deciding about the other three.

    • roderick2012 says:

      Why is this in state court anyway?

      There was only one local broadcast which originated from Miami the other broadcasts were nationwide.

      Why didn’t NBC ask for another judge?

      I am sure that Piglet’s lawyers will appeal if Nelson dismisses the case.

      • Zimmerman’s lawyers filed it in state court. Having selected state court, they had to file it in the 18th District, which includes Seminole county because that is where the alleged harm occurred and also where Zimmerman resides.

        If they had selected federal court, they would have filed it in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida in Orlando.

        They did not ask Judge Nelson to recuse herself because she had provided no legal basis to support the request and the defense ended up getting some favorable rulings from her in the criminal case.

        • roderick2012 says:

          If she had any secency she would have recused herself and that’s why I am not hopeful that she will dismiss the rest of the lawsuit.

          She has an agenda as far as Piglet is concerned.

          I don’t know whether someone is bribing her or threatening her or she has a love jones for Piglet like Jealyn Merritt does, but Judge Nelson has no integrity.

        • roderick2012 says:

          If she had any decency she would have recused herself and that’s why I am not hopeful that she will dismiss the rest of the lawsuit.

          She has an agenda as far as Piglet is concerned.

          I don’t know whether someone is bribing her or threatening her or she has a love jones for Piglet like Jeralyn Merritt does, but Judge Nelson has no integrity.

        • roderick2012 says:

          Zimmerman’s lawyers filed it in state court. Having selected state court, they had to file it in the 18th District, which includes Seminole county because that is where the alleged harm occurred and also where Zimmerman resides.

          If they had selected federal court, they would have filed it in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida in Orlando.

          But the tv broadcasts crossed state lines—it was national so why do they get a choice where to file the complaint?

          The story was not only national news but it was international so basically wherever George went in America people would have recognized him and branded him a racist.

          Furthermore I haven’t seen any specific allegations of harm that Piglet suffered due to the NBC edits.

          If this goes to trial I hope that NBC remembers that Piglet left his apartment the morning after the shooting and stayed with the Ostermans for six weeks. That alone proves that it wasn’t the NBC edits that had him in fear.

          • The rules of civil procedure pertaining to venue provide that a cause of action shall be filed where the defendant resides or the cause of action accrued. See (See FL. Stat. 47.011 and 47.051)

            Zimmerman claims that he was the injured party and that he incurred the injury (i.e., damage to his reputation) in Seminole County. Therefore, the cause of action accrued in the 18th Judicial District of Florida, which includes Seminole County. That gives the state court jurisdiction over the subject matter.

            The court has personal jurisdiction over the non-resident defendants pursuant to the Florida Long Arm Statute (FL Stat. 48.193) because the alleged damage to Zimmerman’s reputation occurred where he lived. See 48.193(1)(f)(1) and (2) pp. 32-33.

  19. Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 23s
    Judge reserves ruling on dismissing lawsuit. #Zimmerman

    • Not unexpected. Extremely unlikely that she would have ruled from the bench. She will want to write her decision.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Of course Judge Nelson won’t rule against Piglet. She’s in love with the toad.

        • Is it too early to be encouraged that she threw some of it out? Is this the part where I am suppose to be so negative and so cynical that I no longer fall for any fake crumbs from any state court at all? I feel like such a grinch. I used to have some semblance of trust, some shred of thinking that American courtrooms just might be venues of truth. Not anymore. I hate what I have become, so old and pessimistic. I can’t help it.

        • It’s amusing that so many Fogen supporters are dissing Judge Nelson today despite the fact that she either intentionally or unintentionally helped him get off.

  20. bob kealing ‏@bobkealingwesh 6m
    Attorney for #zimmerman argues case should proceed, discovery evidence gathered. Public figure matter not appropriate argument now.@WESH

  21. Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 3m
    #Zimmerman says NBC fired employees and apologized to viewers over the stories at issue in the lawsuit.

  22. Kimberly H. Wiggins ‏@KimHWiggins 2m
    Beasley (#Zimmerman attorney) says #NBC’s argument that #Zimmerman is a public figure is not appropriate. #FOX35

  23. Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 5m
    #Zimmerman says NBC manipulated the 911 call to portray Zimmerman as targeting Martin because of his race.

