Deconstruction of Oscar Pistorius continues in Capetown courtroom

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good morning:

We have the first two sessions of the Pistorius trial today from Capetown, South Africa courtesy of youtube. They are 6 hours ahead of New York City, so it’s 2 pm there.

Crane and I will be watching along with you, beginning with Session 1.

Here’s Session 2.

Here is Session 3.

Here’s Pistorius’s bail affidavit that the prosecutor is using as a prior inconsistent statement under oath. The prosecutor confronts Pistorius with the affidavit every time his testimony varies from what he said in his affidavit. This is one of the most effective ways to cross examine a witness. Each inconsistency sets up the argument, was the witness lying then or is he lying now?

Oscar Pistorius trial: affidavit from bail hearing – in full

In other news today, the police have arrested 73-year-old Frasier Glenn Cross Jr. for shooting to death a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City and one elderly woman at its assisted living center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has announced that Cross is an alias for Frasier Glenn Miller, the former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

He is alleged to have said to police, “Heil Hitler,” when they placed him in a patrol vehicle.

Evidently, this is the way Mr. Miller decided to celebrate the beginning of Passover.

The Jewish Community Center is a welcoming place to people of all faiths. For example, the 14-year-old boy and his grandfather were Methodists.

We will be keeping a close watch on this case. I am guessing that it may be prosecuted by the feds as a hate crime.

Mr. Miller should be having an initial appearance sometime today.

Incidentally, the Southern Poverty Law Center also lists Cliven Bundy as a right wing domestic terrorist.

Now that the batteries have expired and the black boxes have turned silent, the search for MH370 goes underwater today with the Bluefin 21 searching the ocean bottom for the wreckage.

We’ll see you in the comments and please do not forget to make a donation today if you have not already done so.


30 Responses to Deconstruction of Oscar Pistorius continues in Capetown courtroom

  1. towerflower says:

    Setback in the search for the missing airliner. The depths exceeded the safety limits for Bluefin 21 and it caused it to return to the surface. The images sent back so far is that the bottom is not mountainous but flat and some rolling hills. I didn’t hear of other options yet if the bluefin can’t operate properly due to the depths.

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    Please be patient

  3. Malisha says:

    Reeva was evidently thinking, “What can I do to confuse this guy into accidentally shooting me to death? Oh, I know, I can go to the bathroom; that should do it.”

    • Crane-Station here. Exactly. It really makes no sense at all, if his version was unfolding. In fact, in his version, if it were me, and I believe this is perfectly reasonable, I would not be in the toilet, or the bathroom, or even the bedroom. I would be outside the house, looking for the security guards, flagging down cars, or banging on a neighbor’s door.

      • Mimmie Sue says:

        Mr. Pistorius knew Ms. Steenkamp could not escape out the bedroom door because he locked her in.

        IIRC Mr. Pistorius stated that he locked his bedroom door every night.

  4. Just a couple of things. First of all, it looks like this might be the end of the state’s cross examination in the defense case. Oscar has been on the stand- it has not been going all that well- and, there may be other witnesses to call, tomorrow. We are in the third clip now.

    Also, I find it odd that, if his version were really true, that Reeva would actually still be in the bed, or even in the bedroom, or the toilet, certainly. If he told her to notify police, and he got his gun out, and there was something going on with intruders- seems that the most reasonable thing for Reeva to do would be, to run out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the house, maybe even to the neighbors.

    I can see a reasonable scenario in his version, where he would skip batting down the bathroom door all together, and simply looking throughout the house, and even outside, for Reeva. Seriously. She would have been frightened, and run away, of course, right?

    However, it did not happen that way.

  5. note- The post is updated, with Session 3, from Monday.

  6. It is deeply satisfying to watch, the actual efficacy of the S. African system, I don’t know

    Prosecutor Nell’s affectations are studied. While questioning he will take both hands & rub his temples pulling towards the back of his head, which is saying he is “taking the mask off, taking the mask off..” Then he will adjust his cloak over his shoulders as if in a shiver saying, ‘it’s my heavy sad burden to reveal this..but I must..’

    Really Shakespearean.

  7. Breaking:
    Suspect in Kansas City shootings will face hate crime charges

    “The U.S. attorney’s office will file hate crime charges against the defendant,” said Barry Grissom, U.S. attorney for the District of Kansas. “We will be presenting it to the grand jury in the not too distant future.”

  8. We have the second clip up now, and at 17:18 on the left hand side of the clip, you can see the door to the toilet, resting against the wall in the courtroom- I was curious to see it, not only for the bullet holes, but also to see what was broken with the cricket bat. It looks like only a slender portion of one panel was broken. I mistakenly thought the bat would have bashed the door to pieces.

