Time to stop the vicious attack against an emaciated POW for political gain

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Good morning:

I am revolted by the Republicans and their right-wing-hate-machine’s exploitation of Bowe Bergdahl to attack President Obama.

I also am disgusted with every Democrat who has sided with them instead of condemning them for their shameful use of a sick and vulnerable man who cannot defend himself.

The Republicans hate President Obama because of the color of his skin. Even though he has been elected twice, they will never accept his legitimacy to serve as president and live in the White House. So they behave like attack dogs seizing every opportunity to wound him politically, regardless of whose blood they spill.

There is nothing courageous about what they do.

They only succeed in further shaming our nation’s reputation, as the rest of the world watches this disgraceful destruction of a POW’s honor and reputation committed for political gain. They do this in violation of his right to due process of law, which is one of the core principles of our legal system and the rule of law.

Their behavior is unacceptable and deserves condemnation.

What have we become when we stand idly by impotent and speechless as the right-wing-hate-machine excoriates our president for repatriating our last prisoner of war?

What the hell else was he supposed to do?

Should he have abandoned Bergdahl, an emaciated POW who has never been formally accused, let alone convicted of any wrongdoing?

To ask that question is to answer it.

We need to push back hard against the racists who so desperately hate our president that they are willing to trample the rule of law in the dirt for political gain.

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4 Responses to Time to stop the vicious attack against an emaciated POW for political gain

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Jawdropping lack of regard by the very people who are constantly yelling about the constitution and constitutional rights. They don’t seem to like due process any more.

    I’m calling it, Professor – the U.S. is a failed state, and it ain’t because of Obama. It’s the obstruction of the far right.

    May God-Buddha mind- Divine energy-the universe have mercy on our souls.

  2. Malisha says:

    Exactly right, Professor, and well said.

    When I saw this morning’s disgusting, reprehensible headlines, I was ashamed of our country. The reason this attack is going on is that the Republicans are uniting in their “mob mentality” because they are indignant that a non-White has “invaded” their sacred inner chamber of power. Their figure-heads couldn’t kill Bin Laden so when Obama and Clinton did, they felt (rightfully so, in some measure) emasculated by a woman and a Black man! They have not succeeded in bringing down Obama so they are mercilessly attacking this POW who is just trying to survive.

    The right wing in this country puffs and spouts about our troops, our troops, so that anything a person says is considered “disloyal to our troops,” but guess who is actually REALLY disloyal to our troops: The right wing in this country.

    For shame and for terrible shame and a disgrace before the world!

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