I would be honored and proud to defend Bowe Bergdahl

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good afternoon:

A person who shall remain nameless posted the following comment a few minutes ago in response to my post yesterday about Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Because this person is new to the blog, the comment went into my pending folder. I think the comment is worth examining because it’s typical of many comments I have seen in the news and blogosphere.

Frederick, Bergdahl is a disgrace to anybody that has ever served. He made his own choice to join the military. Nobody put a gun to his head! Do you care about the lives of the soldiers that died trying to find this scumbag? I’ve read their names and their stories. It is shocking that anyone can defend his actions.

Somebody has to be held accountable, but it seems you think nobody should be accountable.

I find it impossible to take the author seriously because he assumes that his factually unsupported conclusion is true. He does not need an investigation, an accusation, a trial, a conviction or a sentencing because everything is so obvious to him.

He apparently does not realize that the military is not claiming and has not accused Bergdahl of responsibility for anyone’s death.

He apparently does not realize that Bergdahl enlisted in the Army because he wanted to go to Afghanistan to protect the lives of the inhabitants from attacks by the Taliban while improving the quality of their lives. He was heavily influenced by the book Three Cups of Tea and wanted to meet people and establish friendships based on mutual respect.

In other words, he swallowed the counterinsurgency theory hook, line and sinker. But it was 100% bullshit because soldiers are killers, not social workers.

He became disillusioned just like Pat Tillman did before him. Tillman enlisted in the Army to hunt down Osama bin Laden and protect the homeland from attack by terrorists only to realize that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were wars of aggression to obtain control of natural resources.

Bergdahl soon realized after arriving in Afghanistan that the military did not give a damn about the impoverished villagers. One cannot creating enduring friendships with people by disrespecting their cultural traditions and treating them like dirt.

Bergdahl walked away from the camp one night without informing anyone when he would return or if he would return. He was unarmed and may have intended to walk to India because he told several members of his platoon that he was thinking about doing that.

They did not take him seriously because the idea sounded crazy. He was a loner and no one really knew him. He was different.

As I said yesterday, I think he may have been experiencing a psychotic break.

Fortunately, the Taliban did not kill him.

By not killing him, they have acted more honorably and respectfully than the person who wrote the comment and all of the politicians and media people who have condemned Bergdahl as a deserter and traitor.

I am not ashamed to defend him. I am proud to do so.

For additional information, please read this article about Bowe Bergdahl written by Michael Hastings in Rolling Stone Magazine. The title is America’s Last Prisoner of War.

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20 Responses to I would be honored and proud to defend Bowe Bergdahl

  1. Malisha says:

    The headlines this morning were outrageous and sounded like the Nazi ravings in Munich!

    And then it occurred to me:

    Bergdahl walked away from camp one night KNOWING SOMETHING. He knew something about something that had happened involving the Afghan civilians is my guess. His unit knew about this too, or at least part of them. They claim everything they were doing was to find him: Why didn’t they look for him on the route to India?

    My guess now is that he has to be discredited because when push comes to shove, he might reveal something that powerful individuals do not want revealed. That’s my guess now.

    I have another guess: He’s scared to speak and wouldn’t have said anything but now, with this gigantic THING focusing on him, who knows?

  2. MKX says:

    There are money quotes in Paul’s speech.

    Student: “COWARD!!!!”

    Paul: “It is easier to say it than to see it happen”

    I wish I could find an article I read years ago written buy a WW2 medal of honor winner that took a dim view of “these colors don’t run” stickers.

    The writer stated that he saw a lot of Americans running when they heard an MG42.

    Hell, look at the videos of what soldiers do when a mortar strike starts. The Robert Duval thing is utter bullshit.

    His point was that, although he won the MOH for staying at his position and maintaining fire under extreme duress, there had been an earlier incident wherein he had frozen and did not obey an order to move up his gun. The result was that men died that probably would have lived, if he had not frozen. So he had been both a coward and a hero.

    And all the medals or hero worship given him will not erase what might have been.

    My father warned me about those with military experience criticizing acts of other soldiers. He said there is a big difference between those who were in the military and those, in the military, who saw real action.

    So I have to wonder about all these “Rambos” fixating on Bergdahls desertion.

  3. bettykath says:

    Chris Hayes did a segment last night on the blogosphere. He presented tweets from several bloggers. There were before-the-exchange tweets that urged Obama to bring the POW home-what’s-he-waiting-for, followed by after-the-exchange tweets from the same people who blasted Obama for bringing home the deserter-pos. Seems that the shots are being called by Faux News. This was the lead segment last night, available on the internet at http://www.msnbc.com/all.

  4. MKX says:

    He tells the truth and is accused of being a traitor or coward:

  5. MKX says:

    The authoritarian rule of law is king streak is showing. Bergdahl broke the rule about desertion. Therefore, he is bad.

    What a great moral ground the detractors of Bergdahl stand on.

    How many Germans, after WW2, said they was nothing they could do because they were following order?

    The rule of law is a shield that those guilty of moral cowardice hide behind.

    Bergdahl must be crushed because he tells the real truth about war.

    In a way, he is similar to Paul:

    He finds out that the enemy is not a “frog” or “Haji”, but a human being just like him.

  6. Malisha says:

    It is really shameful and disgraceful that people (and many of them, “Patriot-Pomps” of course, who talk war morning to night) are attacking one of our soldiers who was a POW. They are doing it, of course, to attack Obama and let’s go ahead and admit they’re just pulling another “Swiftboat” where they come up with a story and run around screaming it from all orifices over and over like monkeys.

