Craig Michael Wood Preliminary Hearing

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good afternoon:

The preliminary hearing is scheduled to start at 1 pm. I do not believe it will be televised or live streamed, so we are going to follow it on twitter. Unfortunately, that means we will be relying on descriptions of what is happening, rather than watching it ourselves.

A preliminary hearing is not a trial and no jury will be present. Do not expect Mr. Wood to testify because defendants almost never do.

The purpose of a preliminary hearing is to have a judge consider evidence presented by a prosecutor, cross examined by defense counsel, and determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the crimes charged. The rules of evidence are relaxed and hearsay is admissible.

If the judge decides there is probable cause as to each charge, the case will continue.

If the judge decides one or more charges are not supported by probable cause, that charge or charges will be dismissed without prejudice, which means the prosecutor can recharge the defendant, if he gets more evidence.

So, pop some corn, settle back and read the tweets and comments.

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17 Responses to Craig Michael Wood Preliminary Hearing

  1. Tee says:

    That broke my heart and make me scared all at the same time. We can’t let our kids out of our sight and that is such a hard and impossible thing to do. I ask where are our babies safe, Lord where?

  2. Video posted by Crane-Station

  3. Robin Mccuen says:

    meant trial not trail. sorry

  4. Malisha says:

    The story about “Haily” both surprised me and got me thinking there is more to this case than meets the eye. Was he stalking this child before he grabbed her?

  5. Robin Mccuen says:

    This is one case where “is a trail really necessary”? Her body was found in his basement just hours after she was grabbed there is not much chance of the perp being anyone else is there? Will any punishment be cruel and unusual? I think not. My family lives in Nixa. I wish I did also as I would be most happy to be on his jury.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but the death penalty is not automatic for any murder, no matter how atrocious. Everyone is entitled to due process of law. There are no exceptions.

  6. That was basically it for the tweets.

    The only new fact that came out today was described this way by KY3 News.

    Later in the hearing, an FBI agent testified that a folder in Wood’s bedroom had handwritten pornographic stories. Agent Jonathan Tucker said one story was about someone named Hailey. Wood’s attorney objected to the introduction of the stories because he said there was no proof that Wood wrote them. The judge overruled his objection after hearing arguments from Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson about their admissibility.

    Do you all think it is a coincidence that he wrote a story about a girl named Hailey?

    Not enough information is available for us to make that call, but that fact certainly got my attention.

    After 4 hours of testimony, Judge Mark Powell found probable cause to support each of the charges and bound the case over to the circuit court.

    He will be arraigned on the charges on June 30.

    The prosecutor announced after the hearing that he will soon decide whether to seek the death penalty, if he is convicted of first degree murder.

  7. Kathee Baird ‏@thecrimescene 22m

    Craig Wood prelim. Woman who witnessed Hailey’s abduction crying as she tells911 operator…..Please help her.

  8. We have some tweets out of the courtroom.

    Prosecutor began by calling Michelle Edwards, a neighbor who witnessed abduction and called 911.

    Amos Bridges of the News-Leader has reported,

    Neighbor Michelle Edwards testified she saw the girl walking along West Lombard Street when Wood, driving a “tannish-gold Ford Ranger,” stopped and grabber her.

    “It sounded like he asked her where Springfield Street was,” said Edwards, who was sitting in her open garage when the incident occurred. “He said, ‘Hey, come here a minute’ … (then) he lunged out of his truck … then grabbed her and threw here in the passenger side of his truck and then took off.”

    Edwards, who sounded distraught on the 911 recording, pleaded with the operator to “please help her (Hailey).” Edwards testified she did not know the girl but later recalled seeing her walking in the neighborhood.

    Edwards told the operator the license plate number of the truck — 1YF-454 — which authorities later traced to Wood’s parents.

    She identified Wood in court. Under questioning from Wood’s attorney, Patrick Berrigan, she said police never had her look at a lineup or otherwise try to identify Wood as the suspect. She said the first time she saw his picture was in news report after he was arrested and charged with Hailey’s death.

    Wood was arrested at his home at 1538 E. Stanford St. a few hours after Hailey was reportedly kidnapped.

  9. O/T: Ta-Nehisi Coates has a new essay in The Atlantic titled, The Case for Reparations.

    Right Wing heads are exploding.

    • roderick2012 says:

      This is jut another manifestation of the Pluto/Uranus square.

      For whatever reason Pluto Uranus contacts direclty impact African Americans and this one is no different except that we have an AA president which take the intensity to new level.

      We just had the fifth exact square on April 20th and there are two left. One this December and the final one next March.

      Someone surmised that the reason that the results from the Pluto/Uranus squares haven’t been more explosive is because Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto and that’s kept the lid on the powerkeg so to speak (except the first two exact squares), but Saturn will have moved into Sag when the seventh exact square occurs next March and both Pluto and Uranus will in direct motion so there may be fireworks yet.

  10. Defense lawyers use preliminary hearings to find out as much as they can about the prosecution’s case.

    The defense has not received any discovery yet, with the possible exception of copies of Wood’s statement(s).

    They will attempt to bleed the cops of all the information they can get and lock them into their testimony, which will be recorded and under oath.

    If their testimony later on varies from what they say during this hearing, the defense can attack their credibility by using their testimony today as a prior inconsistent statement under oath.

  11. Defense counsel filed a motion before this hearing to exclude Wood’s statements.

    Prosecutor said he wasn’t planning on introducing them.

    They would be admissible in any event because this is a preliminary hearing.

  12. Prosecutor subpoenaed 4 cops to testify.

  13. Laurie Patton ‏@Laurie_Patton 34m
    We will be filing reports during court breaks. #sgf #mo #ozarks @kolr10kozl

    Laurie Patton ‏@Laurie_Patton 35m
    Judge Powell will not allow live social media coverage during the trial so waiting witnesses won’t be tempted to follow along @kolr10kozl

  14. Not a good sign. No tweets yet.

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