#MH370: Sunday update includes mystery phone call

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Have remains of MH 370 been found west of Australia?

Good morning:

Sunday update:

Eight aircraft searched over 22,800 square miles.

They didn’t find anything.



Searchers on a commercial jet that has been participating in the search on Saturday reported seeing a wooden pallet in the ocean surrounded by straps. Unfortunately, they were unable to photograph it. A P3 Orion search plane attempted to verify the sighting but only found seaweed.

The Norwegian merchant ship is abandoning the search to avoid tropical cyclone Gillian which is moving into the area. It’s a Category 1 storm.

You’re up to date on the visual search.

Two intriguing new developments:

(1) France has reported that one of their satellites has spotted a large floating object near the search area, but we haven’t seen the image and don’t know when the photograph was taken or exactly where the object is located.

(2) A mysterious unidentified woman called the pilot while he was in the cockpit just before the flight departed. They had a two-minute conversation. She used a fake identity when she purchased the mobile phone that she used to call him. Investigators were able to determine that because people are required by law to provide ID when they purchase a SIM card.

In this case the SIM card used to call Captain Shah’s phone was traced to a shop in Kuala Lumpur and had been purchased recently by a woman using a false identity.

The practice is common amongst terror groups and every other person who spoke to Captain Shah before the flight has since been interviewed.

Photo by Aero Icarus released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

31 Responses to #MH370: Sunday update includes mystery phone call

  1. towerflower says:

    New colors have also been reported in the debris…..orange and a gray green. Orange could be life vests, rafts and gray green is the color of the inside of the fuselage. It appears now with the new information we can officially discount that the plane piggybacked another flight, tried to go under anyone’s radar, and is crashed in some remote jungle.

  2. towerflower says:

    The Malaysian PM just announced that the satellite that originally came up with the north and south corridors has had more analysis done and it has now been confirmed that the plane flew the southern corridor and it’s last known position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean west of Perth. They officially announced that the plane was lost (no hope) due to the fact that there were no available runways near it’s last known position.

  3. dianetrotter says:

    What if it is a hijacking? The two passengers with fake passports, the lady with the fake ID, and the pilot could be part of the plot. Them not knowing each other makes it perfect. Two minutes are enough to provide a last minute instruction that had been withheld to keep someone from foiling the plan.

    • towerflower says:

      diane, While the two Iranians got a lot of attention in the beginning, nothing has shown up in their background to indicate any ties to extremist groups. The mother of one said her son was trying to defect to Germany. They were ruled out. One thing about a lot of terrorist acts…..they normally take credit for it. There has been nothing but quiet on that front. No one has stepped forward to say that they were responsible for it.

  4. colin black says:

    I watched a documentary about hackers and this white hat hacker a good guy as oppose to the black hats of course being the bad guy.

    Every Hat I own Is a black hat ?

    Anyway this Yoshi Guy I T an ps savvy wich Im not and sekf proclaimed best hacker on the Planet?

    I M O Self Promotion or self agrandment Is no promotion an that includes his wife agreeing with him

    Anyway he was pretty dammed proficient an as he claimed to hack anything wich had a pc in it from Fridges to cookers to cars to frigging training shoes?

    Special shoes that moniter how far the person wearing them had run distance wise.
    This Yoshi Dude hacked into there system an was able to track individualll runners where abouts in real time,

    Someone should invent shoes like that or an item computer to place in childrens or elderlys or anybodys clotheing incase of kidnap .

    Like they have on cars to locate when stolen bet they would sell like hot cakes.
    Put them In pets collars the uses are endless Id like one in my brain so I could locate It at times.

    Anyway I digress this Yoshi could hack into a car an open the doors an turn on the engine just using his lap top.Get In an drive the car off.

    So if every pc system ever built is hackable and modern Jet Planes
    Military Jets an Drones are full of computers.

    Whats to stop some hacker remotely takeing control of the systems an shutting out the pilots on planes .
    Or the operater of a drone an using it for there own purpose?

