Heartbleed, Running the Code – Computerphile (VIDEO)

Published on Apr 18, 2014
We look at and run the code that exploits the Heartbleed bug. Dr. Steven Bagley takes us through the code and shows us how it works.

Relevant RFC Document

posted by Crane-Station

Since I am not very tech-savvy, I will be reviewing this video a lot myself. I thought to share it for others, who are curious about how Heartbleed works.

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  1. LilyBar ‏@LilyBar1 12m
    #mayflower #arkansas #tornado #I40 #inshock πŸ™πŸ˜£ pic.twitter.com/rMNWyxAZYT
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  2. I-40 this is unreal #mayflower #arkansas #tornado #i40 #damage pic.twitter.com/bKEA6GaazP
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    Blake WilliamsTurnArkansasBlueForrest AcuffDenaGinaNicole DyerHal NewmanEric Eggburnjb
    7:37 PM – 27 Apr 2014

  3. Nick Bender KMBC ‏@NickBenderKMBC 4m
    EARLIER. Large, multi vortex tornado captured from NewsChopper 9 over Linn & Bates Counties in KS & MO. #KSwx #MOwx pic.twitter.com/LOjaKE9X56
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  4. Arkansas:

    James Bryant
    MAJOR DAMAGE and injuries pic.twitter.com/HKhZSgi0Mg
    from Arkansas, USA
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    Maddy ShirleyPat MosleyAthens, GA WeatherTiffany HolimanSequoyah Quintonmelody edingtonJerad GoodmanCeline SewellNate Bell
    5:39 PM – 27 Apr 2014

  5. Mike Smith
    Baxter Springs, KS #tornado #kswx #OpRaindance @Scooter313 @JolyaneLimoges pic.twitter.com/FMgr3wDpo3

  6. Off-topic: Hi everyone! Crane-Station here.

    Our weather is okay at the moment here in Western Kentucky, but we are keeping an eye on the storms, and I thought I would share a few photos from the tweet deck.

    Jopilin, MO 4/27/2014


  7. dianetrotter says:

    Off topic – What do you guys think will happen to Donald Sterling? His wife must have had a PI record.

    • CS here. Hello! I have no idea what will happen to this horrendous man. Hard to imagine someone would speak like that.

      One thing- women need to quit fawning over him because in addition to being a bigot, he appears to hate women too.

      • Malisha says:

        What a POS he is!

        I am especially offended by his being Jewish (Damn, don’t we have enough problems without every psycho standing up and being Jewish with us while we’re trying to live in the world?) and even more so by his pronouncements that (a) racism by white Israeli Jews against Black Israeli Jews is the prevailing way to be AND that (b) “we don’t judge” because what is in the culture “is” and that’s that. Uh…NO, NOT, you moral bankrupt! NO!

        In fact a dear friend of mine is one of Israel’s leading advocates for the Black Jewish community in Israel (many from NorthEast African countries) and he has enormous support among other Israeli white Jews in all his work. What is the %^&* wrong with people like Sterling who go about fouling others’ nests!!

        Shame on him ten times more than otherwise!

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