    • but he did target Trayvon because of his race….

        • So if the suit continues to trial, it will be very interesting to hear his deposition and how tries to explain how race had nothing to do with him finding Trayvon suspicious. Remember all the calls he made to 911 re AA he suspected of being engaged in criminal activity. Even his lawyers called that women just because she had been robbed by young AA males. The unheard dog whistle being — well Trayvon was a young AA male, so he “fit the description.” After all, truth is a complete defense to defamation. Hey, maybe NBC can have Taafee as a witness, LOL!

  24. Jeff Allen ‏@News13JeffAllen 1m
    Beasley argues it doesn’t matter if George #Zimmerman was public figure or not, and says this is about reckless reporting by NBC. @MyNews13

  25. Given that Zimmerman got away with murder and everyone on the face of the planet knows it, I am wondering how his lawyers from a Philadelphia law firm who are next in line to get stiffed will argue that their fat lying public figure client who can’t stay off TV, Hannity, eBay and Twitter, got harmed.

    • One of the great mysteries of the universe. Also, a not so great mystery why they haven’t had time to get evidence for the case – there AIN’T any.

      Fogen was on twitter daily bragging about how good he was doing. I presume he stopped tweeting in early April to get ready for this lawsuit – can’t be out there bragging how good his life is when you’re supposed to be doing poorly.

      • Oh that’s right. I lost interest a long time ago, to be honest. He’s just not that interesting.
        So, he stopped tweeting then, to make himself appear miserable to try and milk some money from NBC? Is that the current scam, since it never goes well to rip stuff off from the AP, or get a month’s hotel stay out of Barbara Walter’s?

        • That’s my take on him suddenly stopping to interact on Twitter. He also looked pretty silly, dishing with the racists on there as well as fighting with people who feel he got away with murder.

          And I’m pretty sure his followers dreamed up strategy for this too, just as they did so for his trial.

          • *suddently stopping interactions on*

          • Oh it’s so not transparent.

            If he hadn’t stopped tweeting like that, you know, and if he’d just kept on getting pulled over and arrested every other day, with a gun in the glove compartment um, speeding in Texas with overtinted windows and let go because he’s George Zimmerman, or else trashing his what was it? His wife’s? No. His girlfriend’s place, and then barricading himself in with furniture like a psycho when the cops show up and then let go- again because he’s George Zimmerman. Eat, tweet, buy a gun, get arrested, get let off- basically be a one-man tweeting crime spree…well, the key is, you see… they key to convincing the public that you are miserable and homeless and suffering is…what you have to do is…you stop tweeting. Easy peezy.

            I’m crying a river right now.

  26. Jeff Allen ‏@News13JeffAllen 3m
    Jim Beasley, atty for George #Zimmerman, now arguing his case that judge should not dismiss Zimmerman’s defamation lawsuit against NBC.

  27. Jeff Allen ‏@News13JeffAllen 18m
    NBC attys arguing George #Zimmerman is a public figure therefore #firstamendment protects NBC from GZ defamation claims. @MyNews13

  28. Kimberly H. Wiggins ‏@KimHWiggins 13m
    Attorneys for #NBC argue #Zimmerman is an involuntary public figure. #FOX35

  29. Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 2m
    NBC says it made clear that it was airing only excerpts of the 911 call in its followup stories about the deadly shooting. #Zimmerman

  30. Sheli Muniz ‏@SheliMuniz 10m
    NBC: George Zimmerman is a public figure. Comparing him to Richard Jewell (remember him? falsely accused of Olympic bombing in ’96)

    • LLMPapa says:

      Odd a comparison was drawn with Richard Jewell, particularly since it’s not the first time a common denominator has arisen between the Olympic Park bombing and Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin.

      Guess what nationally recognized voice expert was consulted for his expertise in analyzing phone calls allegedly made by the bomber?

      Dr. Alan R. Reich, the same expert who this judge decided wasn’t expert enough for testifying as to Zimmerman’s preposterous claims of being the source of the screams heard on the 911 call.