    If some Child can Hack into N A S A an the Pentagon and by pass there security.

    An if every system is hackkable then some one must be either thinking of doing it attempting to do it or mayhap theve already been there done that an bought a T Shirt.

  5. Two sides to a story says:

    The plot certainly thickened.

  6. lady2soothe says:

    As usual I’m OT

    Mississippi plans to execute Michelle Byrom, March 27 and she may very well be innocent. She will be the first woman the state has put to death in 70 years.


  7. It’s Monday morning in Perth.

    Here’s the Monday morning update from AMSA:

    AMSA has tasked a total of 10 aircraft today to search for possible objects in the search area about 2500 kilometres south-west of Perth.

    The weather forecast in the search area is expected to deteriorate with rain likely.

    Today’s search is split into two areas within the same proximity covering a cumulative 68,500 square kilometres.

    Three civil aircraft will be involved in search activities today. These are two Bombardier Global Express planes and an Airbus aircraft.

    A total of 20 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from Western Australia will again be air observers on board the civil aircraft. Ten volunteers will be on board the Airbus, and five volunteers will be on each of the Bombardier Global Express aircraft.

    All three civil aircraft will also have an AeroRescue Aviation Mission Coordinator on board. Aerorescue is AMSA’s contracted provider of dedicated search and rescue services from locations across Australia.

    Two Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft from China have been tasked by AMSA to join today’s search, together with two P3 Orion aircraft from Japan. The two Chinese aircraft are now en route to the search area.

    The United States Navy P8 Poseidon will also be a part of today’s search activities, along with two Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) P3 Orion aircraft.

    Departure times of aircraft will be provided later today.

    HMAS Success remains in the search area. A number of Chinese ships are en route to the search area to assist in the location of objects possibly related to the search.

  8. Lynn says:

    Was the fake ID this woman used possibly from someone who had their ID stolen in Thailand?

  9. To access the latest and most accurate updates about the search in the south Indian Ocean, go to AMSA, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

    It’s the official Australian government organization that is coordinating the search.

  10. bettykath says:

    A phone was purchased by a woman using false id and a call was made to the captain just prior to the flight. Factual information but not enough information for anything else.

    How about a new rumor I just started: I read somewhere that the captain and his wife were separated. Could be the call was from a married woman who just told her sweetie that she would impatiently await his return. Thanks for the tip, crazy….

    • They were separated, but the Malaysian police haven’t interviewed her supposedly out of respect because they did not want to upset her.

      Jeez, Louise.

      I think they are going to interview her tomorrow, Monday.

    • crazy1946 says:

      bettykath, Maybe you should start a rumor about a jealous husband being on the flight? That is as realistic as blaming the pilot at this point…

  11. The fact that the buyer of the SIM card chose to use a fake identity sounds suspicious to me. The fact that SIM cards may be easily obtainable does not diminish the suspicion for me.

    • But they aren’t easily obtainable because the law requires proof of identification. The woman who purchased the phone and SIM card had fake ID that was good enough to pass scrutiny.

      Investigators discovered this call when they examined the pilot’s cellular phone records.

      Extremely suspicious coincidence that a woman using a fake identity purchases a cell phone and SIM card and uses it to call the pilot in the cockpit sometime after midnight before the plane took off.

      Unfortunately, we don’t know when or where the phone was purchased and how often it was used. If that were the only call, I would be extremely suspicious and that is the impression I am getting from the report.

      • crazy1946 says:

        We know the phone call to the pilot was from a woman? We know the SIM card was actually bought by a woman? If it was actually bought by a woman, we know it was not bought for a man? Could the phone call been made to the pilot from a passenger that was to board the plane? Could it have been from a female fiend of the pilot? Seems like a lot of effort on the part of the authorities to place blame on someone, and who better to blame than this man who had an impeccable reputation up till this incident? It would seem strange that he would do something like this and not leave any indication of his motives behind for at least his family or friends. It would seem (by considering the last verbal communications from the plane) the co-pilot was at the controls when this whole incident took place, so why no stones being thrown at him?

