The Exit Room (short film)

posted by Crane-Station

This is a powerful film, and I was only about a minute or so into it, when I realized that it reminded me very much of a film that I saw in the early 1970s. I will explain at the end of this post. Here is what Vimeo includes about The Exit Room:

Starring: Christopher Abbott
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2013 @ Tribeca Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, Aruba International Film Festival and many more.
SYNOPSIS: It is 2021, and imprisoned journalist Joseph Michaels faces government execution as he contemplates a desperate escape attempt in order to return to his wife and new-born in The Exit Room.
Director: Todd Wiseman Jr.
Producer: Ariel Elia
Cinematographer: Milos S. Silber
Co-Producer: Tyler Ben-Amotz
Editor: Brian Denny

The film that I saw in the early 1970s is called An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and as it turns out, this film is based on that excellent film:

2 Responses to The Exit Room (short film)

  1. ed nelson says:

    Anti life forces are close to winning in this Earth environment… as per the war between… Life/anti Life.

    But wait, maybe that’s all BS!

    What ah mean is: A great way to subdue the Hoi Palloi, such as… “Ozzie and Harriet wannabe… ”middle class”/ ‘aspirants.”. than to bombard them with pessimissm. Even though,
    most is accurate observation of the situation!

    So the pessimists are permitted to exist because they put out a wonderfully accruate assesment of the deal, which acts to put a great type of hopless type of feeling, so that… Softens up the poor
    ”bastards” so they are more f’ked up, and thus manageable.

    • Hi Ed! Great to see, you, Crane-Station here. That sums it ups pretty well, I would say.

      I actually saw An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge in a discussion group that we had after a church service in the Presbyterian Church I was raised in in Oregon- it haunted me at the time, and stuck with me, and it has, ever since- but it is a haunting in a beautiful way, because in the end, even though they take his life, there are things that they cannot have. No matter how much power they think they have- they cannot have that.

      The premise, the story, comes from the 1800s, maybe earlier.

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