    Also interesting that Nell suggested that Pistorius likely did yell, “Get the fuck out of my house,” only not to intruders, who were not there, but to Reeva, because the couple had been arguing. I was thinking the same thing. Often when people’s stories don’t add up (ie, they are lying), they will take bits and pieces of truth, and work from there, and I think that is was was going on with the shouting at intruders thing.

    • Malisha says:

      They just project what they did and said on the victim, claiming the victim did and/or said it. Remember Fogen: “He came out of the darkness and jumped me.” He had in fact come out of the darkness (“nigga’s still following me!”) and jumped Trayvon Martin.

  9. Am 16 minutes into Part 2 and Nell is slowly but surely trapping Pistorius into confronting him with 2 problems:

    (1) How does Reeva get past him into the toilet without him seeing her, and

    (2) When he’s looking at the toilet door and yelling at the intruders to get the fuck out of his house and telling her to call the police, why doesn’t she respond that she’s in the toilet?

    He’d already set the stage for this trap by getting him to admit (1) that she was in bed, awake and she had asked him if he was having trouble sleeping after he got out of bed and (2) after that he heard the bathroom window slide open and hit the the jam — something she also would have heard because it was loud.

    If that really happened, which it obviously did not, she would not have walked toward the sound of a possible intruder entering the bathroom through a window.

  10. Hello everyone and welcome from:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    South Africa
    United Arab Emirates Flag

    Thank you so much for stopping by the site today!

  11. Malisha says:

    OMG. Aren’t there such things as plea bargains or guilty pleas in South Africa? For if there are, he should have pled rather than bled.

  12. Oh shit, Nell’s got him on the ropes again.

    The knock-out punch goes like this:

    “You never mentioned hearing the window opening during your bail application, did you?”

    Elaborate set-up prior to this, from Nell, to get Pistorius to admit that Reeva was awake.


  13. Crane-Station here.

    Oh my God.

    “If someone were to say that you whispered, would that person be lying?”

    “Yes, My Lady.”

    “That person was you, Mr. Pistorius.”

    OMG. Ka-BOOM.


    -duvet was on the floor, not on the bed. (blood spatter establishes this)
    -all amplifier LED lights on, and out of all those lights none of them bothered him, except the power button light, which he didn’t think to turn of, because after all, the amplifier came from the factory with the blue light permanently on.

    annnnd then. This fucking thing about the whisper.

    All of this is important, because Gerrie Nell is establishing effectively, that the couple was not asleep, as Pistorius said.

    • Nell also began the morning by impeaching Pistorius’s testimony that they finished dinner around 8 pm. Her stomach was full at autopsy and it would have been empty, if she had eaten at 8 pm.

      Takes 6 hours for the stomach to digest and pass food on to the intestines.

    • Pdeadder says:

      Now I’m thinking he told her to get the f out of his house,threw the duvet on the floor,ripped her jeans off as she was sitting on the bed.
      Why doesn’t he have an angle bracelet sorry that’s rude.

  14. colin black says:

    Deconstructing Oscar Id do that very easy just give me a screwdriver and let me at his false legs.
    My Lady.

  15. One major difference between the South African and US courtroom procedures appears to be that the prosecutor is permitted to comment on the credibility of the witness’s answers while questioning the witness. That is not permitted in our system.

    Both prosecution and defense can ask questions, but it’s improper to characterize the witness’s answer, for example, as a “lie.” That characterization is argumentative and a judge would sustain an objection and order the jury to disregard the lawyer’s statement.

    During closing arguments, lawyers are permitted to argue that a witness lied. Cross examination is used in our system to set up arguments regarding credibility, among other things.

    However, lawyers in our system do have more freedom to rock and roll, so to speak, when no jury is present because judges are presumed to know the rules of evidence and presumed not to consider inadmissible evidence. It’s basically up to the judge to decide what they want to hear.

    I do not know whether the practice in South Africa has resulted from not using juries or if it has always been this way. It’s certainly far more entertaining to watch.

  16. Malisha says:

    About the Kansas City Nazi shooting up the Community Center and killing a Methodist physician and his grandson, I wonder why the comments section is closed on this article:

    I wonder if they were receiving skads of nazi-quality comments.

  17. “I don’t want to argue the point.”

    “I do, Mr. Pistorius.”

    So, once again, Oscar was just minding his own business, asleep in fact, when Reeva was eating, sleeping, getting her jeans out, talking…


    • Malisha says:

      “I don’t want to argue the point” means “My word is [should be] final.”

      Not this time, Mr. Pistorius.

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