Just when you think churches cannot get more absurd

Monday, March 10, 2014

Good morning:

The Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paducah, KY held a raffle this past weekend and you probably will never guess what they gave away unless I tell you.

Believe it or not, the answer is guns. 25 guns.

KCRU Radio, the local NPR affiliate at Southeast Missouri State University reports:

It’s an hour before suppertime, and the line outside Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paducah, Ky., is wrapped around the building. The people are waiting for more than a Bible sermon; there’s a raffle tonight. Twenty-five guns are up for grabs.

There’s nothing new about gun raffles in Kentucky, even at a church. Last year, there were 50 events like this one in the state. The Kentucky Baptist Convention says it’s a surefire way to get new people through church doors.

Sunday school teacher David Keele says everyone who knows has a gun. The church giveaways, he says, are a rallying point.

“We’re doing two things here. One, we’re going to talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. But that isn’t the primary thing,” Keele says. “The primary thing is who Jesus is.”

Inside during the steak dinner, the church band ditched the hymnal for the evening and played “Mustang Sally” instead. These are not worship services. They’re meant to be unintimidating to non-believers, although it turns out most of the people here already go to church, if not this one.

I cannot imagine Jesus tolerating a gun raffle in a house of worship.

He was offended by the presence of the money changers in the temple at Passover and threw them out into the street. If he were alive today, I think he would have destroyed the guns and excoriated the clergy for hosting this event.

Just when you think churches cannot get more absurd, they do something like this.

A steak and potato dinner preceded the raffle. 1300 people attended the event.


Time again to request donations. We work hard to keep you informed by filling in the blanks between the lines. After 30 years in the trenches, I am familiar with all of the rules and strategies prosecutors and defense counsel utilize. Experience counts and most of my predictions have been accurate.

Adjusting and fine tuning to dial in the white fear and racist corruption frequencies in the Florida courts took some doing, but I am on track now.

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21 Responses to Just when you think churches cannot get more absurd

  1. Malisha says:

    And this is what I have to say about the courts:

    The thrill is gone.
    The thrill is gone away.
    The thrill is gone.
    The thrill is gone away.

  2. Malisha says:

    Next thing you know, Fogen will paint a picture of Jesus on the mount, and the caption will be his new addendum to the Sermon:

    Blessed are the gunslingers,
    for they will be exonerated.

    Blessed are the shooters,
    for their smirks and their shrugs will enhance them.

    Blessed are the killers,
    for they will be allowed to slander their prey.

    Blessed are the perjurors,
    for to them go the adoration of the judges.

    Blessed are the conspirators,
    for they will intimidate all before them.

    Blessed are the corrupt among the people,
    for they will feed upon the murder of the innocent.

  3. Malisha says:

    I met last evening with a Hispanic guy who was asking advice about domestic violence. It was a very unusual meeting. He had a girlfriend who didn’t take breaking up very well and she keeps getting drunk and coming over to his place drunk and raging, and breaking windows, smashing the security gate, threatening, throwing bricks, doing vandalism blah blah. So six times he refused to press charges (both for fear of getting her in trouble with immigration and from embarrassment) and the seventh time the police arrested her against his will and said, “her car is still running and this is a DUI.”

    She failed the alcohol tests and got charges.

    So he told me he was trying to get an out-of-court settlement and so forth and I asked him, “What do you see as the worst thing that could happen?”

    He says, “I am a gun collector and I have a lot of guns and I have a conceal and carry license.”

    I think, “OMG another Fogen!”

    He then says, “So I was so scared that I took all my guns and I put them in their locked safe but then I bought a combination lock for my closet and I put them in the closet and locked the safe in the closet with the combination lock and only I have it and my mother.”

    I said, “why?”

    He answered: “So SHE can’t get my guns! And if she breaks in my house god forbid if my gun is handy I could shoot her or something; I don’t need that in my life!”

    I asked, “so what will you do if she does break in?”

    He said, “It’s gonna be quicker for me to call 911 than get those guns out, I can tell you that!”


  4. Next we’ll be reading about churches in FL doing the same thing.
    Trayvons murderer can get a free meal and a gun!

  5. Malisha says:

    That church just dropped the pretense and admitted that THEIR (NOT the Christian!) religion is just dolled-up somberized preachy patriarchal domination. THEIR religion is the same thing that drove the Crusades, the witch trials, the Inquisition, and the Hell-and-Damnation rageaholism of the psychosouthern fire-and-brimstone folks. They have hijacked more than one actual religion, BTW. They are to Christianity as the Sharia-law fanatics (who stone women to death for having sex) are to Islam. No religion is safe from these sadistic bullies.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Well said, Malisha. These aren’t true Christians – these are terrorists, basically, and not any different than the extremists who spout Islamic precepts and are not true Muslims. All the above need to be shunned and not given air time.

      And Fogen’s shenanigans, spouting bible verse on Twitter and then going to gun shows to “thank my followers,” is more than simple bad taste – it is truly, as LLM Papa so deftly illustrates, an abomination.

  6. Trained Observer says:

    As expected, Jordan Davis’ murderer Michael Dunn is done outta money and his lawyer Cory Strolla has pulled out of repping him. New lawyer on the taxpayer dime is Waffa Hanania.


    Does my heart good to know his racist folks who raised their son to their way of thinking have diminished their retirement larder.

    • Trained Observer says:

      While Hanania is on tap for the retrial, Strolla is still the Dunnster’s lawyer while he is sentenced for the four other charges he got convicted on.

      Judge Russell Healey — aka Hangem’ High Healey — says he’s still researching whether sentencing can be done away with before retrial on the M1.

      So much for the sweatervest. The shooter looked suitably garbed in orange jumps today.

    • Yes, I was expecting Strolla would move to withdraw.

      I did not know that the public defender’s office cannot represent him due to a conflict of interest. The article mentioned that the office had represented two prosecution witnesses in the past, Tommie Stornes and Shawn Atkins. Yes, indeed that would create a conflict of interest.

      So, the next step was to try the backup Office of Conflict Counsel, which is like a separate public defender office that is available to represent clients like Dunn, whom the public defender office cannot represent. They also can represent a codefendant.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Dunn likely aghast at being assigned a minority female as his counsel. Forthcoming letters to mom and dad likely will have
        plenty to say about that.

  7. I should have added that the church is southern Baptist.

    I hope most churches would consider a gun raffle to be an abomination.

  8. cielo62 says:

    Here’s hoping they SHOOT each other!

  9. Rachael says:

    My roommate sent me an article about this the other day and I was son angry. When churches have to give out guns to get people to fill the pews, well there is something really wrong with their thinking – IMO

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