    THEY care about our troops? They won’t give them body armor or support or medical care or the simple respect that goes with any kind of job with a decent employer. To people like those Republicans who have started and promulgated and perpetrated this anti-soldier crap, soldiers are simply cannon fodder to be used and abused to suit the one percent. They shame every grave in Arlington Cemetery and a good many more; they are to be repudiated in the strongest terms.

    • Malisha says:

      Oh and this idea that he was contacting the Taliban? So stupid! Had he been doing that, we would have heard anti-American broadcasts from them for five years with him saying every kind of thing against this country and we did not hear a PEEP. You don’t contact the enemy to help them and then keep your mouth shut while they need your help. He’d have been louder than Tokyo Rose and all over the web from a cave if he had been either a deserter or a sympathizer. RIDICULOUS!

  7. pbsilk7 says:

    Professor.please don’t take me as a troll.sometimes I get the feeling that thiers some1 biggerthan obama. , that pulls his string.

    I feel that this negotiating thing,dose send out the wrong messege.

    I love the strength of this country .it drives me .I’ve grown to understand it. But I must admit ,I do resent our over rated law enforcement..could it be a sign of america is becoming weak?

    Our constitution is starting to desolve…obama is a black man…bush was a war monger .

    Obama is very smart. Bush was unbelievable. ..

    a lot of good men and women died for this country…I just don’t bereave in negotiations.

    • Malisha says:

      All combatants negotiate after every single armed conflict; they all exchange prisoners. There is no other way to end hostilities.

    • Malisha says:

      ACH how disgusting!

      Now you have to be afraid to (a) fail to give some anonymous punk sex if you’re blonde; and (b) walk home with candy if you’re black; and (c) return home after five years of living Hell if you’re a soldier.

      So who does have freedom? Where IS the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    • lisaf says:

      Today Democracy Now had the Blaine County Commissioner on who made it clear that they support the Bergdahl family 100 percent. They canceled the celebration because they did not wish to channel the nastiness that is swirling around Bowe.

      • Thanks for updating us with your comment and welcome to the blog.

        I hope they are being truthful and not just making an excuse to avoid controversy. I say this because I believe it’s important for people to stand up for Bergdahl at this critical time in his life.

        I don’t believe this firestorm is about him. I think the right wing is exploiting him to attack Obama and that disgusts me.

  8. Malisha says:

    Remember the brouhaha about the young woman who was captured by the enemy in Iraq and there were a thousand stories about what happened and finally at least 999 of the were proven untrue? She was returned (after hospitalization, went back to Palestine, West Virginia I believe) and was shocked about some of the stories that had been told about what she had done and so forth. I am not believing, per se, any of the stories circulating right now. Most of it is spreading manure to fertilize something someone wants to grow — but who knows what?

  9. Two sides to a story says:

    Um. what’s that saying about intellegent people having questions and those who aren’t, dealing in certainties?

    I’m with you, Professor. Shades of gray, paradoxes, irony. Nothing is as simple as it appears.

  10. crazy1946 says:

    Let’s look at this situation for a moment, most of the screaming for blood is at the invitation of the GOP, who invited many of these people to speak out. Now IMO they feel so offended at this mans actions and want to lynch him in the public square, but when we had a man in Texas (the son of a high ranking member of congress and later to become the POTUS) who was a pilot in the Air National Guard, suddenly decide he did not want to fly anymore (his words) and walked away from his unit for several years and for all practical purposes was AWOL (a deserter aka a cowardly scum bag…) and was later elected as the POTUS, and the GOP members think that was just a wonderful expression of his patriotism, one could only conclude that this man must have only been doing his patriotic duty much like the former POTUS who also deserted his post during a time of war… If you wish to prosecute one then you need to prosecute both of them for they both did the same thing…

    This is the opinion of a person that spent time in SE Asia during another war that was fought for political and financial gain for the upper class…

  11. racerrodig says:

    Forget that asshole who made that post…….Capitol “F” The men and women who did anything to find, fight or stop terrorism and those who harbor terrorists are hero’s to me.

    My oldest son, who spent almost 3 years in Afghanistan, in an intelligence gathering role, and just came home 3 weeks ago to live with us, also came to realize that the politics are economically driven every bit as much as anything. You can’t blame the individual soldier for any of this.

    I’d bet the shit brain who posted would go cryin’ home to mama at the drop of a hat. As for me………I know who the hero’s are.

    • ed nelson says:

      That is well spoken brother. Which leads me to ask, who/what are these… Troglodite retro/anthropod poseurs, such that they are so ready for turning the world into a Hell. Well, Devils is my answer! And though I respect sexual privacy, Like any up/and up motel…, I also note that some of the worst of the worst have been perverts, (to use a term… ). check it out.

      Horrendous ” war hawks” , sheesh, Linsdey… named approapriately…

      Historic: Queers like…(any no. of Nazi’s… ), and any no. of such as: Roy Coln… Edna Hoover… / open set for others… too numerous to mention, if you get the drift, and if you don’t close!

      Bottom line, (sans connections to my thesis, sorry… ) Is, that we are as a people, overrun with not too high of an IQ load.

      INOW’s, America has the lowest IQ agregate in the world, because of the easy living. Made possible by historical issues, such that even a bloke like me knows.

      Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

      (daemonic… ! to the Max! aholes… (war president/Afred E. Neuman for a start… )

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