        • lurker says:

          Again–any detail that looks out of the ordinary is important at this point because we have no clue regarding any motive. What we do know is that there were several actions (shutting off the communications devices and altering the course of the airplane) that required trained personnel. It would be foolish to overlook the two people on the flight who we know were trained.

          It would be like ruling out the spouse in a homicide. You can’t just skip over them because they are presumed to love and care for the victim. While it is certainly helpful if they can be ruled out via some solid alibi, they have to be viewed as the primary suspect simply because they are the most likely person on the planet to have access and motive.

  12. lyn says:

    I saw the Indian Ocean explained as bigger then the land mass of the USA. Imagine trying to find debris searching the country. Beginning to look like we will never find the debris.

  13. shyloh says:

    Don’t they have video camera’s in the shop?

  14. colin black says:

    because people are required by law to provide ID when they purchase a SIM card.

    You realy are living I an alternate universe.

    Where I live you can pick up S I M Cards for free at petrol stations an super market checkouts.

    An this being the case Im sure those with devious intent could simply post S I M cards to Countrys where its not so easy to aquire them.

    • True, but she used fake ID to purchase her SIM card.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Professor, If the use of a fake ID seems unusual to you, perhaps you are not aware that in this country there are probably thousands of husbands and wives who are cheating on each other that are in possession of phones that have been purchased and registered with the various phone companies using false ID’s! It is a shame that people are spending so much effort in trying to find fault in the pilot in an effort to place blame on him, yet ignore the two passengers on the plane that were in possession of stolen Pass Ports and were from a nation that has distinct ties to terrorism in the past… I think if you would consider this two minute phone call for just a moment, you might question how much could be said or communicated in such a short span of time. Maybe you and many others are correct the pilot was/is guilty of this incident, but before I rush to judgment, I will simply wait for evidence that is more valid before I start casting stones at him….

        • Malisha says:

          I thought there were four passengers traveling on stolen passports; was it only (“only”) two?

        • I haven’t thrown any stones at anyone and the two Iranian passengers with fake IDs have been investigated and cleared. I have been reporting what I have read and that includes the copilot responding to ATC two minutes before the turnback by stating, “All right. Good night.”

          More recent reports have stated that the pilot initiated that two-minute call from the cockpit, rather than received it. That leads me to ask the following question:

          How did he know the telephone number?

          Recall that the SIM card was “recently purchased” by a woman using a fake ID.

          According to investigators, these are facts they have turned up. I did not invent them.

          BTW, I am not naive. I disagree with your statement, “there are probably thousands of husbands and wives who are cheating on each other,” because you have erred on the low side.

          Also, people in the US don’t have to present IDs when they purchase new SIM cards.

          I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that he was having an affair with a married woman, but the timing of the purchase so close to the late night call by someone who already had obtained fake ID, is a curious coincidence as is the deletion of the data files from the flight simulator a month before the flight.

        • lurker says:

          I think that the issue is that we know nothing at all with regard to any motive. Therefore, any out of the way detail must be examined. The telephone communication may mean nothing, or something shady but completely unrelated (call to a mistress). Ditto the erased portions of the drive on the pilot’s home flight simulator.

          Likewise the dudes with stolen passports. Could be some folks escaping their home country (as I believe that the indicators were leading folks to believe), or something else.

          Right now it is all just stacking up as evidence. Nothing seems to corroborate anything yet, except that the communications devices were shut off by someone who knew what they were doing–which tends in the direction of the pilots.

          I think that the more time elapses without answers, the less likely that this will be found to be a terrorist act. Simply because terrorism is not terrifying if it doesn’t lead back to some group who wants their powers known.

  15. Malisha says:

    If we follow the logic of the commenter on a previous blog who asserted that anonymous communications are meaningless, I’d have to conclude that the disappearance of that airplane was accidental. Was there a gym mat on board?

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