  31. Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 2m
    NBC says its story about whether #Zimmerman used a racial slur during an unclear segment of the 911 call was rational.

  32. Sheli Muniz ‏@SheliMuniz 4m
    NBC: There was no actual malice when network aired edited Zimmerman 911 call. It was a rational interpretation of recording.

  33. Kimberly H. Wiggins ‏@KimHWiggins 1m
    #NBC arguing “no actual malice” occurred when network aired edited Zimmerman 911 call. Says did not affect mind of avg. viewer. #FOX35

  34. bob kealing ‏@bobkealingwesh 2m
    Attorney for #nbc argues #TrayvonMartin death made #zimmerman public figure, protecting them from his defamation claim.@WESH

  35. Kimberly H. Wiggins ‏@KimHWiggins 49s
    Attorneys for #NBC arguing #ZImmerman is a public figure. #FOX35

    • Because of the First Amendment, a public official or public figure has to prove actual malice (i.e., recklessness) against a defendant news service.

      If he was a public figure, he would have to prove that NBC knew the edits misrepresented what he said and went with them anyway with reckless disregard for the consequences.

      This is more difficult to prove than negligence, which is the standard for an ordinary person.

      • MKX says:

        I would think that would be vary hard to prove. Sure, they did edit out the question of what color was the suspect. However, given that it is STOP for media organizations to edit long audio or videos to fit the short time frame of a news report, intentional malice is far fetched in light of the entire 9-11 tape with gems such as “F’in Coons” or the terror stricken voice saying “He’s Blaaaaaaaaaack”. In fact, I would submit, based on the entire audio, the question of whether or not Zimmerman made racist assumptions is valid. Asking that question – which the “we are post racial” defenders of George emphatically answered no – is a legitimate function of a news organization.

        It would be different if NBC had played “f”in Coons” and reported this a proof positive that George is a racist.

        And two can play that game.

        The weeine asswipe brother of George publicly posted a picture of a black male who was purported to have murdered a baby and associated that with Trayvon Martin.

        Oh, and the right wing sure did not do any damage to Bergdahl, who became a public figure due to his alleged acts, like George.

        If I was to rate the actual hard.

        NBC 0.0000001/10

        Weeine shit brother 6/10

        The right wing media 10/10

  36. Pop that corn and dig in ladies and gentlemen, the case has been called. All rise.

  37. Kimberly H. Wiggins ‏@KimHWiggins 1m
    Zimmerman vs. NBC Universal has been called. Attorneys walking up now. #FOX35

  38. Frederick Leatherman ‏@Masoninblue 1m
    Judge probably put #Zimmerman case last because it will take longer than the arguments in the other matters.

  39. Frederick Leatherman ‏@Masoninblue 9m
    Since this is a civil case, Zimmerman is not required to be present

  40. Jeff Allen ‏@News13JeffAllen 1m
    #GeorgeZimmerman not here. His attys are. NBC wants defamation suit tossed. Zimmerman accuses NBC of portraying him as a racist in a report.

    Orlando Sentinel ‏@orlandosentinel 8m
    Hearing today in George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC http://thesent.nl/Ugr13K pic.twitter.com/KvDakFzwJA

    bob kealing ‏@bobkealingwesh 1m
    Update: Judge Nelson calling other matters. #zimmerman libel case has not yet been called. No sign of plaintiff. Follow @WESH.

    Rene Stutzman ‏@renestutzman 1m
    Judge Nelson hasn’t gotten to the #GeorgeZImmerman libel case yet this morning. Is taking other cases first.Stand by.

    • Malisha says:

      Sometimes when a judge is about to do something disgraceful and shameful, she will hold the case until the last on the docket so there will be fewer witnesses. Of course, in this case that general situation is much different…

  41. Steven DeLucry ‏@StevenDeLucry 3m
    Khan just shouted out George Zimmerman….. Yikes

  42. Sheli Muniz ‏@SheliMuniz 1m
    Zimmerman vs. NBC libel hearing over 911 tape soon to start in Sanford courtroom. NBC wants suit dismissed. Zimmerman not here.

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